Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore

Guro Art - Anchored Woman

Guro Art - Anchored Woman

For 12 solid years, has been the most prominent and popular gore (ie reality news) website in the world, and its present position is even more dominant. It has won numerous accolades, including “The Most Controversial“, or “The Most Shocking” website on the internet.

In 2012, the website gained global notoriety after the Best Gore’s community solved the mystery behind of the vile murder of a Chinese student in Canada. The case exposed the Canadian police as corrupt and incompetent, which lead to my persecution and imprisonment. has a very solid and loyal user base, so it is completely and totally resistant to search engines algorithms, as well as governmental and institutional bans.

Out of respect for user’s privacy, no third party traffic tracking scripts such as Google Analytics are installed on Best Gore, but one month of total traffic data is available through CloudFlare, who provide CDN services for the website.

According to CloudFlare’s analytics, the traffic stats for the last 30 days up to April 30, 2020 are:

Total Requests: 1,200,666,752
Total Unique Visitors: 2,894,535

Total Requests to Best Gore

Top traffic countries by number of requests are:

United States: 501,125,152
United Kingdom: 85,237,937
Germany: 51,385,051
France: 48,601,991
Canada: 44,131,309

Top Traffic Regions to Best Gore

That’s as much in terms of analytics as CloudFlare provides.

Today Best Gore celebrates 12 years of being the best gore website in the world. It’s quite something to realize that I’m now 12 years older than I was when I started the site.

It’s never been easy to retire from active publishing, because BG has an amazing community and the support I have always received cut short all my previous attempts to leave it behind.

Yet in spite of the past, my real life projects won’t lend me enough time to keep updating the site, so even though I may make a new post here and there, the website is going to a wind down mode and I will not be looking for someone to maintain it on my behalf.

That being said, pursuant to the suggestion brought up last year, if you have a budget that ends with six zeroes, and would like to take over Best Gore as the new owner and run the site any way YOU like, hit me up on email and let’s talk: bestgore [at] or

The large cache of several gigabytes of videos, including the original versions without watermark, of most of the material published on as well as thousands of those that didn’t get to be published, will be provided with the sale of the website.

I will make an appearance here and there, but sooner or later I will go off grid, however comment sections, activity pages and forums will remain open for those who have access to them.

Keep rocking,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

341 thoughts on “Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore”

  1. AND WHEN by bad jonny

    And when your life is over
    It is fuck’d and it is gone
    Makes you wish that you
    And your friends were never born

    No more hear life’s cruelty
    It’s anger and it’s scorn
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    To headphones laced with Korn

    You tried to lead a good life
    Now your asshole’s ripped and torn
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    If he couldn’t rape your Mama
    He’d rape the deer and faun
    Man, woman, or animal
    Still gives him the ‘horn’

    Their insides and their assholes
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    It’s natural to the nigger
    No conscience or no scorn

    They’ll rape you in your asshole
    Till it is red and torn
    Don’t it make your nigger ass
    Glad that it was born ???

    Dumbass nigger …..

  2. Freedom of speech is awesome (I have been censored countless thousands of times, on just about every website there is), and nothing should be off-limits (I get it, it gets attention and makes a point), but I hope you know that this (the image) is the type of thing these Jew bastards have done to our people all throughout history… and they will do the same to our children if/when they implement their Bolshevism 2.0.

    They have perfected the “art” of torture, and filth like that is born only in the mind of a Jew.

  3. I’ve been a follower of this site since i was 16yrs old and i am 27 now. Man time flies, i still remember the time when you click the puppy to leave you will be directed to a Website ads of mouse pointer with glittery designs. Lol. this will be my first comment of appreciation on best gore. Cheers!

  4. I’ve got five servers with two terabyte of transfer every month. I have done live streaming video since 2002.

    I don’t work for anyone but myself – and my boss is an asshole.

    Should shit go completely thru the floor, my offer to host still stands.

  5. What if a jew buys this site? I bet the political views that’s being posted on Best Gore would take a 180 degree turn. Now that would be a shame and I really hope it doesn’t happen. You see, Best Gore isn’t just a shock site, it’s also a truther site. Name one shock site that also exposes jews, the HoloHOAX, Israel, feminism, etc. You won’t find one. Hell, truther sites that aren’t controlled opposition are rare nowadays.

    1. Mark already fucking deleted my one fucking comment in here asking him why he believes a six zero figure valuation is right?
      So after years of exposing Jews he wants to make a Jew move to escape the goyim?
      I’m pissed he deleted a very sane and legit comment.
      Very fucking childish.
      I’ve been here for years under this and two other accounts but ask a legit question about a guy’s financial motives and the butthurt flows like the manginas he purports to report on

      Why do you think this website is worth at least a million dollars, Mark?? Wtf.

      1. You’re not understanding the monetary value of the huge volume of unique monthly visitors BG commands. 2.8 million per month is really big. Whoever controls a website with that much traffic is in position to make a non trivial amount of money from advertising. It might be surprising, but yes, the site is worth at least a million, if not multiples.

        I’m no expert on the market for selling sites, but this is easy to confirm with a quick Duck duck go search.

    1. Thanks Mark for all your hard work and dedication to both the site, and dedication to keep up the good fight! Best of luck in all future endeavors! That being said come on guys we got to find a buyer!!! What would some Of us do without their blood and guts fix???

  6. Well thanks for all the dedication,you are certainly some kind of a hero to me and it will remain the same way for years to come.I’m glad I took my chance to contribute to this beloved community which is essential to my life perspective

  7. Felicitaciones amigo, me inspiro demasiado en tus comentarios misóginos e irónicos, a veces pienso que eres el amigo que nunca pude tener pero bueno ,Best gore es una compañia desde siempre , he probado otros sitios Gore pero nunca me sentí tan cómodo y tan a gusto como en este lugar . Un saludo desde Argentina y Éxitos en lo que te propongas

  8. Hate to play the devil’s advocate but might your six zero figure be an over valuation? We all agree your work and sacrifices have been nothing short of life changing for us all.
    Everyone, especially you, deserves top dollar and to be off the grid away from this Judaic (satanic) madness. I mean that, for whatever it’s worth, mayhaps fuck all.. Who cares…
    But that’s a lot of fucking zeros, Mark.

  9. Many thanks Mark. Bestgore is a truly legendary site. No censorship. No political correctness.
    I like all your narratives to each article – couldn’t be done better.
    We will all miss you.

  10. This is BAD news…. this site taught me A LOT about human nature…. it also taught me that leaving my house unarmed is a VERY STUPID MISTAKE!
    These videos should be considered a PUBLIC SERVICE!

  11. Salutations from zee west coast 714

    I discovered BG in 2010
    And never looked back. This website changed my ways in how I see the world. From nigh indestructible eyes to da Silva’s, undeveloped labias , fleshy virus’s. Mark you made me open my eyes. I wanna say thank you carpe diem.

    P.s how do I get some best gore gear? Anyone know?

  12. I came across this site towards the end of 2011. Made a few contributions, under this username and another. I didn’t agree with a lot of your opinions, but I respected that this whole site was created out of a desire for the freedom of thought and expression. Got to see how the whole fiasco with Luka and your incarceration panned out.

    This kinda feels like the end of an era, but like everything else, change is inevitable. Cheers to your years as the webmaster of BestGore, and for your future endeavors.

  13. YOU part 10 .. by bad jonny

    You are only here, in this World, reading this because:

    Some dude shot sperm into your mother’s cunt!
    And only one of those millions of sperm was you
    Only you got into your mother’s egg (that day)

    And .. if two get in
    Like happens with IVF
    Then it would be you and your twin
    All the other millions of ‘could-be-born’ humans missed out
    And you got to live

    A miracle really, because you came within .oooooooooo1 of an inch
    Of not existing at all
    What is your dad had of wanked in the shower?
    Or came in mother’s mouth?
    Or ass?

    You wouldn’t even be here to read this
    And .. in fact
    You could only be born of your parent’s single sperm and egg
    If another couple fuck’d, that were not your parents, it could not have become you
    No matter how many times they fuck’d, it could never be you
    But .. the chance of your parents ever meeting is so small
    Any other two people (or just change one of them) and it cannot make you
    But .. their parents had to meet back through history in order to ‘make’ you parents

    So since the beginning of time:
    A has to meet B
    They fuck and have have baby ‘C’
    Who grows up and meets baby ‘F’, who was born because E & F met by chance and fuck’d
    And this had to happen all down through millions of years of history until FINALLY:
    AAA (your dad) met BBB (your mom) and fuck’d and had baby:

    Most people don’t think about this, but if ANY OF THIS CHAIN TO GET TO YOUR PARENTS
    Was broken, over millions of years, you could not exist because both or one of you parents
    Don’t exist
    THEN .. they have to actually find each other, like each other, and fuck at just the right moment
    To make your gay little ass!

    I mean, Charlie Watts from the Stones is about 8o, but his sister died of Leukemia at age 2.
    But .. it coulda been the other way around, too
    And .. that woulda changed everything

    Think about it!

    Your chances of ever being here, reading this was about .oooooooooooooooooooo1 in a million !!
    You have ‘could-have-been-born’ brothers and sisters in the millions
    We all do
    And they will never have life
    Because they lived and died as a sperm washed down the fuckin’ shower drain
    So .. what does your life actually mean?
    I’d say, fuck all!

    Because in the timeframe of the whole universe (billions and billions and billions of years) your
    Human life of maybe 75 years is just a flicker, like a lit match that goes straight back out
    In the long run, it doesn’t really matter if you die today, or in 45 years!
    Either way, you’re fuck’d

    We all are!

    That’s why life doesn’t really matter or count for shit!
    Some Bhuddist Zen cunts say “Life .. Is Just A Dream ….Reality … An Illusion….”
    It’s probably closer to the truth than we like to think

    Look at JFK:
    One minute he’s sitting in the back of a Limo, with his hot wife, digging the people
    And the sunshine in Dallas
    Next minute, head blown off: instant death
    He barely knew what hit him
    In that instance he lost everything he had
    And just became ‘nothing’
    Less than ‘nothing’
    See how meaningless life really is?

    1. Amen, brother. The only reason anyone is here is because two people fucked, end of story.

      And yes, JFK lost his life in a split second but I should think it was pretty cool to grow up in utter priviledge and power, and be so handsome that you got to fuck your brains out with the hottest women on the planet with your wife’s knowledge but who, instead of divorcing you, whored herself out so you had your cake and ate it too until yer head was blasted off in public.

      I’d take that over a lifetime of obscurity, aloneness and struggle and living to be 90.


      1. I agree totally, yes, this super wealthy, good looking Irish Catholic Mick (who had never worked, but was a Democrat/ ‘labor’ party hero?) spent his life being adored by millions, while fucking a new hottie each day, sometimes several in a day, and still had hot pussy to go home to at the end of the day.
        Lucky mole!
        So yeah, what a life .. well put man!
        I guess he fucked and fucked and fucked .. Until …. Someone fucked him !
        Well … he did say he wanted ‘massive head’ while in Dallas ..

  14. Thanks, Mark.

    I have very much appreciated, from an anthropological standpoint, all the videos showing what happens to the human body when subject to gunfire, long knives, automobiles, leaps from roofs, being run over by cars and so forth. I’m old as dirt and when I was growing up all you could do was watch movies with fake brains, fake blood, fake fake. Here you see the actual brains splashed on the sidewalk “in living color” and, baby, that’s what it looks like. It’s not the 1940s movies where you see a guy get shot and grab his chest and there’s no blood, which is what I thought getting shot looked like as a kid. That alone should make it worth it for any medical student, for example, to just spend a few hours here and see what the reality is.

    Happy trails, boss, and thanks again. Sorry to see you go but all things must pass including all of us! Cheers Xavier

  15. The Jews will buy it, then track everyone who contributed issues about their wrong deeds. The site will then be shut completely whilst tracking members by the Zionists. You can run but you cant hide from these fuckers.

  16. Been a long time lurker my memory is failing me but I do remember being a younger kid discovering this and really having a profoundly different view on the world–too see what really happens every day…unfortunately for all of these years I have not been involved into the site or community but man I do thank you for your dedication to this like others have said.

    rock on

  17. Though I’ve rarely felt the need to comment I’ve been here for the majority of those 12 years. I’ve tried to introduce others to the joy that is seeing a man with his face skinned or mexican chainsaw beheadings but inevitably been called a sick fuck every time. Guess I’m going to have to start buying lottery tickets in the vain hope that I can win and give you the required cash to keep this going for the community of sick fucks that you’ve nurtured. All the best for your future endeavours Mark, and thanks for the gore!

  18. BRING ON THE GORE by bad jonny

    Bring on the gore
    Like an apple
    Evil to the core

    It ain’t no work
    It ain’t no chore

    The taxman ripping
    Your spleen with his claw

    It ain’t no bore
    To be killed by the boar

    Dare to look?
    In Trump’s evil drawer?

    Invites all Americans
    ‘Cum in thru my door …’

    Cunt is as gay as
    Christian Dior

    Gutted like a monkey
    When your face hits the floor

    Why all this carnage?
    What is it all for?

    Your leaders are spastics
    Like Al fucking Gore

    Time will cum
    When cunts like him
    Are no more

    Trump playing golf
    Hitting a fore!

    Thinks he belongs in
    The Fantastic Four

    Fucking a brand new
    Euro trash whore

    Rob de Niro wanting
    To break off his jaw

    Put his head in ice
    And wait till it thaw

    Cunt thinks he’s Rambo
    Arnold and Thor

    Said he stopped virus
    But brang on some more

    Needs to be fuck’d
    Till his asshole all tore

    He thinks he is God
    But his evil we saw

    America now
    Open wound like a sore

    Black men looting
    The neighbourhood store

    Feeding their monkeys
    Melon & coleslaw

    While Republicans plotting
    Their next evil war ….

    1. It’s for sure worth $1,000,000. That actually might be a bargain if it sells for that. 2.8 million unique visitors per month is substantial. A lot of money can be made off of a user base that large.

      As far as the old videos not working, I don’t know all the details, but they were deleted by the service that previously hosted the video files.

  19. It’s a shame but you gotta do what you gotta do. I’m actually amazed you stuck around for as long as you did. Just make sure whoever you sell it to takes good care of the place.

  20. Hey just wanted to say that this site is one of the best and I keep coming back to this site it opened my eyes to how things are in the real world. This site has made me stronger, value my life and see that life is truly worth living and other ppl unfortunately have it way worse. I appreciate everything including the commentary all of you ppl make are funny 🙂 when I’m down or sad reading all the comments all of you guys and girls post makes my day thank you so much!!! to everyone in the comments for always making my day. Hopefully the site won’t shut down but if so im glad that I found this site and used this site and all of you ppl rock I appreciate that this site and the ppl are part of my life, im glad that this is a part of my life once again thank you for everything!!!!! Robert from Los Angeles, CA , Yooo!!! 🙂

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