Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore

Guro Art - Anchored Woman

Guro Art - Anchored Woman

For 12 solid years, has been the most prominent and popular gore (ie reality news) website in the world, and its present position is even more dominant. It has won numerous accolades, including “The Most Controversial“, or “The Most Shocking” website on the internet.

In 2012, the website gained global notoriety after the Best Gore’s community solved the mystery behind of the vile murder of a Chinese student in Canada. The case exposed the Canadian police as corrupt and incompetent, which lead to my persecution and imprisonment. has a very solid and loyal user base, so it is completely and totally resistant to search engines algorithms, as well as governmental and institutional bans.

Out of respect for user’s privacy, no third party traffic tracking scripts such as Google Analytics are installed on Best Gore, but one month of total traffic data is available through CloudFlare, who provide CDN services for the website.

According to CloudFlare’s analytics, the traffic stats for the last 30 days up to April 30, 2020 are:

Total Requests: 1,200,666,752
Total Unique Visitors: 2,894,535

Total Requests to Best Gore

Top traffic countries by number of requests are:

United States: 501,125,152
United Kingdom: 85,237,937
Germany: 51,385,051
France: 48,601,991
Canada: 44,131,309

Top Traffic Regions to Best Gore

That’s as much in terms of analytics as CloudFlare provides.

Today Best Gore celebrates 12 years of being the best gore website in the world. It’s quite something to realize that I’m now 12 years older than I was when I started the site.

It’s never been easy to retire from active publishing, because BG has an amazing community and the support I have always received cut short all my previous attempts to leave it behind.

Yet in spite of the past, my real life projects won’t lend me enough time to keep updating the site, so even though I may make a new post here and there, the website is going to a wind down mode and I will not be looking for someone to maintain it on my behalf.

That being said, pursuant to the suggestion brought up last year, if you have a budget that ends with six zeroes, and would like to take over Best Gore as the new owner and run the site any way YOU like, hit me up on email and let’s talk: bestgore [at] or

The large cache of several gigabytes of videos, including the original versions without watermark, of most of the material published on as well as thousands of those that didn’t get to be published, will be provided with the sale of the website.

I will make an appearance here and there, but sooner or later I will go off grid, however comment sections, activity pages and forums will remain open for those who have access to them.

Keep rocking,


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

384 thoughts on “Dozen Years of Best Motherfucking Gore”

  1. Kinda weird how most people here hate blacks and Jews. And sure, I’ve been absent the majority of the time my account has been active, but still a pretty grand site. I’ve had quite a ride on this site even before I made my account as a teen in the late 2000s, and I’m definitely prepared to say the internet wouldn’t be the same without it.

    So thank you for this, and I hope you have a good life moving forward and here’s to many more decades of gore to come!

  2. I have been on this site for many years and I have never ceased to be surprised by human insanity. I wouldn’t say I’m crazy to like watching it, as my friends say. And ah, here in Brazil there are many people who access here too. That sucks.

  3. I’ve been lurking for about 11 of the 12 years. I was registered,said some stuff, didn’t bother much.

    Long story short, I was sexually abused by my stepfather for years as a child. My mother didn’t believe me and she’s still with the asshole.

    Because of that, I’ve been having panic attacks since forever, until one day I came across this site and I saw a beheading vid and I imagined being my stepfather being beheaded. Since then, every time the anxiety starts popping up, I come here, watch them videos and it feels amazing. His head being blown up, chopped up, etc. Anxiety just goes away.

    So thanks. Instead of expensive shrinks, or even worse,shit ones by the public healthcare system, I have this to help.

    I don’t agree with a lot of the other stuff, but I’m glad this exist. Thank you. You have saved my mental health a lot of times.

  4. I love this site and will be gutted when it goes. Honestly i have no other site to go on so if someone can hit me up with some others that search engines cannot find, you would make one guy extra happy, as he would need his daily gore fix XD
    Good luck with everything Mark

  5. i know its a known nigger thing to do but my reason is very different.

    so, i skipped all the comments to add my piece:

    i get wound up and Best Gore is a sexual release . not really .

    i need the reality in my life, it makes me sneeze sometimes and the hazey dazey nigger beliefs are exited from my brain.

    thank you

    please carry on.

  6. I visit this side for some years now, i think i started at the age of 18 and i am 26 now.
    I realy hope someone buys it and does a awsome job like Mark does or best case would be, Mark changes his mind and keeps/runs it for some more years.
    But no matter what happens PLEASE keep it alive.
    It’s such a great place, even if i hardly write comments myself it is a good read and importand to have a place where you can see the drama of live and death and talk about it so you don`t get crazy when maybe at some point your 1st world bubble breaks and you have to deal with reality as bloody and ugly as it is.

    Salute and thanks Mark and all of you !

  7. Hi!Mark,I’m sorry you’re leaving,I’ve just visited here。You know,Chinese government don’t allow us see BestGore,because its Violence, blood.Our government want to Building a harmonious society,and this is also every chinese want,even every human.But you,my friend,let me know How precious life is, how beautiful peace is.What I want to say is thank you,谢谢.If you had chance to come to my country China,I promise you will be surprised by our Harmonious and beautiful society.Happy everyday my friend,Life is beautiful.Good luck to you.

  8. I’ve sat back in the darkness and watched everything in silence, and the thought of not being able to “de-stress” with the best gore material to be found is to say the least depressing. Good luck in all your future endeavors and if I can win the lottery you’ll be the first person I notify what s perfect life, win the lottery and buy my own gore library and website lol hey a girl can dream!

  9. Hi guys I’m new here. Just want to say thank you for making me feel welcome & that this website has to be the greatest gore site EVER MADE 🙂 please don’t ever close this website down I would be so depressed without my daily fix. I absolutely love BEST GORE massive thanks to the owner of this site keeps me entertained for hours on end 🙂 keep them videos coming. 😉

  10. Hi there everyone I have a question 🙂 what is the WORSE VIDEO that you’ve EVER SEEN? One that maybe gave you nightmares or something? Mine has to be the one where I think it was the Mexican cartel kidnapped a cop & his son they tortured the cop in front of the son the son was was screaming watching his dad get chopped to bits then they did the same to the son I had nightmares for months afterwards & my husband said that if he catches me on here again he will have me put in a psychiatric unit 😉 so I would like to know guys if any of these videos have given you nightmares? I don’t care what the hubby says he’s a faggot & no matter what he says I’ll never stop watching my beloved BEST GORE. 🙂 🙂

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  12. I made this account just to say thanks. BG helped me get over something that really fucked me up in the head. Seeing the reality of how fragile the human body is, and the way we truly are as a whole- idk man it just helped. I always frequent but never made one, sucks cause I wish I did.

    Thanks for keeping us informed over the years of the horrific realities of people and their lives.

  13. I’ve been coming to this site since 2015 and it really did have an effect on me in terms of realising what is going on in the world. Harsh images of people being decapitated in Mexico to being grinded by a production machine. Thanks for everything.

  14. One question, I realize you’ve never used ads as a profit stream for this website, is there a reason why? I would only buy this site as a business investment and the only benefit for me would be the possibility of issuing ads.

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