Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Best Gore. Since April 30, 2008, we’ve been showing the world the side of life others strive to hide. It’s been an incredible ride and I’m honored to have shared it with you. But I’ve come to the end of mine.

I’ve been half way out with one foot out the door a few times before, but each time you showered me with so much support, I put whatever else I had going on a backburner to keep giving back to you guys. But 2019 will be the definitive last for me. I however have about a dozen more emails with content that were sent to me, so over the next few days I will publish those, and then, without much fanfare, I will bid my good byes.

At this point, I wish to give special thanks to @seraphim-serenata, for picking up my slack and carrying the Best Gore torch forward, as my involvement with the site slowed down. I think we all can agree that he’s done a fantastic job updating the site with content, so should he wish to continue publishing on Best Gore, the site will go on without me. I have not talked to him about it, so it’ll be up to him to decide if he wants to carry on, and up to you to motivate him to stay, if you want the site to continue.

If anyone else would want to join him as a publisher on Best Gore, it would be best if you addressed him directly. He knows how to run the backend, and I’d expect him to be the best person to teach others too.

As for me – I’m answering my calling and will be withdrawing into the woods, where with time, I will be off not only Best Gore, but eventually the internet as a whole.

You’re all the finest men and women I’ve ever got to interact with in my life. Best Gore has been the major part of my journey on Earth and I couldn’t have asked for more kick-ass S.O.B.’s to share it with. Keep rocking.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

446 thoughts on “Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me”

          1. Mark, you make us know the ture world. Thank you so much. Let me on behalf of China-gore-er to give you best wishes. The best gore have the best world!

          2. @happy Thank you very much for showing us the truth all these years. The videos you shared and those though provoking descriptions you wrote for them have taught me a lot. These past 2-3 years with this community have been life changing for me and I will always be grateful for that. I wish you all the very best for your new life, Mark. I hope you wouldn’t be gone forever, though. Take care, man. ☮

      1. Please read: This is an educational site. There are PLENTY of people who will fund it. I am one of those people. Call me sick, call me twisted. We can be a team. If you need money, say the amount. As for now, let’s do this. I don’t know how to give you my details without exposing myself (waka waka waka). I’m a successful professional that would be happy to continue this ideology. I even have some connections that certain vids or photos that should have but haven’t made it here but deserved to over the years. Call me DAWK. Let’s talk sooner than L8R

        1. @wouldyoubemine

          Are you talking to Mark specifically or is that an open ended statement? Because I would love to support this site and team you are talking about (in any and every way possible), and would put in the hard work by any cost on any day if this became a thing.

        2. Hiya, I’m Daizie! I’d love to be a writer for this site, as I have been a fan since 2012. I’d love to help with anything I can, and even make a writing team with you guys! Let’s keep best gor alive for all the sick, twisted, and curious! 🙂

      2. Cheers to that, mate. I’m sad to see you go, but I’m glad that you’re getting out there in the world. Best of luck to you, and I hope you find all that you’re looking for. 🙂

      3. It saddens my heart to hear that you are leaving , I love this sight,and its eye opening veiw to humanitys darker side I have been a long time visitor first time commenter ,and I hope deeply that it’s not going to be the end I tell everyone about this sight .so that they may get humbeled through thing you can’t unsee, thank you for your devotion in bring the best gore to my eyes your whity comments will be missed

        1. Mark, kinda hard to sum up but it’s hard to imagine bestgore without you, but you’ve set up a legacy that I know will last! I bet your inbox now is fuller than when you posted the woman on the spit but this time with people who’ve grown to care for your insight. Also why I’m posting here vs private message. I wish you the best of luck with wherever you go from here but I beg you that you don’t forgot to check on us gore fanatics once in a while. We will all miss you running the place but your place is forever held in this community!

    1. @happy

      Fuck man… I finally get a chance to log in and now this… I’m saddened but I understand, fuck knows how many times I’ve had long periods of absence from the site to recharge and just enjoy other things in life. I just hope that like me, you will always come back in the end. Speaking of which, thank you for not putting me in permanent moderation when I came back after a couple years of being absent like a certain bunch of hypocritical wannabes who didn’t like something I said all the while preaching free speech and always bitching and moaning about being “silenced” but have no problem doing the same damn thing. But I digress, thank you for creating this place, keeping it going and making it a haven for all us sick fucks to enjoy and just be ourselves. Much respect brother Mark.

    2. What Am I suppose to watch now ?
      I hope you leave competent Gories like you, so that this site continues to run professionally and with the respect you have shows us for so long.
      I hate to steal this line but ain’t saw someone else use it ;
      “As long as BestGore lives on, YOU live on”
      Please tells us all your last day so we can all celebrate with you.
      Simon B.

    3. Thanks Mark, good luck in your next phase in life. I am a serious student of human violence and your website provided me with mountains data…. as well as insights from the videos and comments…. that are powerful in understanding “we” Homo Sapiens.
      Best wishes!

    4. Is there a way that you (Mark) kan tell us how many of us have really visited BestGore over the years ? It has to me in the tens of millions.
      I know that if we all support this site just a little bit we kan have BestGore last for ever. I kan’t phantom to add BestGore next to MySpace, limewire, blockbuster or a RadioShack list
      BestGore is better than that.
      We your loyal subjects demand you do what you must to reassure BestGore kontinues to reach limitless limits you have kross and are yet to kross.
      BestGore for ever.

      1. best doing what feels right Mark, but as you said as a matter of fact..nothing is forever and there is and END at some point. This is my first comment here, but i’ve been behind the scenes following since the beginning, all corners of the website. Several years ago i decided to live in the jungle, this is where the REAL LIFE is, many monkeys around, and yes one of my favourite foods is now grilled bananas, do not think that is the only food, all is organic and some exist only here, and yes some special things which are under the law of the jungle exist, Ayahuasca 🙂 Internet in the jungle…quite rare but project LOON will eventually be great solution….to access bestgore in the jungle 🙂 I Hope someday this website will become an APP. GOOD LUCK

      1. Mark. It’s almost 7 years that I’m following your amazing descriptions on these videos. You can’t leave us like this. We’re a family. A family that needs it’s patriarch. You’re the backbone of all of us. ReThink bout it. Much love ❤️

  1. It’s been one hell of a ride Mark. Fun at times. Sad and painful at times. Crazy as fuck at times.

    It’s been an experience and a pleasure sharing that roller coaster with you. Take care and thanks for all the hard work and sacrifices you have made to keep bestgore going all these years.

    I raise a glass to you. Enjoy your retirement.

      1. Its a shame, isnt it @happy ?
        The ultimate paradox.
        As the creatures that we are, we instinctively crave the company of our own kind, along with the hope that this will enrich and even complete our lives.
        Yet, in all cases, the most and worst pain that we feel is when we are associated with others of our kind.

        Sometimes feels like someone is trying to pull a huge troll on us, just by having us exist.

        Anyway, I Hope that you have your flip-flops packed…. 😉

  2. Mark you will be sorely and truly missed but I wish you the absolute best in whatever you do. You are a pioneer, sir. Be well and fulfilled and always content as you go forward. Thank You for everything!

      1. Please keep us going. Mark has done such a great job can you carry on for us gore freaks?

        Mark can’t even think of the correct words to let you know how sad I am and how much I’ll miss everyone. True gore lovers are hard to find. There isn’t another site as awesome as this. Man I’m in tears.

  3. This sucks but ill quickly explain why. ive been a member since the start when you and live leak were the only game in town to find real world media and gore. back when ucrainien thrill killers, and the one guy one jar videos were the thing and now its over? i dont want to thumb threw other forum webpages and get lost on content thats out dated or off world topics. its really sad to see you leave but like the whole video crash take down a few years back on best gore i again will have to face other outlets if this one fails to continue. its been a hell of a ride brothers and sisters. im sorry to see you leave Mark and i pray that the content satys the same and that the sight continues. best of luck to you brother and thanks for the many years of service. its well appreciated.

  4. Make sure to keep me informed on where you’l be gone in the woods as I Will Have 2 fishing rods with me when i’ll be heading-up this summer, along with a 4×4 S.U.V that i will purchase for Us Two, instead of the Car that we talked about instead of having to pay 800 Euro’s for a Rental, lol.

    I’ll send you an E-Mail either way brother. And thanks Mark for all the years and the memories that will last a lifetime. But we will surely continue our yearly European Travels together every year, and make new memories along the way. God Speed Brother,,, GOD SPEED.
    Dre. 🙂

    1. @VincitOmniaVeritas
      What No Man- Hugs For Me Brother, lol ? I’m Fucking Jealous Man,,, Very jealous. 🙁
      Ha, ha, dude. Listen Brother Mark,,, check your E-Mails, when you get a chance, Sir. 🙂

  5. I haven’t been here for as long as some other members, but visiting BG became my daily routine. I haven’t missed a day for the last couple of years, eagerly awaiting new content.

    Thank you so much for allowing us to see the truth behind people’s nature, something that society and the government desperately try to sweep under the rug and pretend that we are some kind of higher beings, while we are nothing more than animals, driven by our primitive neanderthalic brains. We are desperate to get the things we don’t actually need, tearing them away from each other’s clutches, killing, murdering, drawing meaningless borders, putting labels on everyone, all for mere illusion that we call “success”, and “dreams” that’s not even ours.

    I wish you to find the purity and solace out there, and to hear from you again someday, even if that is unlikely.

  6. Your dedication over that time has been nothing short of extraordinary.

    I first discovered the site in my mid-to-late teens and it chimed with my personal philosophy on life and the way I’d always perceived the world and the mainstream media – who hide reality, as grim as it may be, spoon-feeding and infantilising the masses.

    You’ve opened many eyes, changed many minds and done so much more good than you could ever be aware of.

    “Showing the world the side of life others strive to hide” – should, without doubt, be the new strapline of the site.

    I wish you all the contentment, enlightenment and peace in the world in seeing out the rest of your journey.

    Thanks for everything, keep well.

  7. I knew this day was inevitable @happy and chose to ignore it as not to break my heart more than what it already is.. and it would be absolutely destroyed in a thousand shards without BEST motherfucking GORE!

    Seraphim Serenata will rather jump off the tallest building downtown than let Best Gore take the leap itself.. I’ll be playing my mother fucking VIO-gore-LIN with this SHIP, that is BEST GORE — get the point?

    As always, Best Gore since stumble in upon it in 2014 (looking for uncensored Beheading) became therapy to my tortured and wretched soul.

    I have a team already compromised:

    @masterplan (MIA at the moment) who was first to help… With translation of anything Brazil/ Latin America.

    @honkeykong with a answering my pathetic cry out for brutal videos.

    @blucon is the newest addition that will assist my juvenile writing styles.

    Love you brother, Mark. We need to have a camp out and roast hotdogs and marshmallows 🙂

    … Anyone have anything to contribute for anything to make Best Gore better? The line starts here:

    1. If you do jump off the building, will you film it POV style like that one asian guy did? We need more of those videos.

      But seriously, I do web development. If you ever need help with coding/ programming stuff, I’d be happy to lend a hand.

      1. Fucking Right Mark,,, You could not have Befriended a Better Team Then The Dynamic- Duo Themselves Being @seraphimserenata & @honkeykong To Proudly Carry The B-G Torch, bro! And You Know That I Will Always Be There To Help-Out & Keep-On Supporting Best-Gore, And
        Forever! 🙂 ********YOU ROCK MOTHERFUCKERS,,, YOU ROCK-MAN********* 🙂

    2. Dear Bro ,thanks for your boldest mention ever but ; I guess , it ought to have read……….. @blucon is the newest juvenile addition that will assist my writing styles .
      Giggle ………..
      Alright ! then , before the blackout hits ; lemme just say I’ am gonna be around as and when ya want me ,kinda “sidekick” if you’d prefer naming me as !
      As for Mr. Mark for having declared bidding his final goodbyes , I knew it was long coming ; as a certain premonition just wouldn’t stop whispering of his quitting the scene during one of these days around this sojourn leaving BEST GORE , parent less . ……….”A little child without a father” Hope he had stayed put as captain of the ship and sailed the oceans of gore with his goremates.

      Well , we all wish him the very best in his future endeavors . May he have the most peaceful moments filled with joy with no room for sorrows.

          1. @blucon
            You always have lived up to expectations, i see no reason why that should change now that you have a seat at the big table! 😉

            Thats for the compliment, thats kind of you. Unfortunately, due to my sometimes long stints off the net completely, I am not someone who can be counted on to be reliable when it comes to writing for a website.
            Ive been asked on some other websites that i have frequented over the years, but have always declined for this/these reasons.

            Guys like you, @seraphim-serenata & @honkeykong , as well as being good writers, sourcers and moderators, all posses the drive and comittment that is required to take this forward – And i for one am looking forward to your posts

            Best Regards you all.

          2. Nothing has changed , @karmen40 from the word, ‘go’ since I too am seated around the big table as its made known ; its just few of those vexing hunches that often keep rubbing on me and I just gotta tame and leash them down to stop feeling disorientated at times ,but that’s hardly an issue my dear . I am only waiting for the dice to roll to get started “Ex tempore” keying in my story telling side .
            From the way I have got to know ya through your messages and posts , it was easier to conclude about your stupendous penmanship . It didn’t come as a surprise about ya telling me; your being wanted by some of the sites . I wish ya could join the bandwagon too . Just give it a thought, as it would be an added plus .

  8. Awe, thanks for bringing light into my misanthropic self. I knew there was lots of hidden content that the news doesn’t cover. I found this site when I was young lol

    My personal favourite coverage was when you acquired the video of the killer in Montreal Canada, Luka Magnotta. I think the name of the video was 2 men one icepick? Something along the lines of that.
    Because it was evidence it had to be removed, I saw it before the removal and was spreading it like wildfire to my friends, finally some Canadian gore close to home we laughed lol!
    Ah mang those were Good times!

    You were like a little brother showing me all these interesting things! So I bid thee fair well &You will be missed by all the brothers and sisters of BestGore 🙂 I wish you well in your life, Cheers eh!! <3

    1. We’re living in very strange times @bobcat , my old pal, which, I’m thinking, is the main reason for @happy to up sticks as it were and get the fuck out a dodge.
      Realism is on the endangered species list in this world, hence the constant nagging head aches from having to live among liberal do gooders.
      Anyhow, I wish you nothing but the best Mark, you deserve it fella. Onwards and upwards.

  9. Thanks for your service. Your site really opened my eyes up to the true brutality of the world we live in. The content on this site has made me move differently in my personal life. I’ve always joked about being another dead victim posted on this website one day, but it really helped me understand the true nature of humanity. There is a lot of good and there is a lot of bad, and you guys showed me that. Thanks for the guidance. I greatly appreciate it. To add some constructive criticism, I’ve always been puzzled as to why you guys tolerated a lot of these low lives that come to this site just to be racist, sexist, and ignorant. I’m a African American male, and I can’t count how many keyboard warriors I combated in comment sections. I understand freedom of speech and all, but hate speech is a bit overboard. A lot of them are still stuck in 2011 where being racist towards another individual online was cool and edgy. I know I sound silly for bitching about racism and such on a gore sight, but these idiots plague the hell out of y’all comment sections

        1. People are saying…

          The famous words that in the last decade not only allow anyone to make anything up. It somehow gives the statement delivered after the talking point, memo blurb etc to have some justification as truth. Typically used in a very manipulative manner. I would like to use the phrase in a more productive, encouraging way.

          People are saying Best Gore will continue it’s quest to bringing those who would like to experience the world in all its glory and gore. Share ideas and move forward, both with regard to journalistic honesty and our ability to learn from one another which in turn may shine a mirror upon ourselves in relevance.

          Hanky Panky

          This site has reminded me of two quotes I as a younger man cherished

          “If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear.”

          “Don’t let school interfere with your child’s education”

          Gore On

  10. Just remember though… even if you’re alone in the woods, “wherever you go, there you are.” It would suck to go to all the trouble to escape it all, only to realize you’ve really been trying to escape from yourself all along. 😉 While I don’t agree with some of your rants… at all… I haven’t been able to miss a day of checking for updates on this site for a long, long time. That’s a bit scary. Thanks for the memories I will probably hope one day can be forgotten. 😀

  11. I’ve been on this site for years and all this gore sheds a little more light in my life, the strive to keep on going. I’ve had my fairshare of fuckery in my life but when I watch these wonderful videos I seem to forget all the negativity and be glad as hell that I wasn’t one of them. But shit, if ever something comes up I’ll be sure glad to end up here. Pass the torch or pass the blunt

  12. Best wishes for the future Mark. I’m addicted to the BestGore site (never thought I’d say that a year ago) I’d be a bit lost if it finished. Thanks for your work and good luck Seraphim Serenata.

  13. Sounds like this is actually the final time mate. Thanks for everything @happy you have done humanity a great service. Hope you find peace and happiness in your next phase. Please just drop in a comment every now and then to let us know how you are doing.

  14. It breaks my heart to see you go. But we all must leave things at some point. It’s been a roller coaster, from the fun of learning the term “fleshy virus” to the sadness and uncertainty of when the cops took you from us and the 4chan betrayal. You and the best gore community have helped me forge a new lens to look at life through. One without the rose colored tint. I learned a lot here that I will always be grateful for. Such as verify and reverify, “que bono?”, your insight into the world wars, and a glimpse of how the world works. I wish you nothing but the best in all of your future endeavors and undertakings. And from the bottom of my heart:
    Thank you so much!

  15. Oh god please no this site can NOT end. It’s been my guilty pleasure for more years then I know. I think I’ve literally seen every video, from the days when you had the actual number of pages that we could link to go watch. I’m definitely a gore addict. And although seraphim makes posts are VERY long winded I hope he will carry the riches loud and proudly for you. This site has to exist, it needs to exist. But I’m sure everyone understands when you got go ya gotta go and although I dont hardly post here, but I wish you all the best and that you have tremendous success In whatever you plan to do.

  16. 2019 will be the definitive last for me

    “definitive” is…the word definite, but with a top hat and tails?
    just as the word simple is now…”simplistic” (even though meaning is totally opposite)
    Anyhow, sorry to see you go; and esp if you? are the fellow writing those really clever cutlines,
    which are often the best part of the viewing experience!

  17. I have been reading this site for at least 3 years now, but never was a member until today. Thank you for your service to humanity. Any real truthseeker knows the value of your work. I can imagine the toll this site has taken on you, mentally & emotionally. I pray that seraphim & the others will make the same sacrifice you have. I wish you a peaceful journey on the path.

        1. @brokeback , @happy
          Oh fuck! crypticism is like a twisting knife in the side of the uninformed!

          Please fill us [me] in on the details regarding “the prank you pulled on us with that girl” which was “the greatest shit that’s ever happened on BG”

          Im sure will are all waiting, with bated breath?! 😉

  18. To: Mark, and every other Student Of Bestgore

    Both from my own personal observations and my own experiences, of all parts of life which are the most unpredictable is the pace and course of life itself. Our requirements for fulfillment change as well as our tolerance for dealing with The Fleshy Virus, and over the years here we can all atest to how somethings which suck the FROTHIEST of dogshit milkshakes do not improve, so, what’s the resolve?

    Seems to me the we evolve, or what isn’t working within our time here will continue to further decompose.
    Because our feet never actually leave the “treadmill of life” it’s rather difficult to see just how much progress we gain, or what we are robbed of when stagnant. In my opinion, quality of life has always far outweighed volume of existence.

    This life fucking sentence we’ve all been handed here on Planet Business is a rather convoluted existence, as it’s always such a struggle between wants and necessities.

    Mark, do what makes you feel most at peace with the pace of your life when nobody is looking. It’s the path I’ve been struggling with to walk upon myself these last many years, and until we ourselves become content, our own conclusions remain unwritten.

    With much appreciation for all you’ve given and endured.

    Your friend
    Don Rotten Stench

    1. Ah Mark, i have been with bg since 2009, you and this site is part of my daily life! Thank you for opening my eyes. Even though i never commented and only contributed once, i have not missed a day on bg! You will be sorely missed, but i wish you all the best.. you are going to a better place 🙂
      Cheers from Cape Town

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