Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Best Gore. Since April 30, 2008, we’ve been showing the world the side of life others strive to hide. It’s been an incredible ride and I’m honored to have shared it with you. But I’ve come to the end of mine.

I’ve been half way out with one foot out the door a few times before, but each time you showered me with so much support, I put whatever else I had going on a backburner to keep giving back to you guys. But 2019 will be the definitive last for me. I however have about a dozen more emails with content that were sent to me, so over the next few days I will publish those, and then, without much fanfare, I will bid my good byes.

At this point, I wish to give special thanks to @seraphim-serenata, for picking up my slack and carrying the Best Gore torch forward, as my involvement with the site slowed down. I think we all can agree that he’s done a fantastic job updating the site with content, so should he wish to continue publishing on Best Gore, the site will go on without me. I have not talked to him about it, so it’ll be up to him to decide if he wants to carry on, and up to you to motivate him to stay, if you want the site to continue.

If anyone else would want to join him as a publisher on Best Gore, it would be best if you addressed him directly. He knows how to run the backend, and I’d expect him to be the best person to teach others too.

As for me – I’m answering my calling and will be withdrawing into the woods, where with time, I will be off not only Best Gore, but eventually the internet as a whole.

You’re all the finest men and women I’ve ever got to interact with in my life. Best Gore has been the major part of my journey on Earth and I couldn’t have asked for more kick-ass S.O.B.’s to share it with. Keep rocking.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

446 thoughts on “Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me”

  1. just one word.


    that’s it.. i boooooh’ed. as to who … well, it’s up to whoever want it πŸ˜›

    hope we wont see you in a post soon :O, be safe and enjoy life.

    ( hope my english isnt too bad and peoples actually understand the real sens of my comment)

  2. Thanks Mark for all your hard work over the years on this site! I have enjoyed this site so much and hope someone else may continue. I understand you have to do what makes you happy and it sounds like you have put it off long enough. Enjoy!

  3. Btw I hope the “answering your calling” and “going into the woods” are not metaphors for death. I heard when cats sense they are about to do they will go find somewhere to hide and die. If you are dying, could you have someone film and post it here? Lol Seriously though, I’m gonna miss ya! Good luck! ; )

  4. Thank you Mark and best wishes on your new jouney wherever that may lead you, I’ve been a long time member and it feels like being among family when logging in….ok it may be the Addams Family, but family all the same. Seraphin is a worthy successor to take the torch to enlighten us from the dark shackles of censorship, no matter the form it takes. Take care mate.

  5. Big Mahalo Mark! I spend a lot of time on BG. I came for the gore but stayed for the funny shit that’s written.

    Thank you.
    PS-A guy named Thanos tried to hide in the woods away from everyone and it didn’t work too well for him

  6. Wow! Has it really been that long?? I remember the site hitting 100 pages! I wish you the best in your journeys. Keep safe in your adventures and remember those of us who did not always agree with you. No matter what we disagreed about, however, the one thing we definitely were in accordance regarding was the need to remove the veil and expose reality in all its gore-drenched wonder!
    May the best days of your past be the worst of your future. May your cock get wet often, and may your journey be fulfilling.

  7. Hey Mark, I have been here with you since almost the beginning. Long before all the press and drama. This site has awakened and educated me and many others in a uniquely positive way. Thank you for being a part of that. You will be missed and I hope the site will continue on with fond remembrance of what you sacrificed for truth. I wish you all the best going forward. There may be imitators, but there will only ever be one Best Gore. Rock on, fellow Gorians.

  8. Mark, I’ve been following you since October 2012. You’ve shed true light to what goes around the world. For that I thank you. I will dearly miss you. xoxo from Miami,

  9. You Know What Would Be Really Cool My Dear B G Brothers, and Sisters??? It Would Be If We Could “ALL” Send Mark A Little Retirement Gift Of BITCOINS For The Years Of Ultimate Sacrifices That Mark Has Endured In Order To Keep Us All Entertained For So, So Many Years 11 Total.

    And These Years,,, Let Me Tell You Guys/Gals There Were Not All Fun, & Games, Filled With Joy & Bliss.
    They Were Hard Years To Say The Very Least. And If Not For People Like Myself, and Many Others And You Know Who You’s Are That Literally Begged Him To Stay-On, and Continue I’m Not Sure That He Would Of.

    Would You After Being Tortured,,, Mentally, & Physically, and For Years??? And To Be Jailed And Forced To Submit To “DA-JOO” By Pleading Guilty To A Crime That He “NEVER, EVER” Committed,
    to begin with. And All because of the sheer Embarrassment that The Pathetic Inadequate Edmonton Police Department had to endure Because Mark Had Handed Them Over A Killer On A Silver Platter, only to be brushed-off??

    And Like The Old Saying Goes,,, **There is No Time Like The Present** To Show Mark Just How Much We Truly Love Him,, Our Dear Brother For All Of The Sacrifices That He Endured Over The Years, In Order To Keep Us All Entertained, And Happy.

    A One Time Gift Guy’s “Of BITCOINS” Would Be A Nice Gesture On Our Part As A Retirement Gift For Mark, Who Has Done So Very Much For Us All. πŸ™‚ Nothing Says I Love You More Than A Few Dollars πŸ™‚
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ **********SO PLEASE GUYS/GALS Lets Make It Happen*********** πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    1. While you are at it guys and dolls… your good friend Brokeback needs a new car to get to his doctor appointments and to get to church on Sundays so Bitcoin, PayPal… cash, whatever is easier for you.
      Bless you all.

      1. ha, ha, ha brother. πŸ™‚ I Will help you out once we get together later this summer, if you are dead serious on getting some wheels brother as i am well connected in the Ottawa Car Sales Market.
        So, if you can afford the insurance, gas, parking (especially in T.O. as i heard that parking spots if you can even get one are horribly expensive.

        And if you live downtown, or near-it forget about even having a parking space unless you are paying a monthly fee to the city, and have to display a sticker on your windshield as proof of payment. πŸ™

        Do you reside in, ornear the downtown area brother?? And would you have access to a parking, or does one come included with your space, & with your apartment for like 50, or 60 bucks a month??

        1. @Dre,
          Thank you brotha but I was only joking around (as usual). Truth is I’m pretty well off for a guy who hasn’t worked in half a dozen years or so. Between inheritance money, disability cheques and dealing drugs I have been able to live a somewhat ravish lifestyle in my luxury condominium and own a few nice cars. The only drawback is as you mentioned, parking is expensive here so Ive had to cut down to 4 restaurant meals per day and I don’t go shopping for clothes nearly as often as I used to.

          1. You are welcome bud,,, but just so you know,,,I was not. So if you need a cheap, but decent car, and can afford the insurance, parking, and gas we can work something-out later this summer brother. πŸ™‚

          2. Thanks Dre, I guess by now you pretty much know when I’m joking around and when I’m being serious.
            Money isn’t everything… I’m just happy to be blessed with an enormous cock.

  10. Wow. I nearly missed this whole post. I have been reducing my time on the posts over the last week or so and only comment when i see a particularly good comment already made on site activity.

    We have not communicated at all but i have loved almost all your posts and topics here. It is a pity you have to go. I wish you all the very best as always and hope the rest of your life flowers as well.

    There is no doubt in my mind that @seraphim-serenata will continue doing wonderfully here.

  11. Mark Thanks for all your work You dont realize how much your motherfucking site has done for me I barely look at much else than B G its my daily dig good luck in future and dont let the bastards get you down cheers mate !

  12. I have followed your site for many years and have been in the background every day in that time & reading the many articles and comments from everybody, but only recently signed up, what can I say? You have been like a brother to me over these years and fully understand why you want to just disappear and be out of contact with this sick world that is getting sicker by the minute-nothing is beyond the depravity of the human species it seems. Myself being dependant on it for my various illnesses live in hope that this story of our world may have a better ending somewhere somehow by something be it God or aliens stepping in? We have no hope if not it seems as humans cannot get it together? Cheers and all the best from OZ and may you find your peace of mind Mark?

    1. It’s the people that makes the site so awesome. Mark created it and put a lot of hard work in… he also took many risks along the way. Luckily we have several members who can keep the site up and running but aside from that it’s the daily comments (replies) that makes this such a fun place to come to and aside from a few assholes we are all friends here. We owe it to Mark to keep this site going so that we can pass the torch to the future generations of gore lovers.

  13. Best wishes , Mark. Been a ghost fan for a very long time, since 2010 or 2011 I think. But just made an account within the last couple years. Thanks for all ya done, hope the site continues on the same way. Best wishes to you and don’t get mauled by something and end up on the site, since you’re going all Bear Grylls, without the piss drinking.

  14. Didn’t quite realize how time just flew by .The year the ‘BEST GORE’ came in to being seems like only yesterday . The 30th day of April 2019 for the “BEST GORE” has gone down in the annals of deep dark web as the compilation of facts ; unbeknown to many of those ,who believed they never existed . But this magnanimous site in its endeavor to show the ugly side of the broken mirror with shards strewn around in its approach never failed, never staggered but pained itself in threadbaring , the ” unbeknown” to “known” and been digging in deep in finding out the ultimate truth.

    I just recapped remembering half way through , may be accurately/inaccurately of my joining the site somewhere back in the year 2011. Back in the years ,there were several of the other Authors too under well guided lordship of yours Dear Mr Mark Sir and there wasn’t a day when posts weren’t flooded and the site wasn’t jostling for space . I remember there were hordes of members some lurking some showing but as the years went by the members activity had gotten increased manifold . A majority of them to this day have always sought to know the hidden truth within ; what Life and Death is about . Well it had/has been and remained to be a momentous journey for the most of us preparing each day to face the odds and the unexpected knowing all along that we are only a bubble in this vast spectrum of life ; which may burst and we may be gone suddenly .

    And now announcement of your departure Dear Sir; at this unforeseeable stage will leave an unfillable void I hope you changed your mind and stayed put , for the Best gore’s sake; as your Brain Child ,may succumb to your not being around. I know wishing goodbyes comes easy but it will have many a heart broken apart , sobbing and crying. Your departure may have the moment stall , as you know well, ya are the blood and soul that enlivens the BEST GORE ,to make it live. Its hard to bid goodbyes but I am saying mine with a crying heart .

    We can’t thank you enough Sir for the rough times you have been through; all for the sake of BEST GORE, and its members bringing in the content unfailingly, at all times ; no matter what . You brought and showed us forth selflessly , the most unthinkable of the so called what this life of ours is about . Well its just the flesh bones and the blood and gore .

    Dear Mr. Mark Sir ,You will always be missed sorely no matter how far apart the goddamned distances take us . You were there then and you will always be there now and forever and whenever your BRAIN CHILD , THE BEST GORE SCREAMS OUT FOR YA . All thanks to Your having left a profound impact in our lives here on , on the BEST GORE . Ya’re gonna be direly missed .

    Well then this is the moment I hate but it seems to have arrived , when last words need spoken; which is to say that ours was a wonderful journey we shared together up until this day ……. Yet, it’s the same journey that is taking us far apart . I just want to say thank you for all the good moments!

    Thank you and Goodbye!

  15. Thanks for shaping my personality Mark. I sure you helped many. You helped us be more careful and understand other cultures. I believe that with best gore im a more knowledgeable and better person now.
    Thanks for everything and i hope that you find what you are looking for

  16. Mark, over the last 11 years my friends and family have told me to stop visiting this website as it will fuck me up mentally. Little did they know, I was already fucked up lol
    You have done an outstanding job in keeping best gore up to date and showing us what the real world is all about. It is sad to see you go.
    In recent days (after the mosque shooting) I was unable to access the website in Australia which really pissed me off but i eventually figured out a way how to!
    Mark, best of wishes with your future ventures, and good luck with everything. Also a huge thank you for being the most entertaining website on the net!
    Laters dude!

  17. Ah Mark.. i have been with bg since 2009 somewhere, its part of my daily life! Not a day has gone past where i have not been fascinated/ freaked out by how messed up humans are. Thank you for opening my eyes. Although i very rarely posted and only contributed once.. you rock and will be sorely missed! Good luck.. you are going to a better place πŸ™‚
    Cheers from Cape Town

  18. Hey Mark,

    Sorry to see you go but thanks for all the gore times. A favor though, if I may? If by chance you get mauled by a bear in the woods and happen to survive, please be sure to film the aftermath and send it in for our viewing pleasure. Thanks dude.

    1. We are all gonna die… it’s just a question of when and how? I like to think that in about ten years from now when I’m in my 60’s I get on an airplane for the second time in my life and there is an obvious control problem at 30,000ft where people start screaming for their lives as the plane nosedives and gets inverted. I want to know that I’m about to die and I want it to be exciting. I would also be fascinated to watch the faces of the other passengers and flight attendants as they scream in terror.
      You might think I’m fucked up BUT I don’t want to live to be an old man and I want my death to be exciting but painless and hitting the ground at 700+mph is a quick death.

  19. Thank you for showing us the reality, by opening a door for us to see the truth that others would deny us from seeing. I started frequently visiting this site back in 2014, I was barely adult back then, and here we are. I find no more enjoyment in what I see here on a daily basis than I did back then. I feel just as sickened, but I’ve come to learn that it’s necessary for me to see it. To not live in an illusion. To constantly remind myself that these things exist. To make myself never forget the senseless cruelty and stupidity of us humans. Through those things, of course it has had it’s negative impact on me and my mental state, but on the opposite end, seeing where life can take us, what kind of agony one can suffer through, some live in that agony, they not only die in it. Reflecting on those things has made me truly appreciate my surroundings, my own life and the lack of misery in it. Due to the suffering of others, I am able to enjoy and appreciate my life more than I could when I was still blinded by lies and ignorance. Thank you for showing me the way to finding the truth within this world, Mark. All the best to you in life, I hope you can find happiness outside from talking with bunch of assholes like us on the internet.

  20. Mark, it’s definitely been a game changer on how I view things. Thanks for you great perspective on the posts in general.

    As for the picture of my wife’s bloody vagina, thanks for being the only site to do so that gave me a huge chuckle, (the bestgore peeps get most credit)

    Have fun in the woods and stay away from Brazil and Africa. lol

  21. Mark. The gore and shit is cool, but, more than that, I found a place where I can say anything and everything that I want to say without the risk of losing my job, house, etc… A place to decompress if you will.
    Without you and BG I would likely be on some kind of terrorist watch list by now.
    Hopefully we all will be able to go live in the forrest one day you lucky SOB.
    Thank you and Good luck!

  22. We all love u brother and you have our full support on anything you need to do. We thank you for the foreseeable and the freaky shit and all the awesome content. Sad to see you leave but it’s not good but just see you later. I will always come to best Gore period no other site does it the way best Gore does. And for that we thank you. You will never b forgotten. I’mma make a flag with your face on it

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