Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Best Gore. Since April 30, 2008, we’ve been showing the world the side of life others strive to hide. It’s been an incredible ride and I’m honored to have shared it with you. But I’ve come to the end of mine.

I’ve been half way out with one foot out the door a few times before, but each time you showered me with so much support, I put whatever else I had going on a backburner to keep giving back to you guys. But 2019 will be the definitive last for me. I however have about a dozen more emails with content that were sent to me, so over the next few days I will publish those, and then, without much fanfare, I will bid my good byes.

At this point, I wish to give special thanks to @seraphim-serenata, for picking up my slack and carrying the Best Gore torch forward, as my involvement with the site slowed down. I think we all can agree that he’s done a fantastic job updating the site with content, so should he wish to continue publishing on Best Gore, the site will go on without me. I have not talked to him about it, so it’ll be up to him to decide if he wants to carry on, and up to you to motivate him to stay, if you want the site to continue.

If anyone else would want to join him as a publisher on Best Gore, it would be best if you addressed him directly. He knows how to run the backend, and I’d expect him to be the best person to teach others too.

As for me – I’m answering my calling and will be withdrawing into the woods, where with time, I will be off not only Best Gore, but eventually the internet as a whole.

You’re all the finest men and women I’ve ever got to interact with in my life. Best Gore has been the major part of my journey on Earth and I couldn’t have asked for more kick-ass S.O.B.’s to share it with. Keep rocking.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

447 thoughts on “Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me”

  1. Best site on the MOTHERFUCKING
    I’VE been a member since day one god bless you and your team can’t keep a good man/WEBSITE down, MUCH LOVE FROM MYSELF ALWAYS KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK AND THE GRAPHIC VIDEOS , MAKES ME FEEL LIKE DANCING ANYWAY RESPECT!!!!!


    WEETY WAS HERE 1944-8888
    [email protected]

  2. Dear Mark / V.O.V.,

    I enjoyed at least 9 out of last 11 years of your posts and comments on this website and I especially created an account to thank you this way and wish you all the best and luck.

    kind regards from Rotterdam, the Netherlands

  3. I remember when you lost all them videos or they got deleted by a disgruntled ex member / owner how long ago was that have there been updated now because I few other videos are still missing


  4. Just want to give my thanks, and say that I thoroughly enjoy and have enjoyed your website for a while now. It’s the only place that I can come and be 100% assured that there will be no shit-posting… you only post gore, and that’s what I come here for. Thanks, and God speed you on your journey. Greets, from South Shithole.

  5. Mark! I will miss you deeply, I have been on the site for a long time, I was happy every time you came back and after all the Canada shit, your story was one of the best on the site. I really hope the site won’t die off without you, it’s my favorite site, thank you so much for the years of updates videos and pictures through it all. You are amazing. Good luck

  6. Hi Mark. Appreciate your honesty. I am sure a lot of people are willing to take over so BG will still be up. Thanks for everything! I’ve been here since the very start way back when I was only 15 y/o. The past 11 yrs were awesome. Hope you could find what you are looking for out there! Best wishes!

  7. Not sure how many fans you got from Lebanon, but a huge thank you from this part of the world. I stumbled on this site many winters ago by sheer chance and though I spent most of the years lurking the pages, I was able to relate to many of the good jolly folks ! When it comes to the truth, this site is second to none.

    Long may you run.

  8. Mark, my big thanks for years of morbid entertainment! I have visited Best Gore almost every day and far more than any other website in my bookmarks. I wish you happiness wherever you are going to live and whatever you are going to do.

    In this 11th birthday, I should also thank @obliterator, @acneska, @ate, and several other contributors who kept this huge blog while Mark was out; and those who helped alongside Mark, including @seraphim-serenata!

  9. Well i know you have been planning this for a while… So I am not shocked.
    But I will miss you around here.

    I hope momma nature will be a bit more gentle on you for the rest of your life journey 😉

    Wishing you all the best in health and peace of mind!
    That’s all one needs for a good restart 🙂


  10. Thanks for everything mark.

    I’ve been browsing your page for most it’s entire lifetime, more so as an active member fairly recently.

    You’ve created a community that is close to a family and that’s all that counts. I just wish you the best for your future, find your luck and find your peace.

    Best regards

  11. I never thought I’d be sad once I checked Bestgore.com, but here it is.

    It’s a shame to even think about the ending of such a unique website hosting content many believe should be hidden.

    I wish the best to the next person in charge of such an awesome site. Please keep daily content coming!

  12. well, i am sorry to read of your departure from best gore, i hope it continues, i have followed it since the start when i got a lap top in 2008 and searched for certain things, all the best to you mark and thank you for the site.



  14. Thank you for showing me and telling me the truth I am tired of nonsense but with all good things it must come to an end thank you Mark for all your wisdom and if not another side of the coin,Good luck and keep the mosquitos away….Vinnie

  15. I was already having a shit day and this just added the turd-on-top! Fuck! Warmest and best wishes, with love, to you in all your future endeavors! Thank you, from my dark heart, for opening my eyes in ways which shall remain with me always, Mark! xoxo

  16. Thanks for all the years of service, ive had this account for many years and its the first time i log in just to write this message. Best wishes Mark, and thank for supplying me with my daily dose of gore.

  17. Mark, noooo what the fuck you seriously can’t just leave us! I’ve been following this site religiously since you gave birth to it! Please reconsider your decision, but if this really is your wish then farewell, my friend ♡ Thank you for your hard work and for opening my eyes to REALITY!

  18. Been here since 2009. Don’t even remember when I signed up. Maybe 2012 or something.

    There’s a ton of places to get videos, but nothing like BG can offer. The commentary, the site design, the members, and everything in between. The Internet won’t be the same without BG. It needs to live on.

    Good luck, Mark.

  19. WHAT THE FUCK MARK, i dont believe this shit, i come back and our supreme leader is ready for leaving ? talk about bad timing. to be frank with you all .. i have been feeling a little different this year, more introspective, yearning for the next fork in the road, like i need a new direction, i understand how Mark feels. This has been a crazy ride for sure, an enlightening one, and definitely a place where you can learn so much about the real world. Thanks to Mark and all he has taught me and how he has never caved in to political correctness etc. Me and Mark have had similar views all the way through BG and its been great to see a mind and a man that wont bend for the cold hard truth. I Love you Brother and wish you all the best, hope i get to meet you someday. Have a great journey & wonderful adventure – – – – Haydolf.

  20. Fuck, man. I miss one day of Bestgore to login to This? My heart truly sank… read every single comment so far n’ it seems kinda funny, none of the great ones are really TRULY appreciated and missed until they’re gone. Eh, such is life, I suppose.
    THANK YOU for everything you did for your family here… and may the CARNAGE continue!! 😉 @happy fuckin’ trails, brother!

  21. Ohhhhh this makes me SO SAD. But good for you Mark. You’ll leave this legacy as you melt away into the jungle. I hope you poke your head out now and then to say hello. May the GORE LIVE ON!!!!!!!! xo<3

  22. But seriously though, good luck and best speed to vulcan mark, anyone who uses the net will have heard or stumbled on bestgore at some point, your site is legend. Hope it neva dies, as we all inevitably will.. good luck and travel well.. all the very best, steve G B

  23. Gonna miss ya man! And I’m glad to see that the site will still keep going cause I can’t imagine life without Best Gore!! Hopefully you’ll come back like ya have before. Take care Mark! Thank you for everything you’ve done.

  24. been a looooong time lurker, but reading this post made me finally create an account. thank you for your site, and your posts- bestgore has been part of what got me thru a helluva lotta years of dark times. your daily content keeps me grounded/so fuckn grateful that i’m still alive, somehow, for just one more day at least. all the best to you from here on… take care and thanks again for opening so many eyes to so much of the world. and also all of my future thank-you’s/kudos to whomever continues the legacy! <3

  25. Going off-line and in nature(i prefer hills) is something you must do soon as possible because cities are becoming Orwellian nightmare.
    Satanism is spreading like wild fire and along with it transgenderism and lgbt bullshit along.
    -Forced vaccinations for all(relatively soon), microchipping of the babies right after being born, etc.
    -No females on media, ads…Only trannies, both mtf and ftm’s everywhere.
    -Legalization of all kind of evil, including fights to dead on tell.evil.vision
    -5G radiations
    -Schools as even more blatant brainwashing camps and other things that they plan to bring.

    Wise choice Mark. Wish you happiness brother. Thank you for good times.

  26. Well that’s quite the unsought news if I do say so myself, Mark. I haven’t felt this way since your hurricane adventure posts, my heart is slowly splitting in half from this. Can’t tell if it’s what I just read or the cigar I smoked earlier but I’m feeling sick now. Gonna miss ya man! Will pop off a few rounds of hand-loaded .357 magnum in honor of. As usual, looking forward to your next few posts.

  27. I’ve been a avid follower and supporter of this site, since I discovered it years ago. I’m from the same shitty province you came from. Terrible what they did to you. Sad to see you go.
    But, whomever takes over the site I’m sure the same spirit of debauchery and mayhem will still be prevalent!!

  28. Take care, Mark. I’ve been lurking in the shadows of BG for the past seven years, and only just recently did I make an account here to start discussing. But it’s been a great seven years, glad I could be here and hope the woods soothe your weary mind that technology has diminished. Maybe we all should just join you in the woods, get off the internet for a while, some of us completely. Maybe build a nudist colony in the forest. Fuck yeah.

    Also fuck my phone for adding this comment as a reply to another making me think I was just making something here

  29. Whoa this is crazy, been a fan for probably 10 years, never got into the comments but Mark you are the man and you deserve all the great farewells. The way you always had great info and commentary on so many historical people/events was always my favorite part of bestgore. You definitely made a change in a lot of peoples thought process. Thanks for everything, and enjoy your journey. We’ll be here if you come back.

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