Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Best Gore. Since April 30, 2008, we’ve been showing the world the side of life others strive to hide. It’s been an incredible ride and I’m honored to have shared it with you. But I’ve come to the end of mine.

I’ve been half way out with one foot out the door a few times before, but each time you showered me with so much support, I put whatever else I had going on a backburner to keep giving back to you guys. But 2019 will be the definitive last for me. I however have about a dozen more emails with content that were sent to me, so over the next few days I will publish those, and then, without much fanfare, I will bid my good byes.

At this point, I wish to give special thanks to @seraphim-serenata, for picking up my slack and carrying the Best Gore torch forward, as my involvement with the site slowed down. I think we all can agree that he’s done a fantastic job updating the site with content, so should he wish to continue publishing on Best Gore, the site will go on without me. I have not talked to him about it, so it’ll be up to him to decide if he wants to carry on, and up to you to motivate him to stay, if you want the site to continue.

If anyone else would want to join him as a publisher on Best Gore, it would be best if you addressed him directly. He knows how to run the backend, and I’d expect him to be the best person to teach others too.

As for me – I’m answering my calling and will be withdrawing into the woods, where with time, I will be off not only Best Gore, but eventually the internet as a whole.

You’re all the finest men and women I’ve ever got to interact with in my life. Best Gore has been the major part of my journey on Earth and I couldn’t have asked for more kick-ass S.O.B.’s to share it with. Keep rocking.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

447 thoughts on “Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me”

  1. THANK YOU so much Mark, I am addicted to B G and I need it every day, I am a gore junky you have made me get through shit times by enabling me to see that no matter what my problem is there is always somebody else in a much worse situation and for some reason I feel a sense of relief that its not me . Take care Mark and dont let the buggers drag you down CHEERS MATE !

  2. I knew it would eventually happen. At this point I don’t even mind, you have been through so much B.S. and so humble during. I have never been a very vocal member, but it’s easy to do a sinple search, and find that i have been here since day one. I give you my best wishes, and hope you can finally live off the grid, as you have spoken so much about in the past. Thanks for 11 great years.

  3. Hey @Mark @Happy
    I hope I’m not to late.I really hope you get this.I haven’t been on this site long.well I used to come on here then I finally got the bottle to sign up.I come here from you tube really.it was from things you shouldn’t Google lol.
    I feel like I’ve just started to get to know a little bit about you.and I really respect&thankyou with all my heart for opening my eyes to the world.your an amazing person.I wish I could have joined this journey earlier.I felt gutted when I read your post early this morning..but I just want to wish you all the joy&happiness in your next journey in life.I can’t thankyou enough.I have learned quite alot by coming to this site&I’m genuinely sad that you are going.I felt that tug in my heart.please take good care of yourself&enjoy life to the max.takecare&maybe one day we might see you again..sending you loads of hugs,xxxx.lisaxxxx.

      1. @mark @happy.
        I just want to thank you again.thankyou from my heart,for all your hard work&educating me(and the bestgore family).You will be deeply missed.Honestly my heart sank when I read this.You are truly an amazing person,an inspiration to all.I truly admire you,the battles you have fought,to get through&still be here,standing up to the system,tall&strong.it takes a lot to do what you have done&what you have achieved,you should be proud of yourself.to show people &educate people the way you do/did is brave&scary,because people,government figures don’t like people like you,who expose the truth.you are so brave.I admire you so much.the people you have put forward,to carry the torch are truly amazing also,they will do you proud.I truly admire you,you are such an inspiration to me&the bestgore family.That’s how this site feels to me,a family.this family you created is brilliant,you let us express ourselves, share our stories,I found this so comforting, especially the people who self harm,they can share what they do&how they feel without been judged,intact people are supporting.I felt so connected, so accepted.imagine sharing these personal feelings&thoughts with other people on other sites,how judgmental the sheep can be.but the bestgore family are accepting&make you feel like you can open up&be honest&share.I think this is so unique.sorry to waffle on,but I really want you to know&understand what you have done&how much it means to me(&other family members).
        Oh can I ask one more thing,how long have I got to wait,I can comment I’m limited on my social interaction.I can comment,iv been waiting for an email so I can,..what’s the word..I’m limited with my social interaction,I hope you understand what I mean.I’m still waiting for that email.lol..thank you with every bit of my heart&soul for your amazing work&more.I really,truly&genuinely wish you all the best of the luck,joy&happiness in your next adventure/chapter in your life.you will never be forgotten. You made such an impact on my life.I am truly blessed,I will never forget you.you are truly awesome.thank you with all my heart&soul.all the best on your new adventure/chapter of your life.take care.sending you so much love&sending you a big bear hug.stay safe&enjoy everything you do.you are doing what so many of us would love to do.Goodluck,wishing you all the happiness, inner peace&so much more.loves&hugs,from Lisa,in the UK.xxxxxxxx.

  4. I don’t comment much but your site has been part of my life for quite a few years… I always know where to turn when “main stream media” wants to hide human suffering, whether physical or mental….. we’ve been “silent friends” for quite a few years….Thank you for your time. You will be missed!

  5. Came for Magnotta in 2012 and ever since, I’ve forced myself to peek through the Best Gore window of insanity on a regular basis. I can’t help but feel it is my duty to remain aware of the ming-boggling, gut-wrenching violence of this world.

    Here’s hoping you manage to pierce the veil. Until then, let Best Gore survive you.

  6. I found Best Gore 6-7+ years ago and i learned about real world reading #Post articles teaches me a lot and funny descriptions of every videos that you Mark wrote were funny and i laugh my ass off. I felt like i know you, like you’re my brother, friend.
    I am fucking sad seeing you leaving.
    This is love from Serbian who have true respect for bravery of human who standed up for truth against system through years of persecution and molestation by Orwellian Canada.
    @Mark, my prayers are with you brother, be well wherever you going and may God protect you 24/7.
    I wish you peace, love, good health and happiness..

  7. Fuck.

    I’m going to miss your intelligent, articulate observations. I’d always do research about stuff you’d point out and sometimes learn stuff and think about what you say even if I didn’t agree. Always enjoyed reading what you had to say.

    That drove me to the site more so than just gore. You have unique experience from what happened and you’re able to speak well.

    There are some others who I hope will continue to carry on intellectual discussion.

    Hoping for Nemesis and his band of witty banterers might suffice.

    But it still won’t be the same.


    Well, may God’s watchful eye be on you, you have done a great service for many people who you’ll never meet.

    I wish you find what you’re looking for or get closer to it.

    Thanks Mark

  8. So I lurked for years. A very weird feeling of “my life is not as bad as these mfkers” has always been able to ground me in painful times and not feel so sorry for myself as a American with opportunity instead of extreme toxicity or rampant crime and not oppression. I get that this country has its issues but the 3rd world is a place where people walk by you breathing your last breaths and pay less attention than a cute dog.

    I been shot and in war and really have been up close with the 3rd world and I grew up near Mexico and went to church in Mexico. Hellish places exist.

    This site was a comfort and reminder to work and stop crying. Sorry not sorry.

  9. Mark, it is sad to see you leaving. You have opened the eyes of many people and I honestly can say that BG has helped me a lot to see the world and the reality of it. Thank you for dedicating 11 years to share with us what the world is about.

  10. @Vincit Omnia Veritas
    Your watch has now ended.
    I salute you Sir.

    Seriously tho. Without internet how will you be able to jerk off to porn? Paper magazines won’t last too long in the wild

  11. Wow, I just can’t believe my eyes.. This website’s been an eye-opener for me for the past 3 to 4 years and this post just makes me feel wretched. I hope it doesn’t end here and you’ll lead a fulfilling life from now on. Thanks for everything!

  12. It’s been said “life goes on”….whoever said it should be f’n beheaded after this announcement. This is like losing my beloved, furry cat who couldn’t stand me all over again for fucks sake!

  13. Approaching the 300 reply mark… for Mark (haha). I believe this one makes 299 so somebody hurry up and show your respect for the man who kept us “Gorified” for the past eleven years. Can’t thank you enough Mark.

  14. Damn Mark!!! On behalf of Mexican fans, thanks for making our shithole country a main competitor in something. For those of us who are as fucking old as you are and the new generations to carry on the torch, Cheers!!! For showing us the other side of human nature. Fast anecdote. Once I was checking BG many years ago, it was late into the night and I didn´t notice my exwife was looking behind my shoulder. She said “I wish you were watching porn”. Few months after, she asked for the divorce XD

  15. I’ve been a bestgore visitor since 2010, and a member for the last few years. I would just like to thank you for everything you’ve done Mark. I wish you the best of luck in life bud. Sad to see the OG of gore walk away

  16. Man this is the worst news of 2019!!! I always thought that this is the best website in the entire web and that’s because your amazing job!!! I really hope that best Gore will be keep going, but definitely it wouldn’t be the same without you!! I wish all the best and all the luck in the world for you! You will be missed a lot! Thank you for everything. An Italian fan from Italy.

  17. Would you be interested in selling the site? Lock, Stock and barrel? I’d keep @seraphim-serenata running the show if he wanted to. Or someone else if they are willing and knowledgeable. I just want to own the Domain Name. I see the registry expires in about 2 years.

  18. thank you Mark, for giving us fanatics a place to congregate & dabble in all things gore. you will be sorely missed. the site will be in great hands & will continue to educate & fascinate gore lovers for many more years to come..
    I wish you all the best on your future endeavours <3

  19. DAMN Mark! I’m going to miss you. Thanks for helping me through stuff when I thought I couldn’t go on. This website saved me during a time I wasn’t savable. It’s sad but I guess we all must move on to the next chapter. Be well Mark.

  20. Hey Mark, haven’t been on the site for a long time, but damn u did a good job.

    Enjoyed ur memes and laughing at unfortunate souls.

    Have a nice time and I hope u dont end up on here.

  21. Thanks for showing everyone how cruel and brutal this world can be! – Not everything is bright and sunny, so will be the day when you are leaving us. 🙁

    I can fully understand your decision to leave into the forest and live without internet, for someone who knows exactly how cruel and unfair the life/world can be.
    For my part I wish you the best, enjoy the little things in life since those are mostly the greatest! One day you probably will come back and I am 100% sure the community will be welcoming you with a red carpet.

    I also don’t think this will be the end of BestGore, if a door closes some other will be opened. Time will tell how it will continue. 🙂

  22. ill miss you, been using this site for 8 years, though my account is not as old, ill never forget you and the epic shit you posted.

    do us a favour, livestream your last moments on the internet and chat with members before you shutdown your internet life for good and live a blissful life.

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