Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

3D Guro Titty Burn Torture

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of Best Gore. Since April 30, 2008, we’ve been showing the world the side of life others strive to hide. It’s been an incredible ride and I’m honored to have shared it with you. But I’ve come to the end of mine.

I’ve been half way out with one foot out the door a few times before, but each time you showered me with so much support, I put whatever else I had going on a backburner to keep giving back to you guys. But 2019 will be the definitive last for me. I however have about a dozen more emails with content that were sent to me, so over the next few days I will publish those, and then, without much fanfare, I will bid my good byes.

At this point, I wish to give special thanks to @seraphim-serenata, for picking up my slack and carrying the Best Gore torch forward, as my involvement with the site slowed down. I think we all can agree that he’s done a fantastic job updating the site with content, so should he wish to continue publishing on Best Gore, the site will go on without me. I have not talked to him about it, so it’ll be up to him to decide if he wants to carry on, and up to you to motivate him to stay, if you want the site to continue.

If anyone else would want to join him as a publisher on Best Gore, it would be best if you addressed him directly. He knows how to run the backend, and I’d expect him to be the best person to teach others too.

As for me – I’m answering my calling and will be withdrawing into the woods, where with time, I will be off not only Best Gore, but eventually the internet as a whole.

You’re all the finest men and women I’ve ever got to interact with in my life. Best Gore has been the major part of my journey on Earth and I couldn’t have asked for more kick-ass S.O.B.’s to share it with. Keep rocking.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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446 thoughts on “Eleven Years of Best Motherfucking Gore, Last Year for Me”

  1. Mark! I’ve been a user on this page since I was in middle school. Now im in college, and honestly this really disappoints me. Ive been here since 2010, and coming consistently since then. I guess this site would help me whenever I got angry, watching gore would just calm me down. I guess watching the horrible situations and fates of others made me more grateful for what I had, and thankful i wasnt in their position. Thanks for everything, but as I’ve learned in life, nice things never last forever. It’s been an honor. So long partner…

  2. Currently, I have only one tantalizing question:

    Is this page still online and in good hands?

    Because it’s easy to see Gore, but it’s still qualitative.

    with background knowledge with texts explain the hair exactly

    What we are seeing right now is difficult and I attach enormous importance to it!

  3. 11 years For life, it’s fleeting,But it is not easy for the website;
    cherish the life record that Best G~ gives us. More and more exciting, the eye-opening also makes members more wise。

  4. Mark ,Thank you for showing me the other sides of life.
    I really wish you would not stop but I understand. I hope the site will be living forward. I wish you all the best(gore) (just kidding) and hope we will see you again one day.

  5. I wish the the best as well and thank you truly for not only making a great site but also really changing my life as far as really allowing myself to transform from an individual who had very lil if any respect for life, then as much as I do now from watching each and every Video since then! Seriously its become an addiction. The first few dozen videos really get a reaction out of you, but once you get past that certain threshold, theres really no reaction anymore, besides the funny comments at the bottom!
    Great site! As an active Stoic I think its a great tool not only for negitive visualizations, and keeping up on world trends, News, but also to help over come the fear of death itself and become closer with death!
    Ty and farewell

  6. I’ve been using this website for yearsssss, but I never made an account. I guess I was lazy for all those years I wanted to say thanks for creating this website. Throws truth at people that you won’t see on tv or elsewhere for the matter unless you counter things like this in person. I’m sure you have helped countless people through this site. I hope you change your mind and stick with it but if not I hope your creation continues to run forever because the world needs these truths. People can poke fun at a lot of content on here but no one could ever deny that these are harsh realities of our little blue planet. Thanks again for shedding some light. This light comes from a dark place but it is a very important light.

  7. Best of luck Mark. Thank you for allowing me to comment here. Free Speech is dying. You were smart to leave Canada. It is turning into a 1984 police state nightmare for me. We are losing our freedom. Go to a tropical beach and enjoy the rest of your days. Take care…

  8. Untrum deus non sic auctor mali, “isn’t God the author of evil?”. I learned this sentence today reading Schopenhauer, and have been repeating it aloud like a proper loon while walking home, after extracting my delusional, agonizing grandmother fiveteen euros in exchange for some minuscule help. Uglyness, obesity, the stench of urine and the pain of constipation are now what her life has come to be… Mark, thank you for this site, I have benefited from visiting it since 2016ish, and only the box cutter peel face vid could outpower my morbid curiosity. Beheadings are now a breeze. It has showed me the truth of what this world is and how fragile and tragic human existence is – and will be. I consider your website more contributing to worldwide awakening than anything David Bullshitter Icke or Alex Shill Jones have ever done. I desire for you nothing but illumination, which I know it’s exactly what you are looking for. Go out in Nature and ponder about life and death while you quietly prepare to depart, like I will do when it’s time. I recommend Buddhism and ancient Hinduism ala Sankhya or Vedic wisdom. We might be just animals, but there is more to life than what meets the eye… La Verdad Siempre Vence, Mark. PD: The only thing I never liked about your posts was the seething misoginy, women are just people, man. People suck.

  9. Created this account just to say thank you. Been a fan of the site since 08 and have never bothered to create an account until now. I came here in search of something scarier than post 2000s scary movies. And to this day I can always find something that will make me cringe, which due to this place; it takes a lot these days lol.

    It’s been a pleasure surfing this site on a weekly basis (been busy lately). I’ll never look at nigger skinned people who wear flip flops the same again, ill never leave my child with a nanny, Ill never shove a glass bottle up my ass, or anything for that matter… It’s been a good ride, Mark. Thank you for giving us sick fuckers a place to come that allows us to see how much worse our lives could be.

    Farewell, and safe adventures, buddy.

  10. Thank you so mutch man for showing us hidden world of gore. Hard to accept it but that’s how life goes. I can understand, even i thought of leaving civilization and go near mother nature several times.
    But don’t end up like a Hollywood movie “into the wild”.
    Love from India and Indian trains.

  11. I so hope this site wont be shut down after you quit. And someome else keeps it updated. I fucking need my weekly dose of best gore ……. just NEED it goddamnit.

    Thanks for the awesome posts all those years man.

  12. my next journey is ayuhuasca, and like Mark i will be evolving in mind body and soul, this site has risen my consciousness and has all been part of the plan in my soul contract, i see that now Mark. Thanks for all i have learned from you and i now understand why i have been part of this family, its been a necessary part of my life. Stay blessed Mark and just know that you are like a part of myself now, an imprint on my soul. Peace.

  13. Hello there. I have been in the shadow for eight years now, eight years ago i was researching for the jonestown mass suicide, that is when i stumbled upon this wonderful site, at first i have a hard time adjusting to the content. Now i can even eat noodles whilst watching. It has been good, i thank you for the content and your hard work. Cheers all the way from malaysia.

  14. Mark you Fucking rock dude and will be missed and I have followed this site for years and I hope you have a fantastic journey forward with your life , thanks for all the videos and eye openers for wtf the real world is like and you will be missed

  15. Time flies like blood droplets and body parts. I’ve been here unseen for most of these eleven years. Enjoyed the Gore and suffered through the pain of REALLY Bad puns, but I am still here and so are you. It’s a pleasure, deal with it. My nigh destructible eye gives you a lidless wink!

    – Congealed blood threatens to drip,
    broken innards stink
    One final high, one final trip
    Into the coroner’s sink

    I give the (C) to you –

  16. Please don’t let this be the end!!! I’m not really new here but just got around to activating an account…..I don’t know what to do to support this site continuing but I beg that it not end!!! It’s so important……

  17. Well you helped change my life in alot of ways, this site never turned me u to something of violence as many people would assume it did not turn me cold, it did the opposite, my 14 year old self when i first came across gore and on this site. I was ignorant, going down a bad path and was an angry soul, what i saw on here took my intreset and it madr me feel a little si k at first then i got used to it, but i then tried reading in between the lines “why did this man cut all that guys limbs off and what did that guy do that led him to that fate”, it made me realize what will happen to me if my idiocy continues, it taught me the value of life and that it is fragile and precious and that you must be awake because there are many who are more than willing to take it from me. Now i chiose my battles carefully, i dont just run out into the street, im alot less careless in everyday activities, This site gave me empathy, suicide no longer crosses my mind, Hurting others out of anger no longer takes controll of me. This site mightbas well saved my life and future, im very thankfull for all you have done and everyone who was appart of this aslwell, now im 19 and on a good path in life and a hell of alot wiser than everyone my age around me all because of you, i went a direction in ny life i never even thought was possible and i could not be any happier. Thank you mark i wish you a happy remaining life where the gov aint trying to fuck you over for doing the right thing. Love you so much (no homo)

  18. Mark,

    Thank you for your courage and thank you for this site.

    It is hard to imagine what you have gone through as an individual in such a totalitarian nightmare as you have done done for so many years.

    I do not want to live in a society that only tolerates a singular monolithic mindset, so the very fact that of all the opinions in the world, you settled upon the idea that there should be a fundamental grounding that differences of opinion within a peaceful context is the core of a healthy society among people, Mark, you sold your life to the prospect that all humans should be equal.

    Mark, nobody agrees with everybody, but rather than see that as a problem, you alone decided to celebrate that as a Constitutional Right of every Human.

    Indeed, without the fundamental right to disagree, peacefully, there is no other ontological basis for human existence. If humanity accepts monolithic thinking, then humanity accepts extinction of mind and species.

    Mark, you were the brutish pierced wound of the Romans spear into Christ’s rib-cage.

    You were the blood running down Christ’s body.

    You guarded are hard fought bastion within the political minds of the nations.

    Within these walls, that you built, people can say what ever they feel they need to say.

    They only suffer the words, not the spears of the Romans, but mere words of others, in a safe space, a safe environment, unthreatened by physical and political coercion.

    Mark, please leave knowing that amongst the demi-gods of today’s internet Titans, you stand almost alone in your fight for complete freedom of expression.

    No government on earth condones, agrees with, underwrites, or supports the total freedom you have allowed your faithful audience here on Best-Gore.

    Yes, and it took the exposition of human guts to accomplish the task!

    We all suffer, and Mark, through the blunt and honest exposure of Human suffering, you allow people to see life unmasked.


    thank you for your service in fighting the Canadian government, the masters of the universe, and bigots all around the world.

    You have paid a deep personal price that cannot be displayed as slaughter here on your own site, but we all know the price you paid in your own blood and guts Mark, drawn and quartered by the “good” Canadian state.

    Bless You Mark, and all that you have done, to protect us from political tyranny, and the tyranny of monolithic ideology.



  19. Thank you Mark for suffering so much state abuse!

    Thank you for this site, and all of the hard work and your encouragement of
    your legacy team!

    You are in our thoughts always!

  20. Cheers buddy, been on this site since the site was created so long ago, lurking but never commenting. I am an og if there is such a thing and I’ve followed you silently every step of the way. Have a good life mate, hope we cross paths one day so I can buy you a beer. It’s been real, enjoy the rest of your life bud. I will hold you near and dear to my heart regardless if you know me or not.

  21. Oh, How This Pic Sums Up Everyone’s Reaction To No More Mark

    Thanks for always giving more than “the other guys” and enriching your content with the deep backstories that brought death and gore to life. Shows how much you care, and you profit only by the joy of giving. There will be a void now within you, that I hope you fill with the best wishes.

    Be Safe and Stay Armed Out There…
    The woods are killers’ playground, as you have helped teach us well
    Be safe, Mark

  22. Felicidades mark ,apreciamos tu trabajo y el mensaje que das , la paz y felicidad no existen ya que mientras en algunos lugares hay risas y alegria en otros solo lamentos,dolor y ganas de morir . Un saludo desde Argentina Enrique (kike)

  23. I never really comment on here but I will this time due to me being very thankful for your website. I remember stumbling across your website when I was in high-school around 2012-2013. Thank you very much for all your hard work and good luck with your love. Best wishes

  24. I’ve been a lurker on here since close to the start of those 11 years and loved seeing it grow to be a place where me and my fellow gorehounds can view the side of life that the MSM doesn’t show. I’ve rarely felt the need to comment but it’s a sad day to see you walk away from being the custodian of this house Mark, know you’ve had your own trials and tribulations to deal with because of BestGore and sharing the truth but you’ve dealt with it all and come back stronger. Best of luck wherever your future endeavours take you and thanks for the gore brother!

  25. Mark we love you here in philippines we love the site and all your hardwork mark your all good remember mark life goes on you rock mark god bless you or should i see darkside bless you ^_^

  26. well that made a bummer to my day!
    My anxiety proves me wright.
    last time you said this you got me thinking everything was going go tits up.
    Now dejavoo only I know that @seraphim-serenata has done has been pulling hooly on this site well done him.
    Somewhere I think it will not be the same its like two people are never the same I guess.
    Any way I wish you all the best to where or what ever you’r travels might take you.
    Like someone else said you will always live on hear in best gore.

  27. This now is the second time a “change” has happened since I found this site, my heartfelt wishes go out to you mark, everything happens for a reason, tho you may not know that reason for a while, the statement holds true either way… I truly hope this site continues… I have only run across one vid I found hard to watch, the face peeled guy biting on a machete… That was crazy, anywho, I only recently got a profile, but have been lurking for many years.i remember when Mark was chosen to run this site, he is going out as he came in, honestly with integrity, good luck to you in you’re life’s challenges, although I fear i am to late for him to see this, my thoughts are there for him, and the continuation of this site.

  28. You opened my eyes many years ago, and I do wish you well in whatever you are going to do……..But then again, you don’t seem to like me or other gun toting Americans very much, oh well. Good luck anyway Mark!

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