Eye Popped Out

Eye Popped Out

Nothing says Best Gore quite like a little nigh indestructible eye. I know that pointers and flip flops and Da Silvas and all that are also inseparable, but nigh indestructible eyes are just so intriguing they stand above the rest. This one popped out, but it looks like surgeons may be able to stuff it back it and make it work again.

I’ll be pulling what I believe will be the last disappearance stunt of the season starting tomorrow so you’ll be once again on your own. I don’t anticipate to be longer than a few days (not like the last time) but please, while I’m gone, don’t send me any emails unless you have to. Last time around I returned to 5,000 emails which took me 4 days just to scan through (didn’t even read most of them and certainly did not get a chance to reply). Worst thing was that one third of them were people asking why there haven’t been any posts made in days. That’s why I make these announcements – so you don’t have to ask why there are no new posts. If you can, give me a break because it’s really overwhelming to go through such a massive amount of emails.

After the few days long disappearance act, I anticipate to be around but busy preparing for the escapism stunt which I intend to attempt towards the end of next week and while I’ll try to make daily appearances in the meantime, there may be only one or two of them per day. I’ll let you know if the escapism stunt is a go because there’s no knowing what will come after. But should I get out of it alive, I will set aside time to deal with garbage removal in an effort to restore Best Gore to its former glory. I know this has been long overdue, but better late than never.

Lastly, I would like to extend huge props to Best Gore member fiend for her generous donation towards the server costs for this month. If there was no fiend, Best Gore would be in trouble. Thank you fiend for going out of your way to keep Best Gore on line for everyone to enjoy.

To add a few LULz to your day, here’s a video of girls on a slingshot. Volume warning begins at around the 0:41 mark:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

75 thoughts on “Eye Popped Out”

    1. Tried posting this earlier… Only gnones seem to have hold of my comments more often then not.

      Strangely enough? The video was the least on my mind.

      Is anybody else at least curious as to Mark?s usage of the phrase ?garbage removal?.


      1. I did notice that choice of words. Im not sure whats hes talking about but im sure we will no before long. Good luck Mark with whatever you do when you get away but have fun man shit. It has to be a weird existance always involving yourself with death

        1. Yeah, he’s ‘ballsy’ is our Mark but we’ve come to get used to his ‘davey crocket’ type adventures.

          I’d rather cuddle a Koala Bear than wrestle one of those big fuckers he gets over there.

          Good luck Mark and enjoy.

  1. i wanna propose to a girl in one of those human slingshots :mrgreen:


    thank you again fiend if you could only spare some money to a poor fella i’d get myself a bike 🙂 or should i say leslee? 😉

          1. I’m not lying 😥 if i got the money i’d record a video showing the bike + receipt and post it on here or something 😡

      1. FIEND…..YOU ROCK !!!!! Being a father to 3 wonderful kids and husband to a great wife I gotta say that I usually don’t have an extra 5 C- notes kickin around but I love this site and visit it religiously everyday and I’m gonna look into how I can contribute a little moola. Do the math guys if 500 of us each give 1 measly dollar to mark the website runs.That’s less than a cup of coffee every month !

  2. I hate to admit this, but I screamed like that the first and last time I ever rode a roller coaster. The funny thing is, for a while I didn’t realize it was me screaming, because it sounded like it was somebody far away. Pretty embarrassing afterwards. Not pretty, it’s kinda funny now, kind of. Well at least I didn’t soil my self. Thanks again Leslee. Vincit watch your ass out there.

    1. This is the first time I post on Bestgore, but I have been visting this site for about three years now and I just want to thank,all of the S.O.Bs who make it possible and keep this site running month after month, I wish I could help out but I’m in a tight situation right now, but I especially want to thank mark for opening my eyes to what the world is all about for risking his on safety to help the few who do not walk around with theirs eyes shut, but open

  3. Im at work, so I had to watch the video with the sound off. The girl on the left looks like she had an orgasm that could shift the pacific plate. At 0:52 she starts stroking the harness and really getting into it. She even rolls her eyes and sighs at the end. HOT!

    I stumbled upon BG a few months ago. I have been coming to best gore multiple times a day for months now. Im addicted, honest to god, addicted. The last time you left was hellacious! More than the fucked up pictures and the bloody videos, I find myself missing the input of the BG community. Your collection of gore has attracted some of the funniest, intelligent, grounded, realistic people on the 1nterw3bz. Some of them are sons of bitches, most are alright, and a few of them post thoughts I swear they stole from my head. Anyways, thank you sincerely for putting so much work into this venture. I have come to love this site and cant get enough. Have a safe trip.

    1. P.S. At the risk of sounding like a kiss ass, Fiend has always been one of those people I feel post relevant things i can relate too. Thanks for being cool, and thanks for forking over so much money for my benefit.

      1. Cheers BTK… hmmm where have I heard those initials before 😉
        I did it for selfish reasons, I like my daily dose of gore too…
        And I didn’t want Mark to have to sell a kidney to pay for the site server 🙂

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