Foreign Mercenary in Ukraine Identified as Instagram User swampychris30

Foreign Mercenary in Ukraine Identified as Instagram User swampychris30

Thanks to the power of teh interweb, the foreign mercenary filmed on Azov Battalion video has been identified as Instagram user swampychris30. The rent-a-murderer quickly responded to being identified by deleting the account, but one can still look him up through various other means.

You can for example go to, search for swampychris30 and then switch to images –> it should lead you to this page. If you look at the pictures of him in Google cache, and compare them to the guy in the video, you’ll be certain it’s the same guy.

Also HERE is the cache of his recent post on Instagram, in which he complains about the food he gets while fighting, and in a comment he expresses a wish for an English breakfast. In another comment, he tags @bbwarehouse, which appears to be a British online shop for body builders. These hints may suggest that he was British.


His name is Chris Garrett. He’s from the Isle of Man.

Repost of the video is below:

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    1. Never forget it was Ukranians who were ethnically cleansed in the East by your beloved Georgian jew that your nation so highly praises to this very day nevermind the oligarches pulling strings on both sides of the war by proxy, It is sad that innocents must be drawn into the crossfire of manical jewish board games.

  1. Very best joke from Russia with love:

    The whole essence of …
    Transcript of the 30-th session of the UN Security Council about Ukraine.
    The Chairman: What are proposals?
    Churkin (Russian Federation): Can I take a shit on the table?
    All: NO !!!!
    Churkin: (shits on the table before Klimkin (Ukraine)) Thank you!
    Ukraine: Did you see that, huh?! Russia just shit on our table!
    Churkin: You have no proof!
    Ukraine: This was your ass, and your shit came out of it!
    Churkin: Give us the facts!
    The representative of the United States: Our experts have analyzed the composition of the substance, modeled the coordinates and came to the conclusion that it is definitely shit and the Russians defecated it.
    Churkin: Provide us with proof!
    The representative of the United Kingdom: This is outrageous! The manure was definitely from Russia. This can no longer continue.
    The representative of Germany: I propose to discuss the possibility of expressing our common concerns about the behavior of Russia.
    Churkin: I veto this decision. (Again,- shits on the table of Ukraine)
    Ukraine: Did you see this, huh ?! Here we go again! Russia has once again taken a dump on the table, this is shit, that’s an ass, here he pulls his pants up!
    Chairman of the United Nations: If these facts will be confirmed, we will have to respond appropriately!
    Churkin: Again, please provide us with at least one proof!
    Germany: We were hoping that sanctions will help, but each time the stench is getting stronger! We suspect that Russia may have shit on the table of Ukraine.
    Churkin: Provide us with proof!
    Chairman of the UN: Let us resolve that we are all deeply shocked!
    Churkin: I veto this decision. (shits on the table of the Chairman)
    Ukraine: Did you see it?! Right now! Russia shit on the table of the Chairman of the UN!!! They are dangerous because they can shit on the table of any country in Europe!
    Churkin: You have not given us any evidence that we would recognize!
    The representative of the United States: Pentagon satellites recorded an increased stench emanating from Russian side. We must consider the possibility to deprive Russia from the right to shit at the meeting of the UN!
    Churkin: I veto this decision. (Shits on the table of Ukraine). You do not have any evidence. On the contrary, all of the multitude of facts speak that Ukraine has crapped itself!
    Ukraine: Did you see that? Russia just shit on our table again!
    The representative of Germany: It is becoming increasingly difficult to be here, we call the parties to a dialogue!
    Churkin: Russia wants to exercise the right for an additional speech! (picks up the plastic cover of the folder and begins to throw his shit on all UN members) Russia – is a great power and does not allow anyone to push itself! You may not, without giving a single fact, dictate us your own terms. Look better at yourselves. After all, you are all shitheads, sitting here in the shit, you stink. How can you tell us how to behave?! Thank you for your attention. (Leaves the room, throwing smeared folder at the Chairman and spits on the shoes of the representative of United States.)
    Chairman of the United Nations: Thank you, one and all, for your position, the next meeting about concerns for Ukraine will take place after we ventilate the room.

    1. Great joke! That about sums it up. The only thing missing is the Russian representative boasting “Remember, we can reduce you all to nuclear ash!”. (Yes, a popular Russian newscaster actually said that on tv.)

  2. Fuckin ‘ell, it’s Swampy, the one and only tree hugging environmentalist protestor extraordinaire. Who would have thought it !? , from the A30 to Ukraine in just a few years.
    Swampy, I doff my imaginary cap to you, for being the ultimate knob head !

    1. Shit, is it that ‘swampy’? He’s missing a full English breakfast as well, must have given up all that organic vegan shit as well as given up with pacifist environmentalist stuff. Must not be fashionable anymore.

          1. @ Kate, if you believe what CNN or JNN ( Jew News Network ), as i like to call them,say, or print, then i have 1000 Acres of Florida Swamp land to sell you at discount, just for you darling!

      1. tell that to the civilians of lugansk and donetsk, where they are russians who have bee under ukrainian occupation for decades.
        let ukraine split, the eu can take the west and russia the east. simple.

        1. I used to live in the Donbas region of Ukraine for years. They all considered themselves Ukrainians, and everyone who grew up in independent Ukraine (as well as many older people as well) speak Ukrainian as well as Russian. They all got along, and nobody’s rights were being violated. The kremlin’s propaganda is complete nonsense.

  3. Congratulations western Ukraine, you are deep in debt and have a multicultural workforce therefore you have passed the test to become a part of Europe.

    You will be a full fledged member once your state infrastructure has been privatised and sold to the highest bidder.

    My conclusion, sending foreign soldiers is NATO?s way of helping western Ukraine without being seen to be taking sides.

    Ukraine will be joining NATO soon as everybody knows and therefore gets NATO?s protection in the present, it will cost them though and they haven?t got the money so that means more debt accumulation.

    1. The Euro currency has also taken a major beating after Europe was suckered into sanctioning Russia even though they had a lot more trade to lose than the USA….Isn’t it grand how these idiots have hurt their own economies with sanctions but than they won’t be the ones suffering.. The people in Ukraine will most definitely regret the day they even allowed Victoria hand out bread Nuland in Kiev…It will be interesting to see how Ukraine will unfold as they are caught in the middle of a geopolitical super power show down….Ukraine is a direct payback for Putin’s anti dollar BRICS alliance along with all the Zionist agents in the USA govt wanting Putin punished for supporting Assad and Iran… It will be interesting if Putin goes all in by announcing their own BRICS security force to counter NATO or his own checkmate to the West….

      1. oh I remember when it all began. The whining on the news about how we couldn’t sell our pork and pears now and that we needed to eat them our selves now. Fucking hypocryths. first put sanctions on someone and then when they do the same start crying… I long for the day the EU falls and the US with it

    2. Pro-Russian lies, anti-Russian lies. Whatever.

      The conflict is still about EASTERN JEWS fighting a war against WESTERN JEWS.

      Anyone taking any sides for or against Russia/Ukraine are being blind to our real cause. Yes, I used to be pro-ukrainian at the beginning, but now the development of the situation calls for neutrality.

      Chechen mercs on ukrainian soil vs. Jew in control of Ukraine. Russian gov’t, whatever your opinion is about them, is not going to be good for Ukraine, they need oligarchs and dictators for countries near them. So whatever happens, Ukrainians lose blood and freedom.

      1. I find the Russian Media a lot more credible than any Western News Network. And now with the Russian Media on tour with them leaves me no doubt on what is really going on over there. But don,t get me wrong they all like to play the propaganda, and blame game, but the Russians just have more proof of the Zionist mercenaries running around blowing up school,s, and shit, that,s all.

    3. Ukraine wants to join NATO, but it’ll never happen. Its like me making a statement that I intend to join the Seattle Seahawks. lol! The other NATO members don’t want Ukraine to join, because they have nothing to offer militarily, it would be a major provocation to Russia, and Ukraine is indefensible. By the time NATO geared up, and deployed to Ukraine to defend it, Russia would have already conquered it. So despite Poroshenko asking to join, it’ll never happen.

  4. This guy is a total douche. He has a million “selfies” and he constantly refers to “me and my beard”. Complete dildo… He’s so fucking stupid he’s probably just written his own death warrant with his stupid fucking insta-gram and “#mybeard, #sleepybeard shit all over the web. I would bet that he’s ex army and a SAS wannabe or something along those lines. What a twat!

  5. Happy Holocaust remembrance day everyone. Make sure all of you white folks donate some money to Israel so an old Jewish lady can get a winter coat. Don’t worry about all the dead white people in this video. They’re just white trash gentiles. Their lives don’t matter.

  6. All hail the seas of the internet that will rush this place and wipe it clean. Gotta love it when the digital community comes in swinging a fist full of meliorism like that. It is a very cool thing indeed that people can be held to account by global citizens for the bullshit they get up to under the cover of date lines. Looking forward to the right-hand book-stop of this piss-kidney’s life in the form of him being smacked up by old Ukranian women on film.

    1. @coonjuicer. If that man in your link is indeed the same Chris Garrett then I have also found that he was also in a band called The Heights which is based on Isle Of Man. He played bass. Check out the photo section on my link and you will notice the musical themed tattoo on his left forearm. That same tattoo is showing on the pic on your link.

      It is difficult to compare tats to the topless photo of him on google as that pic is showing inner left forearm and outer right forearm. Opposite to our links.

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