Four Year Old Indonesian Boy Fed Liqueur Until Drunk

Four Year Old Indonesian Boy Fed Liquer Until Drunk

Four Year Old Indonesian Boy Fed Liquer Until Drunk

This video, albeit containing no gore per se, seems strangely appropriate because even though as a general rule of thumb I vastly enjoy my solitude, I strongly oppose the attempt to break up families and friends with the plandemic restrictions. So over the past few months, I spent more time socializing than in the preceding 15 years combined.

As such, I’m making this post being merrily tipsy, and about to go hang out some more and enjoy the company of friends with a bottle in hand.

Anyway, the backinfo I got goes something like this:

Two young men from East Luwu, South Sulawesi, Indonesia, named Firman Efendi (20) and Rifky Hendra (19) were arrested by the police for feeding a four-year-old boy with liquor until the kid got drunk.

So far, the police believe that the two suspects’ motive for carrying out the action was merely a joke. The boy came to the two young men who were drinking alcohol and then fed the kid and laughed.

The boy drank the alcohol until he wobbled and fell.

Props to Best Gore member @dian21guns for the video. I wonder to what extend the video is fake. As a kid, I could never drink alcohol like water and keep a straight face. Unless whatever it is they drink in Indonesia is not high volume booze. Either way… Cheers:

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        “If your life here on earth has been a joyous celebration then your life in the afterlife will be a joyous celebration…
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      2. Jesus, shut the fuck up and quit your bitching and whining. Goddamn, people today just want attention. “I’m so depressed; life sucks; why can’t I just die?!” Take a Midol and put a tampon in your bleeding cunt, already!

      3. Yeah, me too homie. I often fantasize about killing myself. I don’t expect there will be an afterlife and that is fine with me. I’ve been conscious long enough. Living in a life beyond this one doesn’t sound all that great. Sleep is pretty good. I’d rather stay asleep forever.

        1. @littletimmyg yea i definitely agree, sleeping is so blissful at times, just being able to dream and be gone for a bit. I realise the world can be beautiful when you’re happy, but Happiness is really just a constant fleeting feeling, and misery is the baseline of our existence. I could be wrong of course, just my point of view.

          1. If you don’t solve your problems, misery of course, will be the dominant part of your life. Try something different, whatever you’re doing now obviously not working for you. If you choose to stay, then you pay the price like everybody else. Life is not fair for everybody. Well, at least that’s how they feel about it.

          2. @siempus yes, you are definitely right about that, my main issue is my social anxiety and the fear of meeting new people. And i kinda feel a bit awkward irl, perhaps it’s just a problem i make up in my own mind, but finding friends is difficult, especially when you begin to get older. and the loneliness worsen the depression. its such a vicious cycle.

        2. Probably can’t expect most to show concern for you…. But I hope you always find a way to silence those voices in your head that comptenplate ending it all. This world is extremely fucked up but there is still good in it to be found. Death comes for us all sooner or later…. Skipping to the end is always a loss…. Throws away everything that could have been. Best to avoid it so long as we have any choice about it…. Until the day comes that we don’t. Wish you well bud.

          1. @history there’s nothing wrong with being socially awkward or anxious you’re probably just more of an introvert like I am….. I find solitude much more comfortable than companionship 90% of the time so seeking or longing for human attachment is more of a superficial thing because even if you get it doesn’t really feel the way you imagined it. At least in my experience that’s how it’s been. I love family, but I don’t care to have “friends” I see it only as ppl I’m more partial to than others. Trusting others outside my very small circle only ever lead me into unnecessary hardships in life like being homeless and sleeping outside in the rain or going days without food. People are cruel and heartless, so always be on guard. You don’t need friends, you only need family in life.

          2. Thanks for these messages, I never thought i’d get advice on bg haha, but i guess in the end we are not all so different on this site. I could be wrong, but regardless it’s nice to know that people aren’t only without sympathy and care. cheers brother

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    1. It’s not like they killed a dog or something. They just got a toddler human intoxicated. The little drunk will eventually grow up to be an adult human who will probably kill a dog. At that point, it will be time to EXECUTE HIM!

  1. That’s another method of child abuse added to the list of evils visited upon our most precious resource. It would’ve been very easy to give that kid alcohol poisoning.

    Still, when I was a very young child living on the Old Kent Road, my parents often used to give me cider to help me off to sleep. Not the strong stuff though, they weren’t total barbarians. I was a miserable little bastard even then and I used to drive my parents to distraction with my screaming and wailing. Even then I was wrestling with existential fear.

    Many nights I’d be in my cot, curled up with a baby bottle full of Woodpecker Cider, looking just like a very small tramp and sleeping like a log. My wails of despair were calmed and my night terrors chased away by weak as piss cider. It was only going to be a couple of years before I realised my own mortality though I think I had already suspected it. And I was only just out of nappies.

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