Funny Escalator Accident in Malaysia

Funny Escalator Accident in Malaysia

Hey guys. Want to share a pretty funny video here from Malaysia. Recently, we’ve only seen the malicious side of escalators, but, they also have a bit of a playful side as well.

Large group of people moving up an escalator and suddenly something goes awry and they all come tumbling down. Made me have a chuckle.

Props to MrsPink.

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    1. If the bottom level was Calais France, the top level Great Britain and that large group of people were economic migrants from the deepest jungles of Bongo, Bongo land I guarantee they would have killed each other in their pursuit of a second, third, forth and fifth attempt to the top.

      1. Yes @empty – funny how they moved like locust through the distance and everyone just let them through landing them at the gates of England. I guess as long as they weren’t setting up camp in other countries they just said fuck it, let them through?

        1. @ilovemygramps,

          It?s like the old saying goes ?don?t feed the pigeons, you will only encourage more of them to come?.

          Britain is a well known pigeon feeder. They can?t feed their own people mind you as many of the working class indigenous population need to use food banks run by charities now since employment opportunities are scarce all thanks to uncontrolled immigration.

          The other EU countries just open their borders and let the immigrants pass through rather than spend money trying to deal with them because they know that every immigrant sees Britain as the new ?El Dorado?.

          The British government pretends to deal with it but keeps letting them all in because it is all part of the agenda to do so, that agenda being the destruction of all national identities so as to prevent another European uprising.

          It also benefits private enterprise greatly because a glut of available workers from impoverished countries allows them to get away with setting rock bottom wage levels and still maintain a full workforce due to cost of living differences. The state sector suffers greatly mind you as both taxation and consumerism takes a dive and so private enterprise makes a profit whilst the state picks up the bill.

          The above is the problem in a nutshell. The British do not own/run Britain, the multinational conglomerates do and people are just numbers on a spreadsheet to these bastards.

          1. Sad state of affairs for us all. I read through a link someone put on another BG post (titled something like ‘Has Scandinavia lost it’s mind’) that the newest most popular name for boys in their country was Mohammad. Some libtard politician said “Isn’t it exciting?” All I could think was WOW, they really have lost their minds.

        1. Not sure if he’s referring to the Muslim hell or the Christian hell. Could even possibly be the hell of the Abrahamic or the Mesopotamian religions. i’ll just assume he’s referring to Detroit… He will see you in Detroit Obli.

          1. Wow … Well your going to be surprised…there is no heaven and no hell..only pure energy..” all earthly things fall away”. That includes reward and punishment…that leaves only pure energy…and love…and I’d love to watch that again!

  1. “You all wanna ride me at the same time!? YOU GET NOTHING! You lose! Good day sir.” πŸ˜†

    Nah the excalator motor must have broke with too much stress. πŸ™‚ This is what happens when you dont set the limits right.

      1. Omg wow !!!! ….That was FAR more disgusting and far far more brutal than anything… And I do mean anything ever see on BG….I am currently in shock and awe mode …I also saved it… sick fucker that I am

    1. I saw that too, I’m still figuring out he managed to slip through the pileup managing to side step just in time. Every time I see him under 2 or 3 people then suddenly just hops to the side.

    1. Don’t know the mechanics of escalators but to be running with only a band for support seems pretty lame. Definitely hit the maximum load and they’re just lucky no one got either crushed by the crowd or mangled by the escalator.
      I liked how they all backed away from it like it was evil incarnate.

  2. is that a fake or joke or something ?

    i mean, wtf they are like 40 peoples go in this elevator in same time, then nobody else…..
    its just like if they know that gonna happen and wanted to appear on the camera.

    just like if the kebab at the 1st floor make a big sale (5 kebab for price of 1) and everybody rush at same time..

    wtf if i see something like that, i just wait until peoples go in and i got easy after, i m not gonna push them into the damn elevator..

    sorry, but, smell fake or joke to me. i cant take this as serious accident

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  4. The last 2 or 3 people looked like fat slobs so maybe the escalator was like ‘fuck that’. Serves them right lazy fucks, we have escalators in every shopping mall in England that I’ve been to, it’s pathetic. I’ll happily walk up a few flights of stairs but they know fat people will struggle, which would lose them money, especially fast food businesses. So I can only imagine what Asia/Usa are like. Won’t be long before they have cranes to move these fat beach whales around who are incapable of walking.

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