Give Me the Chance to Still Alive – 10 Year Old Palestinian Girl Pleads in Video

Image Sums Up How Things Are in Palestine

Hello, my name is Neisam (sp?). I am 10 years old. I am Palestinian. I live in Gaza. I want to tell you that I’m still alive and I’m not terrorist. So, don’t kill me. Give me the chance to still alive. Bye!

Just how awful is it when you have to put a video up on the internet to beg people to not kill you?

It is time to stop pretending that Israel is being attacked. Israel has been occupying Palestine and terrorizing Palestinians illegally for decades. Israel has been massacring Palestinians by the thousands and anytime they fought back, Israel responded with genocidal warfare.

Meanwhile, endless indoctrination of the sheeple by the Zionist mainstream media continues. Fox News, ABC, The Wire and other propaganda networks pulled a “Diane Sawyer” and showed Palestinian home destroyed by the indiscriminate Israeli shelling, but twisting the truth by calling it destruction in Israel by rockets:

Fox News Shows Destroyed Palestinian Home, Labels It Destruction in Israel by Rockets

Thus far (as of July 11, 2014), the Israel’s Gaza kill ratio stands at 105 Palestinians (and counting) per every 0 Israeli.

Letter from Roger Waters of Pink Floyd to Neil Young

A note from Roger – July 11, 2014 July 11, 2014 at 5:47am “Enough is enough”

In January this year I wrote a private letter to Neil Young, it was sent via his manager Elliot Roberts’ email, I never received a reply of any kind.

More recently I spoke openly about The Rolling Stones performing in Tel Aviv.

In light of the appalling recent events in Israel and Gaza and my dismay at the the lack of any response from our governments and in a final appeal to Neil’s possible attachment to the rights of all human beings, not just the disenfranchised natives of North America, but all human beings all over the world, I am publishing that letter now. Here it Is.

Dear Neil Young.

There are rumors flying about that you are considering doing shows in Tel Aviv this year.

The picket lines have been crossed in this last year by one or two lightweights from our community but no one of your stature. Woody Guthrie would turn in his grave. Neil Young! You are one of my biggest heroes, you are one of a very short list, you, John Lennon, Woody Guthrie, Huddy Ledbetter, Harry Belafonte, Sam Cooke, Billie Holiday and, like some others, but not many, your songs have always been redolent of love and humanity and compassion for your fellow man and woman. I find it hard to believe that you would turn your back on the indigenous people of Palestine. That you would lend support to, and encourage and legitimize, with your presence, a colonial apartheid regime, largely settled from Europe, that seeks to confine the native people of the land, either in exile or in second class status in reservations and ghettos.

Please, brother, tell me it ain’t so.

As I recall, back in the day, along with the rest of us (Stevie van Zandt, Bruce, Led Zep etc etc etc etc) you would not “Play In Sun City” I am asking you to stand on the same moral ground now. The late, great, Nelson Mandela lives on in us, we cannot let him down. He was explicit in his position and I quote, ” We know too well that our freedom is incomplete without the freedom of the Palestinians”.

It is time for “Rock Against Racism” to show some of it’s muscle by refusing to lend our names to the whitewashing of the illegal colonization of Palestinian land and the systematic oppression of its indigenous people. Unfortunately the opposition lobby has a lot of muscle too. They spend millions on their “Hasbara” (If like me you have no Hebrew) “Explaining” or to you and me “Propaganda”. The propaganda machine is well oiled and ruthless.

We, on the other hand, have only our commitment to non-violent resistance to lie down in front of the IDF caterpillar tractors that would raze the native people from the land of Palestine. We stand with those people, and with all the brave people of Israel and Palestine, Jewish and Arab alike who oppose The Israeli Governments brutal policies. We stand with Rachel Corrie, the young American woman who gave her life under the caterpillar’s tracks.

Please join me and countless other artists all over the world in solidarity with the oppressed and the disenfranchised. It is time to heed the peoples call. People like The Bedouin, the nomadic people of the Negev in the arid south of Israel, please research their plight, one village, Al-Araqib has been destroyed 63 times by IDF Bulldozers. If you are in doubt about any of this, I will go with you to Palestine, and Israel, if they’ll let me in, you will see what I have seen, and then let us figure out the right thing to do.

By the way I watched your Bridge School concert on YouTube last year, it was very moving, you were, of course magnificent. You had asked me to perform, and as I explained to your management, I would have gladly done so had I not already been committed to The Wall Tour in Europe and Stand Up For Heroes in New York. This year I will be pleased and proud to come and support you if you call.

With respect, and love.

Roger Waters.

PS. Fyi. Nice Christmas present.

No one stone will remain unturned. Israel will get theirs…

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    1. Lol! What I find Really Fucked Up is the indifference the Israel shows to the Palestinians. Example: when an Israeli child is killed by a rocket they use it as a tragedy beyond words and then justify Vengeance they take out on Palestinian women and children with a 15 to 1 mentality and because they are Our Allies Our Politicians go on news and Justify it with the same statement over and over instead of Admitting that Israel is going overboard and killing for Revenge and then making it seem that they have no choice but to protect their people. Now I understand protection is a top priority but Israel has Mossad agents that could snipe these rocketeers but instead they destroy entire neighborhoods full of Women and Children. Now the Militants are partially to blame they should keep their Honor by fighting from areas not soaked by civilians. It sucks they use civilians but Israel is using Europe’s Guilt of allowing Holocaust to justify a Holocaust and the jury is still out on how many people were ACTUALLY killed from 1937-44 and to be fair England had NO right to give away land that wasn’t their to begin with. It wouldn’t be bad if Israel would attempt to treat them as equals instead of pests. Put yourself in the shoes of the Palestinians and what would you do?

        1. but the question is! you can escape from that ZONE? we know that Israel kill anyone who flee!!!

          they will shot you using Snipers.
          and if you flee by riding a boat you will be BOMB by their warships!

          so no where to go!!!

          Palestinians a awaiting to be erase!! coz Israel are now conquering the their lands!

          Poor Palestinians!!

  1. how sad this video is.. at a very young age she knew what is waiting for her and trying to do something about it.. 10yeard old? shes supposed to be playing and enjoying life.. πŸ™ this really makes me sad..

          1. ha forgot

            so you think that it’s normal that the zoinist rats are killing inocent ppl? man realy they have to kik your ass into the gaza region….

      1. well it pulls at the heart strings but the sad fact is that humans will most likely never stop killing each other in our great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grand kids life time….

    1. Rock stars are a sub-group of celebrities, and they are all clueless hypocrite extraordinaire.

      Rock stars have riddled their brains with drugs and acted like pompous assholes their whole lives breaking moral codes right, left and center, yet when they hear any cause worth fighting for, they become the moral compass telling us what we should and shouldn’t do through mass-group charity singles and big concerts ad nausea.

      It’s like at those Live Earth concerts back in 2007. They all flew in big private jets, then in helicopters, then in tour buses with complete police escort, then perform on a stage with lord knows how many stage lights, amp systems and sound systems, all to spread messages about global warming. Right.

      Waters even uses a quote from good ol’ Mandela in comparison to the plight of the Palestinians. Waters quotes Mandela because Waters believes Mandela is a great freedom fighter since the media told him he was a great freedom fighter. I already know of the plight of the white people in South Africa from the ANC, and I assume others do to, so I’m not going to bring it up.

      My point is, when rock stars, and further more celebrities, tweet messages like this, all they want to do is stroke their egos by explaining the obvious just so they can seen as a person with a good heart before they return to the drugs and debauchery.

      It doesn’t help that they keeping using quotes from the people the media declares human rights activists like the previous Mandela example, as well as the same ol’ key words and phrases, like “freedom” and “compassion for your fellow man”. It’s like they don’t have a thought of their own and they have to use someone else’s thoughts to express their own. All sickeningly shallow, really.

      P.S. That letter seemed fit to be included in one of the mushiest love movies ever, especially the last paragraph. Never had I read such verbal anal rimming.

      1. @G1

        I agree with most of what you said, but I still think he’s exceptional for standing up to the Zionists. He knows what they do is wrong, as do many people, but few celebrities have the balls to say it. Some, like Mel Gibson tried, but were quickly subjected to massive smear campaigns.

        Boycotts, divestment and sanctions against Israel are the best course of action at the moment, given that our government are “Israel Firsters”. For Waters to use his influence to call on his friend and fellow musician to join artistic boycott of Israel was a great move and something that could be an inspiration to many other musicians.

        What Waters does is very unprecedented. It’s almost unheard of for a celebrity to publicly support boycott of Israel. Thus Waters’ actions are extremely important cause if they inspire other celebrities, who were reluctant to join the boycott after seeing what Zionists did to Mel Gibson, that could be literally tipping.

        Bullshitry he wrapped his email in is less important if you consider the bigger picture. He tried to appeal to Neil Young with arguments he thought would work. Some of the arguments were sure stupid, but he probably said what needed to be said to give his email a greater chance to make it work.

        1. I know I’m going to get a lot of heat for this, but when I compare musicians like Waters or Young to those less liked musicians like Lady Gaga, I don’t see a difference. They almost always want their political views out.

          The only musicians and celebrities who I can show an ounce of respect for are those that only want to be known for what they are famous for. Aside from alienating their fans with their personal and political views, they have to realize what they believe in is not tantamount to the progress of their careers; you can be the biggest contributor to “Rock Against Racism” and it won’t take your career of life support. These are celebrities, meant to entertain us and very little more.

          I also find that, much like there will be certain fans that are alienated, they will be fans that so blindly follow a musician’s words, they will spread them and continue to spread them long after those views prove damaging right up to the point the musician changes his or her mind and another set of views is blindly worshiped. Those fans possibly do this because of an intrinsic value within a celebrity not found in a friend or family member- a kind of “(S)He’s exactly like me in every way, only (s)he’s famous!” kind of thing.

          Also, I don’t have a problem with stating a cause, it’s just if you want to make the world a better place, you have to reflect on your own life and see if your own behavior, including the self-harm, didn’t contribute negatively to others.

          For example, you are a famous person who parties a lot and during one night you drink yourself to the point of a NDE(near-death experience). You survive, you learn your lesson, you refrain from drinking, and you make public appearances denouncing alcohol. However, this won’t stop a certain selection of the human population from drinking constantly while partying, since you were in that situation and you survived (other celebrity deaths from drinking don’t seem to matter much). I’m not saying repent your vices, since that would be impossible, but actually start yanking bottles out from people’s hands rather then saying meaningless words in an ad. (It’s not like we have enough ads already).

          The press and media is going to take note of a standard like that. You can’t help yourself, and you may have in-attributively negatively affected others with your actions, but you want to help fight for a cause? Basically, the best way to campaign against social ills is to try avoiding association with them in the first place.

          On that note, I think Pinkfloyd and other rock bands are the reason drug use is still rampant among teenagers and aspiring musicians. Call me crazy, but if it seems no musician was capable of creating great music without drugs, it sends a message that transcends long after the musicians have sobered up.

          And about Waters:

          Waters is a respected rock musician who has been around for decades, meaning he can get away with saying a lot of things that the ordinary person, and perhaps an musician with less time in the business or who was less liked, would say without facing severe backlash. I also find using his words is an “appeal to celebrity” sort of thing, like the general population doesn’t know things are bad unless celebrities, particularly respected celebrities, tell them they are bad.

          I also still have a problem with his “I believe I’m of higher moral then you, do as I say” approach to Young. I don’t like what Young is doing, but Waters seems to want Young to always behave a certain way based on shared messages in music and shared actions in political meandering. You never really understand a person as much as you think you do, no matter how long you have been buddies. I think simply asking why Young was doing this and less promotion of his rights group and its ideals might have been a better approach.

        2. And just one last thing: if celebrities do join up to this cause and it is successful, would it have been as successful it there were only ordinary joes behind the cause? Kind of a conundrum, since the it is the joes who suffer from this the most.

          1. So, because a person chooses to make music for a living, and makes millions doing so, means their opinion is automatically invalid?I couldn’t disagree more. How are they any different from anyone else? They obviously have some sort of intrinsic connection to humankind, and a positive one if you ask me. Pink Floyd is fucking amazing, and continue to influence people every day. Sounds like you’re upset that you will never have that level of influence. No need to condemn a person because they have an abstract or artistic mind.

          2. You know what G1, Roger Waters & David Gilmour, also an anti – Zionist wrote songs as far back as the sixties about the plight of the downtrodden. They have also donated millions of $$$, some of it remained unanimous. Much more i,m sure than YOU ever did, or donated, for the greater good, besides donating shit outta your BIG fucking Mouth, that is!

          3. Yeesh. I bash one celebrity and you all think I’m full of envy.

            Not so.

            It’s fine to draw the line and defend a rock star’s charitable behavior. But I believe in every ounce of conviction I have.

            @Killosopher Rock stars are different from everyone else, because they live a lifestyle surrounded by PR associates and touring managers. They can also be much easily forgiven for their misdeeds then say a regular person can, because as you put it, “their music is fucking awesome”. If that’s the only metric we should measure a musician up to, then I can’t say that is a positive influence.

            @thedre Every musician has some point or another written songs about the downtrodden. It’s a fairly easy thing to write about when you’re down there. The messages lose their resonance when you get to a point you rake in millions just by touring. And, I should point this out, their charitable output is more then YOU’VE ever done as well. In fact, any well-known “celebrity” musician from Floyd to Rihanna and back has donated more then both you and me because they have the wealth and resources to do so. It’s that reason alone I can’t excuse them for their charitable actions alone.

            And as for both you guys saying about me wanting to have influence or that shit is coming out of my mouth, well I’m not arguing that. I clearly knew I was going to face the heat by stating my thoughts and not conforming to the consensus others have created, cause how dare I now bow down to the majesty that is Pinkfloyd? Especially when one or all of their members is now against the ZOG-owned governments?

            I thought this site was against sheepish nature of that sort or something. Guess even this site has its fanboys.

          4. Respect where respect is due, man. Comparing Waters to Rihanna is just assinine. Today’s “artists” are fabricated illusions. Black holes of creativity and moral standard. That’s obvious. You’re generalizing celebritie’s mentalities as though you know their inner most thoughts. I don’t listen to music, or use any form of “art” for that matter as simple “entertainment”. To assume that those who enjoy art use it to anesthetize their minds is also absurd.

          5. Everyone likes someone of influence supporting a cause they believe in. And I’m warning people to not get their hopes up. Musicians and celebrities sold a part of their dignity to become famous, there is no telling if they will sell you out as well. The only thing in which they are similar in that they can be as two-sided as the slimiest of humans.

            And it really doesn’t matter there level of talent or where their morals are. They get what they want from you no matter what they believe: a fan who support their actions will support them because of their great music, so what purpose of it is theirs to follow through on their word?

            And of course I don’t know their “inner-most thoughts”, but that’s only more proof to be watchful when they start advocating or supporting something. Who knows if it is a genuine feeling of helping the Palestinians or just a stunt to get attention to oneself? Critically analyzing the situation is paramount every time. Don’t let their celebrity status misguide you.

          6. @G1

            Pink Floyd did not , absolutely not , throw away their dignity in order to become famous. In fact , the absolute opposite is true.
            You refer to manufactured pop stars, Floyd were nothing of the sort.

            They gained a following by being different , and by creating music which had a narrative. Not something your gunna get from today’s plastic artists.

        1. I apologize dre and obli. I’m very reactionary. I don t agree with you but I shouldn’t be a dick. G1 I wish I could argue as eloquently as you sir , instead I fly off the handle like an idiot. I do respect dre and obli and anecksa since the year I signed up but the mainstream view does piss me off at times.

  2. Regardless if a person believes Hamas, Palestine or Israel is justified in their actions/reactions/overreactions, the truth is each group will put forth video evidence that shows their opposition to be deserving of death. It is called propaganda. The video of this little girl is propaganda, just like the videos of antiquated missiles being launched by Hamas from within Palestine into Israel and then shot down before impact.

    Most of the video footage from both sides of the Afghan and Iraq war were also propaganda. 911 was a propaganda breeding ground.

    My point is simple, when it comes to war and conflict, there seldom is an innocent party, because war brings out the worst of a society – not the best of a society. Most of the time those who wage war over perceived borders, land disputes, natural resources and because a propaganda video told them to, more often than not, perpetuate discourse instead of end it. This particular discourse has been going on for decades, and it is the innocent’s that lose the most. Loss knows no political lines, borders or ideologies.

    1. What you have demonstrated here is known as “propaganda puppeteering”. The “both sides committed evil acts” is on page 2 of Hasbara lecturing for shills paid to whitewash Israeli war crimes. When it gets to the point that evidence can no longer be ignored, the next step is to level victims with aggressors.

        1. Both sides committed evil acts:

          • Missiles versus rocks
          • Soldiers versus farmers
          • A few hurt versus hundreds dead
          • Systematic oppression versus fighting for survival

          The western media has consistently portrayed this conflict as if Israel is the victim and all they are doing is defending themselves when the reality is that they have been the aggressor for decades now. And not even within their borders, but within that entire region. Israel hasn’t even defined their borders. They keep stealing more land and building more settlements. No other country has expanded it’s territory 100 fold in the past 70 years.

          You are not choosing to see all evidence, you are choosing to see all evidence that you are told is popular.

          1. have you ever read a quran numbnuts,its every muslims duty to kill jews according to the book of filth,israel has muslims each side of it wanting to kill them,and its been this way for 1400 years

          2. @mauricemojo234

            I have read the Talmud – the most hate-filled and homophobic book ever written, and have seen Jewish calls to murder and justify murder of gentiles.

            I honestly don’t think anybody can be as dumb as to still picture Jews as victims, when they’ve been the aggressors the whole time. As such, I conclude you are not delusional, you are one of tens of thousands of hired shills who are trained and salaried to whitewash Israeli war crimes with this type of bullshitry on the internet.

          3. You definitely couldn’t have put it any better. Anybody who still thinks Israeli zionists are victims are paid by them or simply just a bitter Jew. Even Rabbi Jews in Israel protest against Zionists (true fact, google it), so even Jews themselves have no leg to stand on!

    2. @FatLibertarianDude,

      Just out of curiosity, if you were walking down the street and saw two guys fighting each other how would you assess the situation?.

      The fact that they were both swinging punches at each other would mean that they were both guilty. Would you form your conclusion based upon who was winning the fight, who was the better, stronger fighter?, would you side with the weaker fighter who was losing badly?, would you listen to and agree with the commentary of the watching public who may not have been there at the start of the fight either?.

      We human beings need to choose sides otherwise our inaction makes us inadvertently complicit therefore we deliberate facts, we look at all the available information and we form our own opinions and make our own conclusions.

      My conclusion, inaction and indifference may at first appear to make life easier but all it actually does is make life a lot more difficult.

        1. no getting out, no help in

          remember the turkish aid boat that attempted to approach gaza a couple of years back? israeli special forces accosted it and began murdering.

          a fucking AID boat

      1. Back at ya buddy.

        Many people don’t seem to realise Floyd as a band and the Floyd name , made it mostly on their own terms . They never needed huge promotional backing , the job took care if its self.

  3. Off the topic: Germany is going to kick argentina’s ass today!! HA! The cup is going to GERMANY!!!!
    Brazil I am sooo sorry….lol (not really)
    If Germany get’s there ass kicked today, I will leave best gore…. but only for awhile, just can’t live without you bro’s & Sisters! Love you all!! Well not the sheep ones!

    P.S FUCK ISRAEL!! πŸ˜‰

  4. This isnt propaganda it’s her reality….she lives in an open prison that has been walled off and now being murdered by israels terror forces… No doubt the motive is the $10 billion natural gas reserves off the shores of gaza…these filthy Jews not only want free land but now wants their newly found resources…it makes me sick how these people are being treated worse than any Jews were in the Poland gehettos….

  5. “Hello, my name is Brokeback and I am not a terrorist. This AK-47 is actually a walking device. Would you please take a walk with me into the forrest…I won’t kill you. Oh and bring your wallet”.

        1. Hanabi….don’t worry your English is better than most Obamas voters…by far our worst president ever…I am more ashamed for being an american than anytime in my life…we might as well change our name to Divided States of America….we can’t even protect our own borders while we attempt to police the world while running up trillions of debt and printing dollars that devalues it even further…the American sheep haven’t a clue how many trillions of future unfunded liabilities with the public pensions….here is just one example the former IRS corrupt director retired instead of being fired without benefits …her annual pension alone is $102,000 a year or around 3 million over her life time…take that by all the millions of public sector retirees with multi- million dollar life time pensions ….the 17+ trillion debt is nothing compared to the 60+ trillion unfunded future liabilities that includes federal pensions, Medicare and social security….the shit will really hit the fan once interest rates go back up to historical averages…the debt interest alone will be close to a trillion dollars….20 trillion at 5 percent interest makes it a trillion dollars…when bush left office the debt was 10.6 trillion…Obama has added more debt than all presidents combined…to all you Obama voters…go fuck yourselves …lol…what ever happen to fool me once shame on you and fool me twice shame on me….how does it feel to be a complete fool now?

    1. They seem to be growing in number, eh?

      I dont get it. The jews do not own Israel, they took it. Like the british took america. Its not racist, its a fucking fact. So why do they want to keep supporting these fucking falsehoods?

  6. Ok so if the jews have muslims on both sides wanting to kill them. Then why don’t the jews pack up and go back to where they belong. Are these aggressive jews not from Russia somewhere? If yes then obviously its an illegal occupation.

    1. Listen troll….this is her reality….the truth always hurts the most…if you want to defend Jews that steal land, demolish homes, kills innocent women and children than go live with the rest of the filth in Israel…Btw if you want to talk about misleading the American people…what Diane Sawyer did is digesting and was in no way an error when she showed a blown up home with palestians picking up their things…while saying it was a Israelis home that was blown up….these zionist Jews have no shame…disgusting….

      1. Mike you couldn’t have put it better brother.

        I just don’t know what is wrong with these God damn Z-Jews! These cockroaches are the ROOT cause of evil all around the world, wether it be creating Al-Queda and now funding those barbarian’s known as ISIS, starting the Holohaux, controlling Americas banking system, filling the populations minds with their propagandist fucking lies (which they completely believe every time) and more… The list is endless!

        PS – And if there are any Jews reading this, i’m not attacking all Jews, as there are Rabbis currently in Israel that protest against this Zionist agenda. My problem lies only with the Zionist Jews.

        1. Also women are from Venus and men are from Mars.
          Come on cut the crap.

          I wonder how people are so stupid to actually believe that “Jews are the root to all evil, just are controlling everything”
          Oh jews also planted a mind control device inside Obama’s brain !!!! oh no!! Let’s summon Hitler with some Jew sacrifice!

          Grow the fuck up.
          I live in the area, I live in the middle east, I’d like you to pay a visit and discover all of what you were thinking the Jews are and what the “poor poor”Palestinians are, is all lies and pretty much shit.

    2. They are making their children live that reality, they have everything in Gaza, anywhere from good food to clothing and electronics. they show the world how “poor ” they are and how “hungry” they are. ISrael provides them with electricity and water and food and what not.

      sure is easy teaching a child to hate someone, sure is easy using a child as a human shield.

  7. Let’s be real here though, this is not Israel bad, Palestine good. They both bomb the fuck out of each other without a care if civvies get killed. Palestinians are just as much to blame as Israel and have committed equally disgusting atrocities. Obviously to a lesser extent as Palestine is way inferior to Israel technology wise.

      1. You can’t just call everyone who has a different opinion from yours a fucking hired shill. Well I guess you could, but that’s a fast way to end up very closed off.. and the ONLY way you can be sure you are right in an opinion is to be constantly trying to disprove yourself. And for that you need these ‘hired shills’ lol

    1. Yea…only there is a big difference…palestinians only react to the landstealing, expanding, inhumane regime of the sionists claiming back what is their rightfully theirs.
      So equalizing both sides is an ignorant over-simplification that just accommodates the yahoodis

      1. Im ALL for people’s personal opinions and freedom of speech. But anybody sticking up for Israel is nothing but a moron. That’s like saying “In my opinion, the Taliban are innocent people who defend themselves against unarmed civilians after taking control of their land”. Makes absolutely no sense does it? Same with Shills who are Pro-Israel. They have no place in this community and should go back to reading commercial Zio news websites.

    2. Here’s the thing, Israel does care about civilian casualties.
      Many times have Israel taken a step in order to get civilians out of the way, using flyers, sms’ and warning shots for people to evacuate.

      The Hamas orders people to get on the roof tops. “Look Israel killed the civilians we sent to death”. BS.
      Also there was supposed to be a peace agreement, Israel was signing but the Hamas kept firing.

    1. To be honest, it’s in my opinion and the opinion of many on this community that most of these barbarous sicko groups such as ISIS and the snackbars in Syria are actually Zionist funded, and there is a fair bit of evidence for it out there. So theoretically, if we just have a Holocaust again, the problem should eventually solve itself.

      Jews have been slaves throughout the history of mankind and now I see why. Damn cockroaches. Give them an inch and they want the world.

    1. Fucker pulled a publicity stunt – canceled the event but not because Israel is an apartheid state. The event was cancelled because military operations are in progress and it would be difficult to provide security for such a large crowd. Thus Neil Young remains the supporter of the apartheid regime. If Operation Protective Edge was not happening, he would still go forward. His actions sent no message to the Israelis. That makes Neil Young a piece of shit hypocrite extraordinaire who will merrily support genocide for a fat paycheque.

  8. shes sooooo cute! and very pretty πŸ™‚

    fucking zionazi jizzraelis need to fucking nuke themselves. or better yet, cram them into very tight spaces and set some on fire, send some to the bottom of the ocean, send some to antartica, send some into a volcano, send some into gas chambers and release some into space.

  9. Things are changing;-

    Here in Northern Ireland where sectarian violence reigned for so long people are now showing interest in what happens in the outside world.

    A few weeks ago a well known Belfast pastor made headline news when he preached to his congregation that “Islam was satanic, and the spawn of the Devil” (gotta like this guy already). He even got N. Irelands’ first minister to agree with him.

    He was taken to task on a local TV show, and that’s were it all went tits up. The pastor had not done any serious research and was put face to face with a highly educated muslim from England.

    The preacher was objecting to extremism and Sharia law. The fact that this pastor could not pronounce Sharia correctly and repeated it many times as “Sharara Law” was not a good start, and he was basically shot down.

    But, the good news is, people are sitting up and taking notice.

    Also recently, over the last few nights a Belfast synagogue has had its windows broken by bricks. The windows were replaced and broken again.

    People here are opening their eyes, and i for one am glad.

    Thanks to the best gore team for supplying us which so much rich material we never see on msm.

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