Graffiti Artist Banksy Sneaked Into Palestine to Make This Video About Gaza

Graffiti Artist Banksy Sneaked Into Palestine to Make This Video About Gaza

World’s most acclaimed street artist Banksy sneaked into Palestine to decorate it with graffiti he’s notorious for, and to make this video, which he titled: “Make this the year YOU discover a new destination“. The two minute video subtly reveals the horrors of living under the terror of the Jew.

Among several new pieces of graffiti art revealed in the video, the simple quote from the end is the most profound:

If we wash our hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless we side with the powerful – we don’t remain neutral.

191 thoughts on “Graffiti Artist Banksy Sneaked Into Palestine to Make This Video About Gaza”

      1. the typhus killed a couple hundred thousand of you in WW2 and then you tried to blame a superior race instead of blaming yourselves for living in the filth of the Jewish Ghettos where lice could breed.

        Its not our fault that you are so dirty. Do you hate Muslims because they are much cleaner than you. Why do Jews love filth so much. I would have though with those large noses you would have hated the smell of living in squalar

          1. There is nothing wrong in being a jew or any other religion it’s not ones choice but they are born into it. However atrocities on humanity should be condemned regardless of religion race or whatever…fact is Europeans in this partculr instance just happens to be jews, colonised a land based on a religious text, wars took place lives were lost and the bottom line is people are suffering in gaza and West Bank , whole world knows who is powerful and power less …

          2. but aren’t you afraid of whats coming ? its even in the torah
            children of israel god put you above all nation for a reason
            to teach people about god but you mock and even kill many prophets like your bible says for every sin you make god punish you the jews 7 times more than other nation

          3. but aren’t you afraid of whats coming ? its even in the torah
            children of israel god put you above all nation for a reason
            to teach people about god but you mock and even kill many prophets like your bible says for every sin you make god punish you the jews 7 times more than other nation

      2. I don’t need luck, just time. Your entire future existence depends upon an unsustainable lie. As the holohoax myth collapses, so too does your long term prospects.
        It’s you who’s going to need luck.

          1. Damn, this shithole is worse than the worst Slums in Tijuana. It’s depressing as Fuck just to even look at. I think Banksy’s art is Beutifull and valuable as well. He’s done a few works in Los Angeles. He did a very large one, probably about the size of a football field. He also does sketches on rice paper and framed. They sell for a lot of wampum BTW, That beat was tight as Fuck!! I think it’s from a Wu Tang song

      3. Hey chosen
        So many bigoted and ignorant views on here, and because I question them I’m regarded as Jewish.
        And now I suppose I’ll be seen as a Jew lover. Like I said, bigoted and ignorant views!
        And why do they think your lot are out to get them?? Poor things, I bet they have trouble sleeping at night.

        1. You can’t make much sense out of blind hatred and bigotry. Most of these people are unhappy in their own lives and need to project their venom towards others. They’re no real threat to anyone, that’s why I laugh at them.

        1. So, their opinion has no place here? They may think they are chosen ones. They may even be right. They leave all the world and universe in despair, because of their self entilted bull shit. It is time for a different race of men, a true race. None that live life inthe shadows, to backstab and convince eveveryone else they are right! I am sick of it, you should be sick of it. Look at your whole life. What is pushed down your throat, Judeo-Christian garbage.

        1. I do not wish to side with anybody on this one but I believe Chosen has the right to comment and participate with the discussion on the site, even if his views contrast many.

          And I believe he speaks that way because personal attacks are used against him so I guess such comments would illicit such a response.

          1. You have a valid point Kay. He has the right to express his opinions, especially since it’s like 50 vs. 1. ..If we as the majority ignored him, we can still feel free to speak on Jews and their evil ways. Just pretend chosen doesn’t exist…..he’ll dissapear like a fart in the wind. 😀

    1. I slowly became aware of a dual morality permeating Jewish-Gentile relations. Jews practiced one morality for themselves and preached another for the non-Jewish world. Their own morality of racial pride taught solidarity, tradition and self-interest. But they preached diversity and liberalism for their perceived competitors. If such dualism did not exist, how could the Jewish-dominated American media:
      Support the nation of Israel, which promotes Judaism in its schools, while opposing even the singing of Christmas carols in American public schools?
      Support the nation of Israel, which has strictly segregated schools, communities, and facilities for Jews and Arabs ? while condemning segregated schools and housing in America and South Africa?
      Support the nation of Israel, with its restrictive ?Jews only? immigration laws, while subverting American attempts to curtail even illegal immigration?
      Support the nation of Israel, which allows every Jewish citizen to carry a machine gun if desired, while advocating strict gun control for American citizens?
      Support the nation of Israel, which openly states its mission to preserve the Jewish people and heritage, while condemning Whites who would dare to advocate the preservation of the White race and Western culture in America?
      Always paint the historical relations between Jews and Gentiles with the Gentiles as evildoers and the Jews as innocent victims, while condemning White people for even defending themselves from such Jewish depiction?
      The moral hypocrisy became obvious. Powerful Jews advocate one morality for Jews; the opposite for Gentiles. If their policies of solidarity are morally good for them, why would they not be morally good for us as well? Why the double standard? If ?White racists? are morally reprehensible, why are not Jewish supremacists reprehensible as well?

  1. Banksy is like Damien Hirst, he has a huge team of budding artists at his beck and call, so, I very much doubt he went anywhere near Gaza. More likely he was, at the time of the Graffiti going up, reclined in bed chewing on a fat cigar.
    Not bad work if you can get it !!

    1. Although this video is made recently, i remember seeing other videos , quite a few years back, in which banksy works could be seen on the separating wall (i think actually one was a documentary was about extension of the wall) the white dove with gunsight on it springs to mind.
      @ewes – it the mid-late eighties, certainly in all the big-ish midland cities & towns i visited – i remember
      “The Thing 89” and so forth being sprayed over signs/walls/ bins etc, same style everytime which made me think same hand.
      Can i ask, was this just midlands or did you see this “tag” in more northern cities?

      in fact, (re banksy gaza) here:,,1543331,00.html

      1. Vaguely remember seeing that on a motorway walkway bridge @karmen, I think it was on the M62 near Manchester, could be mistaken about that location though.
        Other than that, can’t recall seeing it anywhere.
        Visited most cities in northern England, but nothing springs to mind. That’s not to say the ” tag ” isn’t there in those places, rather that I didn’t have my eye out for spotting it.
        ” Free The Herb ” cropped up around various places on my travels over the years, one being very close to where I live.

      2. “Banksy also records on his website how an old Palestinian man said his painting made the wall look beautiful. Banksy thanked him, only to be told: ‘We don’t want it to be beautiful, we hate this wall. Go home.'” – from karmen40’s first link

        That kind of says it all, doesn’t it?

        “You can lead a horse to water… but he’s still going to wipe his ass with his bare hand!”

  2. The music makes the video a bit pompous, though. Despite the point of it. It gives it a Coke or Nike vibe when they try to make a statement in one of their commercials. I just wonder how many minutes after that art got put up it was taken down. In one way or another.

    1. Yeah man, that’s the way he’s gone. Commercialisation is never what those guy’s want in the beginning, but when the spondoolies start rolling in, well, their outlook alters a little.

      A bit like the guy climbing the ladder, on which are signs every so often saying ” keep climbing to success ”
      He climbs and eventually reaches the top, to be greeted by a guy standing, pants down with an erection, who says … ” Hi, I’m Cess “. 😀

      1. Haha. Well said, well said. I don’t know a whole lot about the guy. I’m not really all that big on art, to be honest. If it’s a nice picture, then that’s cool, but when politics get put into the mix, I honestly just feel buzzkilled. I get it, though. A point is being made…but what the fuck is it going to achieve? I’ll bet nothing. Absolutely nothing.

      2. To be an artist you have to look at the commercial aspect from the start. It’s always been that way. Back in the days of the Schiele etc, and further back, it was patrons who would buy your work regularly. The golden ticket. Bottom line is, do you think that cheapens the work? Secondly: it’s just self expression. He has a political leaning so that goes right into his work. What better is an artist to do but put personal feeling into what he’s doing? If he makes money from an art world that’s long seen graffiti as a criminal act then all the better for it, in my humble opinion. He’s expressed similar views often enough about the absurdity of his work being priced so high. But do you think he should back away from that kind of money? You’d have to be fucking stupid to say no, reason being is that fortune aids what he does – it doesn’t come with some deal to curtail his voice, his freedom of speech.

        1. Hey, if those dumb fucks who have more money than sense want to throw their cash at his art, so be it. Fair play to the fella.
          As has been proven many times before, certain types will chuck brass at any old pile of shite. More power to him for catering to those fucking morons.
          That’s not to say his work is crap by the way.

          1. I’m in agreement with you there as far as the people with that kind of brass, but I don’t think he catered to them, rather he had some very savvy management/business sense once things started going his way. Plus there’s nothing like insisting on complete anonymity to get their panties wet and the cash flowing more…

          1. I’m sorry. That was supposed to read as follows…

            Thank (insert personal omnipotent interdimensional deity here) I’m a country boy! 😉

          1. For me, Harumph is an expression of disdain, disbelief, protest, or dismissal, with a lack of faith in humanity, skepticism of its virtue, and an unrelenting sense of awe at the hopelessness of its future. I’m Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs only much larger! You dig?

            Have a nice day! 🙂

            And thank you for your kind words.

  3. Man, i wish that the whole world could come together, NOW, not tomorrow, to liberate, the downtrodden living in these deplorable conditions everyday! This is nothing short of despicable. How can we still have OPEN outdoor concentration camps, for the whole planet to see, but yet nothing being done to rescue these innocent prisoners ? This is 2015 MAN!!!, not the days when Neanderthals ruled. Sick, Demented, Evil, parasites rule this Planet!

        1. Do you think that’s what he’s trying to do, fix everything? You shouldn’t be so ignorant and dismissive. Also who is a hipster? Banksy certainly isn’t. The fact that this style was propogated by him, and then appropriated by others (now a lot of hipsters) doesn’t mean you can throw around a term so loosely.
          Art isn’t about fixing. Surely you can see it draws attention in what little way someone can, to the world in a different way, offering hope. That’s all art can hope to do in this case. Here we are sitting on our arses. What the fuck are you doing today?

          1. I just finished my breakfast sir,and the way my mom pour ketchup on my fries was so aesthetic I wanted to take a picture and give some hope to the world but well I was hungry and just ate them,don’t worry I’m gonna draw some aleatory stripes on my monster high notebook and send it to the Smithsonian institution I’m pretty sure they’ll love it 😆

          2. Well said. But most here will only be truly happy if the solution involves brutal violent gory death. Example… Bansky sneaks into pallestine loaded with weapons and explosives, sneaks into isreal finds the president and bahgdadi in bed together mutilates them in hi def and then martyrs himself with the explosives in super slo mo whilst streaming to bg. Then most of the smf on this site would support him and his hipsterness. Its simply not enough to have something to say and go thru measures to see that it gets seen where you think it matters. Its not enough to speak out against inaction and indifference.what is wanted here is the fucking extremists. Truth is most of the fucked up couch pussies here want to see that which reflects how they feel. Which is why all these videos find us. Of course i dont speak of everyone… There are a few that seem to stand out as wanting to be truthfully informed. Unfortunately its not likely to happen here and they will be stuck with the same option they have anywhere else. To figure out the truth by what the lies are hiding.

          3. Thanks sir,I’m just legal here,it’s funny you know, art is one of the most overrated thing in the world you only see what you want to see,common sense tells you that those crappy draws and random color lines aren’t art,but in that moment you see the name of the so called “artist” it becomes beautiful, just like music,are you one of those who say “I like the Beatles ” but never heard a song? 😉

          4. @hanabi I’m not saying everyone has to like someone like Banksy, far from it. But ALL art is overrated? Well fair enough for your opinion, but I pity you for it. Thank you though, for brightening my day with your nonsensical Beatles comment… -bewildering. Just get back to me when your wit matches your mindset.

          5. sorry sir for making you drop your monocle on your champagne,but I’m smarter than you thought maybe even more than you sir,my Beatles comment was nonsensical? lol you didn’t even get it right? it doesn’t surprise me coming from someone who see beauty on some stripes,this thoughts come from someone who has simple interests and doesn’t even care about those trivial things,I keep my mind in important things,I know I’m maybe the younger here but that doesn’t mean I’m stupid or something,open your mind dude and maybe some day you’ll be happy 😆

        1. “saw the holocaust first hand”

          So they were transported through “death camps” and lived to tell the tale? Oh God, I can’t believe they survived! I heard they were made into bars of soap and lampshades!


          Bloody kikes and their fairy tales.

      1. I think he sought attention by sneaking underground into that territory in order to make a statement against the Israelis. He puts the Israelis in a bad light while ignoring the atrocities of Hamas.


    1. @Chosen,

      I am curious about your views on Hitler?s treatment of the Jews in comparison with Israel?s treatment of the Palestinians.

      I foresee your response stating that the Jews were not a threat whilst the Palestinians are hence Hitler?s actions were that of a murderer whilst Israel?s actions are that of a defender.

      One could argue that Hitler killed women and children and this makes him evil but then so did Israel. It could then be further argued that Hitler on purposely targeted those women and children whilst Israel did not but again this would be incorrect because Israel on purposely shelled schools, hospitals and residential areas.

      The above takes the argument away from the murders themselves and towards the validity of the target instead.

      Hitler and the German people believed the Jews to be a valid target because they were a threat to German sovereignty and held a stranglehold on their economy and banking system.

      For the purposes of comparative argument I am also going to assume that you Jews believe the Palestinians to be some type of threat as well.

      Therefore the question becomes, why was Hitler wrong to do what he did to the Jews but Israel is right to do what it did to the Palestinians?.

      I am curious as to your answer because at this moment in time it appears to be a case of Jews having the right to act how they want against who they want but non Jews not being allowed to do the same.

      Kind of like saying Hitler was right in his actions, just wrong in his choice of target hence why he became vilified whilst Israel gets applauded.

        1. You do know Auschwitz was reconstructed by the Soviets after the war right? Many things they show and tell you there are lies and not how the camp was originally built. Many people that were in Auschwitz have testified that the conditions at the camp were pretty good until German supplies was cut off by the allies. They had an Olympic size swimming pool, grand piano, soccer team, mail, currency, etc. and they even had religious freedom. Hitler did not target all races, in fact, many different groups of people willing fought a long side the Germans and regarded them as liberators.

        2. You have to oppress people for a long time beat them down make them hate you fill them with rage and true disgust for you. Make thier revultion of you instinctual. Then you can use thier blind rage filled hatred to your highest advantage. You see watch8ng the interview on bill maher with ben affleck helped confirm something for me.

        3. As long as there are msms and anyone else for that matter judging entire races based on the actions of the extremists; those who are sound of judgment are being forced to side not WITH said races but against thier own. The ignorance and perpetual hatred of those such as bill maher forces those who wont accept hating an entire race for the actions of the few with no option but to defend those who are innocent….. As they should but in afflecks case the msms will destroy him for his defense of islam and those who live there. I have little doubt about afflecks position on the matter…. Since he cant act well enough to inject his roles with affect. The situation being built off racism is very close to the point of no return.

      1. Be curious all you want, Empty, but don’t hold your breath. There’s far too much there for Chosen too respond with a snide assumption of a reply.

        Zit-farming fuck-ugly libtard faggot that lives in his mother’s basement

        You’re a bastard Chosen

        1. @Chosen

          Ted Bundy was far more cruel and ruthless than Charles Albright but both nevertheless still killed their chosen targets.

          Did the criminal court system let Albright off the hook because his method of murder was not as bad as Bundy?s?, no they did not therefore your conclusion is invalid because it is based upon the method rather than the end result.

          Simply put, Israel?s attack on Palestine must be a criminal action because Hitler?s attack on the Jews was considered to be a criminal action. The method doesn?t come into it, shooting someone dead against a wall or firing missiles at them are just different methods to what amounts to the same thing, murder.

          In this modern world of globalisation and amalgamated power blocs murder must be sanctioned by the international community at all levels before it?s courts consider the target and actions against that target to be valid and no such sanctioning was done for Israel?s attack on Palestine which means that in the eyes of the international community Israel committed war crimes.

          So the end argument can only be that Israel acts independently of the international community but has enough power and influence to prevent any form of prosecution for war crimes taking place. However this is not the same as being innocent of criminal action, merely that you have the power and influence to prevent any form of prosecution on those criminal actions.

          My conclusion, using your argument Jack the Ripper must also have been innocent because he was never found guilty of a crime.

        2. I literally seen you comment on a video where a Israeli soldier kicks a Palestinian child.

          I guess that slipped your mind, being the chosen race and all.

          Must get boring sitting on your PC, checking your bank account every half hour.

    2. Read the history, The people in Gaza were driven out of their lovely homes in Huj, now called Sderot, into Gaza by the Jews at the creation of Israel – even though they helped the Jews fight the British, This was before the Arab states tried to intervene to prevent ethnic cleansing of Arabs by the Jews.What would you do if you were driven out of your traditional lands and homes with just the clothes on your back?Also Google ‘Conquest of Jaffa’ and you’ll discover the Jews fired mortars for four days in to the civilian neighbours to terrorise the Arab inhabitants and force them to leave.

      1. @danielray I’ll wait in the car with the spicy chicken while you go inside and fill out an application. 🙂
        Don’t worry about your beers…
        I smoke mine.
        Grab a bottle of hot sauce off a table on the way out !!!

    1. The Vulcan hand gesture is a Jewish Orthodox blessing. I wonder how many Jew-haters on this site have been blessed and have given their blessings over the years.

      R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy, a great Jew.

      1. I have to agree with you on this one @ Chosen, Leonard Nimoy, was a great Actor, and Narrator. I used to watch a show called,, In Search Of,, as a kid, and he was the Narrator on that show! But as we all know he rocked solidly in Star Trek. R.I.P. indeed!

      2. Nimoy was an “ok” actor. He was blessed to have been at the right place at the right time. Fortunately, Star Trek didn’t fad re into obscurity like many tv series’ of the 1960s. For a time Nimoy tried to distance himself from Spock ( I am not Spock). After a while he realized he was typecast as Spock the Vulcan and decided to embrace it.

      3. Yeah, most goyim have had no idea who owned the media for decades. It never crossed their minds that their was a Jewish conspiracy. So I’m sure TV and movies are filled with Jewish traditions. The thing is, why do it without saying what it is? Why be sneaky about it?

      4. @Chosen

        If someone commits an act which they thought meant or symbolised something else, i.e a hand gesture, then technically you cannot claim that they were doing it in the name of what it’s original purpose was.

        Your typical Jew mentality shines through as an example of claiming things that they have no business claiming. Trying to to take glory in things that have nothing to do with them, and trying to get people to believe your twisted little Jew mind.

        1. i think the nightmare is to have shat an imbecile such as you are…..
          You are a crying lil bitch….. Have a shitty job… pay check to pay check
          And blame the Jews for it…..
          You have mental issues dude……you may as well end up here the day you will understand what a shit head you are …….you are pathetic hiding behind your lil shit silly avatar… probably chose it because it scared the shit out of your ugly gaping vagina!!!!,

          1. @Phebus

            On this site it helps if you use @ and the username before directing a comment at someone! It helps to distinguish who you are trying to get a response from!

            If that comment is aimed in my direction, I will gladly respond if you can clarify the above. 😉

  4. Yes, Banksy is more then a glib moniker on current affairs. He is in the same vein as Edison and Tesla in regards to having a great idea made exponentially universal. Anonymity is powerful and allows one to actually exist with freedom, life, liberty, and happiness threw privacy and freedom of speech. Images and words are powerful and can evoke strong tides of deep emotions and true feelings.

  5. From my hometown this fella. Good on him, art can be a devastatingly good way to get people’s attention, and when your as famous as Banksy, to use it for an important message like this, it’s a great thing to do. Thumbs up!!

    1. Hear hear! Was there for a good few years myself. Never met him but had friends who were long-term mates with him – always described as a real salt of the earth guy. One great story was he signed a load of old artwork, to increase the value of them for his mate who’d just got married so they could sell it and afford to buy a house! Art is great, the art world is a fucking joke. And he knows it.

  6. Ah, deep insperation. Suck in the words that no one has ever thought of, but also that no one else can put on a brick wall with red spray paint.
    Believe what you see, BELIEVE!
    Show some “worthless” hume, being shot to death or the best, someone filming their own suicide. Haven’t seen that for a while.
    This is mother fucking best gore, damnit! Not political gore. Show the death and all the disgust of the world, without the political bull shit. That is what I’m here for, anyway.

  7. The Jews are not Gods. They are not Gods chosen people. They are also not devils. Religion is bullshit. The Jews are a race of people that have become power hungry. They want to build an empire and dominate the other races. Jesus is not going to come down and save anybody. If you don’t want to be ruled by Jews, you need to organize the white race and overthrow them. The Jews have fooled everyone into thinking they are all powerful. They are good at propaganda and telling stories. The bible is a story that they wrote. Since they wrote the book, they made themselves the chosen ones in their story. Whites, organize and work for your interests. Self determination is what we seek. We need to do whatever it takes to get it. All options on the table.

    1. So we can stomp on and oppress all of humanity, as they have done to us. Really? No hume is better than any else. Jews are fucking the world in the ass, yes. They are good at what they do. So what then? Do the same as everyone else does; hate and step on each other for success or rise above it and forget this bull shit, money loving, disgusting, garbage filled world.

      1. @Stroginuff

        You made yourself seem like a typical anti fascist protester with that statement. What’s that all about? Are you even White?

        That’s exactly the kind of bullshit I hear when a white man speaks out with a statement regarding protection of his race. Where was the claim that we need to take over the world?

        That’s also the exact label given to Hitler regarding the path he tried to take whilst exterminating a race which posed a legitimate threat to the White people. WAKE UP!!

        These people are MAKING us think and act this way by their greed and power hungry ways. The White Man is being forced into this position and even our own governments who are elected to help us are doing NOTHING to help us. Where does that leave us? Who do we have but each other?

        Look at the fucking state of the world and we only have two factions to blame. The Jews & The Muslims! They are creating havoc around the world and when we try to make a stand, even the fucking leftist White people attack our views and defend them??? It’s retarded!!

        Fair enough for saygoodnight no you weren’t thinking straight but if that’s the first thing you think when hearing a plea from a White brother then maybe you need more education as to the state we are currently in regarding the two factions mentioned above.

          1. I’m only going off what I have read and seen.
            Doesn’t meen I knowall, no one does. Why else would I be here.
            It is hard for me to read things on the internet and take it as truth, even though it maybe. For every truth, there is a million lies. That is what I’m looking for, though I may not be as far along the path you are.
            I’m searching for it my own way. Right now that is, questioning and challenging what I believe, in the form of doing it to you and others.
            I want to know what makes humes the way they are. Wish there was a way to contact others tthrough this website.

      1. Talmudic and Jewish Racial Superiority

        The other element making the organism of the Hebrews in the Christian countries extremely dangerous and multiplying a hundred-fold the abhorrence of them there is the superstition taken from the Talmud which holds that the Israelites not only form the highest race of mankind, which is totally comprised of races inferior to them, but also are solely, by full divine right, entitled to the possession of the entire universe, which they will one day enjoy. Because of this insane belief, Judaism has insinuated itself everywhere; moreover it can be said to be the central dogma of what the Jews call their religion. Therein lies the depraved doctrine of messianism that they profess from the third century of the Christian era, when the Babylonian Talmud was compiled, until today, and whoever, following the course of time, traces the commentaries of the greatest rabbis, will find it to be unwavering and always identical, as in our time is revealed by the Jew Disraeli, who became Lord Beaconsfield and head of Great Britain’s government. He, who assumed the Anglican color in order to rise to power, wrote in his famous book, Coningsby:

        No penal law, no physical torment will ever cause a superior race to be devoured by an inferior race. The bastardized and persecuting one (our Christian one) disappears, but the pure-bred and persecuted one (the Jewish one) reigns and endures. It is thus in vain that they rush upon us Jews, contaminating and humiliating us, while they dissolve through centuries and decades of centuries: the Jew’s soul rises up and takes up its way again, getting ahead, and in our days already exercises an influence over Europe’s affairs that is thoroughly miraculous.

        From – La Civilt? Cattolica, Series XIV, Vol. VII, Fascicule 961, 23 October 1890

  8. Here we go again!
    Bigoted intollant ignorant views.
    I expect most of you with these narrow minded, one directional views have never ventured out of your grubby little basement flats and gone out in the real world. You just believe the propaganda you’ve read and seen. So so sad.

    1. What is it with basement flats lol? Like that’s an insult for a start!! If I lived in a basement I think I’d be quite comfortable down there. Maybe put up a few posters of Hitler and a nice coffee table to suit.

      When certain nerves are touched the affected will almost always turn to the usual “You live in a cave, You haven’t experienced life, You’re a hermit that has no potential in life” Blah dee Blah… In fact by automatically turning to these standard set of slurs, you are just proving to everyone that you cannot think for yourself and use others preset verbal assaults. Maybe it is YOU who needs to get out there more or just read a book once in a while.

      And I have news for you on the whole “need to get out more”. Yes, life is an experience but research can be easily done indoors and documented with facts to back it up. You jews hate the fact that no one fucking likes you and that for the most part 90% of your counterparts give you a sickening name. If you hate it that much why don’t you yourselves do something about it? It’s not down to us to change our perceptions, it’s down to you lot to start acting right.

      Something you will probably not be able to grasp because all you think about is Yourself, your wealth and sucking the skin off an infant child’s penis. 🙂

    2. @Zombiemum

      ?I expect most of you with these narrow minded, one directional views have never ventured out of your grubby little basement flats?,

      ?You just believe the propaganda you?ve read and seen. So so sad?.

      You end your argument, if we can call it that, with an attack on propaganda but you very much started your argument using propaganda as well which destroys the whole premise really.

      So, going by what you wrote, all those people who agree with your own opinions and world-view must live in nice big houses and travel the world whereas all those people who have opinions and world-views in opposition to yourself must live like hermits in grubby little basement flats.

      The above is not the argument of a sane person really, is it.

        1. Cute, no real rebuttal, just tells people to “go hav a look!”

          Well, we have, that’s why there are so many of us that don’t agree with what’s going on and have coherent arguments on why this atrocity must stop.

          You, how ever, can only say useless things, such as, “u r rong reed a book hav a look wid u r own eyes”

          We have, we looked and unlike you we never covered our eyes when we seen something we didn’t approve of, we challenged it instead of being complacent.

          Try it some time, opening your eyes, it’s not so bad.

    1. A racist Apartheid state, founded on terrorism, discrimination, massacres and ethnic cleansing has no moral right to exist. The open society and the global village demand from Israel to open its borders. There’s no place for a monolitic racist society in a modern world. Jewish elites have long been at the forefront of engineering the modern multicultural state in White nations. Now comes a time when Israel will reap the benefits of their tireless activities. Israel will become brown in next 30 years or there will be no Israel at all.

      1. Hey chosen
        I was reading the posts on another subject on here and a few of the human race were discussing the drugs they’ve used. Do you think that’s why they are so paranoid that your lot are out to get them??

        1. Obviously you don’t have a clue about Jewish history, other wise you’d be like “Oh, they also used drugs and still do”

          What a moron, please, I know you’re desperate to try and one up us goy, but at least try and come up with a coherent argument.

          “dur they use drugs dat y they hate u”

          Better luck next time.

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