Group Hug Proposition – Can We Make the Impossible Possible?

Nobody Can Stop Them

At the end of this post you will find a video that depicts both the worst and the best of people. Its first half shows people resorting to violence and cruelty toward others, including children, pregnant women and baby animals (consider this your animal cruelty warning). The second half then shows different people risking their own lives to help others, including animals. The guy bracing freezing cold water and chopping at the ice with his bare hands in order to save the dog from a certain death was particularly touching. As were the firefighters who resuscitated the kitten poisoned by carbon dioxide. For more on people being awesome, check out this video. For more on people being despicable, check out pretty much everything else on Best Gore.

But that’s not the primary reason why I wanted to make this post. What I would like is to make a proposition for all of us who peruse Best Gore to attempt to make the impossible possible. I may be delusional, I may be a dreamer, but if the firefighters thought to themselves that they were being dreamers if they thought that corpse of the kitten could have been brought back to life, they would surely not have made the impossible possible.

Nobody knows more about the evil nature of men than us here at Best Gore. We see on a daily basis the absolute worst of mankind and it makes us appreciate life more. He who has seen the wretched, the vile, the contemptible, the reprehensible, the loathsome, the degrading, the shameful and the detestable in all its glory, knows better than anyone else how badly the world needs the good. That’s why I thought that if anyone would appreciate my Group Hug Proposition, it would be the S.O.B.’s.

Group Hug Proposition

Over the past few weeks, we have seen the world descend into its lowest and most dangerous point in decades. Between atrocities in Syria, ISIS mass executing thousands in Iraq, Poroshenko indiscriminately bombing civilians in Eastern Ukraine, police beating citizens to death with complete impunity, and civilian planes being downed by God knows whom, the tensions have kept the public on the edge and rationalism surrendered to emotions.

And as the mainstream media continued to relentlessly glorify war, and keep us divided and fighting amongst ourselves, Israel launched one of the deadliest massacres of defenseless people the world has seen in years and that became the last straw. The gloves came off and divided as we were, the vicious circle of of hate closed in around us and trapped us in a senseless fight with people like us – people who have nothing to gain from fighting with others.

At this point there is some finger pointing to be done and I don’t have to go far to do that. I just need to look in the mirror to see the person the Israel’s attack on Gaza got the best of. I am guilty as charged and admit that all the grim news from Gaza got the best of me and turned me into the prime instigator of divisiveness that traps us all in the vicious circle of hate.

As I reached this realization, I was forced to look deep into myself and reflected on my thoughts and actions. I realized that one can never lose by being nice to another, by accepting that we are all different and that each of us makes mistakes because none of us is perfect. I realized that if we continue hating on one another, then at the end of the day we all lose.

And with that in mind, I would like to propose that we all have a virtual group hug and instead of infighting, instead of looking for what divides us, we try to look for what we have in common and what unites us.

Once again, this girl right here is guilty as charged. There is no end to hate I have spewed against the Jews and countless others. But as I’m standing here before you now, as I admit my guilt, would you meet me half way and support me in my attempt to put an end to focusing on what divides us, and instead focus on what unites us and how we can benefit from working toward the same goal, from supporting one another regardless of our beliefs or ethnic backgrounds?

I know this can easily turn out being a bigger bite than I can chew, but the realization that hate has never solved anything made it worth it for me to at least give it a try (although I suck at expressing my thoughts). So let me ask you one more time – can we try to get over ourselves and make the impossible possible?

Can we, maybe for starters, attempt to make this thread all about understanding for one another regardless of where they hail from? Even if someone truly doesn’t deserve forgiveness, forgiving them nonetheless would only make one better than them. So I propose a group hug. Can we try to forgive them and start over with them as friends? Can you try to forgive us and start over with us as friends?

Below is the video I told you in the opening paragraph about. Everyone is welcome in this thread, for as long as you come here as a friend willing to put the past behind, willing to embrace all that unites us, and cast away all that divides us:

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

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  1. Acneska, yes put behind us race, religion, agendas and ideology. We are so different as we are the same.
    We are separated by so many factors, yet when it comes down to the last bit of humanity left inside as,
    we are the same. Great minds think alike, and what separates us is nothing bet mere expression.
    The world is burning down, the human race is coming to an end. Let us all get together and pray, let us regain hope. No matter your race Jewish, Negro, White or mongoloid; No matter your religion, Jesus, Buddha,Allah;
    No matter what you believe in, what you were……
    We shall unite, today, as one, and let the light of humanity shine again through the darkest hour.

      1. I swear to god I would fucking rip those mother fuckers throats out with my bare teeth.
        People who, excuse me, worthless pieces of diseased shit who fuck with animals like that need to come and see me.
        I’ll give you my address and everything you pathetic little Faggots.

        1. Please BG – don’t ever post videos with animal cruelty. It should be a stand that you take against such horrific cruelty. Please don’t give these monsters the satisfaction of knowing people are watching the actions of their sick and pathetic minds.

          Human cruelty – go for it. We are ugly fleshy viruses that deserve everything we get.

          Animal cruelty – is the most horrific shit I can’t even watch. It absolutely breaks my heart and I just cannot understand for the life of me how any person finds this funny or interesting.

          It is not entertainment and should never see the light of day.

          1. I could nt even bring myself to watch those scenes… I had to look away πŸ™ I don’t understand how you can torture something so innocent and sweet. All these little animals want is your affection… So sad

          2. It is not funy or entertaining.. At ALL, and as painful as it is, I believe it must be seen because that tiny little guy wanted affection and love and got brutality, pain, and if no one see it, it is not exposed.. Now the challenge is to ignore it, or do something, in the sufferings’ name it must be seen and never forgotten… in my opinion of course. And I am wiping tears for little guy…

        2. My dog looked exactly the same when she was a puppy!!! I consider her my daughter (she just came in the room to say hi and lick my face).

          I would customize a torture regimen involving animals exacting their revenge. Like with the kitten burners: I would devise a device where the kittens would burn them…let them heal up, and repeat, over, and over, qnd over again til they died.

          But, for example those whore-puppy-murderers:

          I would xonstruct a small room separated, top and bottom, by a floor containing a grid of hollow spiked pistons (1 cm apart) that would puncture them, as I start to release more and more puppies onto the top floor.

          The transparent walls of the bottom floor will have large tv displays where those fuckin’ fobby bitches can see the puppies playing with chew toysand frollicking, as they get impaled slowly cm by cm. I would let the puppies in and out at random time periods, and differing intervals.

          I would have previously surgically-installed feed tubes in each of those whores, so they can survive a certain amount of time. Time enough to collect enough shit for them to sit in as they get impaled.

          Finally, I would release saturated lye solution (It works better on flesh than acid, and its way cheaper to make. Plus, these bitches don’t deserve my lab-grade acids) down the hollow spikes to disolve slowly dissolve them alive.

          Of course, I would soundpoof the bottom, as not to traumatize the puppies.

  2. You are not special. You’re
    not a beautiful and unique
    snowflake. You’re the same
    decaying organic matter as
    everything else. We’re all
    part of the same compost
    heap. We’re all singing, all
    dancing crap of the world.

  3. A beautiful sentiment too easily abandoned these days. Thanks for your sound words of reason. I am a firm believer in the idea that we are driven by 2 primal instincts: fear and love. Negative emotions are easy and feed on each other to perpetuate even larger more complex levels negativity. Staying true and living through positive emotions is hard yet by far more rewarding. That’s why I’m sickofitall, not because I wish ill on anyone, but because I’m tired of how people tend to treat one another so poorly. Anything separatist minded leads to apathy. Whether it be religion, greed, racism, sexism… ism’s in general are separatist. I’m not a Beatles fan, but I gotta agree with John Lennon” I don’t believe in ism’s, I just believe in me.” I am also guilty of hating, its just too easy. It’s so much harder to trust.

  4. The world around us is falling apart
    But someone somewhere is willing to open their heart
    To help a fellow human in need
    They do not stop to be thanked
    They are what humanity stands for indeed.

    A huge hug to every SOB πŸ™‚

  5. It’s a very big ask to put our emotions aside,
    For once at war our feelings divide,
    But as I stand before you now,
    I give you my hand, my heart, my vow,

    Nothing will change unless we unite,
    Repair the sins of darkness in flight,
    Embrace in the beauty of all mankind,
    For love is a thing that we all must find.

    Acneska you never fail to speak without a great amount of reasoning. You have shown that a simple gesture can make someone think twice about the hate that blinds peoples judgement and true intentions about what they want and what they are fighting for.

    If we all had it our own way then the world would be a place where this kind of thing your suggesting is an everyday occurrence. I can only hope that one day it will be the normal way of thinking and all the violence, death and destruction are a thing of the past. Humans can quite easily love as much, as they hate. It just takes more people like you to make it happen.

    Yes… For this post I will join you in what you are saying and hug my fellow brothers and sisters from around the world. πŸ™‚

          1. Right back at ya @zen. Hey man , I’m not ashamed to admit I’ve hugged my best buddy many times, and we are far from being ginger beers ! . πŸ˜€

    1. and trust me, I know life would be easier for more people, but peace will NEVER happen globally.. its a nice theory and that is all it will ever be. I accept humans as humans, getting rid of greed and envy is impossible…..If a house is on fire and its cold outside Ill warm myself by it, the world is falling apart so i might as well grab a beer, a cigarette, and a camera and enjoy the goddamn show

      1. You can’t just think globally. Yeah that’s the bigger picture but you have to start small. Like the ones around you first then watch it grow. And if you keep on thinking negative shit, well that’s what your just going to attract.

        1. I agree about thinking positive is the best way to live, I am not negative, just a realist… Things can change, but it hasnt in thousands of years when it comes to violence… we may be more accepting of different races and sexual preferences but as long as religion is a constant so will war…

          1. It means whatever you want it to mean.

            You could read up on that character and decide if it is a compliment or not.

  6. I want to start over. Even in the hell that unfolds in the east, the hell that lives next door. I want to forgive. As I see what we are through various videos and in my own streets. I do set myself apart. If the flesh I’m in is all it means to be human than I wait for the day I am ash to be as far away from the parasites that plague this earth. I’m not a weak person by any means. I am strong, opinionated and not easily offended. Too many days humans mortify me, disgust me, enrage me. Humanity? Where and what are you?

  7. As an animal lover I could not watch anymore after that bastard lit the cat on fire. I can watch just about anything when it comes to humans because it’s in our nature to harm one another and our goal to protect ourselves but when it comes to harming animals just for fun it brings out an anger in me that like nothing else can. I’m not a violent person by any means but if I ever caught someone doing something as cruel as what that asshole did to that cat I would slit his throat and smile in his face as I watch him bleed to death.

    1. Agreed, well said. There’s 3 Asian ladies and a puppy later on I had to skip past. I’m trying to be positive here, but I’m still picturing a follow up vid were those 3 end up a pile of bloody parts. What the hell is wrong with humans. We are the only animal that takes pleasure in other animals pain. Sadistic twisted species we can be.

      1. That part filled me full of more sadness and welled my eyes with tears like never before in my life…having seen a fair bit of shite in my 42 years this one was up there with the worst of it.
        Truly depicting so much of all that is wrong and despicable in humanity.

        I’m forever changed by those three girls and whoever encouraged that.

    2. @brokey..
      Same here..damn what they did to that poor puppy..i really love dogs.. its ashame on my part that those 3 ladies looks like a fellow filipina… if i had a chance ill be glad to break their neck.. mf bitch!

    3. We need to hook the cartels with the 3 Asian FV…the worst clip and I’m not even an animal lover at least not like so many people out there but the way they carried on so nonchalantly about crushing the puppy with such a human void it was unreal…brokeback,killing them the way you suggested is WAY too nice in my books. It would be too fast. Perhaps have a mob of say 20 BG members wear steel tip toe boots do the same to them and have 20 more members waiting to tag them should they get tired.

        1. You know the human suspension thing where people hang from hooks in their skin? Well I’m thinking that instead of using the skin on their backs we hang them from hooks placed through their scrotums.

          Still too nice.

    4. I would agree that protecting one another is a goal for humans, but I would dispute that harming is innate to human nature, for it just simplifies the human psyche. If that statement were true, there would never be an end to any conflict ever.

      And even if it is, it’s not just limited to humans. In fact, causing harm could be a trait among most, if not all, animal species in an effort to further and conserve their species.

      And while what these people did to those animals were cruel, these animals would still likely face a cruel fate at the jaws of a coyote, bear, wolf or some other wild animal. This isn’t condoning purposeful animal cruelty in any way, it just seems to me that even if these animals were well cared for, nature would still only provide them with a measly short lifespan.

      Finally, no one really knows why someone would purposefully hurt an animal; the reasoning has never been explored. If I had to guess why the people committed these acts, I would guess these people never repressed their own animal instincts, and it led to them growing and maturing into a mindset that is way different then that of other humans. Just a thought.

      1. there have been studies on animal abuse. Mostly due to serial killers having animal torture in common. A child that is raised in an environment soaked with physical and mental abuse then projects it onto something smaller and weaker.

    1. Don’t worry BSC the only idea people will get on here is thinking of ways to kill those fucking evil people in the most painful way possible.

      And wow that kitten with the firemen is so moving to watch haha makes you think that all is not lost.

      1. I remember you saying before about how you were involved in stopping this kind of thing and good on you.

        Plus if you got any videos of the people who are involved in it getting a beating or being murdered I would very much love to see them. πŸ˜‰

      2. There’s a vid that went viral of a German man punching his dog, weeks later another video emerged of men punching the abuser. He looked really bad. They made a vid of him getting punched next to his vid of him hitting dog.

        My friend in china sent me a vid of men getting lynched after they stole dogs from small village for illegal meat trade.

        But, you have to friend md on FB for that. Can’t post here, I’ll feel like a Hippocrate.

    2. What “deal” are you talking about? If you want a site that would be run according to your expectations, you are free to start it yourself. But don’t tell us how to run ours because we don’t run it exclusively for you.

    3. Bat shit no need to apologize. Personally I can’t imagine anything more cowardly than hurting a defenseless kitten or puppy or baby. But I tend to believe if you want to fuck around with a cat, fine, just lock them in a cage with some hungry tigers, see if they try and fuck around with them.

      1. Hugs Stomp from across the sea!
        Starting a new project.
        Combining my two passions, helping canines and indigenous.
        I’m talking to the counsels of various Native American reservations offering my help with getting a handle on the stray dog problem.
        My friends call them ‘Rez Dogs’

  8. @Aneska:
    This is, without a doubt, my favorite post that you have ever written.
    I was even slightly shocked when I finished reading it, because I think in the back of my mind I thought it would be some kind of swerve at the end. I’ve never been so glad that I was wrong πŸ™‚
    This honestly made the end of my night so much better.
    <<>> πŸ˜‰

  9. Touching video. You are right tho, I think you have to start with the people around you, the ones you see on a daily basis, I believe when you have good energy vibes you create this Ora around yourself which attracts positive energy and people can see that and feel it in the way your body flows with it.
    Same as If you are negative and angry or something. You creat this energy that is visable, and people can see that too. Maybe it’s just an observation I have noticed. I have walked in to a grocery store full of energy and positive vibes, smiling, head up good posture they way I walk and get smiles an hellos from random customer and small talk and really great positive vibes all around. And I have also walked In to the same grocery store looking angry, bad vibes etc. and got no smiles no talking from others and was avoided. It’s all how we carry our selfs out there. And if people start to see the bigger picture we can all get along pretty well, people just have to stop and think how they carry them selfs and make the right choices, because that’s all it really is. Most people rather chose something they can gain from and I seen poor choices made just because it didn’t benefit them.

    1. I agree with you @ It Was Me. @ Acneska, i want to personally give you Major Props for writing this Post. Although many of my fellow mates on our beloved site, will probably disagree with me, i am Also willing to say it out loud, and clear. Without LOVE in general, and even Brotherly Love,, and yes with hugs, we as a race are doomed. People should never be afraid to show their love for one another, thinking that it,s not tough, or manly! When i was in my in my late teens, being a general Manager for Little Ceasars Pizza, i hired a 4 foot tall Somalian named Ahmed. Ahmed was a Muslim, and back then in the early 80,s this was a rare sight. I have yet to meet anybody so unselfish, and purely GOOD, in every way possible in my entire life. Back then, i drove a Harley in the summer, and a 68 Charger in the summer. One day while my car was idling outside, as i went back in to get, or do something, my thermostat seized, and my blew up my 383 Magnum ( engine ). I could not afford a new engine at the time, so Ahmed would pick me up every day, and stay until 4 am every morning, to drive me home,,, all Summer. When i tried to give him gas money, he would smile, look at me right in the eyes,and softly say no! Ahmed returned to help his Parents in Mogadishu after war broke out in Somalia. Although he had all my phone numbers, and contacts, he never called, as promised πŸ™ We hugged each other on his last day, as he was leaving, and in that hug, through tears, i felt what brotherly love was like, and never forgot my little Buddy! I miss him dearly. I also have to add the the GOOD JEWS out there, are getting a Bad rap. Why you say ? because a lot of Jewish Families live a simple life, with no violence at all. When i was living on the streets at the age of 14 i found a job, through a friend at Nates, in Ottawa. The owners were Jewish, and helped me dearly. They set me up with a room above the Restaurant, fed me well with steaks, as Nates was a Steakhouse, and Deli, both side by side. David Smith the owner, and was very well respected in the community. Among the people served at this world famous Steakhouse, were Guy Lafleur ( Montreal Canadian Hockey Legend ), Pierre Elliot Trudeau, Liberace, and almost every star who came to Ottawa would visit Nates, for a great steak. David, i think, looking back now, felt sorry for me, and the violent home that i ran away from, so he looked out for me all the time. After working there for about 4 years, and re building my young life, with this family,s guidance and LOVE, i never forgot what they did for me. A few years later while reading the Newspaper one morning, i read that David Smith, now a Philanthropist, was building a home for abused, and drug addicted children. I Cried for quite a while, thinking back at what his soft words, and love had done for me. David is still an active Philanthropist today, and has raised millions for various children,s charities. God Bless this remarkable Man, and fellow human being.

      1. A brilliant personal story of a chapter in your life @dre, very poignant and uplifting to read buddy.

        It would be great if you could one day contact Ahmed again just to catch up. And good on David Smith , the word definitely could do with more selfless people like him.
        Thanks for sharing mate. πŸ˜‰

      2. @thedre

        What a great read mate! Thanks for sharing. I too have a similar story with an African man called Alex I met working for a supermarket chain when I was about 16.

        I was going through troubles at home and on one New Year’s Eve after being kicked out from my house he took me back to his home where his family was and introduced me to everyone, they were very nice people. He cooked everyone food and we all sat round the table (something which was alien to me) and had a tradition African meal. After we had ate we went to his church for a New Year’s Eve celebration. I was pretty much the only white person there but it didn’t matter because I knew everyone was welcome. As the soul choir sang I felt a real elation for what he had brought me to witness it was almost magical.

        I went home the next day and because it was so long ago I don’t know what happened to him after that I’ve got no way of ever seeing or speaking to him again as all I knew was his name “Alex” lol but I would of loved to have thanked him for helping me out at such a bad time in my life. He was my saviour that night.

        My hatred has grown over the years of all non white people because of the labels I tend to put on “ALL” groups when their fellow representatives do such bad things. I shouldn’t be so hasty because all people are individuals and I know that but I can’t help it. It just goes to show that in all races and religions there are good people. But at least the Africans are mainly Christians lol.

  10. I have a sense of respect for people who like to be real with themselves, real with the world. People who don’t have the mainstream media fascination in their lives. I was linked to this website by past acquaintances who visited for the sake of gore. When I was deflowered with a certain video that really made an impact in my head, I came to this website to discover humanity hidden away from me. Its not fair that I was never exposed to this sort of information, I think its unfair for a lot of people to know ” Justin Bieber ” as a household name instead of something that needs obvious prioritization. I never took interest in politics, I never showed a glimpse of care for the terrible acts happening in the world because even with the knowledge it existed I wanted to be selfish and dream of luxury. That was two years ago. In retrospect I was a sheep prioritized and focused on everything evil people would feel safe knowing, just another sucker. I did have a sense of curiosity from a young age, like most humans. The word truth being in such flux my entire life . One day I made a mental and physical vow subconsciously and consciously that the word truth and its correspondence should feel as essential as my every breath. I’ve abandoned many friends and family for the sake of finding people who have genuine interest for what matters most in life. I can tell you that I currently have no one who can level with me but when I come on this website, I feel appreciation. I feel gratitude that Bestgore has been a gateway to flexing my mind, reading people’s input, and the detailed articles from the awesome contributors to this site. You guys are rockin’ writers. I don’t appreciate the racists, the evident nazis, and the people who abuse what this site could be utilized for. More knowledge, more liberation. It feels unfair that we have key people writing these articles, a very small minority of people. I feel guilty for just being a spectator but after reading this post by Acneska, I really want to make practical changes in my life. To be more than an observer and lean towards contribution. I try to be modest with myself but I don’t catch myself thinking ahead of myself or feeling bigger. I always think I’m separate from the crowd but the moment I step away from the monitor and live reality, its utterly pathetic. What sort of man am I if I don’t try to change the world. I will forever hold my standard of being a ” man ” in that respect.

    Thank you Acneska, this article told me who I am.

  11. @Acneska how can one forgive evil ? There are people in this world who make that a very tough sale. We all get tired of fighting constantly. But evil never gets tired, I believe it doesn’t even sleep. Evil should always be held accountable. When there is justice there is a lot less need for forgiveness. I like the notion and love your post, it’s okay to dream big. πŸ˜‰

      1. @acneska I put this up in hopes that you would read this. Do you know how many hearts you have touched with the words you posted in this article. You are not far from the kingdom of heaven girl. Do you see how much 1 persons hope and love can spread like wildfire? Such wise and beautiful words from a wise and beautiful heart. This dark world needs more beacons of light like yourself. Keep that understanding about you and you will see things change I’m telling you. Also love always wins in the end. I am a hopeless romantic glass half full kind of Guy and although I dont agree with a lot of opinions on here being a Christian I am grateful that we have the opportunity to if nothing else have a healthy debate. Thanks so much to you. Have an awesome day. You got a new fan today πŸ™‚

      2. @acneska I posted this already but I think it glitched out and didn’t put it up there so here we go again. You really dont know but maybe do now how powerful your words are. Keep shining your beautiful light. I put this up here with the hopes that you will read and take to heart what I am saying. You are very close to the kingdom of heaven girl.dont ever let anyone in any way put you down for any reason whatsoever. You have a voice and that voice can make huge difference. If you doubt this at all just take a look at the myriad of positivity you got back. You get what you put out. We differ on a lot but you put into perspective so much. I can’t add anything to that because you said it all. Thanks so much. What beautiful and wise understanding words from a beautiful wise understanding woman being.
        Your new fan

  12. Great post, thank you Acneska, we all need a bit of love and understanding. We all have love inside as well as hatred, insecurities, racism, sexism, etc some to one degree or another, more in some people than others… It comes out unexpectedly, when you least want it. We can all live in peace until that little button inside gets pushed…then we become ugly, violent, intolerant…you have to fear the masses, the uncultured masses of people that are not people anymore, those who become an organism of brutality and hatred through indoctrination, politics or religion are to be feared because they are fearless…but one thing this world doesn’t lack is injustice…i can’t get the image out of my head of that child lying on the road dying and three or four people go past and don’t even look at him/her…wtf…animals…hugs for everyone…but I’m smelly….

  13. Group Hug, can’t we all just be friends?, can’t we all just forgive?, can’t we all live in peace with one another?.

    The above is a very naive way to look at the world and it’s people.

    Human beings are selfish for the most part. They have needs, they have desires, motivations and so they set targets and interact with their external reality in order meet those targets and satisfy their egos.

    A lot of the time those desires and motivations are the result of external reality and what the person learned and was subjected to growing up, a religious desire to spread your religion to other parts of the world and to kill those who do not belong to your group is a prime example.

    Some choose to tone down their inner desires whilst others choose to exercise their ego in all its monstrous glory but the end result is still the same, in order for you to achieve your target somebody else must lose.

    Every immigrant who enters someone else’s country, even if they only want a better life for themselves and are peaceful, causes an indigenous person to lose their job, gain vs loss.

    If I wanted to make carnal with a woman I know at work I can do, if she was willing of course, but in doing so I disrupt the plans of another person who wanted to do the same. If she has a boyfriend and I wanted to date her I will have disrupted the plans of the boyfriend as well, in other words I gain but someone else loses, if she is married with children the loss is even greater.

    The above is just a simple example but the gain vs loss, me vs you scenario happens all the time and with much greater consequences as well.

    At the widest end of the spectrum people are sent to war and die over the above equation, often by those with monstrous egos and equally monstrous desires and targets.

    Why do some tone down their egos whilst others do not?, perceived consequences maybe, learned morals perhaps. A lot of the time those with the most fear no consequences due to their wealth, influence and equally those with the least fear no consequences either because they have nothing to lose.

    Obviously the above is a broad spectrum and not everyone belonging to those groups will choose to behave in the same way.

    My conclusion, based upon how humanity functions, based upon gain vs loss, based upon standard interaction and perceived need for specific end results we cannot all be friends, neither can we all just get along.

    We can however learn to tolerate each other based upon survival of the group rather than just the individual. In a wider spectrum we have to learn to tolerate each other as a global race of humans rather than just the one race however this will involve giving each other breathing room which mass uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism does not provide, only controlled immigration in small quantities and amalgamation of those immigrants does.

    But amalgamation of humanity into humanity is not the only problem, amalgamation of humanity with nature is a problem as well, we keep on destroying our surroundings which will cause our death in the long run too.

    There are many, many more specifics to numerous to keep going on about but I will say this, humanity has been alive for thousands of years and we still have not got our shit together, will we improve?, maybe, maybe not, but it won’t be anytime soon that’s for sure.

      1. @MikeyGraves,

        Ha, ha, I know, I know, I was a little bit over the top but it all amounts to the same thing.

        BG is like a mini world where many different people from many different countries co-exist and they all have their own life experiences and opinions as well, so standpoints that can be applied to the world as a whole can be applied here as well.

        No one here likes each other 100%, we don’t really know each other at all in fact, and as far as expressed opinions go BG members tend to mostly tolerate each other, of course some will agree with you and others won’t but they tend as a whole to hold themselves back so that they don’t let you know just how much they disagree with you, it’s all just a game of toleration and you know what, that’s just fine because peace is built on toleration rather than total agreement because total agreement will never exist.

        1. @Empty soul

          When I read your posts, I learn something new every day. I have now come to the conclusion that you are in fact, Stephen Fry lol, not a rather large gay man but a very clever individual. πŸ˜‰

          1. @The Judge, thanks for the kind words but I am just good at observing my surroundings, I doubt I will be inventing a cure for cancer any time soon therefore my intelligence is only average.

  14. As usual Acneska’s post was mind blowing… I think that her posts are probably the best written on the site (Obli’s too)…
    It really made me think…
    The last half was beautiful…
    The part that truly irked me was those 3 Asian girls kicking and stepping on that poor tiny puppy WHILE SMILING…
    I had to look away.

    @TheJudge…You also posted a beautifully written comment that I really liked at the very top…

    Pieces like this with This same message needs to be broadcasted on news channels instead on constantly concentrating on all of the hate around the world…
    It may not make a difference-
    But if it softened and got a reaction out of the BG community, I can only imagine it would do the same to the people around the works who aren’t used to seeing things like this multiple times a day like us here at BG…
    It’s worth a shot!

    Thanks for such a great post!

  15. I highly respect what you wish here, mate, but to be honest, from what I have seen through history, the peaceful just get oppressed. The more peaceful you are, the more fucked up you get by someone who knows full well how to take advantage of that.

    I do hope peace can prevail. I believe in “good violence”. Hard to explain, mate. For example, I’m a British Pakistani Muslim. Only 21. But I’m contemplating joining the Pakistani Army as I have duel-citizenship. I personally believe that good people must perform savage deeds to keep the peace. If I caught Taliban prisoners with my unit, should I do so, they sure as hell ain’t being brought back to base. We’re cutting them up soon after capture.

    Why? Because I believe that evil is evil. It cannot be negotiated with. I’m not even going to try and tell you that terrorists really are a minority, ain’t going there as you lot just wouldn’t understand the many divides in Islam, and how the terrorists come from one sect, Wahhabism etc. I understand that evil people only understand evil, and they must be killed. Acneska, throughout history, evil has never had a problem killing the good, the tables must be turned. Once there are few evil people left, only then can peace thrive, brother. But I have super high respect for you with what you want here. You’re a good person. Good luck in life πŸ™‚

  16. Sort of sounds like the stuff Jesus said. The Jews killed him. I’m a man, there won’t be any hugging it out with the Jews. Acneska, maybe you are getting overloaded and stressed. You need a nice vacation. It can stress you out by focusing on it constantly. A bunch of men are not going to hug it out after all of the killing that’s gone on. Wishful thinking, it sounds good, but you can’t reason with these power hungry Jews. Let’s see the Jews come on here and say, guys were sorry for all the evil things that we’ve done. Let them admit it all, and then stop doing it, and then we could get along. Not gonna happen. Being a pacifist will just make us easy victims.

    1. Commentary on this website has been vastly unpleasant toward the Jews. Similarly, there are pro Jewish websites with commentary vastly unpleasant toward the Gentiles.

      If I signed up to one such website and started to strongly condemn actions of the Israelis there, would they take to me kindly? Definitely not.

      I would probably not receive any kind of friendliness from them at all. And that is exactly the thing – Best Gore is not a pro Jewish website. That’s why the premise of kindness and friendship is at least entertainable, if not entirely attainable here. Them not having any will to open up is their problem – we are not them.

      And quite because it’s likely that they would never make any attempt to make themselves more approachable to the opposing side, it compelled me to want to become more approachable to them, as well as everyone else.

      Only recently I made a post about shills heavily attacking Best Gore as part of their widespread campaign to “sell” the war on Gaza to the internet readers.

      I knew that by opening myself up I would potentially make myself an easy target for shills who are trained and paid to manipulate the public opinion. Yet still, I wanted to believe that even a shill is a human before he’s a shill and even if his job is to manipulate content online, that for at least a little while they would put shilling aside and come talk to us as a human.

      I definitely don’t disagree with you, though. I guess I just still haven’t lost faith in mankind and want to believe that there is enough good left in the world for love to prevail over evil. It is possible that I’m setting myself up for a very rough awakening from this daydream, but I still felt it at least needed a try.

      If Jews indeed abuse it as an easy opportunity to shill, that will be their loss, not mine.

      But would you not agree with me that trying to be on friendly terms with everyone, and being open to work things out instead of fighting over them, has a potential to move the cause further, whatever the cause may be? Non violence does not always equal easy picking. In every war there is time to advance with full volley fire, and time to sit back and listen. Good commanders understand that constantly pushing forward is not how all battles are won. Would you not agree?

      1. You have the right intention. This idea comes from love, love your neighbour as you love yourself. The Jews want to control the world. Controlling others is the opposite of love. Hell, they want control so bad that they murdered over two hundred kids in the last few weeks. You’re idea is a loving idea. The Jewish idea is a selfish idea. So we have a battle of ideas here. This is exactly what happened with Jesus. He preached love, the Jews had him killed because he threatened their control. The same thing is going on today. The Jews rejected Jesus and his ideas. In order for your idea to prevail, the Jews will have to be taken out of power by force. I believe it is then that we could be able to build a more loving society based on Christian principles.

        1. Exacly!!!! Hey man im into buddhism and shamanism so im all for respect and all that BUT this is the age of aquarius, a time of change and cleansing and in order to truly set the world free we must recognize the true evil and call it like it is… And that is…Daz jewden! The jew! The kyke! The cockroaches in the borat movie wich he throws money at to keep it from getting vicious lmfao but really tho, jews like to hide under the “comfort blanket” of tolerance coz it makes it easyer for them to keep going

      2. @Acneska
        You have really flooded so many with such emotion today. Not from just the video, but from your words and that which you present. Everyone is joining together on this site in a way we have never seen. As humans we often loose hope, and sometimes in the darkest hours we find hope. Right now I feel like we are hope. This is honestly a side to BG that we have not explored. I applaud you in your efforts and must say this is the most amazing post I have experienced here at BG! In fact the most amazing post I have ever experienced anywhere! Well done.

      3. “But would you not agree with me that trying to be on friendly terms with everyone, and being open to work things out instead of fighting over them”.

        Emotional reactions including insults only increases the likelihood of similar reactions coming back at you and this changes nothing.

        Like I have always said on here, make your arguments using facts and logic and you stand a chance of working things out whilst remaining on peoples good side.

        People always say that I like to take the middle ground but this is not true, I merely take the best approach to any given argument in order to achieve results from that argument.

      4. Here are a few quotes from a site I like to visit every once in a while.

        ?The mindset of the White nationalist needs to radically alter from 1960?s Frankfurt School induced concepts of love and peace to the Blood and Honour call for future bitter and merciless War and Struggle.?



        “Muslims are Barbarians who we don?t want in our White lands. But we can learn from their fighting style and eventually ride on the back of Islamic States success in defeating Zion the Middle East, for now we remain positive about that outcome.”

        Everyone should put this site in their favourites list:

          1. @Judge Got home today thank god, It’s all good so far, got some good meds… Hardly feel anything LOL No more riding this summer! They got the fucker that took of he’s in big shit now, When I start walking good again I know who he is… Thanks for asking bro! πŸ˜‰

  17. Okie.. this will be my 1st longest comment here in bestgore..

    the video was good.. specially where humans saves animals..


    what the heck.. did those people think to burn a cat alive.. are they sick or mentally challenge?
    do they think that burning a cat is fun?? im sure that those people that did that was bullied in there school and the only thing that can do is to beat up a cat..

    The video of the puppy being crush.. it happen here in the Philippines, wait what?? here in out country? it was done because of some americans order them to do it. those who have fetish about crush videos..
    i hope those girls will be put to a death row so they can pay what they did.. BUT THE SHIT PRESIDENT AQUINO IS ALL BARK NO BITE..

    and i forgot.. i do salute those people who rescue animals.. specially those fireman who rescue a kitten..

    1. Ok, I understand about the evil American who ordered the crush videos, could we put aside the evil ones (whether they are American or whatever) and concentrate on the message of the article Acneska put so much time and thought into? A big virtual hug to all BG members and anyone else who is willing to accept one for the sake of a better world today. And a personal thank you and hug for Acneska . : )

      I agree with everyone who says we need to start small with our own friends/families, neighborhoods, villages, etc. “Treat others how you wish to be treated”. Don’t know who originally said this or something like it, but I will pledge to follow it as best I can. I’ll give them a chance but I won’t be used!


    it happen here in the Philippines. the video of the puppy is 1 OF THE 10 VIDEOS. that was gathered by PAWS (Philippine Animal Welfare Society) the girls in the video. were put in jail also the producers of the videos..
    The videos was ordered online by a american,,,

    There is also another video realease but its hard to find.. it was a video of a girl that chopped the legs of a dog..

  19. I know where @Acneska is coming from in this one. Browbeaten I believe is the word that best describes how we all sometimes feel.

    If by some miracle all of the fighting factions and armies and religious sects, put to the side their distrust and became peaceful and friendly to one another , the powers that be would not know which way to turn and would probably keel over in shock.

    Every day I feel thankful for living in peace., we do not realise how lucky we are, well most certainly don’t . Go out of ones way every once in a while to help someone and the benefits flow both ways , that’s an old trick that works every time no matter what race kin or creed is involved .

    People need other people , fighting is bred into us all , but when all is said and done , we all need a good hug now and again .

  20. I’ve lost hope in humanity a long time ago. We’re insignificant in comparisson to the rest of the universe, so if this planet disapears from it, no one will cry for us. Hugs will never solve anything and Time overcomes love in every aspect…

    …yet there are some pockets of hope in this planet, little wonders and “miracles” that happens once in a while, so rare and more valuable than anything else. When the world crumbles into this new Darkness, they will remind us that it wasnt as allways like that.

      1. Because i want to live to withness humanity to self-destruct, and on the last seconds to shout at them “I WAS RIGHT!”. And this site only reminds me that im still alive in comparisson to the people that end up dead in a way and ending up as posts on it. Also, death is an art that can only be withnessed and appreciated by the living, or at least the ones that can appreciate it, but i dont see what “hope” you expect me to find here.

  21. My pillow was soaked with tears as I watched this! The pure evil that humans are capable of always amazes me. What these “things” did to torture the defenceless animals will direct haunt my heart! To see the faces of the Asian women while stomping the puppy, was something else! No feeling. No remorse. No emotions! How’s that possible?! πŸ™ While I also cried happy tears watching people help others and animals in horrible situations, I still can’t seem to grasp the fact that I was put into this selfish world. Sometimes I need the reminder of what’s really going on in the world! I think this was an amazing clip that really balanced good with bad and touched a variety of emotions within me. Thank you so much.

    I do need to go throw my pillowcase in the dryer though. Lol

  22. Dankashoen Acneska ! Prosit!
    T. G. I. F. I`ll drink two to that great post . and your idea of a virtual group hug, forgiveness instead of a continual cycle of hate.! turn the other `cheek`almost sounds like a NEW Religeon`….
    my favorite female
    always does something `BaD` just cuz she knows i will spank her left one until it turns bright red then she begs and says please do the right one TOO ! …
    Then i forgive her. and y’all can use your imaginations to think about what or who cums next,

    Have A Great Wknd. Gorians ! I’m takin my lady fishin
    BuTT I`ll B Thinkin πŸ™‚ uv-U , *Acneska? Thx. Agin.

  23. The glory and the shame of the Universe.

    It was heartbreaking the first time I watched the little dog crushing video. I paused it twice. The dog attempted to flee hopelessly until it coudn’t anymore. It took 10 minutes for it to die.

  24. Readers might be interested in the potential link between animal cruelty and later sociopathic behaviour.

    John Marshall Macdonald, a psychiatrist, postulated that there was a triad of behaviour (cruelty to animals, fire starting and continued bed wetting) that were predictive, if two or more were present, of future violent behaviour, including murder and sexual predation.

    His paper was published in 1963 * and his theories picked up on by the FBI.

    Although subsequent studies have not confirmed the triad as a predictor of future behaviour, researchers have found, in relatively small studies, that animal cruelty and fire starting in childhood is more common in violent offenders. Animal cruelty in childhood has also been linked to child and partner abuse, assault and bullying.

    This does not exclude confounders as many violent offenders show a history of humiliation, neglect, abuse and/or brutality by their parents / relatives.

    The torture and killing of animals is postulated to allow the abused child to express inner anger and frustration against a weak and defenceless victim, rather than the adult perpetrator of their own abuse, and achieve a sense of power and control by means of inflicting pain and suffering.

    Research by White and Hensley in 2003 ** in a small scale sample did conclude that animal cruelty in childhood was linked to sociopathic adult behaviour.

    Other studies have shown that the type of torture and method of killing of animals is a precursor and that the same methods are replicated on human victims.

    In short, cruelty to animals is sociopathic and cases should be fully investigated and the individuals responsible held to account, punished appropriately and there may be a good reason to create a ‘animal cruelty register’ as there is a correlation between this and future escalation to ‘more serious’ crimes.

    * Macdonald, JM (1963). “The threat to kill”. Am J Psychiatry 120: 125?130.

    ** Wright, J.; Hensley, C. (2003). “From animal cruelty to serial murder: Applying the graduation hypothesis”. International Journal of Offender Therapy and Comparative Criminology 47 (1): 71?88.

    1. As someone who has studied and researched both psychology and criminology to obtain my degrees and due to my own personal interest, I have developed an interest in abnormal psychology and serial killers in particular. I very much enjoyed reading your response. Thank you for taking the time to prepare and list your sources- it gas not gone unappreciated.

  25. Come for the gore, stay for the truth. Thats what ive always said. But lets have some fun, too. We are a collective of like-minded individuals brought here on the promise of gore, which Mark delivered on. And he also delivered a healthy serving of truth of this reality. Some of us were still indoctrinated sheep or at least still had some wool clinging to us when we first found this site. We are SOB’s and the trolls are usually easy enough to spot. Ignore them. If they become too abrasive, they will be removed. I think we should focus on being a community. Brothers and sisters in gore.

  26. A big group hug to all my gorian family! Thanks for the animal cruelty warning. I couldn’t bring myself to watch it because I know how I am seeing my four legged friends in pain. For this day I’ll let the disdain I have in my heart for cruel fleshy viruses subside. Cant guarantee anything past that…but I’ll try. Good post by the way

  27. I hope that this attempt at objectivity will work. No one group in this world of death is one hundred percent responsible for the horrible condition. I am Muslim. I know decent Muslims and decent Jews who are just as appalled as anyone else about their own respective groups.. We can discuss constructively. A Tsunami begins with a tiny rumble. Lets all rumble a little and not lose sight of the tragedy of the lost children, women and innocent men of all denominations. Best Gore can be an instrument of truth instead of hate.

  28. This is my very first post at BestGore after 2 years of repeat visits. No other article has made me want to post until now. The Group Hug. Wow. Talk about a debate that would leave history’s greatest philosophers totally stumped! I’m no expert, and no philosopher, but I’ve always lived life with a simple and direct outlook on things. There are plenty of people I flat-out don’t like. There are religious and ethnic denominations that I either find mildly irritating, or downright offensive. But in the end, I always….and I repeat…..A-L-W-A-Y-S remember one very important rule: not everyone of a particular race, religion, creed or ethnicity acts or thinks the same. You CANNOT lump everyone into the same group and damn them all, regardless of whether the behaviour that sickens you is the majority. By our very nature, human beings disagree, and it only stands to reason that they’ll disagree within their own belief systems and cultures. I’m not the biggest fan of the Chinese, for instance, but I certainly wouldn’t turn my back if one was being beaten and robbed. It’s fine to hate, but hate the INJUSTICE. Hate the culture that is fueling these injustices. But don’t hate the person. Look at North Korea. The people there are so brainwashed, it’s nuts! Should we hate them for it? Of course not. What else do they know? It’s the same all around. Nobody has to like anyone. You can be a downright isolationist misanthrope if it suits you. But learn to exercise compassion where deserved. Be BETTER than those committing the injustices you hate. When you’re fired up and angry, take a step back, and refuse to go down the same way. Our prides and quick tempers have ever-been the bane of our existence here on Earth. It’s high time we started evolving into better beings….even if some cultures will reach it faster than others.

    1. So many people, can have the capacity for both great evils and great kindnesses, and do both. That can make it all the harder, for people tend to want to label, compartmentalize, and judge. It makes it hard when there’s both a tremendous capacity and will to do both. Yin/Yang may be a simple comparison, all I know is rarely is anything so simple as people want them to be.

      Nature seeks balance, and an extreme unbalance in humanity one way also tends to mean (it’s rarely reported, documented or focused on) the capacity for unconditional love and extreme acts of selfless kindness. It’s so much easier to hate than love and accept; plus our societies are controlled through fear, and through extreme fear comes an unbalancing of hate. I just hope humanity on the whole learns to embrace and accept and (goddess forbid) maybe even give some kindness more often. Then there might be some hope.

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