Hoards of Israeli Shills Raid and Brigade Websites Like Best Gore to Manipulate Truth

The Hasbara War Room at IDC Herzliya Where Israeli Shills Trained and Paid to Manipulate the Information On Line Work out Of

What you see in the photo above is a “Hasbara War Room”, or Advocacy Room as they call it, at IDC (Interdisciplinary Center) Herzliya – a prestigious private university in Israel. Tens of thousands of students in Israel, Israelis abroad, as well as the Sayanim (Jews who respond to the Mossad calls to turn against the Goyim) around the world created an army of internet shills with the sole purpose to sell the genocide of Palestinians online, and whitewash the Israeli war crimes in the eyes of the general public, while making their victims look like the bad guys.

At Best Gore, we are well aware of shills as we’ve had numerous dealings with them. But you may have noticed the out of control upsurge of them as they raid Best Gore and other larger sites in response to the public now having access to the independent news about what’s happening in Gaza.

The Yahoodi used to have the monopoly on information and abused it systematically for decades. But their monopoly came to an abrupt end with the invent of the internet and to the horror of the Jews, the public now has access to all kinds of news, including news provided by people who just wish to inform the public and have nothing to gain by supporting this side over another.

One of the most significant achievements of independent reporting is the widespread exposure of the Holohoax. The Holohoax has been a source of billions of dollars for the fake victims and storytellers for decades, and because exposures of the fraud threatened the racket, the Yahoodi used the billions it raked in to finance a thorough research and development of tricks and techniques that would help them halt the growing spread of truth, and manipulate what’s already out there in their favor.

What Is Hasbara

To put it bluntly, Hasbara is Israeli propaganda. It’s a set of research, science and time tested methods that have for its sole goal to embed an image of Israel in the minds of the public that’s favorable to Israel.

A good example of how well Hasbara works can be observed on the Wikipedia page on Hasbara:

Hasbara refers to public relations efforts to disseminate abroad positive information about Israel. The term is used by the Israeli government and its supporters to describe efforts to explain government policies and promote Israel in the face of negative press, and to counter what they see as delegitimisation of Israel around the world. Hasbara means “explanation”, and is also a euphemism for propaganda.

Notice how the opening paragraph is cleverly decorated with “negative press”, and “delegitimisation of Israel”. One of the most important teachings of Hasbara is to continue to portray the Yahoodi as the victims. So long as the sheeple perceive the Yahoodi as the victims, they will continue siding with it because they will think that those poor defenseless Jews have suffered so much and they still face anti-Semitism and homophobia…

For as long as the recorded memory goes, the Yahoodi have been the predators, the exploiters and the instigators of violence. Wherever they turned up, they exploited the native population, sucked the ordinary people dry and tricked the nations into conflicts that descended them into ruin while financially benefiting the Jews. The same story has repeated over and over again, century after century the Jews would exploit the hospitality of the people and make themselves rich by ruining the nation, then get kicked out after they were figure out only to do the same thing again i their next destination. Like a parasite. Yet despite thousands of years of doing nothing but exploiting, terrorizing and destroying, they continued to portray themselves as victims, thus further exploiting the naturally compassionate nature of population of the lands they invaded.

This “forever victim” trick has worked for them for millennia and works just as well today as it always has. It’s one of the first thing they learn on their Hasbara courses and they’ve become masters at exploiting it. If you look back at your life and see a point at which you considered the Jewish people to have always been persecuted, know that at the same moment there was a shill grinning because his hasbara schooling helped him to trick you.

Israel Has The Right To Defend Itself

The latest Hasbara trick the trained shills are employed to promote is “Israel has the right to defend itself”. The “be the first to claim a position to force the opposition into the defensive” trick is one of the most established propaganda tools Hasbara teaches. Shill centrals, like IDC Herzliya would supply specially made software that allows thousands of shills to create and maintain thousands of accounts on popular websites and use them to force the “Israel has the right to defend itself” before everybody’s eyes from every angle. No matter where on the internet you go, they want you to see this line.

Just as over the millennia, the Yahoodi have exploited the natural compassionate nature of human beings for their selfish profits, they similarly exploit our natural tendency to not want to stoop to their level for the same reasons. That gives the Yahoodi a tactical advantage because it puts a vast industry of organized lying against an individual. As an individual, you don’t form PR teams to justify war crimes and killing children, but they do. And not only that, they do it without losing any sleep over it.

Shill Resources

They now have actual shilling courses in Israel. A Yahood can enroll to get a degree in shill raiding and brigading on the internet.

To get a first hand view at Israeli shill strategies, check out these publications:

  • Global Language Dictionary – The Israel Project’s “Global Language Dictionary” (2009) is the official ‘How To Shill For Israel’ manual
  • Hasbara Handbook – The World Union of Jewish Students material aimed at manipulating opeinion about Israel among students

Here’s a sample of what you can find in the documents:

Take some time to talk about Israel’s efforts to prevent civilian casualties. The issue of Palestinian civilian casualties is one of the most damaging in the entire debate. Americans accept Israel’s right to defend itself. They understand that Iran-backed Hamas hides behind civilians.

Nevertheless, they place the burden on the Israeli military to do everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties. They perceive Israel to have significant military superiority and to be held accountable to international standards of conduct. They will accept that some civilian casualties are inevitable, but if your language isn’t correct about how seriously Israel takes this issue, they will refuse to accept your arguments about the vulnerability of Israel’s civilians.

So here is the five-step approach to talking about civilian casualties in Gaza:
STEP 1 – Empathy: “All human life is precious. We understand that the loss of one innocent Palestinian life is every bit as tragic as the loss of an Israeli life.”
STEP 2 – Admission: “We admit that Israel isn’t always successful at preventing civilian casualties…”
STEP 3 — Effort: “We remain committed to doing everything in our power to preventing civilian casualties.”
STEP 4 – Examples: “Let me tell you how our armed forces are trained, tasked, and operate to ensure that Palestinian civilians remain safe.”
STEP 5 – Turn Tables: “It is a great tragedy that Iran‐backed Hamas shoots rockets at our civilians while hiding in their own. This causes tragic deaths on BOTH sides. What would you do if you were in this situation?”

Understand that these are the manuals to manipulate the public’s perception of Israel. They do not reflect how the Israelis feel. These are pure propaganda, result of decades of thorough research and billions of dollars spent of testing. After spewing this bullshit, the Israelis go back on the hill to celebrate more Palestinian children killed, and expressing desires that soon they all would be dead. The main difference between a Palestinian and an Israeli is that the former wishes to live in peace and have access to food and water, whereas the latter wishes for all Palestinians to be dead.

The sole fact that Israel has its army of shills, whereas the Palestine doesn’t, should tell you all about who the real aggressors are. If Israel was really under such grave threat from Palestine as they have us believe, do you think they could have shills working without interruption around the clock on manipulating the truth on the internet. Palestinians on the other hand are always caught up in an endless circle of running away from Israeli rockets, shells and snipers to sit in a cozy room in search of internet content to twist. Their daily survival is about desperate struggle to obtain drinking water and trying to locate bodies of relatives killed by the Yahoodi for proper burial. Most of them probably wish they could peruse the internet in peace, let alone have the opportunity to form groups like JIDF and organize mass content manipulation events.

In conclusion I would just like to affirm that we are aware of the increase in raids and brigading of Best Gore by Israeli shills and we are well familiar with their tactics. We will not allow the shills to manipulate the truth at Best Gore.

None of us is Palestinian, none of us is Ukrainian, none of us is Syrian, Iranian, or whatever other nation Israel currently attacks. None of us has any emotional, monetary or other ties with any of these countries. None of us receives any incentives that could motivate a specific bias. As such, there would be absolutely no advantage whatsoever for any of us in picking a side. And since there is absolutely nothing to gain, as there is nothing to lose for any of us, we simply say it like we see it.

We prefer upfront honesty and openness to being pretentious and playing games with your minds. We expose the truth and are proud of it. We pay a heavy price for this audacity, as can be witnessed by one of us being currently in soft detention and persecuted for exposing the truth. The rest of us are lucky not to live in Canada, but that doesn’t protect us against sustained attacks from the hoards of Israeli shills. Still, despite their numbers of financial resources, they continue to fall short of our dedication to defend the truth.

We criticize Israeli war crimes not because we are anti-Semitic, but because Israel commits war crimes. Thus it has always been, and thus it always will be. May the truth conquer all. Vincit Omnia Veritas.

PS – Since they’re out in full force, it won’t take long before they’re all over this post. Recognizing them should be pretty easy. They all use the same arguments because they all receive the same training. Props to the real Jews who publicly denounce Israel and distance themselves from Zionist war crimes.

Author: Acneska

I'm new here.

211 thoughts on “Hoards of Israeli Shills Raid and Brigade Websites Like Best Gore to Manipulate Truth”

  1. Vincit Omnia Veritas.

    Well, now that many of you have had your cover blown, I suggest you see yourselves out.

    The Palestinians did not violate article 18 of Geneva Convention, Israel did. Defend that action or show me the bodies of all the israeli children murdered by Palestinians in deliberate air strikes.

      1. I believe the “real jews” are not in Israel but spread away from their true land… And Jesus came to save all kind of human being, despite their religion… What Israel is doing in Gaza is against everything Jesus has taught to us… Killing innocent people, childrens, elders, it’s clearly guided by Demons

        1. Now that you got that off your chest, join us in the 21st century where we deal with facts and help us shut down all religion with science and knowledge. It is religion that is behind so much of this destruction. Not saying it doesn’t do good for some people as well, but it is surly behind ALL of this destruction. People can believe in what they want as individuals, but we must remove religion from government.

          1. Only 6% of wars were started for religious reasons… 3% if you remove Islam. Religion (Mainly Christianity) has had such a positive effect on this world, so much that you could not imagine. Get your atheist parroting out of here.

          2. I have to agree with @ Darththork99 on this one! Although i am Roman Catholic, i do not practice or go to church. That being said, i believe in good,,, not EVIL, therefore anything positive, to me is much better than the Teachings of the Hate Filled Talmud any day!

          3. @Darththork99

            6% we are not talking about Thumb-Wars. JK

            I understand your point of view, all kidding aside. I know religion has helped far more people than it has killed.

            I am an atheist and I haven’t made any religious posts in years… so something in me went off when I saw demons and stuff. I wish I hadn’t wrote that response for 2 main reasons.

            1.I don’t want this topic to be about religion, it is far too important to astray from the point.

            2. I also respect many of the people in this forum and know that religion is the quickest way to separate or offend those I enjoy BG with. That is why I wish I didn’t write anything.

            So with all due respect I will not be continuing on this topic.

        2. No you are incorrect, what is happenin now is a prophecy written in the bible, AMOS 1:7 – “So I will send a fire up on the wall of gaza, and it shall devour her strongholds”, Please be informed

          1. Yes everything happening is Bible prophecy, every Biblical prophecy has came true, coming true as we speak, or is going to happen and you better believe it. Prophecy is one of the reasons that shows how the KJB is the true word of God and that Jesus Christ is the truth. It’s foolish to not see the prophecies happening, and even more foolish to see the prophecies and still not turn to Christ before its too late. It’s having the wisdom to realize, be wise not foolish.

        3. You are absolutely correct. This is what I’ve been saying all along. Its the lack of true Biblical Christianity that the elite is pushing for, the very thing that will save us all. People saying that they want to get rid of Christianity is doing exactly what the elite wants.

          1. And this is too all the anti-jewish/pro-Hitler people who also are also against Christianity and Jesus and want to get rid of Christianity. First, correct me if I/m wrong but wasn’t Hitler a Christian? Second, did you ever hear the phrase “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”? Well the enemy of the fake jews and the elite is Jesus Christ, they are completely against him and Biblical Christianity, so why are you also against him?

          2. Absolutely @24th. And another thing is true Christians don’t belong to a religion. Religion is for people who live for themselves and feel guilty about what they are doing wrong and think that just going to church makes them Christian or Catholic or whatever. Screw religion. Give me Jesus! He is coming so soon.

          3. Exactly bloodbath, Christianity is not really a religion and is not about religion. A pastor once said that religion is man trying to reach up to God while Christianity is God reaching down to man. Religion tries to control you but Christianity sets you free. I touched on this a little bit on a post I made at the bottom of this page. I’m glad you realized this my Jewish friend.

        4. @Murilo
          thanks man for pointing that out. I consider myself Jewish in my spirit because of the transformation brought on me when the Holy Spirit came in my life. Israel right now is wicked and corrupt along with all the other nations on this wicked world. Israel has brought so much calamity on their own heads because they haven’t followed Jesus and they continually rebel against God. I do support Israel. I dont support war or murder.

    1. @obli
      What cover? Look I know that there is pro anything propaganda and anti anything propaganda. You can’t prove that Israel is behind everything evil and I can’t prove otherwise. There is insufficient concrete evidence. I do understand though that many of you on BG have faith in many of your ideals that are anti Israel. But you can’t really prove it. You can give instances or ‘proof’ of sorts. Insufficient evidence points to insufficient assumptions.

    2. Not really true at all.. Israel is not allowed to defend itself? I’m not Jewish and I can see clearly. You don’t see Jewish people car bombing their way into heaven, you don’t see Jewish people in a rape epidemic in Europe.. You don’t see honor killings, genital mutilation, mass executions do you??? Fuxking retards.. The Quran contains 108 verses giving instructions to kill the non-believers. I know it is hard for you idiot to understand the Islamic initiative but there it is.

  2. TheYNC is awful when it comes to crap like this.
    The uploader(s) they have there write absolute garbage descriptions and some stuff completely made up. Clearly a Zionist agenda on that site.

    1. So we have a problem spreading the truth about how Islamists are given 108 verses in the Quran giving instructions to kill the non-believers??? So we have a problem with the small country of Israel defending itself against rocket attacks??? This article is bulldhit

          1. I thought gyps were descendants of ancient Indo-Aryans,what do they have to do with jews?
            If the kikes were “real jews”, they would be semetic. If they were khazars, they would be turkic.
            But they have one thing in common for sure, EVIL.

      1. Instructions to kill and mistreat gentiles are in the Talmud – the most hate filled book in existence.

        It’s Palestinians that need to defend themselves against rocket attacks. It’s the bullied that need protection against the bully, not the other way around.

        1. It also says you can repeatedly rape a baby girl because “her virginity can be restored over and over again” I think until the age of 1. Dirty Jew bastards. It really is a horrific book, they try to ban all kinds of effin fictional books, like de Sade but religious texts that encourage murder, torture, rape and every other kind of atrocity are protected. That’s pretty fucked up if you ask me.

          1. It’s no accident they make the Talmud hard to buy and dislike translations. They don’t want people reading it other than themselves.

  3. You see, it’s all propaganda. No doubt the holocaust happened, but so did slavery, the United States as well put the Japanese population into internment camps, but they aren’t parading it around saying that if we don’t have this on our mind at least once during the day we are evil people.or if we don’t acknowledge or show the correct hospitality on their grounds and their due time, then we are still those evil people. Not all Jews are this way, Hell! I live in Brooklyn, they are everywhere! Jewy Bastards… They are fun though, I like “messing” around with them if you know what I mean… Yeah I’m gay, but ya know this is my first post. Won’t be my last, and this is the first post on this feed. GO BESTGORE YO! -cam

      1. I just watched the entire thing and realized I saw it on here once, though the holocaust the way they say it may not have happened, yet it did happen do you know what I mean? He’s got great proof and evidence millions of people weren’t killed, he does regardless say it did happen, but as Robert McNamara stated in the fog of war by Errol Morris, the winners of the war write the history books, therefore we are taught this therefore it’s truth, I agree with you completely, but a holocaust of sorts did, it was a genocide and everyone lost their casualties. I once heard that it’s really funny to hear 6 million Jews were killed during the holocaust, yet Europe had a population of only 5 million… As Gods chosen people they know how to pull some pretty crazy shit and get away with it.

        1. Agreed! I was watching JNN Yesterday, and Master Yahooder Netinyahood, said that,,, Get This,,, They are trying to kill our 6 million people with their rockets! We have to defend ourselves. There we go again with the 6 million myth! I almost choked on my coffee realizing what i had just heard. BUSTED!!! You fucking clown.

          1. So there is this documentary on YouTube it’s Adolf Hitlers life, about 6 hours in length. It looks bloody amazing, I started watching it last night, and not to bring this up in bad light and make myself look like a neo-nazi or anarchist, but everyone seemed to love Hitler, but western propaganda makes him out to be a drug using, Jew hunting, power hungry, ruthless, vicious war criminal, and that all Europeans were terrified of him. On the contrary though, the Europeans loved him! He did a lot for Europe. If it wasn’t for him those people would have never ever had hope.

      1. Deception is now a biologically inbred character trait of them all.

        They can’t manage the hell they’ve created on earth so let us keep standing up to them and all their easily corrupted shills. They are easy to pick out (off).

        1. Doing what a parasite does. Sucking the lifeblood of its host.

          Too fucking stupid to notice when it kills the host, it dies too.

          Let’s pre-empt it with a good Joo cleansing.

          Israhell is the sickest place on earth.

      1. Sometimes I tend to daydream and usually I find one of the most reoccurring themes comes back to my thoughts. “What if hitler did win?”

        The world and the white race would be a very very different place & being. Maybe the grasp of harmony was so close but evil took the claim for itself. Now with the head of the most organised, trained and best dressed 😉 military organisation to ever exist, demonised by the masses, sadly that dream is all but gone. I shed a tear for what could have been.

        The true face of evil is the ones you trust and believe in. The enemy is in front of your blinded eyes!

      1. It’s in their ancient text, it’s in their political agendas and quotes, it’s within the people ontop of the hill watching missles raining down on Gaza.

        Now if this isn’t enough, now people should understand what happened in Germany back in the day when the Jews were trying to destabilize it and run a scourge of soviet communism over Europe. A lot of people have realized things like this but they are still able to be manipulated, only people from websites like BestGore and others can fight back at this propaganda.

        ..I’ve always felt like I should have been devising plans and building my fitness/etc up, because who knows what’s in store for us all within the coming future.

        1. To be prepared to deliver the truth to whoever is in doubt, fighting the shackles of jewish indoctrination, is already part of the great plan in reserve for all of us.

          The jews are in fear, because they noticed how people are starting to wake up, so now they are reinforcing themselves with pathological liars and internet trolls, “remembering” the people that they are “victims”… But they will fail. The people are not blind anymore, but theres no hope for the indoctrinated ones.

          We just need to protect those that arent, spreading the word of truth, teach them what we know.

          1. You are so smart der stupidfuck…every comment you post makes me love you more and more…im so sorry a jew girl(or dude) broke your heart and made you emo…we still love you here @ BG

          2. Get the fuck out of here, will ya ? You are not wanted here, Saul SHILLman! Or is it Saul SHILLberg, Good luck trying to push your agenda here Pal,,, because your lies, and bullshit, will not be tolerated. The TRUTH really does hurt eh ? 🙂

          3. Keep trying fail troll, you’ll never reach my level though. 😆 But seriously, they pay you for that fail trolling skills?? Youre not even worth to have the “german” name in your nick!

  4. War crimes are in essence a part of war. Wars are fought on many fronts. Black and white, uniformed, paramilitary, rebels, etc.. All will spill blood.
    Typically it’s territory. Typically it has a political agenda with a monetary value attached.
    However, when the common denominator of the aggressor cares not for money, land, or people, as in the case of the Muslim Islam Disease, I will gladly leave behind my vices and beat to death that evil bitch.

  5. I know the name of one of those jew cock sucking retards thats parasiting Best Gore – “germangorethrill” is one of them. Take a look at his comments in some of the previous posts.

    The world has had it with the jews, its time to put them under chains before they lead to our destruction… RAHOWA!!

    1. Another Shill is ‘realitycheck01’. Notice his/her comments on all the Israeli war crime posts. Acneska even replied to this shill demolishing his arguments, but he still insisted that Israel were the victim.

    2. I just want Jews and my other favorite group, the muslims, to just go ahead and kill one another. If they could manage to kill off every single one of both groups, the planet would be a much nicer place.

  6. Thank you Acneska for bringing this to people’s attention who didn’t know things like this go on. This kind of article is exactly what BG is all about. I commend you for making such a page.

    I guess this has been prompted by so many shills popping up lately and have been starting to influx us with their Hasbara. Even attacking high rankers like yourself lol they seem to have no discretion at all.

    Hopefully these Jews will stand out more to the untrained eye of lesser knowing members here.

    Well done.

    1. I am new here but I have been reading Bestgore posts forever. I think if the “shills” keep posting bullshit there should be a main post/article about what is happening because new legitimate members might not know what is going on.

      My account is new but I read Bestgore since the early days and to me it’s very what these fucking idiots are trying to do.

  7. My preferred method of dealing with shills and any other flimsy argument maker is to give them a shovel and let them keep on digging for a bit.

    Now, now, before people say that I shouldn’t even give them the time of day I must point out that your choice of method should really be based upon what you actually want to achieve at the end of the day.

    If all you want to do is blow of steam in the immediate present or just drive out any possible shills then simply insulting them from every direction will most likely allow you to do that but if it is your goal to turn public opinion against the argument of the shill it makes sense to systematically destroy their argument using logic and facts and the key to destroying their argument is to allow them to make their argument in the first place, information is ammo to the intelligent fighter.

    This website gets millions of viewers, some of them will already be on the side of Israel, some of them will already be against Israel and some of them will still be on the fence and it is those on the fence that you should be aiming for and if all they see is insults being thrown by both sides it gives them no information to go on.

    Simply saying “go away Jew boy and suck some Zio cock while you’re at it” to members who make pro Israel comments can be fun I know but it is just the same as a Pro-Israel member calling you an anti-Semite for making an argument against Israel, senseless tit for tat.

    What better way to show that you’re better than your opponent than to break their argument into pieces, much better than simply being accused of avoiding their argument through use of insult.

    Another point of note is that a lot of new members do at first make arguments that seem shill like and that’s because they have learned to hold that viewpoint due to everyday propaganda and you see these same members actually change viewpoints over time therefore it would be a shame if you end up hounding out new members just because you think that they are shills due to their viewpoints differing from the majority.

    My conclusion, there are far more positives to be found in reasoned argument than emotional outburst and since I always strategise for maximum success I tend to avoid actions that would hinder that process, but that’s just me.

    1. @Empty soul
      Beautifully said! Worth the long read.

      I am one of those on the fence and I come here for facts. Although I prefer to think of myself as difficult to pursued. I have learned so much from everyone and the exposed facts are the strongest. To be honest when emotion and name calling begin, it demerits the arguments and I feel like I am on YT. I find myself talking to everyone I know outside the US and hearing their thoughts on what is said on BG. I understand why so many hate the jewish people. I don’t have it in my to hate a group or race because of a few extremists or because of their military agenda. I tend to believe that most people want to enjoy life and raise their children etc. I also have friends from school and jobs that live in Israel. I talk to them often and I get disgusted at their regurgitation of the same propaganda mechanisms outlined here. They also always add the fact that America commits the same crimes, like that makes it ok. Thank you all here at BG for your information, I honestly cannot get enough, I look forward to seeing how things are played out.

      1. Jewmerica is 100% Jew controlled.
        The government, education, finance, corprotocracy, military, etc, etc.

        Wake up. Jewmerica is a big part of the problem, as are so Manu other ZOG states.

        This is not a few extremists, as you state, rather a wholly indoctrinated race of parasites. If you don’t believe me, learn about the Talmud. Go to a synagogue. Read about what sick and perverse rituals they practice and perform at synagogues. Read about Purim…you’ll love that one.

        Educate yourself because the biggest weapon and advantage the parasites have, especially with those that are on the fence, is the ignorance of people.

        They have managed to split church and state yet the union of synagogue and state is alive and well. It is dominant throughout the western world. It is disgusting.

        Read, read, and read! Then you will soon find out that almost every Jew parasite is an extremist, whether of the Marxist left variety or the neocon war monger sort. They are one in the same.

    2. Unfortunately in my observation you’re about the only one who does this @emptysoul.
      In 2 years of lurking and occasional commenting on BG, i’ve seen the vast majority of regular/daily commenters do not follow your route of reasoned argument making.
      Maybe they used to do it and are now bored but it makes for a poor read when all you get is a fixed unchanging perspective, everyone else is either wrong or misinformed or ‘influenced by ZOG’ etc.

    3. Well said @Empty. Couldn’t agree more. I myself am one who is also on the fence and I personally find all the “SHILL” attacks on commenters who think different a little off putting. “Butterflych” put his/her point off beautifully in the previous post “Palestinian man searching through rubble for family shot by Israeli sniper during announced ceasefire”. A very good read and it opened my mind more than anything I have seen on this site, purely because I think a lot of peeps get lost in the moment and only have derogatory comments to make. And without sounding like a kiss arse, I value yours as well @empty. 🙂

  8. I can only say that every single time I’ve had opportunities to do business with Jews, they have gone out of their way to renig on contracts and verbal agreements – and to try their best to fuck me over.

    After a lifetime of dealing with Jews constantly trying to hose me at every opportunity, I’m frankly tired of them

    Jews are nothing more than Gypsies. Crooks, liars and thieves. They don’t get any sympathy from me.

    1. Agreed whole heartedly.

      I, too, have had countless unfortunate dealings in business and life with the parasites. It was what really pushed me over the edge from a total supporter of Israhell (i have voted conservative for many many elections) and war monger to an enlightenment that I am very grateful for.
      Dealing with them in business sure opened my eyes to the endless, near limitless, variety of ways that one can be lied to and manipulated. Deceived and stabbed in the back.
      And all with a smile or smirk on their face.
      I swear they are taught this smirk from a young age.

      Jews are incredibly pathetic. All of them. Little to No exception(s).

  9. yeah because there’s absolutely no pro hamas manipulation of the truth going round. what exactly are Israel supposed to do? just sit and watch as they get rockets fired at them? wise up you dumb liberal fucks and get your heads out of your asses. why would you support an oppressive state and religion? you’re supporting a group of people who think women should be covered head to toe and shouldn’t be entitled to education. and would happily drop a bomb on any western city in the world if they had the intelligence or finances to be able to do so. hamas has done more to harm Palestine than any Israeli has ever done.

  10. The Jews are spending a lot of time and money spreading their lies, but they are still losing the information war. The whole world is waking up to the hook nose Jew devil. If you want to explain it to any noobs, just get them to read The Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion. Jews want to rule the world and the whole world hates them. I wonder how that’s going to end for them???

  11. “At Best Gore, we are well aware of shills”

    You mean you think you are aware, the truth is that you guys just call anyone with a different opinion a shill, like you did with me in the past.
    Paranoia at its best.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the website, but voicing an opinion is a big no go here since you guys love to bash people and always presume the worst.

    1. @Ac3s, BG wasn’t always like that. I find that ever since the Magnotta thing, and even more so during the past few months there’s been a major shift with the site’s personality. I think it has to do with the large influx of new people, but I find there used to be much more harmony among members, and the posts were much more lighthearted. Everything is much more somber now 🙁

    2. @ Ac3s,, have you ever visited, read, and watched the video,s related to the HOLOHOAX ? If no,,, please do so. If yes,,, than what is your argument related to this argument about the hidden Jewish Agenda ?

      1. I live in Antwerp and there are plenty of Jews here, I know how they keep to themselves and basically rip off people through the diamond trade.
        If one Jew happens to die here then its all over the news and entire street blocks get closed off and have police patrols for weeks to come…this never happens for any other people.

        As for Palestine, I feel bad for the Muslims there because Israel turned it into a giant prison and bombs the shit out of them.
        I remember they used white phosphor to burn people which is against international law.
        So you will not see me having any love the Jews on that part either.
        But then again there are loads of Muslims here in my country turning stuff to shit as well, so tbh I don’t care that much what happens in the Middle East since its a giant shithole anyway.

        And then there are the members of Bestgore who imo are so close minded and spew out hatred towards any new person that dares to leave a comment on this site, which caused me to just stop commenting all together especially since you also started deleting my comments while calling me names.

        So to put it short…assholes everywhere so I honestly don’t care anymore, even a website like Bestgore will make you run the other way.
        And yes, I consider some of you people just to be as coo coo for cocoa puffs like those Israeli Zionists.

        What I blame the Jews for: WW2, 9/11, Middle Eastern Destabilization, Global Banking Economy Downfall.

        1. But thats just because Jews have the power, power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
          Its human nature, and even if you would remove all the Jews a new power structure will arise and we would be in the same place, only with different people doing the manipulating and corrupting.

          1. I truly doubt that this would be the case. If we were to topple the Jewish control of our worlds economy, and governments, The new one would be, with all we have learned through the years, a lot more accountable for their shortcomings, and would be stopped quickly, if this same shit was to start happening again!

  12. I totally believe in free speech and no censorship etc. But blanket statements about any race is ignorant. Its the same as saying, “all blacks are thief’s “or “all Puerto divans are unemployed ” or “all Mexicans eat spicy food ” etc. Of course ill get blasted by everyone now. But really…blanket statements like that are racist and ignorant. And. I’m not saying that what Israel is doing is rite, I don’t agree with it at all.

  13. For members who are Pro-Israel, I don’t think they should be banned just for an opinion that obviously isn’t popular among many of us. I like a website were we can discuss our differing viewpoints and have debates among ourselves rather than seeing the same comments from one user after the next (Jew this, Jew that). That’ll be dull.

  14. The confrontation currently going on between Hamas and Israel is more than a bit concerning. It’s just a matter of time until the populace of the middle east has had enough of Israel and “puts aside their differences” in an attempt to remove the thorn in their side. America (where I live) would “have to” poke their nose into that business (more than they already do), and when they do, things will go total apeshit here in the states. The “regular” people in America are getting sick of being lied to (veitnam, Iraq, etc,etc,etc…), most of us do not give one flying fuck about Israel, nor understand why we should. It would be the biggest uprising of anti-war protest this country has ever experienced. Wiki’s estimated population of Jews in America is 1.71% of our total population, our per capita of gun ownership… 88%. Sounds like a powder keg to me. We may not be able to control government action, but rest assured, there would be consequences to unsupported actions of this magnitude. Fill in the blanks for all the other factors/countries I didn’t include and this is potentially a very bad situation.
    I may not always agree, but I support BG.

  15. My boss is a Jew that used to work on wall street and he asked me, If you could go back in time and kill Hitler would you? And I said no. He was like but you would save millions of lives, then I said to him that I don’t know if Hitler really is the one to blame for the death of all those people or that the holocaust really did happen the way were told it happened, but it is a fact that millions of Christians were killed during WWII and throughout history but no one ever speaks of that. He then said that anyone who thinks Hitler didn’t kill jews during the Holocaust should be shot. I also told him Jesus wasn’t a jew like many people think and he argued with me about that. The jews of today are not descendants of Jesus and the Israelites, and they do not have the same bloodline, Jesus called them a generation of vipers and the synagogue of satan. I know the truth, not the whole truth about everything thats going on, but the only truth you really need to know. You ready for it? The truth is that this world is run by an evil group of people working with the forces of evil to work against us and the almighty and they will be defeated when Christ returns, but there is the Gospel, which means the good news, and that’s exactly what it is. The good news is that we have the King James Bible which is the written word of God and we have Jesus Christ who is the word of God in the flesh and he is our saviour who died for our sins so we don’t have to suffer hell fire, all we have to do is repent and put all our faith in him. Thats the truth right there that will save your soul, believe it or not, it’s up to you to do what you want with the good news.

      1. Now, now. Even though many of us do not believe in Religion, as a whole, @ 24th Elder, has always been a good, and respectable member here, and has always respected others views. I would much rather have some good Catholic / Christian talking about good, instead of those SHILLS, talking about lies, and the killing of innocent Muslims, Christians & others all the time!

        1. @thedre
          True, 24th Elder has always been respectful. Sometimes it is hard for me to keep my feelings shut when it comes to religious outbursts.

          I do respect many of your posts here at BG. I just have a hard time when it comes to religious preaching. To each his own….

          1. @dre, thank you, I always had respect for you.

            @havoc, thank you as well, it seems like you, and most other people, are confusing Christianity with religion. Christianity is not a religion. It’s a way of life, it’s about a relationship and spirituality. It’s about coming to a realization and having a change in your way of thinking, being, and outlook. It’s about being born again. God is not about religion. Religion is used to control but true Biblical Christianity, not the Christianity of today, does the opposite, it sets you free. It may be hard for some people to grasp and understand. I could continue on but I wont. When I say things like I did above, preaching as you call it, I say it because I fear for the souls of men and don’t want to see anyone perish. There will be a judgement day, and anyone who thinks otherwise, your in for a sight of tremendous heights.

      1. Thank you xizang, The first part of my post was to show that I’m not afraid to say the truth and how I feel to a jewish person or anyone for that matter, even my boss. The second part of my post was for the benefit of all of you, even though you may not like or agree with what I said, but it was to lead you to the water, the truth, now it is up to you guys to drink it.

      1. I think your referring to Sir Francis Bacon, who was a freemason but he had nothing to do with the translation of the text. He tried to pervert the Bible with occult and masonic imagery because the text the Bible was translated from were the true ancient scriptures and he knew it.

  16. Im israeli and i can tell you what exacly going on here.
    For the last four years gaza been throwing at israel at least 100 rockets per day.
    We are called the IDF (Israel Defence Forces).
    Before a month two palestinian mens kidnapped 3 jewish teenagers , they murdered them in the same day.
    A week after they found the bodies two stupid jewish guys (yes there are stupid jews like there are stupid people in every country) kidnapped a palestinian teenager and murdered him and burnt hes body , they got arrested and got thrown into prison for doing this action.
    and this is the reason we are at war right now.
    This action the jewish guys did was extremely shocking and unbelivable , we do not kill palestines if there is no threat for our life !.
    We do not kidnapping palestine citizens and we do NOT kill them without a reason , our army goes by a law of defence uses only and killing a person only if he threats for your life.
    Our army isnt ment to kill , it is ment to defence israel.
    And for the four childerns playing in the beach , palestinian kids shows teaches young palestinian childrens to hate the jews for no explained reason , they brain wash their childrens from age of 2 years.
    They are desperate to kill us and will do anything to kill us.
    And there is a very famous sentence from one of the israeli first goverments , ?When they will love their childrens more than they hate us , just then we will have peace? ? Golda Meir.
    Hope you understaned and got a bit knowledge about what going out here in the middle east.
    Thank you very much.

    1. Interesting tnx for points. Don’t hate Jews, hate the idea of the Jew. That said all religion is good for is beautiful art works, any religion. Aside from that, it has managed to alienate human beings from each other since day one. Idwa of religion is grand, just like idea of communism is grand. The problem is human evolution is still toopremature to embrace the true concept of religion. Because we are a weak FV creature we kill each other because our religion is better than others… pray foe time not religion, for in 1000 years religion of the dark age (now) will either be gone or will have evolved hopefully foe the better. Our technology has evolved a lot faster than our humanity it would seem. Can’t we all just eat chicken? Mmmmm chicken…

    2. @nbhran123
      “Our army isnt ment to kill , it is ment to defence israel.
      And for the four childerns playing in the beach , palestinian kids shows teaches young palestinian childrens to hate the jews for no explained reason , they brain wash their childrens from age of 2 years.
      They are desperate to kill us and will do anything to kill us.”

      Please don’t say those 4 children were killed on the beach because they were going to grow up to kill Israeli’s. That is pure crap. They were not singled out because they were troubled children. They were innocent children killed by your army that “isn’t meant to kill”. So they killed 4 innocent children in defense… right. Just admit that your military fucked up! You can admit that there were stupid Jewish teens, just admit that your military makes mistakes. Why is it so hard to do. My Israeli friends have the same problem. For some reason they will defend their military even when it is blatantly obvious. Why is that if it is not propaganda or brainwashing. It baffles me

      1. Agreed. And as for the Palestinians teaching their children to hate Jews,,, is the teaching of THE TALMUD not hate filled with all other races compared to cattle ? And that a gentile can be killed out right at any time with your bare hands ????

    3. You are using the same mindless talking points from the post above.

      Go take your utter lies and leave BG.

      You’re not wanted here. You are a true definition of a parasite with no other goal than to lie, deceive, and destroy me and all other gentiles.

      Your argument makes no points that haven’t already been truthfully refuted and proven to be lies.

      Please drink some cyanide now.

    4. @nbhran I appreciate your argument but you must be deluded.

      Your argument has no basis whatsoever. And don’t attack me for being an anti-semite, because i’m not. First off, 100 rockets a day? Are you serious? The only rockets Hamas fire are the ones at Israeli soldiers that have occupied the borders of Palestine non-stop for decades, murdering civilians after stealing their country from them. Secondly, even if Palestinians did kidnap Jewish teenagers, does that give israel the right to murder hundreds of civilians (almost half of them children)?

      Thirdly, (I keep having to make this point time and time again to you Pro-Isralites), WHY can you not understand that Israel was Palestine’s country in the first place, so you CAN’T complain about any single bullet or rocket they fire at you. In my eyes, the Israeli army are 10x worse than ISIS and any other snackbar/Zio-funded Taliban organisation because not only to you kill innocent people, you have the ability to convince the world you are the victims.

      Give Palestine their land back and then you might have an argument.

  17. As History has proven many times in the past, Most, if not all Evil Empires were wiped out by the good! This being said, Israel, and it,s worldwide cronies must be dismantled, & locked up for crimes against humanity. And until we unite to accomplish this huge task, we as a White Race are doomed.

  18. You will never understand cuz you do not live in the middle east , and all of you that think hasbara thing is a real brain wash so open your eyes a bit , we send gaza food and resources like cement , wood , building tools , pills and medicines.
    They use all of this resources to build tunnels to get inside israel.
    They live under a terrorists goverment , they take all the resources from the citizens so they could use it to build tunnels underground , there is a freaking underground city under gaza that the hamas built with all the money that gaza need for food and resources , this is why they live in such place , we want to free the palestines from the hamas ! We want to help them and we do not kill citizens on purpose and i can assure you that ! There is a sentence that say ?if you dont feel it in your own flesh , you will never understand? you will never understand what is going on here till you see it in your own eyes !

    1. You should get a job with CNN, as a correspondent. These small acts of kindness are only done under false pretenses, and, i can assure you that the Masses of Mainstream Media are there to show the world how good Israel is! Yea, ok,,, burn their fields, then throw them a tomato! C,mon,,,,c,mon,,, Now, surely you can come out with a better argument than this!!!

    2. Maybe they wouldn’t have to build tunnels if you did not take away all their land and then build a wall around them?

      YOU are occupying THEM, but I bet they are grateful for all the little things you send them after you took everything from them and then bomb them endlessly.

  19. And all this hasbara bullshit you are talking about is just a huge hoax so stop belive every small thing that the internet says , i live in this country and i know exacly what is going on here !
    The hamas use kids as a shield ! They use citizens to hide behind them so they wont get shot ! They kidnap childrens from families so they can brain wash them to hate the jews without explaining them the reasons ! They use kids shows to brain wash them ! Stop being ignorant!

    1. Just because you put a child in front of a target does not mean you have to pull the trigger. I am sick of this argument. We know Hamas is evil and will do whatever it takes to kill and fight, but you are no better if you kill innocent civilians. No matter how you look at it.

        1. Your statement that Hamas is using children as human shields is so false,,, and this is why! These defenders of the Palestinian innocent people, are not well armed compared to the Israeli military. Therefore, being chased by Tanks & Heavy Artillery, they run from house to house for cover. And when the residents try to flee, they are told to stay put, or they will surely be shot the minute they leave their homes. They ( Hamas ) fire a few shots, at the Tanks, and run to hide in another house, or building. Where the hell else are they supposed to go! They love their people, and would NOT use them as human shields, as you state. TRY AGAIN!!!

          1. Haha dude i live in freaking israel , people filling you with so much bullshit , hamas are an organization of terrorists , they dont give a fuck about their civils , they physicaly take them and use them as a human shield , ive seen this , in my own eyes so shut up pls , go read and see true videos for yourself .

          2. “they dont give a fuck about their civils”

            Israel killed like 800+ people in Gaza with this latest incident, 80% of them are civilians.
            Hamas killed only 25 Israeli soldiers, I think one one guy was a civilian.

            Seems like you care even less for civilians then Hamas does, or do you really want us to believe that 80% collateral damage is acceptable and not intended.
            Hospitals and ambulances not intended?
            Double taps (strike once, let other help the wounded and strike again) not intended?

      1. They don’t do that man, its Israels excuse for blowing up entire building blocks just to get one guy.
        For every enemy “combatant” they kill they kills 4 innocent civilians, these civilians have families and this in return creates even more “combatants” then they took out.

  20. Leave the religions behind , i dont talk about religion wars , i talk about what is going on in gaza right now and what hamas does.
    Alot of people that do not live in the middle east think that israel is a third world country , well we are not even close to that , we have the most advanced technology and the best weapons .
    And i agree with you actarus about that our technology advanced so fast that our religions still act like we are in the midieval age , we do have a very strong religios jews in israel , they are very annoying and can be a burden sometimes , they can be worser than the hamas sometimes and they goes only by the tora , you cant change their way of thinking cuz the tora is all they know ..
    Im not a VERY strong religious guy but i do believe in god .

    1. Did the Musta’Ribeen killed those Jewish teens? If not and it really were extreme militants who did, does it justify to have a war with the whole country over murder and deaths of a few individuals? Do you think if a dozen innocent Americans died near the border by Mexican drug cartels, would it suffice for America to bomb the entire country of Mexico?

    2. @nbhran123. Can you please visit the HOLOHOAX page with an open mind, then, maybe then, we can have some good, respectful discussions about the facts! I am the first to admit that there are good Jewish people out there. I have interacted with many, in the past, but in all fairness, what they tell you in Israel, is not all true! You seem like a good person, and your voice deserves to be heard, but check out the facts as stated above, then get back to us!

        1. All you accomplish with these bombings and civilian killings is make the Gaza population support Hamas even more, what you do is counter productive and makes no sense.

          Wouldn’t you hate Hamas if you found out your home was bombed and everyone in your family is dead?
          Well THATS what you do…constantly!
          Yet you claim you just want to free Gaza, laughable.

          1. And before you comment that Hamas bombs you as well, just dont…their missiles are completely inaccurate and you have an iron dome to protect you.
            Israel is occupying another country and dishing out collective punishment with advanced weaponry while the only thing Hamas can do is build tunnels and slingshot some self made missiles over your wall.

          2. + NO @nbrhan “and we need to free gaza from the hamas organisation.”.

            What WE need to do is free Israel of Zio’s and restore the country to its rightful owners. Even Jews in Israel had a mass rally this week to stop the genocide in Gaza so you have no leg to stand on. At first, I didn’t believe you were a Shill, but now I’m starting to believe you are….a very well trained one.

  21. Bestgore, the most popular ‘Jew-wise’ website in the world. The Yids will hate you so much for this article!
    Obli, Acneska, Portugese Dude, Mark, Dre, PoZ and everyone one else doing their part to bring these monsters down and free humanity, I salute you all.

  22. More like palestenian shills are makin videos claiming innocence, they are all over my damn facebook page, Gaza is not innocent, do yall not see the infestation of muslims worldwide? In the bible it say israel will be destroyed , whats happening now is the beginning of prophecies that has been written. Please read Psalm:83 before any negative responses. But please respond gore addicts

    1. There will always be bullshit on every side when it comes to war, and gaining an upper hand on the public perception of your side, will always be a powerful propaganda tool, but with that being said, numbers don,t lie. Hundreds of civilians, versus 1

  23. There’s a reason for them to infiltrate websites via their paid idiots, they are liars. That’s not name calling, but rather a stone cold fact. Lie through their back teeth, have done so since year dot, and as for the past sixty years, well, no wonder they need so many bullshitters to keep up the dirt work

  24. Well I think this post was very enlightening. Especially all the different aspects of history and tradition provided by the replies. The basics still work obviously. Good job.

  25. There seems to be alot of Jews living in Australia, spreading their propaganda. I have seen a few posts today on various websites/facebook of these Jews attempting to justify Israels actions and an attempt to say that Palestine are the terrorists, and the sole cause of this situatuin.

    Also, been getting my daily news from here for about 2 and a half years now. This situation has finaly gotten me to make an account, so I may be around more often to share my opinion on things.

    Excuse some of my ”non proper” English terms, I am from Australia haha.

  26. a common tactic i have had shot at me a number of times in the last few days is to list how many people are being killed in Iraq, Syria and other war zones and to show that israel is much lower , usually with use of a graph and to claim that all videos are fake and were actually filmed in Syria or Iraq. Also the old they started it and shoot missiles at us, if only they’d stop blah blagh blah……

  27. On a side note.When our avatars went down, I have to say my suspicions were roused as to whom and why that occurred. Bearing in mind that the avi’s must now be uploaded via a third party , who , by all accounts, are not too cracky with regards to privacy, it did make me wonder. I took the chance, but one never can be sure when these ” blips ” occur. Just a thought.

  28. @nbhran123 Just wondering whether you would consider the possibility of the so called ‘information’ that you have access to about the local events in Gaza being ever-so ‘slightly’ propagated by media with an inherent pro-Israeli agenda. You really believe because you live near something that you have access to the whole truth? it’s been shown time and time again in history that quite often average citizens in areas of close proximity of conflict are often the last to have access to non-bias accounts of information. I would imagine Israeli media would be least trustworthy source for a completely neutral perspective of events don’t you think?

  29. You know , it doesn’t matter what you think , actually i am happy that you give your opinions about israel , if you would live here you will understand what is really happenin here , i dont have the energy to make this arguement , this argument can keep on forever and ever , im not trying to brain wash you or start a propoganda , hope you will have a great life , i stated my point here , from here on its your own decision to decide if you believe it or not , and i will be happy if you read more about this conflict .

  30. It honestly doesn’t matter what country or religion it is. Fuck jews and Israel. ANY country has the right to defend itself. Unless you live in a country that is constantly under fear of rocket attacks, I dont want to hear your bullshit.

      1. Its war. There has not been a war on this scale where there has been no civil deaths. War is murder no matter how you look at it. Don’t buy into the propaganda. Gaza is losing. Bitching and moaning to the media and internet is all they can do. If your country gets attacked by rockets I assume I can expect you to take it in the ass.

        1. Jews are already in control of all white countries, subverting our race and culture. We are going to declare war on Jews. Then we’ll see all Jews pissing and moaning about losing to the white race. I’ll expect you to be the biggest moaner on here. It’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time.

          1. @Scarface is PISSING me off so much now. I’ve seen that Jew-dog Shill on every post now twisting the truth. All the articles are covered with that Jews lies and misinformation.

            You talk about war? What fucking war? Gaza don’t have an Army or a Navy. You are just occupying their country and killing them and its Jew dog bastard shills like you that try and justify it. Well NOT ON HERE you antichrist Jew devil. Go and stick the Talmud up your arse…In the meantime i’m drawing a picture of ‘Yaweh’ to piss and shit on you Yid Kike cunt.

      1. Palestine does have the right to defend itself as well. But when it comes down to it, I would rather have a bunch of greedy jews around rather than a bunch of pissed off muslims, blowing themselves up along with innocent people to prove a point to some fake god with a fake promise of multiple virgins.

        1. @Scarface is the most persistent Zionist i’ve ever come across. What you fail to understand is that if there were no greedy Jews on this planet, every other race and religion would live in peace. Before the intervening of Jews, all middle eastern countries lived in peace. Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Syria etc never had a single suicide bombing case. But then you Jews bombed the twin towers and claims Saddam had nuclear weapons and since then, the middle east has become a horrible place. You ruin everything you touch. No doubt you’ll reply with the same textbook Shillery.

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