How to Prevent Firefox from Blocking Access to BG Due to Jewgle Blacklist

Uncheck "Block Reported Attack Sites" To Restore Access to Best Gore if Google Blacklists It Again

Uncheck "Block Reported Attack Sites" To Restore Access to Best Gore if Google Blacklists It Again

It would seem that the block that Google imposed on Best Gore was lifted after just a few hours. What Jewgle did was attempt to restrict access to Best Gore by marking it an “attack site” and since browsers designed for the use by the sheeple are programmed to dance to the Jewgle’s tune, they by default blocked access to Best Gore.

This block can be overruled, but since Jew friendly browsers have it turned on by default and most web users are not technical types, it resulted in the inability of some people to access the site.

The reason why Jewgle marked Best Gore an “attack site” was utterly ridiculous – harmless HTML code that displays an image. But the image displayed was that of an American woman who was murdered by a Jew with a bulldozer in Palestine and that seems to have been as good a reason to strike against the publisher as any.

Even though the block was lifted after just a few hours, let’s not fool ourselves – sooner or later it’s gonna happen again. Next time someone feels butt hurt cause I exposed their evil ways, the block will be back. This time around, you should be ready. This is how you can turn blocking of sites marked as “attack sites” but the Jew off in Firefox:

  • Press ALT to reveal the menu
  • Click on TOOLS and then on OPTIONS
  • Select SECURITY tab
  • Uncheck “Block Reported Attack Sites”
  • Click OK

I refuse to install Jewgle spy engine called Chrome on my machine so I couldn’t tell you how to prevent the block there, but I suppose the procedure would be somewhat similar. Or you can just use Internet Explorer which is what grownups and those who didn’t fall for the “going against Microsoft will make you look rebellious and therefore cool” bullshit use. Although Bing draws many of its results from Google so I anticipate IE will start dancing to the Jewgle tune soon also.

Attack Site?

Best Gore has been around for 5 years and for 5 years, it has been the safest site on the internet. It never has and never will inject people’s computers with Trojans or whatever other malware is out there. If you understand basic coding, you can check the source of any page to see how safe it is for yourself. If you don’t, ask a friend who has coding experience to see for themselves.

As a matter of fact, because I was utterly dedicated to preserving user’s safety and privacy, a few years ago I removed the Google Analytics code from the website’s footer. Google Analytics is a popular script that collects a lot of information about the website’s users. These are all non personally identifiable data which give the webmaster idea on how many people access the site, how many pages they access per visit, how long they stay on the site per visit, which pages are the most popular, which browser they used to access it with, etc.

Still, being a Google script, ie a script run by a company known for spying on people and selling personal data to business conglomerates and governments, I could not trust it. I knew the data they provided me as a webmaster with did not contain any personally identifiable info, but what data Jewgle really collected with the script and what they do with it – only they know.

So as part of my dedication to safeguarding your privacy and online safety, I stripped myself off the data Google Analytics was providing me with and have run the site without it since. That’s how much I care for your privacy while on Best Gore. And I’m honored to have learned that ya’ll, even without knowing all that, stood by me when Jewgle struck with the block.

The Community

This is my time to once again thank you all for never for a second doubting that Best Gore was indeed a safe site, despite Jewgle labelling it an “attack site”. You had my back and stood by me and I wasn’t blind to it. I would never betray you with the use of a malicious code and after this backstab by Jewgle I knew you wouldn’t betray me just because the Jew decided to call Best Gore an “attack site”. It says a lot about the community and makes me realize I’m at the right place.

Between the same time last year and now, Best Gore has grown by 1,700 percent or from about 400,000 to over 7 Million readers a month. That alone is a signal that Best Gore is on the right track and shows how many people rely on it for reality fill ins. In a few days we will be celebrating 5th anniversary so I’ll try to plan a day off to stick around for a sit down with the ones of you who stood by me this whole time to set the aim for the site’s future together. But we’re not there yet.

Stay tuned for the 5th anniversary sit down. I’ll take a day off from posting to have a sit down with the healthy core of Best Gore so we can together decide what to focus future posts on.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

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  1. I have “All the gore” bookmarked in AOL and it is the second thing I check first thing every day. I am in the US and I haven’t had a problem with Google Chrome either. We should all thank Mark for keeping this place a safe place to visit. I keep a lot of security software running because I download a lot of files. In all of my time here, only one time did one of the ad’s get blocked by a virus blocking software. I stopped going to a different gore site years ago because of multiple detections. This place is the best all around. Awesome content, awesome members. Even the semi off topic banter between the members make this a special place.

  2. 4/28/2013 1:38PM EST — looks like Google has re-blocked you. I get “sorry this site is experiencing technical difficulties” — but I opened up IE and she’s purring fine. What a bunch of jerks!

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