How To Stop People from Pissing and Shitting On Your Property

How To Stop People from Pissing and Shitting On Your Property

Since it’s been a weird week full of weird things happening, and of people shitting in public places, let’s balance it out with a little feel good compilation of bastards getting taught a lesson for pissing and shitting on some dude’s property. I wonder where this is from cause every single pisser and shitter is… well… is speaking truth still hate speech? Yes, they are all Obama voters, the diversity’s finest. If you don’t feel culturally enriched watching the video, you’re clearly a racist.

It’s definitely a great way to deal with lowlifes pissing and shitting on your house. You can’t shoot them or beat them up cause you’re gonna go to jail, especially if you as a victim are not a knee grow. You can’t complain cause nobody’s gonna do shit especially if you as a victim are white and scum pissing on your house are “minorities”. If you did, you’d be accused of intentionally building your house in such a way so as to lure misunderstood minorities into pissing on your property because you’re a racist bigot anti Semite. So how do you stop feral apes from defecating on your house? There is a way.

And you thought Chinese women were gross:

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97 thoughts on “How To Stop People from Pissing and Shitting On Your Property”

    1. You cant mate.. you can accept it or move
      We live in a country where people are far too attached their material possesions and little luxeries to risk taking to the streets and doing something about it and losing them..
      Were allowed just enough to keep us apathetic and complacent, we are a nation of consumers and that wont change.. you might aswell make peace with it, drink nice wine, fuck beautifull women and eat good pizza..

    2. How bout start by wiping out all these welfare/SSDI leeches? Kill all the worthless homeless drug addict filth who get paid by the government to sit on their lazy asses and do nothing, that would save billions every month.

      Nice w/ the water, but I’d fill that thing with napalm, now that would be fun to watch.

      1. Nothing is going to give privacy to those women, man.. The asses on them would block out the sun.

        Or feel like it since you’d pluck your eyes out in offence at witnessing such a travesty.


        1. Auto-bidet; how convenient.

          The only advancement to this system would to spray the miscreants with sewerage and to install a trap-door into the sewer beneath.

          He should screw a toilet roll holder to the wall to encourage people to take a piss and/or a shit.


          1. I’d like to see this guy install a flame-thrower.Now that would definitely stop them from doing it again because they would probably no longer exist!!!

            **Then he could put up a sign that says”Free bbq wieners,help yourselves”.**

  1. What if you are out walking down the street and you really REALLY gotta go and you can’t hold it in any longer and you know it’s gonna be one of those explosive shits that sprays out your ass? Your only options are to do it in your pants and drip the rest of the way home or drop your pants and squat where you are, which happens to be on the sidewalk in front of a Hell’s Angel’s clubhouse? Either way there’s gonna be consequenses but you’ll only have a split second to decide. I hope I never run into this situation.

  2. What the FUCK?! Why is this one little corner so attractive as a piss/shit spot?! That’s fucking disgusting, people are animals who just don’t fucking care. They deserve to have piss & shit dumped on their heads, not water. Although I suppose then one of them could retaliate by saying you “assaulted” them with biohazard. 9__9

    I’m shocked how frequently this doorway gets used. I wonder how many of them shout back curses? Most of them look shocked & seem to just be on their way, but it looks like a few turn back angrily…as if they have a right to.

    1. yep. as a man, the one who throws the first punch is the one getting arrested. although fighting is a mental game as well, it’s easy enough to trick most swinging dicks into attacking you. luckily, i have a bit of an intimidation factor going on so people don’t usually go out of their way to fuck with me….yuck yuck

    1. I grew up in Government Housing, and the place was pretty nice. No graffiti or anything, clean, sociable, etc.

      Now that place is full of Africans and it’s a hellhole. Dirty as fuck.

      Makes me sad.

        1. If only it stopped at the mess.

          I’ll look back at this place in 20 years, and I’ll see exactly what people in America see in cities with a large African demographic, or what the Europeans see in cities with a large Muslim demographic.

          Shitholes full of crime, violence, rape, murder, drugs, social unrest, Mosques, and women in garbage bags.

          1. Its difficult to imagine this miserable rock lasting another 20 years.

            Its going pretty much to plan,for those who actually run the circus,except for syria….the wheels fell off that project,and has backfired badly for them lolol,putan has the kenyan and his handler undecided and anxious.

  3. Needs a tripwire or electricity… Electricity if your gonna insist of using water. Or use shitty toilet water, the corner already stinks like a whores twat, this way you Atleast get to watch the fucking spades run and screm “I’s coverd in shit nigga”.. Good times, high quality entertainment!!

  4. I peed behind a dumpster in some rotten alley last time I was in Chi-Town. I kind of wish there would have been this shower thing back there, because I felt nasty as Hell being surrounded by all of that refuse, but when ya gotta go ya gotta go!

  5. Wtf!? Lmao. Why does everyone, male and female, piss in that same exact spot? You would think the word would get around to all the other crackheads and homeless people that its not a good idea to piss there.

  6. Love the voices he uses at the beginning of the video… I would SO do that full time, I’d quit my job to sit all day and spray ppl! Nasty ass fuckbags, and stupid too, always look back and up, make sure we got a nice view of your face on camera, idiots. It would be something if he had stills of all those ppl, and posted them on the wall there, like those that write a bad check to a store, they post the check, and copy of license for all to see, to teach a lesson to the bad check writer. This would work well here, the curious negro, as a rule, will always return to the scene. The curious negro, is not satisfied with being told no, or deterred in any way.

  7. this is the funniest vid ive seen for ages,what you need is a live wire at ground level to really complete the ‘shock’,nothing deadly just high voltage with low amperage would do the trick and i think what pissed those dirty fuckers off the most is the fact that now youve stuffed up their monthly shower routine!

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