Hundreds of Syrian Soldiers from Tabqa Air Base Marched Half Naked Through Desert by ISIS

Hundreds of Syrian Soldiers from Tabqa Air Base Marched Half Naked Through Desert by ISIS

After overtaking Tabqa Air Base, the Islamic State militants (formerly known as ISIS, or ISIL) allegedly took captive estimated 250 Syrian soldiers and marched them barefoot and half naked, wearing only their underwear through the desert. It is presumed that the soldiers were marched to the execution grounds and the execution video will be released later. It will likely be a real execution video, not like the beheading of James Foley.

To the public, the Islamic State jihadists broadcast themselves as devout Sunnis. Yet it is a known fact that a large portion of Syrian army are Sunni Muslims (majority of Syrians are Sunni and majority of Syrians, including the Sunni support their president and fight for him, it’s only the CIA sponsored usurpers that sold out to turn against him).

If the Islamic State were really the devout Sunnis they proclaim themselves to be, they would spare captured Sunni soldiers. Except that we know who really founded, trained and runs ISIS so that’s not gonna happen. This is also why these Muslims specialize solely in killing other Muslims, Christians or Kurds, but would never touch a Yahood – only with rhetoric, which is about as real as Kenyan calling the Israeli use of Hellfire missiles against the civilians disgraceful, while giving the Israelis more Hellfire missiles so they can kill more civilians with them.

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      1. Haji Syndrome. Yep just give up without a fight. If you had the chance to change things or fight back, you would wouldn’t you? In the U.S. the bastards who don’t are called bitches roflmao. It hit me , how can that many be captured and not one fight back? Yeah it is imminent one will die after being captured by these assholes. They went willingly to their death which is a bit fucked up.

        Smokin a bowl and opening the brain bucket but this is some asinine shit I just can’t get my head around. I would rather die running/trying to escape than led to the slaughter like sheep.

        Just have to love 3rd world countries.

    1. FOr zombies who dont watch the news. and for those who love these videos :D……IS is not a joke. i forsee USA coalition with Al Qaida in the near future to fight of IS.

      hugs… now go fuck ur momma.

      1. Idiots I swear. This is as real as you’re going to get sitting in the comfort of your home. While were sitting here,people are dying,nothing we can do. We can only sit back and watch people get shot up,by people who have lost all compassion,and would turn on their own children to save their pube bearded asses.

        The news on your TV can only show so must and they twist it in with there beliefs. You’re a fool to believe that any news source is trust worthy.

    1. so because you sit in front of a desk at work and use an iPhone you consider your self more advanced then an animal? I think you’re far from it. an animal doesn’t hate. it doesn’t do things out of resentment or to have vengeance. why would you insult an animal.

        1. You’re funny. so you think that when an animal eats another’s young cubs. they plot vengeance with others in the group. and just kill for revenge? animals in the wild fighting other animals is done for either food, mating and or territory.

          1. Animals are better than this people why? animals can be trained,this people wont. therefor this people are lower than animals.

      1. We’re all ruining this Earth in some way whether we are aware of it or not. Bombing isn’t going to help that,but we should kill these idiots. Its only a matter of time before they are knocking on our doors,because we don’t follow there beliefs. These people obviously don’t give a single shit about laws.

    2. you mean the people videotaping yes? imn that case you’re right… muslims killing muslims… no problem with me, its like roaches killin roaches… my main concern is……. its getting to close……………

      1. They live right beside me. and I haven’t had an issue. and I won’t have a problem settling business, when they do invade my personal space.
        This war in the middle east. is nothing but a business that is making a killing, literally. they don’t want our lcd TV. or iPhones. they just follow directions from a higher powers that reside in israel, the UK and USA and a few other powerfull people in other countries.
        meh we all die eventually. but I hardly doubt it’s them that’s gonna kill us.
        I would be more concerned about the government killing me.

  1. (in 1940’s movietone voice) look at these bronzed men, Hi Fahid! They are off for fun in the sun at the beach, hey save some sun tan lotion for me Abdul! It’s a long way to Tipperary and it’s the same for these tanned beach goers, just a few more miles of sand before they hit the waves. So cowabunga, ahola and surf’s up. Remember to hang ten!

  2. All I want to know is when does the Islamic State vs Jewish State war start? If Arabs enjoy cutting other Arabs heads off can you imagine what they would be doing to the Jews that live on stolen Arab land…..

  3. I’m not sure about depate means either. Maybe it would apply if you scrape pate off a cracker.

    That being said, don’t these guys know surrender is committing suicide? You’d figure they would try to avoid getting captured at all costs.
    I wonder if they would stop the march if someone had to take a shit?

  4. I doubt their mothers advised them to wear clean underwear just in case you are being filmed and shown on CNN before being executed….it’s pretty screwed up that they don’t even realized they are just pawns to weaken each other for the benefit of Israel…..Israel would shit if they invaded Jordan and took out their whole military….

  5. Want to know how you can tell a proper Jihadi from a fake Jihadi? By how they treat their prisoners. The Prophet Muhammad treated captured prisoners with the utmost respect. The Prophet himself was furious when one of his soldiers killed an enemy who tried to surrender when he was overpowered but his plea was ignored. Jihad is only allowed in self-defence. It can not be offensive. The Mighty Saladin during the Crusades upheld the Prophet Muhammad’s principles, which is why when white Christians surrendered to the Muslims they were given food and shelter and guaranteed security. When Muslims surrendered to Christians, they were killed.

    Here’s a fact; Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was the first person in history to ever write the humane rules of war. I have found how funny it is when people on here claim they are not “sheeple”, but believe all the Jewish bullshit about the Prophet. The Prophet forgave people of the kind of habits these ISIS lot kill for.

    1. Boy, you don’t even know your own religion. Below is the profet ordering the hit of a prisoner. Also ask the Jews of Quarayza about the profets “humane rules of war”.

      ?When the apostle ordered him to be killed, Uqba said, ?But who will look after my children, O Muhammad?? [Muhammad?s reply] ?Hell.? The man was put to death. (Ibn Ishaq/Hisham 458)

  6. Future leader…..this baghdadi wouldn’t be alive if the USA wasn’t backing him….you also know he is back by the USA when he isn’t chanting death to Israel…..the whole middle east strategy is to keep oil flowing but causing enough havoc to keep oil prices high…forcing oil countries to trade oil in USA dollars and if they don’t like saddam and gadaffi they end up dead….the other strategy is the security of israel by fragmenting the region in civil war and unrest by dividing the two distinct groups to weaken each other…..only question is will it have huge blowback and eventually turn into an Islamic state vs Jewish state war….can you imagine the gore videos of Arabs killing Jews?

  7. I just don’t get it. I’d like to think that they didn’t know what was going down, but it seems rather obvious to any reasoning person. They just march like cattle, not revolting or even pleading with their captors…it’s kind of unnerving. Had just a few of them overrun one of those trucks, the whole group of them most likely would have taken action and given the group a fighting chance. No…nobody stepped up to the plate, and now they all rest in a mass grave. SMH

  8. You see that kick at the 0:35 mark?
    What a bad ass! Kickin a man who’s almost naked with no shoes in the sweltering hear and that sand is super hot I’m sure.
    Those men are a bunch of pussies-stripped them anything that would or could be used as an upper hand-real men fight fair-
    This isn’t a fair fight. Its abduction and murder.
    They have to get them naked and humiliate them before brutally killing them. Its sickening.

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