Hypocrisy of the Sheep

Alexa Traffic Stats for BestGore.com

You see that graph up there – that’s a screenshot from Alexa.com which shows how much traffic BestGore.com has been getting over the past 2 years. As you can see, Best Gore has been steadily growing in popularity but it’s nothing compared to what happened over the past week. That massive spike at the end of the graph – that’s last week. And you know who these people are? The Sheep.

Over the past 4 years, Best Gore has withdrawn millions of people from falsehood and put them steadily on their feet set firmly on the ground. It’s a process that takes time but it does bring fruit. Case in point – a massive spike in traffic like this can’t be achieved with aware people only. Vast majority of this new flood of visitors to Best Gore are the sheep. The same sheep that bitch on Best Gore in mainstream media and call for website’s shut down and my prosecution. What a bunch of hypocrites.

As it turns out, the sheep only bitch at Best Gore because that’s what sheep do. They follow herd mentality so if one sheep bleeps against Best Gore, they all bleep against Best Gore. They don’t know why the hell they bleep against Best Gore, but every other sheep bleep against Best Gore and they want to belong. They want to show what deserving members of the herd they are. So away they bleep as loudly as they can.

And then, when night falls on the city, they sit on their computer chair, look over their shoulder to make sure nobody’s watching them, lean towards the screen to shade as much of it as they can and sneakily log in to Best Gore because they just can’t resist. Bunch of fucking hypocritical losers. When sheep listen, bitch they do, but with no sheep around, they just can’t tear themselves off the site.

Sheep = BUSTED!

For 4 years I’ve been busting the sheep for the spineless, arrogant, violent pieces of shit that they are and look at me today – like in the old days. Still busting them sheep like there’s no tomorrow. You ignorant pricks, man up and admit what bunch of hypocritical fucking losers you are! You’re gonna bitch at Best Gore yet you can’t tear yourself away from its pages? You set moral standards for others yet you have none for yourself. How about you look in the mirror before you point a finger? Your fake morality disgusts me.

Best Gore – 4 years of busting the sheep and counting. Bring’em on!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Google is censoring access to our videos. Don't use their proprietary and dubious browser Chrome just because it's popular with the herd. Use an open source, user friendly and privacy respecting alternatives, like Tor or Firefox. Leave Chrome to the sheeple. Don't be one of them. Take the power to decide what you get to watch away from Google and put it in your own hands instead.

232 thoughts on “Hypocrisy of the Sheep”

    1. It seems to me like hypocrisy has become the worst of our society’s cancers.
      People acting like they are supposed to while deep down in their heads they know much greater evil. I’ve been lurking on this site for years now, I quite enjoy comparing the two separate realities, one being the world the mass-media describes, one being the world we live in.
      People nowadays have no clue of the atrocities and evil surrounding them, they even dare to call you a psyco just for watching videos of true facts. It disgusts me how weak the average man has become, not being able to stand the sight of a corpse, the thought of death. A generation of man raised by woman.
      These sheep should have a rotten corpse served on their dinner tables, a victim, when they’ll be unable to even look at the dead man’s face, to just touch the surface of what his misery must have been in his final moments, they’ll be thankful for men like mark who don’t escape from reality but stand face to face with death and are the only ones who can truly help out this miserable world and the people who live on it.
      This being said,

      HELLO GOUYS, this be my first post, welcome a new fleshy virus into the family, will ya?

      1. Welcome to the bright side of life, Eywa! Make yourself at home, pour yourself a drink, and remember, if people start to get on your nerves it’ll be alright — we’ll all be dead before ya know it!

        1. Welcome Eywa you picked a great time to join πŸ™‚

          Mark you rock with your knack of the written word – you ever thought about writing a bokk? Time permitting of couse – maybe when everything slows down here, if it ever does!!!!!

        1. Welcome Like-Minded friend of reality-backed-reality, so very hard to find outside of Best Gore, those with a veiwpoint of both sides of the coin of the Fleshy Virus….a coin, like most others, has now been spent.

          What would “reality” be like if all the blind could suddenly see? Would we implode?
          At the dawn of the automobile, people just knew that the human body would fail at any speeds above 25 m.p.h. and people KNEW that the planet was flat.

          This has always been the problem with the F.V.
          The Be-All-End-All-Mighty Opinion.
          7+ billion OPINIONS of reality, and a blantent deliberate blindness to a glance at what actually IS real.

          Here, we are fourtunate enough to get that ‘gleem of reality’ and it’s good on us to stay and learn, to absorb as much of it as possible.

          So Eywa, Welcome to the visable part of Best Gore.
          Go now and talk words backed with reality to us to our eyeball ears in ample amounts!

          1. Hey RS, you get your shit back up and running again? You might have already said you did in another post. I’ve been on a bunch lately but just had no time to make comments.

        1. Well, many males wear makeup and are MORE obsessed with their looks and nails then many WOMAN are.

          That’s the thing that gets me about sexism.
          There are only the two sides, and both work better with the other ones’ help (in general)

          With race differences, THAT is a reality-based cause for concern.
          Gooks don’t act anything but weird, and the males and females look the same….for an example.

          I think what he is saying is the distinct differences are now beyond blurry, and because of this, the very BASIS of “normal consistancy” when ALL ELSE fails, at least chicks are feminine and guys are masculine, has all but gone away……an simple and accurate example of how the most basic platform is beoming currupt and fucked.

          I may be wrong about what he/she was trying to say (I have no idea on Eywa’s gender)

          1. Thanks for that Rotten, I appreciate it and ALL your posts.
            Eywa makes it sound like society has gone soft due to being raised by women – I don’t feel that is the case.

          2. Vast swathes of western society has gone soft.

            But not due to the fact that it is because we were raised by women.

            It dates back to the 60s when the social revolution occurred and usurped the old order of, Christianity, Masculinity, Honesty and Casual racism… Aka, The good old days.

            All of these things mentioned suddenly became unfashionable as the revolutionary new generation began actively practising contrarianism on a scale never before witnessed in prior generations.

            It is even obvious in today’s fashions.

            It is trendy for a young man to be effeminate, skinny and ‘gay’.

            It is trendy for a woman to be masculine, dominant and a wee bit butch.

            The next time you watch an ad or movie on the telly. Take notice that more often than not. The woman will be portrayed as being sensible and strong. Often saving the day. Whilst the men will be portrayed as being weak, dopey and stupid (unless they are coloured of course).

          1. well im a woman,,,im a single mother raising two boys….and trust me my boys are not weak….my boys dont need a man to teach them anything……i learn them everything they need to know

          2. I am sure they are a credit to you Razor.

            I myself was raised by my mother. My biological father was a waste of space and was only to be found when he wanted a quick shag of my mum.

            Now I am not one to be saying that a woman’s place is to be in the home and only the home. That would be a grave offence to my own mum who I love dearly and respect (and fear) totally.

            I am saying that the ‘feminisation’ of society has gone way overboard. As it has lurched from one extreme to the other.

            We need to find a balance. A society where a man can be his own man without fear of being cast as a ‘misogynist’. And a woman can be her own woman without being cast as a ‘militant feminazi’.

          3. A mother makes a man.
            I was only raised by my mother until I was 11 (bad thing happened don’t ask what), But I give her credit for telling me to not care for what people think and just thrive “independently”
            So you mothers are brave for your job.

    2. Right on! I heard from another site the Canadian authorities were looking to bring on Obscenity charges for showing the video. Have they made threats here?
      Sincerely the newbie who has lurked for at least a year.

      1. I’ve read some of the articles most say they dont know what to charge “mark” with, they clearly have nothing. Its like trying to sneak around with your friends, one guy gets burned and the rest get burned. Mark does a hell of a job, this is reality tv, anything but the truth is just fantasy. The sheep seem ok with fantasy. Btw i was suppose to type”you count them in your sleep” got too quick with my fingers…

      1. As soon as you say nigger, dirty arab or filthy monkey fondling man child muslim they go sheep on you and call you all the words they can think of, and then more come.
        They appear out of nowhere like the annoying children from the breeding of christians.

          1. Reconsidered as in I should not? Or in reference to my retraction statement that I decided against it?

            I’m sorry if that makes little sense. I’m sleep deprived and wearing a towel.

          2. I hope you would be a part of it.

            *a grinch-esque smile races across my face as fast as the filthy thought race across my mind*

            I am sleep deprived as well. I have been 72 hours with little over 10 hours sleep. Hopefully I could get my head down later.

            Why are you wearing a towel… Might I ask?

          3. Well, seeing as I couldn’t sleep, I took a long shower, attempting to pass some time. And then I couldn’t be arsed changing into anything yet, instead I lay on my bed with my laptop with the BestGore webpage open. In a fucking towel. Sometimes I really think I’m too unnusual.

          4. No worries Red. I would like to say that it is far better being a ‘freak’ or a ‘weirdo’.

            I’cant think of anything worst than being ‘normal’.

    1. Nothing gets me harder than a red head pumping her fist.

      Really…They don’t have a strong case against this site considering how the ice pick video is all over the interweb.
      I was reading the comments on mass media sites and thankfully those who oppose bestgore are just a bunch of idiots… Seriously, They are fucking dumb..
      It’s like they have no idea what the story behind the entire situation is, But because they are morons they bash this site for its content.
      Canada along with all censorship supporters are going to commit mass suicide, And I thank this site for it.
      I raise my blunt to thee.

      1. “we needs to stop the nasty best gore ppls… Cus thats ware all the cereal killas cum from!!!”

        They can all fuck themselves with broken wine bottles.

        I raise my pint of Real Ale to Mark and the people of Best Gore.

  1. Fuck yeah!!! Screw all you sheep prick fucks!!! Leave the gore to the small community of citizens that accept reality for what it is. No candy coating here! Best gore is as real as it gets. While you asshole Sheep watch your so called “reality TV” (American idol, survivor,khardasians) we are accepting and preparing ourselves for what Reality really .
    Life is not pink bunnies and butterflies! With all the shit that’s going on in the world, I will not be afraid, thus proving my survival among pussies!!!

  2. Hopefully they all lose interest soon, I’m hoping their short attention span will cleanse this site from those who aren’t here for the entire package and are only here because of a narcissistic murderer who received a lot media coverage. I hate people who conform and follow the herd. Just wait a couple of weeks and they’ll disperse like the confused and blind sheep they really are.

  3. that’s the sheep, they consume avidly the coke El Chapo works hard to provide, sells him back tons of automatic weapons and ammo and then……they watch horrorized the video of some sicarios killing each other (fighting for the monopoly of selling dope to the sheep with the weapons the sheep sold’em in return) and say: “this site is scandalous, someone shut it down”. Around here we call that ‘gattopardismo’: change something so everything remains the same

    1. It’s the same gameplan the suits have used all along and yet the fluffy ones believe it every time. Just like Bill Hicks’ interpretation of Jack Palance’s role in “Shane”, give someone a gun and then kill them for having said gun(which isn’t actually not in the movie but still, Bill hit the bull in the eye, a Billseye if you will). What a world we live in. But something monumental is in progress. Only time will tell if truth and logic take hold. Convincing brain-dead sheep is a tough job

  4. I found BG by accident many months ago. I had not seen a gore website before so the pictures were shocking, of course. But what I found more interesting than the pictures and videos was Mark’s very intelligent and insightful perspectives he provides with the content. Mark did open my mind and my world view. He provides excellent historical perspective on the human atrocities that are committed in the pictures and videos that are posted. It is not simply gore for the sake of gore; it is gore with an education. Some of the beheading videos are still too much for me to watch and I appreciate Mark’s descriptions before I decide to watch them. Nonetheless, the pictures and videos are of actual horrible pain and misery that the FV inflict upon each other. This is why BG is and important website IMHO.

    1. This is my life story except my brother showed me the chainsaw beheading video and was hooked to the website. I appreciate Mark’s thought’s and deep insight’s on each post with educated responses, i don’t think there’s another person on this planet that could handle this website and criticism any better. Kudos to Mark


    1. You have stumbled upon Hawk’s hunting ground.

      He will not take your perversion of the abbreviation ‘SS’ kindly.

      Anyway, I digress. Welcome to Best Gore.

      That is a very nice picture you have there Miss.

  5. I Wish I could believe in a REAL and CONSISTENT form of on-the-books justice, but alas, none anywhere in the world seems to be in existence.
    Finland has resort prisons and the Internet has resorted to Opinions.

    Nowhere else can truth, PURE truth be found like what is available to ALL of us as is HERE on Best Gore.
    But it is, and never has been enough, pure truth, fact and reality, when it goes against what is MOST SUPREMELY IMPORTANT.

    popular opinion.

    I do hope though, that there is no money in shutting the site down, so there for they will abandon any campaign that may be in the works to work against the site, and efforts are simply shifted to whatever is right around the corner to distract the F.V. and cause the 5 minute attention span from watching WAAAY too much T.V. to be motivated to do something else.

    Time will tell what happens.
    But sense Best Gore is still in the thick of the General Public’s F.V. eyeball and millions of their screaming finger-tip-mouths at this very moment, well, time just hasn’t had much of a chance to happen yet to show us much else other than proving the validity to what Mark has been saying for quite some time now.

    Hang in there Our Friend.
    The Students Of Best Gore are side by side with you, as we have been now for years.

  6. I’ve been around for about a year, maybe longer, but have never commented until now. I to found this site by accident but once here have not been able to turn back. I love how this site has opened my eyes wide open to what is REALLY going on in this world we live in. Because of this site and all the wonderful words Mark uses to best explain what is going on, especially with what is going on in Syria I would never know any different and now I to can let others know the truth. Keep up the great work Mark you have a huge group of people who are standing with you. Thank you so much Mark for waking me up and helping me to make better decisions for myself, my family, and friends.

  7. My sentiments exactly. The bleating of the sheep is the screeching of the uninformed, the blathering of the clueless, the raving madness of the hypocritical. The sheep create the problems that plague us all and are the first ones in line to complain about those very problems. Censorship is their sword, hypocrisy their shield, incredulity their philosophy, brainwashing their motivation, the sheep herd along on their path to self-destruction not even knowing that their greatest enemies are truth and themselves.

  8. Real sheep have a purpose. They provide wool to keep us warm. The human variety are wishy washy and are a bunch of useless hypocritical assholes. They really don’t wanna know what’s going on in the real world. I could go on and on, but you all get the message. I read everyone else’s posts here, and they’re all right on point. Fuck ’em all, Mark … you rock!

  9. Have you considered the possibility that at least a portion of that is new people who will now enjoy best gore? I mean, any public exposure is going to bring people to something they’ve never heard of, including people that are perfectly open to it.
    I think it’s a bit much to assume that all of those people are the ones that cry for best gore to be shut down.
    Also, for them to know what they want to have shut down, they would have had to visit the site anyway, hence increased traffic.

  10. I`ll be glad when i get my laptop back ,this using my wifes sucks,
    I`m not one of your biggist contrabuters on here as far as comments go or providing material for you too post ,
    and let me just say the people that do are great,
    i live in a little town in Nova Scotia ,and for some who dont know where that is ,its on the easten coast of Canada.
    We bitch and argue with the SHEEP for the most part down here as they continue too find ways of keeping real down to earth people under thier hoof,and it takes people like Mark too show us the truth,
    Well Mark ,you have opened my eyes to the world i`ve only heard of .Thank You.
    For the longest time i`ve hated the shithole we call Canada ,but comming to this site and knowing it IS a Canadian site and you doing what you do for the ones that don`t want to be a sheep ,you have made me proud to be a Canadian once again.
    Thank You Mark,and don`t give up the fight as there are a lot of us non-sheep that will stand beside you…

  11. Mark, and indeed the community as a whole, should be applauded for what has been achieved in the last two weeks. Without bestgore Magnotta would have continued to evade capture. Maybe if the police had done something when the footage of killing kittens was attributed to him in the first place, they could have prevented the 1 lunatic 1 ice pick video. Mark should be held up as a saviour of truth, not a criminal

  12. I have read the heading of the story but not the story itself.

    I will read the story but after I post this comment.

    I’ll hazard a guess and say it’s related to………… negativity………. accusations……… innuendo……….. speculation………. theories.

    I can add to the list but anyone else wanna have a go

  13. One of my favorite comments made on one of the news articles against BG was “if I wanted to see ‘real life’ I’d watch the news.”


    Like the news is ever going to cover the atrocities that my country’s soldiers have committed. Mark did.

    1. It’s interesting how CONTEXT is what real words, really say.
      “real life” and “news” these days shouldn’t even be used in the same sentence.
      It’s nice being aware of how fucked we are as a whole.
      May the flood waters rise quickly and wash this miserable Virus away

      1. After finding BG i find it hard to watch the real news… lol
        The FACTS of life are just that. There should be no censorship in the news. BG is the shit that real life resembles…

        Cheers to Mark and all the BG fanatics

  14. I was reading in article about bestgore on Yahoo.ca and the comments posted about the article were full of sheep asking for the website to be shut down and the sheep said stuff like “How would Mark like it if his wife or kids were brutally murdered on camera and posted all over the internet”. What pisses me off are the fucktard sheep that are too stupid to realise that bestgore was almost responsible for catching Luka the retard alot sooner if it wasn’t for the sheep police. But pretty much all the sheep were crying how they want bestgore shutdown and Mark is an evil person blah blah blah. Reading the comments section made me so fucking mad and it also made me realise how fucking stupid these sheep are.

  15. Mark if the sheep are giving you problems just move the server to another location so those fuckers don’t get away with it shutting down bestgore if you need money for that pretty sure a lot of members would be willing to help just please don’t let them win and keep bestgore up as long as you live..

    1. Grate idea @Jesus. I hope Mark can provide an (or figure out) easy way for us true BG members to contribute. The last time Mark did this back in the end of 2011 I admit that I didn’t contribute and to this day I have felt like a complete Asshole.
      Mark, if you do figure this out, as a TRUE BG Member I WILL not let you down!

  16. How would we have witnessed the nigh indestructible human eyeball or the perils of riding a 2-wheeled motor vehicle in flip-flops if it wasn’t for Bestgore? I have my gripes with the site but it’s undeniably a labor of love.

    Nice rallying cry Mark.

    ‘He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt. He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would suffice.’
    Albert Einstein

  17. No worries man, as soon as Kim Kardashian gets a new hairdo or Miley Cyrus gets caught with a doobie, all attention will be focused there, to the exclusion of all else! The sheeple cannot stomach REAL life situations like you show here- it offends them greatly that there are deeper things than fashion and gossip.

  18. Seriously though,I wouldn’t worry one bit about legal repercussions over this,Mark & BestGore.. So many websites have this video now that in order to go after YOU they’d have to go after all the others. Maybe its a good thing that BG isn’t being named right off in the timeline of events. With acknowledgment & praise will also come hatred.. So fuckin what if the media & authorities wanna take all the credit for busting that bitches ass. They can also take what comes along with not doing a damn thing when that lawyer first reported the video before the body parts were mailed. They need a scapegoat to point a finger at so they can take a little of that negative attention off themselves for fucking up royally. Don’t ask for or expect praise or recognition from any of this,the less attention at this point is probably best. Don’t worry and keep doing what you and BG does best =) Sheep are dumb animals and shit WILL die down. They just need someone else to blame right now besides themselves. No good deed goes unpunished. On with the gore πŸ˜‰

  19. It’s pathetic these sheep don’t understand the world we live in..that’s it’s graphic it’s brutal it’s everything thing you wish to believe to be a lie and that it won’t and can’t happen to you. Sites like BG opened my eyes I was once a sheep til I saw the Nick Berg beheading 9 years ago I was 15 at the time it was a major wake up call for me.

    Sites like BG have made me more aware of my surroundings the amount of videos I have seen of sheep running across a street or just being a total retard and getting killed makes me look both ways, when I get a vehicle I always buckle my belt….if it was up to me I would have sheep watch these videos everyday kids and old adults alike they wouldn’t do dumb shit they would be more careful if not then those sheep deserves whatever is coming to them.

    and for the Canadian police they are just trying to save face. Let’s not all forget that Luka was identified as a serial cat killer years ago…. and if the Canadian police had done something maybe Luka would of never killed Lin Jun he might of gotten the help he needed. It’s their incompetence that let Luka get to Paris then to Germany.

    but let’s say the worse happens and they do bring charges to BG and mark and win that would be a HUGE precedent and a blow to freedom of speech and a big win for censorship….I just don’t see it happening.

    I’d like to see the MSM make a story about how the Police did jack shit about Luka killing cats who knows he might of killed more than what was posted or killed someone before Jun Lin…..their inaction is at fault not BESTGORE for solving this heinous crime on day 1.

  20. I have watched this site for probably a year now but never posted. I think the attempted prosecution of best gore is an outrage, you either have free media or no media. This site isn’t televised to young children, the only ones who view it are those who wish to. In general I find most of the comments on these things disgusting, unsympathetic and the people are most likely sickos. This would be my only discredit to the site.I rarely if ever watch the videos on here but I love reading your pieces on them. Regardless I feel best gore opens the world to people who want to see it. In one of the articles the writer says it’s OK to show a government massacring it’s civilians so as to alert the public’ how is this any fucking different! I have been through legal shit of a similar nature before, the media are a bunch of morons who paste lies to capture attention and would sell their own mother for the next headline. Wish you the best Mark with your impending legal rape-fest. As your site preaches and your all too aware, the world isn’t a fair or just place.

  21. You definately provide this planet a valuable and important service. Maybe there will be many Sheep-Converts with all the publicity.

    I for one (I was not a “sheep”) can say that I had no REAL idea of what was going on around the world.

          1. If your one of the “did he died” shit-rivets from over there, prepair to have the entire site decend upon you.
            That is NOT something that any of us here will put up with WHAT SO EVER.
            If you’re not one of those types of S.R.F.V’s….then, welcome to Best Gore,

        1. Hey Razor, I love all this anger. It makes my laugh, one good thing is there are more hot ladies like yourself;)
          Just remember sheep are sheep, and will hide ( in the open) as long as they can, pretending they’ve been here for years. SO SEND THEM TO THE SLAUGHTER HOUSE, ha ha I love it.

          1. exactly phatman…….pretending they have been here for years lol….there have been so many first posts from people talking like they have been here for years when the only reason they are here is because the luka story led them here

          1. Yes, I am new here and yes, I am here because of Luka but that is where the comparison ends.
            I signed up immediately when I realized I had found home with you like-minded individuals.
            Sometimes good comes out of bad, for me this is true – I found BestGore.
            Us newbies aren’t all bad, I hope I may even give you a chuckle from time to time.

          2. I know Razor…

            Just I think you might need help sharpening and hanging up the Meat hooks? They can be a bit tricky.

            Plus I am quite tall. Maybe I can give you a ‘hand’?



            I look forward to future debates with you. Just we pre- Luka members have been shaken a bit by the recent statistics and legal threats against Mark.

            When things settle down a bit all would be good.

          3. @Fiend.

            A prospective future wife of mine has to be:

            Of good intelligence.
            A sex maniac.
            A sexual deviant.

            I know you fulfil the first requirement. But what about the other two?

            Alicatt is my ex wife. She fulfilled all three but didn’t cook me dinner. So she has since disappeared…

            I swear I mailed the photos to Mark…

          4. Goddamnit trooper,do you
            have to cyber impregnate
            every female with a binary
            sequential code ???
            leave their online va jay jays
            alone for one day,take a
            virtual cold shower,the rate
            you have set is going to wear
            out your hard drive,or contract
            a nasty trojan virus.
            Dont complain to us if your
            software wont load and stays

          5. @trooper well i gave you the best seconds of my life….only so much i could do in those seconds…..i could have made you sumpin yummy…you like roast beef? yorkshire pudding? Lots of yummy gravy? …i could go on but alas i should move on…. ;P

  22. This would be a great time to come out with BestGore t-shirts and coffee mugs. I would be proud to wear mine out in public for all to see.
    Mark it’s just a thought but it could help pay for some of your expenses.

      1. id buy one! Best gore t-shirts would rock! you need to find like a T-shirt fabrication factory and some i think you can pay to have your own designs put on shirts, but make like 5 or something and send them to mark as a “demo” of the product and he can send the extra to the oldest members of the site to get some feed back

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