I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant with Videos Explaining Meaning

I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant with Videos Explaining Meaning

If this is the first time you hear of “I, Pet Goat II”, prepare to have your mind blown.

I, Pet Goat II is a 3D animated short film by a Montreal, Quebec, Canada based nascent independent computer animation studio Heliofant. There is so much “hiding in plain sight truth” fit into the 7 and a half minute of I, Pet Goat II, the video tends to prompt viewers who are not zombified sheep into examining its each frame for clues and hidden meanings.

I was introduced to I, Pet Goat II by Best Gore member cheesesandwich55 who had this to say about the video:

There is some new crazy stuff that appears to link I Pet Goat II to the Sandy Hook Massacre that happened 4 months ago. Remember I pet goat II was made BEFORE the Sandy Hook Massacre ever took place (I think it was made about a year ago).

The video is about the Global Elite, New World Order, Illuminati, 9/11, George Bush, Zionists etc etc.

There is a lot in this video that is creepy. Like a part where there is a map to the top left corner of George Bush with pins on and one pin is on the US state of Connecticut, where Sandy Hook shooting happened.

I personally think that pin is actually on the city of New York where 9/11, likewise a false flag attack took place so speculations that the video somehow foretold the coming of the Sandy Hook Massacre is unfounded. That little difference however takes nothing away from the overall brilliance of I, Pet Goat II.

I highly recommend this little video to everyone, although because of how packed it is with sagacity, it may feel so overwhelming, you may think it sucked or made no sense. Therefore I recommend replaying it again and maybe again several times. Each next time you view it, you’ll see deeper into it and you’ll notice little details you’ve missed before and that’s when your mind gets blown.

Amazing original score “the Stream” was written and performed by Montreal based alternative electronic visual band Tanuki Project. Check out Heliofant, the makers of the video on their website.

Many props to Best Gore member cheesesandwich55 for this hook up:

Here are also some videos of people on YouTube who broke I, Pet Goat II down to explain its meaning the way they perceived it. As for me – I still think it’s New York City, not Sandy Hook so I disagree with that part, but you’ll be amazed at what these people noticed that you have missed. I’m however surprised that none of them elaborated on the part of a person being turned brainless by evil television programming. The sheeple should see themselves in it cause that’s an accurate reflection of their beings but they’re already brainless therefore they can’t get it:

A few screenshots from I, Pet Goat II:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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80 thoughts on “I, Pet Goat II by Heliofant with Videos Explaining Meaning”

    1. Because if you just jump up and say it next thing you know your head is going to be a pike.
      If people could analyze and interpret instead of relishing within the comfort of having information pre-chewed and hand fed than maybe the majority of the people we have to share this society with wouldn’t be so stupid and willing to believe everything the government tells the public and indoctrinates in the education system.

      This is just a way of explaining something instead of having to read through a whole essay which I’m sure most people would prefer not to do unless they had to.

      1. @Deicide. You are right today in history class we had to choice who was the worst president. So I choose Abraham Lincoln and when I tried too tell the class why, they wouldn’t even listen. And said that Lincoln changed America for the good, that I was a racist, to get my facts straight, etc… Even though I had proof that I was right. So society is fucked. Fuck Khazars Jews. Fuck the Government. Fuck society. If they believe everything they hear on the News then let those dumbasses fail and only help other BestGore Members and their family. From that I was trying to say that Deicide is right how people only believe the News and when you try to show them the facts they will just attack you too no end.

  1. I really should not have eaten that “Special” brownie that blew my mind! the first time i watched it it was just trippy as hell but the videos that break them down were even better! it was quite interesting how they linked all that together.

  2. This was quite artistic in that it takes our external reality and portrays it through the medium of metaphysics and abstract realism.

    It basically tells us what we already know, that there is a faceless organisation in control, that your political leaders are puppets and that they use the media and the properties of society such as schools to brainwash people and that they like false flag operations because it gets the sheep fired up and all ready to hand over more of their freedom and rights.

    The Jesus figure on a Viking boat was a nice touch, the Viking boat is representative of the journey to a far away land, the closing of eyes until he was through the journey was representative of the need to close your eyes and ears to propaganda and the heart burning on his chest was showing the need to have free will and not be a sheep, this in turn helped all the other sheeple see the truth and thus when everybody could see the truth and started fighting back the system that had controlled them crumbles and disappears.

    The analysing video segments however I disagree with because they focus too much on occultism and symbology and these two elements are only relevant to those who believe in it and can we say with certainty that those in control do and even then it would only give you a slight inkling into the timeframes of their actions, I believe that greed and a psychopathic idea that they are the chosen ones, better human beings to be the motivation behind their actions.

    Everything else in the footage, such as references to Obama and healthcare and such is down to individual interpretation, you see what you want to see, those who laugh at the sheep and see themselves as free thinkers often fall for this one.

    When I listen to a classical piece of music such as canon by Pachelbel I often try to interpret the meaning behind it, the emotions embedded in it but my interpretation tends to change a little depending upon my present views and emotional state and to be honest would my interpretation be the same as the man who wrote the piece, probably not, therefore the lesson is not to believe your own interpretation to be the correct one for everyone, it is only correct for yourself at that one point in time, if only the deeply religious could learn that lesson.

    1. Of course it’s the filmmakers’ play on the psyche of the interpretuer to draw their own meanings from the symbols. So there is no correct version. But it’s the question of what the filmmakers ideas were for the symbols as he was making them. And his plans to start his own conspirasy.

      1. @GRAMMY’SGORE,

        I like most classical music, European style classical mostly, some Russian style particularly Rachmaninoff but I prefer Bach, St Matthew passion being one of my favourites and Mozart, I find Beethoven a little too colourful and jovial for my tastes, the list goes on.

    2. It looked to me as if the figure of Christ, while he had his eyes closed, was on drugs or otherwise not quite himself. He trembles uncontrollably, not quite aware of himself until eventually his eyes open, the crown of thorns disappears and he stops trembling. Then he looks aware and collected again. And at that moment, the ivory tower behind him crumbles.

      1. Maybe the trembling and the drug like behaviour with the crown of thorns was trying to represent that his persona was one of another’s making and that when he discarded the learned lies and found his true self the “crown of thorns” (perhaps symbolic of his pain and suffering) disappeared and he was at one with his true self.

        The moral conclusion, to live a lie is to not live at all and when you find your true self, even if you are financially poorer as a result, you will find life a lot more enjoyable, you will be emotionally and intellectually richer.

  3. Anybody else notice the oil machinery (not sure what the technical name for it is) and the oil dripping into the oil puddle right after Osama? It may just be me but that seems to signify the hunger that the U.S. has for the oil in the Middle East.

    1. The machinery you are referring to is called a pump jack. Well atleast here in Texas it is, we have hundreds of thousands here in west Texas. Hopefully with all the drilling me and my crew are doing here we are trying to atleast loosen our dependence on foreign oil. So my lazy ass government doesn’t have a reason to blow up innocent countries.

  4. Even though there’s a little confusion about what everything means, meaning different versons from different people. There is still a whole lot of underlying and hidden stuff not explained. If they are gonna do a breakdown, then do the whole thing. I see alot of stuff but not necessarily a strong statement as a whole.

  5. Yeah the explanation is a miasma of…well I just don’t know lol. I guess if there are people that care about any of it, well, theres something for you. Neat video though, I’m cool with what I get out of it. The explanation is 15 mins. of your life you can never get back.

  6. This was a very interesting video, and I enjoyed it a lot. I don’t have time to watch the analysis videos now, but I would love to hear what the artist himself has to say about it too. I noticed three other pins on the map of the U.S. pointing to Oklahoma, Louisiana and the Gulf of Mexico. I suppose that they are to indicate the Oklahoma City Bombing, the Katrina hurricane, and the recent oil tanker spill, respectively? I agree with Mark that the other pin is pointing to New York City, especially if you take in to account the other pins on the map. Anyway, thanks for sharing Mark and Cheesesandwich!

    1. At the beginning the goat had a hand holding up its thumb over its left eye lid. Also Obama was wearing a white glove symbolizing that his DNA couldn’t be traced back too him, because his hands are covered/clean. So that no evidence can prove that he did it, then he cant be blamed for it.

  7. The animation is pretty cool, but the analyses in the other two videos read like they were written by the guy from “A Beautiful Mind” before he discovered the benefits of anti-psychotic drugs.

  8. There are a few people who have made an attempt to figure out what is trying to be said with this animation short. Just check out youtube and put the title in the search and some should popup for you…some are better then others but all very interesting to say the least.

  9. Hello guys! my first post here after a few years visiting this web almost daily! sorry if my english doesnt match yours..

    Nice video, its too late to take a deep look of it but overall it creeps me out, reminds me the card set of the iluminati agenda which have some random (or not that random) ideas about how to enslave human kind.

  10. The more time I take to watch and appreciate Heliofant’s video, the more profound I find it, artistically, symbolically, and in it’s reflection of reality. Creepy.

  11. Great video’s! I admire their creative talent. Very interesting how everyone interprets it. Living on the gulf coast, when I saw the oil dripping into the water, what immediately came to my mind was the Deep Water Horizon / BP disaster in the Gulf of Mexico.

  12. What was up with those Egyptian pyramids getting destroyed at the very end?also was that old lady bleeding..her panties looked bloody.on those pyramids my guess is that every form of goverment has an end..nice art though.

  13. What it ALL comes down to, what is underlying all of this ‘conspiracy’ crap, is that the Jews are running the West and are mid-flight in their extermination of the White race.

    It is the Jews themselves who are running the conspiracy movement, for several reasons; to divert conspirators away from race, to defile the conspiracies themselves so to make them less credible, and to feed disinformation to keep people from realising the truth.

    The world is very simple. Various tribes all naturally seeking domination. The West is plummeting into darkness at rate of knots, not because it suddenly and from nowhere slipped from being the mightiest and most productive empire on Earth, but because it became infiltrated and subverted by Jews in the Freemasons, banks etc.

    Now everything around us is a tool of our destruction. We go to war for Israel, we must accept that we will become racial minorities and eventually be assimilated out of all existence. Ours is a culture of apathy, drugs, sex, masturbation, materialism, money, self-centeredness, interracial assimilation, abortions, mass stupidity, White guilt, growing infertility, cancer, junk food, popular distractions such as video games and brainwashing TV, erosion and popular hatred of all things traditional and divine such as classical art, classical music, family unity, virtue – which has literally been replaced with modern art, thug music about weed, ass and guns, dissolution of the family by feminism… the list in endless. But what is all of this? What is the result of this ongoing activity? The answer is the answer to all your conspiracies. White genocide. The biggest kept secret of all time.

    It’s just the Jews taking over the White race by insidious cultural subversion.

    Meanwhile they employ agents like Alex Jones (who has a Jewish wife for cry sake!) to drag would-be truthers away from race and get them thinking far too much into the illusionary ‘illuminati’ and have their heads buried in the sand chasing endless cryptic messages and nonsensical alphanumeric coded messages. It’s all bullshit.

    1. Well said, well said, I agree with everything. and Alex Jones is basically a shill that talks all crazy about everything that ZOG does while never providing any solutions other than Rawr Rawr freedom and bring more views to my disinfo empire. His listeners will never understand the big picture of White Genocide.

    2. White genocide? Through interracial relationships? You do understand that races are not a static entity? You do know about things like aeons of time and evolution dont you? That what you understand as ‘caucasian’ or ‘asiatic’ or whatever is particular to this blip in time you inhabit? Or that ‘the Jews’ are not a single race? Also Jews, freemasons and banks? Don’t forget lizard people!

      1. I happen to study genetics and am from a very strong scientific background. I’m also not an idiot. If you are seriously denying that race exists then I care not to waste my time attempting to ‘wake you up’. Instead I have 4 words for you: Go fuck a horse.

  14. Many interesting views on this video. I, however, have made up my own mind on every picture here.. This is what I concluded with the first time(s) I saw the video..

    On the very beginning I think it refers to the Bible, whereas Satan is the one controlling or in charge of the evil nowdays (1 John 5:19 – We know we originate with God,+ but the whole world is lying in the [power of the] wicked one)…

    Also did notice other biblical stuff in the video. For example that poor lady with bleedings. When she saw the light of Jesus her bleeding disappeared.. This is exactly like the story in the Bible..

    Not starting a discussion here, but this is a few things which I saw in that video

  15. My friend at lunch point out. That there’s an owl on the top left of the chalk board, which just so happens to be the same owl as the owl on the top right of the dollar bill. Also he said that when the TV was over looking the baby in the womb. That it was standing for the government is controlling/watching us even before birth.

    1. well, that didn’t work. anywho, at face value this is just a surreal short film that condenses the last 13 years into 7 minutes. this didn’t start with 9-11m though. the film should go back to at least george bush sr. and desert storm if not all the way back to reagan and the cold war.

  16. first of all, hello to all of you, cause i’m new here.second, my thoughts on this: i get this clip, what i don’t get is it’s usefulness…you don’t open the sheeps’ minds with theatre…you open them with cold hard facts, arguments…with the truth…this stuff is useless, it’s only good for people who already have their minds open, IF they like this sort of things. what’s the point of showing this to people who don’t know? who don’t care? artistically, it’s well made, but other than that… i wouldn’t share this on facebook, no one will get it, it’s for people in the know, and we have to free the sheep not waste time analysing what the people who made this tried to convey…waste of time in my opinion, hope y’all don’t get offended..thanks

  17. i saw this maybe 2 years ago. there is some pretty strange shit in there.. MOST PEOPLE dont even know what this shit is about. but they sure type alot of shit pretending to know. please see above.

  18. For starters: ‘My Pet Goat’ was the book, Bush was reading to the children, when the WTC was hit.
    Above the chalkboard is an evolutionary chart that ends in Enlightenment; on the chalkboard itself the hangman game has been lost before ‘evolution’ has been completed.
    When The President changes into Obama, he winks and there’s a tight close-up with what looks like a Red Crescent on his cheek; also he has small fangs and pointed ears – an allusion to the belief that he is Muslim?
    The girl in white is sitting in some kind of circle of protection (perhaps why she’s not a statue?) but she is put to sleep and the apple of education/holding the lotus of enlightenment falls out of the circle and at his feet. Will he pick it up, or ignore it? He seems sadly alone.

    Pulling away from the classroom and the Towers falling; a mime dances and falls into the water – symbolically, all of the jumpers who bravely fought for life, for just a few more seconds.
    OBL smirks with black wings and as he and his army float on oil. The symbols on his fatigues look like computer icons, while he beckons; assembling Al Qaeda through the internet?
    While on a different ocean, Jesus covered with Byzantine tattoos stands on an Egyptian barge in what appears to be REM sleep. The all-seeing eye is rather hastily painted, rather than tattooed, on his forehead.
    A montage of overwhelmed children from different countries follows: An American child is bombarded by media, where he watches tearfully as a mosque is bombed;
    Someone thought the dancing Hindu child was watching a Nuclear explosion; I think he/she was watching the American Chemical Plants in India that burned/killed thousands.
    As he is given a new assault rifle as a gift; An African child-soldier ticks, until his soul dies in his eyes. [The saddest one of all for me]
    A young Soviet worker, complete with Hammer and Sickle, drowns in despair, in the green corruption of the New Russian Mafia.
    A Chinese student faces down the tanks, in Tiananmen Square wearing and waving peace signs; until she’s calmly told, she’s going to die for this. [That student did.]
    Jesus, still asleep, bursts into the mouth of the beast ( you can clearly see the uvula) with fire; and he becomes a fisherman again, his earliest symbol. The Ghost market is blown away, as it was in the Bible; all with out Jesus seeing through his eyes, but through his heart.
    Death controls a Whirling Dervish for a while, but the dancer is not conscious of what he’s doing.
    The dancer morphs into various Indonesian, Balinese and Native American nature deities, without affecting anything.
    Jesus emerges awakens and is empowered, if that’s what the longer flames at his shins are supposed to represent. Why? Because he’s abandoned Dogma.
    He faces Enlightenment which further destroys ideology.

  19. does anybody please tell me where can I find the lemon party video please? I got to this great website thanks to yahoo I really want to watch the whole video the pictures look funny and I landed and subscribed to best gore hoping to find it here..i am amazed this web site is the shit I was looking for reply please

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