If You Want Something Done Right…

Fuck My Life

Right about now, I’m fuming with desperation and anger. I had a particularly productive day. I spent all of it on the computer and posted a handful of really good articles with nice content. Just as I finalized the latest one, I was tired as fuck and ready to go to bed. It was 1am and I had a long and tiring day so a good night sleep was due.

But then I noticed that the site was somewhat stuck. It displayed content, but acted paralyzed, rejecting all new input. I went to look into it and found out that server tech from the hosting company where I just switched tweaked something and it resulted in stuck database.

I instantly asked him to undo whatever it was he did and his response to it was reinstallation of the database from a day old backup. Because with it he overwrote current database, there was no coming back to it. As a result, my full day of productive work was instantly lost and with it all comments and new members who signed up within the last 18 hours or so. Fucking brilliant.

Words cannot describe the frustration I’m experiencing. Here I am at 3am, instead of having myself a sweet dream of fingering a hottie, still stuck on the computer, finally admitting to myself that no matter what I do, I will not get any of the work done in the past 18 hours back.

Seriously – if you want to get something done right, you got to do it yourself or else you get fucked over like I just did. But what’s worse, if a fuck over comes, it comes just at the worst possible moment. I could not have gotten fucked over while I was working so loss wouldn’t be so severe. No, it had to happen just as I was concluding a very long and tiring day and just before a new backup of the database was to be created. Had the rouge tech given it another couple hours, there would be a new backup which would have had all latest posts and comments. Now they’re all gone for good. FML šŸ™

I’d like to apologize to everyone who either signed up for a new profile or posted a comment between yesterday and this post. Due to circumstances out of my control, the database which bore your profile/comment was erased out of existence. If you can, please resubmit your comment or resign up for an account. I’m truly sorry to have to put you through this. I sincerely wish this wasn’t happening. I know actions of the tech who messed the site up weren’t deliberate, but they lacked sound thinking and professionalism. Sadly it’s me and you who pay for it. As for me – FML!


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39 thoughts on “If You Want Something Done Right…”

  1. Well some people in this world aim to fuck people over like cops they were the ones in high school either they got picked on or they were the bully and they think wow how can I get pay back for years of torment and or continue fucking with people I’ll be a cop but their are people out there in every profession that want they’re pay back and just because its in they’re ability to do so they take every chance they get

  2. I was so worried about lost content etc I sent Mark a note through contacts! all I could get was articles dated from 29th Dec 2011, some with no comments, anyway my son come along and ‘refreshed’ the page, now I have the new articles but there is lost stuff, now I know why, I’m just glad things seem back to normal (if you can call us ‘Gorgian’s’ normal)

  3. I hate to tell you this but I have had a hell of a time logging in to the site. I could not do so from the main page and by chance I went to a photo and tried to comment knowing it would say to log in first and it let me do so there.
    (BTW Nice neck Mark) LOL

    1. Hey G.,

      could you do me a big favor and try it again? Log out and try to log in the way you were having hard time before. I made a few tweaks and would like to know whether it helped or not. I myself am not experiencing any such problem so I’m unable to duplicate the issue on my end, but I donā€™t want to see users having problems. Help me out, please. Check it again and let me know what error messages you’re getting, if any.

      Thanks a lot, man,


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