Indiana Couple Films Their 1 Year Old Daughter Playing with a .40 Caliber Pistol

Indiana Couple Films Their 1 Year Old Daughter Playing with a .40 Caliber Pistol

A couple from Evansville, Indiana faces charges of child neglect and recklessness with a deadly weapon, after police found videos showing the woman’s daughter playing with a .40 caliber pistol and putting it in her mouth while she’s being encouraged by the adults to say pow, bang and shoot.

The adults – 22 year old Toni Wilson, the child’s mother, and 19 year old Michael L. Barnes, who’s not the child’s father, are clearly blockbusters of trash, but in the past long gone, the children grew up playing with guns since they could handle them as it was a normal part of being alive.

The over-policing in today’s world, with the everything you do is a crime mentality are a bit over the top. Obviously I can’t know that, but if I assume that the gun was unloaded, and the child was under constant supervision while she was playing with it (which appears to have been the case), then nobody could get hurt as a result, and for that reason, I don’t see how this could count as recklessness with a deadly weapon. In the same vein – even though I suspect this toddler’s mother is a champion of child neglect (there’s probably plenty of wrong with both of them), but I do not see any child neglect taking place in this particular case.

We need to get this constant over-reacting out of our heads.

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  1. As a mom, it’s totally wreckless to allow the child to play so carelessly with a gun. Using the “back then” argument doesn’t work. Times have changed I know that sounds derpy but it’s true. But this, This is the epitome of irresponsible gun ownership. Just because it isn’t loaded doesn’t mesn they aren’t teaching this child dangerous things. Heck even cops teach their children not to touch their handgun in the nightstand. not that it works. But it’s much better then coaxing a baby to mimic suicidal and wreckless behavior with a real gun. Cps takes kids away for less daily.

    1. What way back then are you talking about? Muskets and flintlocks in children’s mouths? If anything, guns were treated as what they were, not toys and symbols of power. I own guns and treat them with respect. I train my family to know what to do with them. But they are not a toy. I think you had better rethink this one Ate. It is clear you do not have children, and if you think this is ok, you had better not ever have one.

      1. Well said Soullamp. I agree, living in a state where firearms are a part of every day life, for hunting and protecting livestock. Children should always be taught to respect any and all weapons, from blades to firearms. These two fucktards are obviously shining examples of why some humans should not breed.

        1. niggersandjawas are pretty much the same except nigs up here have a ducking southern drawl. kinda wished the nigglet would have pooped, I mean popped a round in that waste of air and his boo boo, then shot his self….FUCK NIGS!!!

    2. The Problem is not wether the Gun was unloaded and no one could get hurt is Irrelevant the Problem is what if the Kid got ahold of it later cause Mom and Dad left it out or the kid is at anyone’s house and thinks it’s harmless cause she’s been taught that and BANG Kills herself or any number of bystanders You ALWAYS treat a Gun as if it’s Loaded and point away from anyone! It’s reckless and Dangerous The Police are Justified in that regard! It seems Harmless but guns are not meant to be Harmless or Toys they are made To Kill Life and they do not discriminate!

      1. I agree but then no child should be able to play with even toy guns cause they could always make the mistake that a real gun, if in fact the were to be in contact with one, is a toy just like the one they got at market. I personally do not think anyone should own a gun ESPECIALLY with children in the home but that’s my opinion only because I was raised by an idiot of a father who almost shot me several times while intoxicated.

      1. For what so he can grow up with pedophile foster parents in and out of fucking jail. Fuck that worst case scenario douchy fucking parents bite it or kid bites it either way better than a lifetime of of stupid decisions reinfororc3d by a system that doesnt give a shit. Wow doesnt anyone recognize natural selection.

    3. Also agree with mandamess, This is definitley reckless behaviour. Saying that ‘I don?t see how this could count as recklessness with a deadly weapon’ is rediculous as this IS a deadly weapon. The gun may not be loaded but what happens if the child gets a hold of the gun when it happens to be loaded and exibits this behavour? I think we all know the result.

      1. Also one of the most important rules of responsible gun ownership is to always treat a gun as if it is loaded. Soo many people have blown their heads off by not sticking to this simple rule. I think many gun owners, particularily in the states are way too blase when it comes to gun safety.

        1. I’ll go with that @Mike
          First thing I do when somebody hands me a weapon is ask “is it loaded ?” And then I check for myself.
          They ain’t toys that’s for sure.
          People do dumb shit and because of that we are blessed to have this site.
          But at the VERY least the child should be old enough to say gun before you hand them one.

  2. Who care….? If they ever forget to take the bullet out of the chamber, nature will stop stupidity right in it’s tracks. Even better if the child would shoot the mother clean in the head.

    And btw, those cops shooting recklessly, it’s the americans own fault. You wanted guns! Now cops fear any kid can grab his/her gun and shoot ‘m. Ahh ze americans 🙂 FUCK ‘M!!!

      1. You probably live in a shitty country as well . Don’t forget, if you come to this country with that attitude you’ll leave in a body bag. We are still some of the most bad ass mother fuckers in the world you french cunt.

          1. @Obli statisticaly Mexico just passed us in the fat ass category to the point they have set a higher tax on sweetened drinks because of the diabetes epidemic they are facing. Law makers in the U.S. ” Ka-ching ” have said that if it works for them we may implement something similar.

          2. Um, why would i bother? If i made a good point my post would probably just get removed. Censor much, best gore? Anyhow, Obli you talk a lot of trash about americans in general, but only because you can hide behind your keyboard.

          3. @rayf – I don’t think our state falls under fat and dumb (except our certain special minority – because of alcohol, diabetes and massive welfare programs perhaps). For some reason I’ve never considered our legal gun-toting population as typical “rednecks”, the kind of rednecks they joke about on tv anyway. Maybe more like hunters, ranchers/farmers and cowboys who don’t want to be fucked with? I wouldn’t call them pussies that’s for sure. What would you call us?

            As for the post, my problem is that although the gun probably wasn’t loaded THIS time, it most likely is the rest of the time and what’s filmed here is definitely not responsible gun ownership. Don’t know how much better off that kid will be with CPS tho…

          4. @Ilovemygramps I consider us to be some of the luckiest people on earth.
            We live in a good state surrounded by the people that a lot of Americans think are from a time gone by.
            Family and community are alive and well in South Dakota.
            My stance on guns is the same as our states open carry laws, we earn our living through farming, ranching, hunting and the fur trade with all the tourism that it brings.

            Our state doesn’t lick the Federal governments boots. Remember all the years our state was cut out of Federal road funds for not raising the drinking age ? Your old enough to vote and fight for your country your old enough to have a beer. ” I don’t drink by the way.” But yea This is the Heartbeat of America.
            And your right there are only fat old people in our state and they still live to be 90 or older. 🙂
            If there is one problem we have in this state it is meth. That shit turns people into zombies.
            Who knows @gramps there’s probably lot’s more like us in other states out there that believe in what we value and have a piece of their own. I hope so, and I hope they stay put we don’t mind the tourism dollars but I love the wide open spaces with people few and far between. 😉

          1. White Americans are stupid. Even university educated ones are not something to be proud about. All they care about is making money. Even if it means working for a Jew. People talking about minorities in your country like all your problems started when they arrived. Like the USA never had any wars when it was fighting the natives of this continent to forcefully colonize it.
            Americans are so stupid they use the geographical name of a whole continent when they tell people where they are from. Most of the lower usa and California used to be part of Mexico, so there is Mexicans that have 500 years worth of generation after generation. So it’s not your country. Educate your self. Don’t just talk out of anger towards other ethnicities.

          2. @elmaspison, your last post may have just given me brain cancer, it was seriously the most retarded combination of words and innacurate factoids pulled from an asshole ive ever read on this site, and thats after having read ANYTHING posted by obli.

          1. Country boys? As in bareback mountain? You think you know the whole fucken world. But you have no clue. One sniper can take you out from a kilometer away before you even get your finger on the trigger. Third World countries can survive. You don’t know shit about survival. Specially when you never lived it and get info from the Internet.

          2. Lol natureman I never said only 2. There’s many white women too.
            White people are so touchy when it comes to land you don’t own and technology you didn’t invent. Taking pride for someone else in the past that probably would think most white people of this day and age are stupid, is as stated stupid.
            @Belltolls you’re funny. There’s a lot of country side people in the USA and Canada that still don’t have toilets and shit in a outhouse or even outside when I’ve hung out with them white boys and girls.
            Cutting a hole on the board you sit on, doesn’t make it a toilet.
            Mayan, Aztecs had toilets. So it wasn’t brought by the white man
            Like I said. Educate your self before you talk about a culture you know nothing about.

          3. Damn. I am happy to say, that I have never hung out with anyone who had to shit in a hole in the ground. Hey! Good news. Gas has dropped to 2 dollars a gallon. Go U.S.A.

          1. You just were and i doubt it. I have an american school board map from 1984 and definately say if your education is american you have much to learn. There are 1.7 billion people on the subcontinent of india and 3 million chinese in 1 army and and a billion kamikazzes on the island of japan 8f the world decided to wipe out your attitude it would be gone

        1. Where the fuck else is obli gonna be from? Of European decent like every other white person living in the USA. Gees. Educate your self man usa isn’t a culture, it’s a Colony made up of all the countries that came abroad in the 1600s after that degenerate Columbus landed.

          1. My point is that almost all of the modern technology we use came from European and Asian origin. Yes the aztecs were advanced but they’re asiatic people too like most of the original peoples.

          2. @elmaspison educate yourself you twat! John Cabot “discovered America” in England’s name around 1497 and paved the way for England’s colonization of most of North America. Americans wouldn’t admit this though because they were fighting with England so they chose Christopher Columbus, who was from Spain, as the man they would recognize for “discovering America.”

          3. He didn’t discover America you cunt. There was civilizations already established here you twat. Christopher Columbus was the first European of that era to set foot in America. The English and French came after to colonize what is known now as the usgay and Canada. And the Portuguese into brasil.
            You’re patriotism gets the best of you. Americans are wrong most of the time.

          4. What the fuck does patriotism have to do with stating a fact? You’re the cunt who doesn’t know common knowledge such as Christopher Columbus never set foot on land anywhere near what is called the United States of America now. I wouldn’t expect you to know that though since you don’t understand that putting words in quotations means I’m quoting a phrase others use. No one “discovered America”, this land has been inhabited long before Europeans sailed here and fucked it up. You can keep your panties in a bunch over Americans for all I care but don’t try to pretend to be half intelligent when you’re clearly not.

          5. He landed in one huge peace of land called America, it expands from canada down to Argentina. If it was disconnected. Then it could be said “John Cabot” discovered north America. He came second. Both Italian by the way. So it was Italians that set foot in this land. The spaniards were the first to start colonizing America. And by patriotism, I mean that no matter what people say about your nation and who started colonizing it first you’re always gonna think you’re right, and just in case you didn’t know he first Landed in newfoundland. That’s in canada. Not usa. In 1497
            Christopher Columbus landed in the carribean and central America in 1492. And I didn’t have to Google this shit. We are thought truth in Latin America about north American lies and how they try to control history to benefit them. They learn from the Jews. So I don’t blame you for believing there lies you were taught in school.

        2. @Manowar I’ll tell you this if you have come here to live your life and contribute your as welcome here as anyone else.
          @elma dude sometimes I wonder if you tried to come to the U.S. before Canada got rejected and your still mad over it.
          You speak of Canada like it is your Canada. Or are you just leasing it ?
          @Manowar gets citizenship he’s an American. Or is it Naturalized Citizen ?
          Who the fuck knows or cares. Cause a country boy also has the amazing ability not to give a fuck.

          1. Never tried coming to the USA. I don’t bother with arrogant americans. Only gone there to visit family that left because of the war.
            Whenever i travel I pay extra to skip that nation. The way I have been treated when I enter isn’t welcoming. And I don’t blame you for not giving a fuck. It wasn’t you that made money from the weapon contracts that corrupt politicians in El salvador signed to kill almost 100 thousand people and dispersed even more out of fear of dying.
            I hate the usa and the mentality of most Americans that think everything they do broad is justifiable. Even the racism and have towards people that, physically don’t even live in the USA. They hate you because you have no business stirring shit up. And using the excuse that we want your freedom. It’s preposterous. I rather live in a hut, shit in the woods and remain humble, then be materialistic and think that, that is freedom. Buying stuff that is made is third world countries shouldn’t make America proud. They should be ashamed. They are the reason these people don’t grow. Why is it that the population in these poor nations have the balls to stand up to American or Jewish soldiers with home made weapons or throwing rocks, yet you’re so advanced and have access to weapons, can’t defend your self from a policing state? You’re freedoms are being taken away. But yet you got more to lose because God forbid you lose your home and fancy truck or iPhone. Nothing personal against you rayf but the Americans that talk and do business for your nation are fucken idiots that deserve to die.

          2. @elma you do got valid points, but like you said I don’t control anything but me.
            And it’s too bad you felt less than welcomed when you came here I hate being bummed out on vacation as much as anyone.

          3. @elma also I had a friend I went to school with from El Salvador his entire family was killed while he was at school one day. The cold war was hot in your country and I know my government played a large part in it. That being said my government does tons of shit they shouldn’t but it explains your anger at the U.S. and I won’t try to talk you out of those feelings but people in the end are just fucking people. Probably take something like a Space Alien Invasion to get us all on the same side but even then I wouldn’t bet on it.

          4. I know all you can control is you. But when you have people like gentlenatureman open his hands and type the dumbest shit. Like he represents what an American is and thinks. It’s pretty shitty. I feel bad for all the good americans. Unfortunately the majority in bestgore are pretty close if not inbred rednecks. When all they can do is throw racist insults. If they were educated they should prove their point in a intelligent manner.

          5. I might as well throw in, that I don’t care when cops kill assholes of any color who fight with them. I know some of the members who like to bully women, hate cops, @Obli, I would like point out that Elmaspison thinks people who use the term “Americans” when referring to the United States, are stupid. I would check to see if he has pointed that out, since your original “fat American” comment to see if he was directing it at you. He could get “Brokebacked” for that.

          6. Typical American behavior, trying to flip my words around to instigate a fight so I get “brokeback” lol
            Obli isn’t American. He is Slavic and resides in the usa. Like most white people in the usa of European descent. Just because you’re a mutt and don’t know where you came from it don’t mean you are American. So stop hiding under a flag that won’t do protect you when you’re under gun fire.

          7. Giovanni cabato discoverd new found land. Both countries committed genocide to call them home. By the way the largest monument to a man is in the states and its being built for an indian. Lol that said im pretty sure its payment for the trail of tears. Whats the trail of tears?? 3000 miles of genocide. Perpetrated by american heros. Like the douche who couldnt beat the indians at little big horn. There is something people are forgetting. Victory is in the heart of a man who will not be moved. Right action is the only thing worth standing for and in the end it is the will of the just that will prevail. Hesitation and doubt comes from knowing you are wrong. Non of that has anything to do with history or patriotism. When the time comes we all better be willing to fight for whats important and patriotism is not. Humanity on the other hand. You wish to live find a good person to defend and forget the rest. All our countries are ready to fuck us in the ass and columbus cabato ma fucking theresa aint gonna help you; so you better find someone who gives a shit about you cause thats the only way you survive. A man paid to fight no matter how well trained wont do it as well as a man defending his family. I watched a 110 pound woman lift the front end of an amc to save her child and a man tear apart the cab of a kenworth bare handed to rescue his brother. Care about someone for fuck sakes value life. You will be far more powerfull than the indifferent or well paid. Thats why mercs stack the decks and martyrs scatter them. A true warrior stands for something. And its not fucking capitolism or facism or polotics or religion. True warriors stand for those they love. Put all men in your hearts and you will be undefeatable. Believe whatever the fuck you want but your all Just fodder if you care for nothing. I still value life and when the time comes i fight for all of you. I fight to end the plague of lies that spawned this retarded argument.
            We evolved over millions of yrs and in the last few hundred weve nearly destroyed ourselves. Cause of this bullshit right here. So keep arguing and hating each other right up till its too late.

      1. thank you guys for proving my point.

        white americants can talk shit about any race and country but when it’s their turn they become little bitches. boo hoo and now having their group hug, talking about how blessed they are 😆 they are goddamn imaginary fucking lines on a bunch of rocks founded by people who massacred the indigenous population. you did not fight and die for anything. you ave nothing to do with making the US what it is today. so what the fuck are you proud of? it’s a goddamn sport’s team. America the best cuz i lives here!!! wooo!!!

        how many Brazilians, South East Asians, Indians, Russians and Poles come on to this site to cry about how they are portrayed? hardly any. We even have a South East Asian working for us and she never once complained about all your generalizations. But talk about white americans and a shit storm of butt hurt is unleashed!

        i lump you in the same joke boat as white supremacists and purists who still fuck brown and asian women, using the excuse that as long as they don’t breed with them then it’s ok. if you want a white country for whites then do not fuck other races. Learn to control your dick and actually practice your own ideology if you want me to take you seriously. and i guess many of you don’t know what a misanthrope actually is. i guess it’s too “big”a word for products of the americant education system.

          1. o defiendo la raza. La raza ind?gena. De canada hasta brasil. El europeo que nos maltrate. Le pongo 3 peque?os en la frente, en el nombre de mis ancestros que murieron peleando, defendiendo sus tierras y cultura.

          2. Divided and Conquered. It’s a shame that everyone is at each others throats lately. Let’s face it were all common folk and in the eyes of all of our governments were disposable; white, black, hispanic, Asian, etc it doesn’t matter. Nationalism is like racism, it can be used to divide people that otherwise might be allies. I had to post and I typically don’t. I’ve been coming to this site since it’s establishment, and let me tell you the comments have really gone down hill. Maybe it’s because Mark left, it’s just not the same. Peace to all of you regardless of race or creed.

          3. Elmaspison yo entendio lo que tu estas diciendo pero los vandidos cabrones estos son ignorantes y no tienen educacion las que lake su goviierno mentiroso les kiere decir. dejalos que vivan en la ignorancia.

        1. The man who isolates himself for 3 months in a mountainous cave, repeating a set mantra day and night, only eating a morsel per day, his only company being two ferrel cats.
          Is he a misanthrope ?. Is he disillusioned with society and other human beings ?

          I asked myself this question a while back because I know a man who does the above.
          I wondered what his motives for doing this were, especially having known him in his, well, let’s just say, previous life.

          He’s a Buddhist and as he briefly explained, ego plays no part in his thinking, on the contrary. He wishes to become a more tolerant, rounded individual, so he can more easily assist his family in their daily lives.

          I say this guys because your argument reminded me of him. That’s all. 😉

        2. Despite the back and forth antagonism going on here there are a few good points being made and that is that patriotism towards an open market country and economy is both delusional and pointless.

          Your country does not belong to you if it can be bought and sold by private enterprise and one merely needs to look at the financial markets to understand this fact.

          Vital infrastructure, land, banks, governmental bodies, pension pots etc are all bought, sold and traded upon daily by global consortiums who most definitely do not care about your country in the same sense that you do.

          What is there to be patriotic about then?. Sports teams made up of millionaire athletes floated on the global stock exchange?, your governments who fuck you in the ass everyday and sell you out to global consortiums?, your army who fights for your government and not for you?, a flag on a poll perhaps?.

          My conclusion, patriotism in our modern societies is worthless because we get nothing from being patriotic.

          Your jobs are still sent abroad to third world sweatshops regardless of your patronage, your government still keeps on forcing mass uncontrolled immigration and multiculturalism on you regardless of your wishes, your healthcare systems still get dismantled despite your tax contributions so on and so forth.

          So what should you care about then?, you should care about your family, friends, your loved ones, anyone and anything that cares for you back in return but not a soulless fucking piece of land that doesn?t actually belong to you and doesn?t give a fuck about you either.

          1. The soulless land where I live, I have always felt in touch with. I know it like I know the back of my hand. I’ve walked hundreds of miles around these hills with my grandfather when I was a nipper and with my own children in more recent years. I feel lucky to live here, which was not always the case. This surrounding land gives me more than I could ever give to it. Endless

          2. The discussion here doesn’t go that deep. If a member types that anyone wearing a black shirt is a pussy homo, then members who have on black shirts that don’t consider themselves to be pussy homo’s are going to get annoyed if they are really bored. All they can do is type something back about the color shirt the member who made the first comment has on. It all boils down to the fact that some people just like to fuck with people when they are bored.

        3. I’ve complained once…or twice. Lol. But well, why complain if the portrayal is factual? We indeed are flip-flop wearing folks on a third world country filled with crime and sickness.

          People should just deal with generalizations because well… it represents the majority of the behavior of an entire populace. Besides, we all have a schema on each and every race, Americans aren’t exempted to that. Though I can’t blame people if they get butthurt.

          1. Racist views should not really be here at all ,its about BG not all this shit.Come and make a point ,try and not let things that other members say annoy you so much .Kay p. has the right attitude fuck it you are who you are and where you from get on with life move on if you want to hate another culture do it on another site. Hate only breeds more ,and most civilised countries have all different blood lines through them.

          2. @jasper12345 Well, people are exercising their right to the freedom of speech. Our opinions are sometimes offensive to some, that’s true. But well, I guess disagreement can still come with respect, or at least respect to what Mark has built. A member doesn’t really have to be an ass to prove their point.

            And lol. Yeah. People hating Filipinos or the Philippines ain’t really any of my business. It won’t affect my life nor anyone’s life beside me. I’d still go to school, go to work, talk with people. Life would still go on, no doubt. Same for Thais, I suppose. Lol.

          3. @Kayp
            ” Thing is, the Brazilians have violence embedded in their culture, according to one of the Psychology textbooks I have read, and they actively encourage violence”
            I would like to know the tittle of this book.
            I wonder what the “Americans” and other people that hate and wanna kill minorities are embedded with. Is it considered wrong to follow through when something angers you?. Is it better to let it bottle up and have something worse happe?. Americans commit the same crimes. They just don’t pull out their phone and record. Yet they love watching gore. That’s why they are here on bestgore.

          1. Actually, I hate myselfmore than anyone else.

            You tell mewhythese guys can talk about blacks,afrAfricans, asians and indians up and down the line, but white americans are off limits. You tell meright the fuck now what the difference is. I’m waiting.

          2. USA is such a terrible place then why everyone and their grandma wants to move here? If they are so great and talented then why are they coming over the Texas border in thousands every year getting free hotel rooms and trips to wail mart on my white American tax dollars.

          3. Belltolls. They aren’t there to see americans. You aren’t a rare commodity. They are there for work. I don’t know how the 1000s of illegals you speak of get free hotels and Walmart gift cards.
            You complain about the wrong situation. When it’s your manufacturers and growers that love hiring these guys for cheap. I’ve said it before. Make them legal and tax the shit out of them. And see how many go back and or stop coming. But they won’t do that because they make more money out of illegals then you think.
            If they stopped coming, you think Texans would jump into these jobs for the wage they pay illegals? Lol fuck no. They rather stay home and be on welfare and get free hotels and giftcards to Walmart. It’s more then what these illegals make in the best nation of the universe.

        4. The truth is you had a bad experience with some “Americans” so therefore it left you with the impression all “Americans” are assholes. The truth is we are all immigrants, except Native American Indians. So, don’t blame a country for the assholes you’ve met. Everyone in this country is here by choice….everyone!
          I’m sure if you had met me, you’re stereo- type of what you thought Americans are would be shattered !

          1. You did right @forwhomthebelltolls.
            City life is over rated.
            Take London for instance. Property there is so absurdly expensive it is beyond all reasoning. And the properties that cost half a million are mediocre to say the least.
            If I was a London home owner approaching retirement, I’d sell up and move up here where I could buy a superbly built stone property, with land and still be able to live comfortably on the change.
            Londoners, those city dwellers are being ripped off left right and centre.

  3. Yep, he’s gunna like his guns when he gets older.

    How times change indeed. Nowadays the neglect ( not in this case ) but in general, can be seen by all and sundry in the future, by way of high def video.

    The days of laughing one’s way through the family photo album, each picture highlighting a brief yet significant moment in time, are no more.

  4. Although the gun is most likely unloaded, what do you think will happen if baby comes across the place where the guns are hidden? No doubt they will be fully loaded and with the adults reckless teachings to him that a gun is a toy there will almost certainly be a tragedy.

    1. Let’s hope they lock them there shooters up somewhere very safe and secure.
      The place didn’t appear to be a shit hole, and the whole scenario seemed like just a very misguided bit of fun, which I’m guessing now gives those parents nightmares.

      It’s a cultural thing @bungle, as I’m sure you’d agree. Guns are apparent in those peoples daily lives, hence a toddler playing around with one is nowhere near as big a deal as perhaps it should be.

      For sure though, guns are not toys. Let’s also hope this was a lesson learned by those parents.

  5. You see it’s too damn hard to find a toy gun for the up an coming gang banger to learn his self. Shit…just wait till you see baby halfnig when he go to first grade. We got him doing neck lifts to prepare for the weight that bling gonna bring.

          1. True, but I don’t think he could hit the brawd side of s barn he it to young, he would just get a lucky shot off that’s all! Make mom and daddy proud boy!

    1. That’s what I was thinking, considering the weight of a handgun and the strength of a baby I doubt this was real. Either way it’s a lovely video that can be shown later in life when the kid gets her hands on a loaded gun the parents will inevitably let laying around and “accidently” shoots someone. We can only hope she shoots her parents before they can reproduce anymore!

  6. I have an idiot red neck friend that just bought his two year old boy a Red Rider BB gun. Of course I gave him the obligatory warning of, “You’ll shoot your eye out!” What else can you do? *shrug*

    1. A 2 year old? Can he even hold it? My neighbor bought his 6 year old a pellet gun for Christmas.. all last week the little boy was shooting it at kids riding their bikes down the street and his moron dad thought it was hilarious. The kid left it in my yard this weekend and it just kind of “disappeared”. Some people just need to stick to Nerf guns forever.

  7. Yeah its a nigglet… im gonna assume its the anti-natural abomination end result of a libetard couple of a chimp mixed with a coalburner… I’d rather wish that gun was loaded, and the little abomination would kill itself and its parents. 😕

          1. She’s gonna conceal carry condition one and leave it in reach of her child? Idiot whore should have instead got to see her child kill itself right in the store.

            Most women cant even pull the slide back on a Glock and an infant can just pick it up and use with deadly accuracy. Hilarious.

  8. I don’t think it’s necessary for a toddler to play with a gun. I know plenty of people who used guns when they were very young but they respected it and fully understood that it wasn’t something to play with. I don’t think that’s the case here.

    A boy I knew took his dad’s gun to show off to his friend and the dad always took the bullets out when he was at home but apparently missed one and his kid shot himself in the head and died.

    1. If you don’t mind, I would kindly like to add that irresponsible anything owners are the ones with which we should be primarily concerned! Stay vigilantly visioned! Factor in fv squish characteristics. The physics doesn’t lie. Those that live to relate the most experience and knowledge to others win, for a little while anyway. :mrgreen:

  9. Americanism, Feminism and Retardism like Islamism are terrorists against humanity’s peace. As a Catholic Christian, I should have a right from The Holy Lord to exterminate their Satanic bodies back to where they came from for righteousness.

  10. My dad is a cop and when we were kids we knew that there was no way we would touch his gun, even knowing where it was.
    Kids are tought to play with toy guns of every caliber during their childhood, but they don’t the danger of playing with a real weapon. Was it unloaded? Yes. But what would happen if someday their daughter decides to play with it and the weapon is loaded?
    Kids and weapons don’t belong together, and I don’t think that even his “parents” have the mental age to handle one.

  11. Hard to understand but not surprising. People who are unfit to own a gold fish have no business raising a child. It is obvious that what we are looking at is just a future harbinger of what this child will more than likely grow up to become.
    Another statistic.

  12. Too young to be parents, I suppose. Adults responsible for the kid aren’t responsible to own firearms.

    With the advancement of technology and decrease of privacy, people share stuff easily. Some people go full retard and mindlessly share which sometimes leads to their demise.

    Lesson learned for the parents/guardian, I wish.

  13. Everyone saying the gun should’ve been loaded to kill the kid/parents, keep in mind this is still a child. Ethnicity aside, children are innocent and don’t deserve that kind of ridicule. Yes, the parents are scum, so leave the hatred for them. The poor kid didn’t choose to have the parents it does, any more than a Syrian child chooses to be born into war.

  14. I find it very funny how hypocritical many of you are in here. You “keyboard warrior” about how this is vile or that is deplorable, when the perpetuation of hatred and division starts with each one of us. The intolerance shown in catch all statements is pure ignorance. Grow up!!
    If you don’t have any real input on improving this rock we live on, you should shut your worthless face crater.
    “You just hate me cuz you ain’t me.”

  15. what @elmasimpson said is true, there’s many uneducated racist pieces of shit here who talk so much shit about other ethnicities, but you say something bad about a white American all hell breaks loose and the “the white man invented this” “the white man discovered that” comments start comin out the wood works.

    to you gung ho patriotic mother fuckers who suck on uncle Sam’s dick; fuck all of you stupid, blind
    patriotic fucks. what is there to be
    proud of? america is simply a big
    pile of stinking bullshit. all of you dumb fucks who are proud of this piece of s hit country, I hope uncle sam sticks his big ol red white and blue dick and fucks all of you so hard that you won’t have an idea of what just happened and I bet that you’ll all take it and say “God bless america!”

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