ISIS Member Sings a Song in German

ISIS Member Sings a Song in German

The Islamic State of Iraq and Sham made themselves cozily at home in much of Iraq and Syria, but I don’t think they intend to stop at that.

I’d love to ask our German speaking friends to translate for us what the song this ISIS mujaheddin is singing is about. I think I’ve heard him mention Sharia, and the last name of top ISIS leader, Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

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        1. @dre hey bro! YOU ARE BACK! God bless you my brother! Hope you’re hand is gettin good, so that we can kill these none belivers , you are the man, love you my kamarad! HEIL HITLER!

          1. Hitler and the NSDAP is dead, deal with it. If they have made it through WWII you probably would have never been born. Or you would have been enslaved

    1. Oh oh i can translate!!! Here are are the lyrics:
      we proclaim our small dicks,(X3)
      Provide the white man come with the big one!
      Oh the big one from between his legs!
      Bigger than a nigger’s, longer than a camel’s,
      Oh the white man’s schlong! So big and long!
      We proclaim the white man’s penile superiority!
      So little our national shame,

  1. He sings:

    We proclaim good news (repeats it 3 times)

    And then analogous:

    Allah promised the comeback of Sharia. Provide Al-Bahdahi (?) and all your soldiers here and in Iraque.

    Then again:

    We proclaim good news (3 x)

    Come to us to “enbiah” (?) our islamic state, a life obedience full of honour and happiness.

      1. What a load of bullshit.

        Just more religious propaganda from some wild pack of dogs that need culling like the annoying pests that they are.

        I am so fucking sick of hearing these following words in particular being associated with these neanderthals because they just do not suit them : happiness, honor, peace.

        What a fucking joke…..

    1. In germany these kind of cock suckers are all over the place, but slowly even the brain washed germans are waking up. ES LEBE DAS DEUTSCHE VOLK UND DAS DEUTSCHE REICH!!! HEIL HITLER!!!!!

        1. @gutofalk That’s what it’s all about, the Germans are sick of this multikulti shit. There is a strong growing thing going on in Germany! it’s” The German Defense League
          Maximum Resistance”
          It’s getting stronger by the min. It’s only a matter of time, then shit will go down. So all the moslims and other non whites, better start looking whose behind them. Don’t believe it?? here’s the link

          1. all leagues defense are Zionist and anti racialist. the best thing that conscious Germans can do is immigrate to Austria and Switzerland, and “democratically” take the power of the country

  2. Have to admit…these delusionists are some dedicated lil fuckers. Highly motivated killers. I see tons of stuff here in the states that calls our servicemen ( a former myself) heros and brave warriors and all that nonsense, but a lot of these mythology believers seem to truley care for their cause.Ya have to admire that just a lil bit. Plus they provide us with lots of entertainment here on BG

    1. Well when you look at it both sides are not different at all.. U.S has alot of propaganda, You’re told you will be a hero & everyone will be proud of you.. Your country will be proud, do it for Uncle Sam!

      Then they train soldiers to do what they say without questions(like a sheep), there is songs, slogans & chants you both love your flag & invade other places it’s Shockley similar in alot of ways.

  3. I can understand why western men, like the one in this video, would want to convert to Islam from a egotistical and emotional perspective and it is why Islam is very popular in the third world at the moment, it’s the idea that all Muslim men are equal, well, in theory anyway.

    Let’s say that you are a poor man, you have no money or property of your own and because of mass unemployment in your country you have no prospects either which means that women do not want to know you.

    So there you are, poor and without love nor friends living in a society where money is king and everybody likes the rich and hates the poor and along comes Islam, join me it says as it comes closer smiling like a prized idiot and it tells you that if you become a Muslim you will be equal to all men, you will have women who will be loyal to you and obey you and you will never be looked down upon again.

    Islam of course would not be a tempting offer to women because they tend to get a bit of a raw deal in the all matter but it is a very tempting offer to a man who has nothing left and no stake in his current society and it is in fact how Islam came to exist in the first place.

    Islam was supposedly created from the lowest level castes of Indian society, the untouchables, because they got tired of living in a society which kept them down and treated them like garbage and so they left to create their own society and culture which over the years got corrupted into the maddening, nonsensical religion that we all love to hate today.

    Therefore you could say that Islam was born out of the unfairness of a wealth based society where those born poor stay poor, cause and effect, and our current western overlords would be wise to heed history so as not to repeat it but then again in our societies those in charge were not put there based upon their wisdom and experience but rather their born wealth and therein lies the problem.

    1. I don’t agree sorry. 1% of the world’s population owns 99% of the wealth.

      Those poor 99% all found friends and spouses and the high majority are living a very fulfilling life.

      It is a totally western style of thinking that you can’t be happy, fulfilled and content with your lot in life if you cant afford the latest flat screen TV, can’t keep up with the jones’ or if your boss hasn’t given you a pay rise in
      the last 6 months.

      The majority of people on Earth live outside the west have no material wealth to speak of, have nothing to their name and are much happier and much more generous and kind than greedy and never satisfied westerners who would rather wallow in their own self pity in front of their kids and and blame their problems on everyone else but them selves….

      1. @Dutchy,

        If life is so nice and filled with happiness outside of the western world then why do so many third world people risk their life to come to our countries?, because for the most part life is terrible for the poor and they believe that happiness can be found in our countries except that it can’t be if you are poor.

        The only third world people who do not travel to the western world are the ones too poor to afford the people traffickers prices and the rich who do not feel the need to leave.

        When you break down the statement “1% of the world?s population owns 99% of the wealth, those poor 99% all found friends and spouses and the high majority are living a very fulfilling life” you have to consider the various levels and classes of wealth such as lower working class, working class, lower middle class, middle class, higher middle class, wealthy class, rich class, they all have various levels of disposable income and life opportunities.

        When I refer to the poor I refer to the lower working class, those who live in relative poverty, the people at the bottom of society who despite working still do not make enough money to live on due to economic inequalities.

        Your last sentence saddens me,

        “never satisfied westerners who would rather wallow in their own self pity in front of their kids and blame their problems on everyone else but themselves”.

        Whereas a lot of problems are self made it never the less is a fact that most economic problems are not.

        It is not the fault of the average westerner that the banks forced them into debt via a phoney recession that made the rich richer whilst making the poor poorer, It is not the fault of the average westerner that mass uncontrolled immigration lowered wage levels across the bottom level and priced them out of the market and It is not the fault of the average westerner that the cost of living far exceeds the lower working classes wage levels.

        Life most definitely is not a level playing field and we do not all get the same opportunities to better ourselves despite what the propaganda machine likes to portray.

        We will have to agree to disagree on this one Dutchy.

      2. Fiat currency and our dependence in it ,is the main problem we have in society .

        To go back to basics , live within ones means , the simple life , is a much nicer alternative .

        Personally , credit cards and their like , are things of the past , I binned my last one in 07 . If I could , I would close my bank account tomorrow .

        The telebox is the main culprit when you boil it all down . People nowadays just want want want . Even the generations , like my parents age , who lived through less complicated times , have been affected by this vicious virus .

        I truly believe that the small things in life bring the most joy . Fancy , material things just ain’t gunna cut it in the long run .

  4. He’s singing a religious song, I heard several arabic words like “religion” “islamic state” “Legitimacy”.
    Anyway.. in their sunni dogma, it’s forbidden to sing or use musical instruments, only if it’s a jihadist/islamic chant.

          1. Better start acting like pretentious tossers then, I’ll start by wearing sunglasses indoors, and a light fabric scarf with a t-shirt, in case just my neck gets cold.

        1. @Acneska,

          You have an interesting sense of attraction, I’m guessing you like men with narrow eyes and cheeky smiles. However this Muslim convert is a bit bottom of the barrel, try Don Johnson from Miami Vice fame, he’s a bit more top drawer.

          1. Hey, whatever floats your boat. Im just surprised at @ska. I challenged her so she hates me now. I dont know, I just thought she would have completely different taste…I could beat that fucking race traitor nancy boy senseless with one hand.

  5. Whooowee, that is a typial Jew honker…his schnozz hangs so low, he could pick his nose with his tongue and eat the evidence..I’d like to punch him in that great big nose, but it looks like about 100 people beat me to it

  6. now my friends this idiot has proven me right, ive always said the only europeans that join islam are ugly cunts looking for an arranged marriage,ugly motherfuckers like this cunt,having lived in germany as a british soldier i can honestly say he’s a one off,real germans hate muslim filth and will be a nation again….SOONER RATHER THAN LATER

  7. gore-greets from Germany.
    these guy sings:

    (3x) we preach good message
    from the land of the mbia
    allah glorified and exalted
    he promised his servant
    the return of the sharia
    …….. and all his soldiers
    (2x) in sham and in iraq

    (3x) we preach good message
    from the land of the mbia
    come into our line
    of our islamic state
    a life in obedience
    full of honor and satisfaction
    (2x) and a fright for kufa

    1. Jay Chandrasekhar should kidnap him in a taxi rigged with bombs and leave the car parked next to a terror camp filled with ISIS Members and detonate to explode everyone in the vicinity. The camera then zooms to the scorched remains of the taxi and all that is left intact is the plate number with the letters 4Ryan as a tribute. How about that scene as an introduction for the next Jackass Installment ?….

  8. Hi all, new member here. Humbly bowing to thee. I am not certain what he says but I could decipher the first two phrases:
    ”if I could afford a blow job” X 3
    ”All still men to envy ya” X 2

  9. I’m sometimes ashame to say it but even tho I’m a black nigger I can’t help but love the Germans and their ways. Everything about Germany fascinates me. And I’m totally backing them to win that world cup in Brazil this year.

    Boozer I hope you are not a German. You don’t seem nice.

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