Israeli Soldier Admits to Revenge Killings of Palestinian Civilians

Israeli Soldier Admits to Revenge Killings of Palestinian Civilians

The International Middle East Media Center published an account of an Israeli soldier who admitted that Israeli troops in Gaza are “authorized by their commanders to carry out revenge attacks against civilians in the Gaza Strip to enable the soldiers to take out their frustrations and pain at losing their fellow soldiers“, and semi-officially sanctioning My Lai type massacres. Can anyone explain to me why is it Hamas who are referred to as terrorists when it’s the Israelis that carry out the acts of terrorism?

It is funny to re-read the words of the shills in response to blatant Israeli terrorism which they are paid to white-wash now that more information has surfaced. The killing of the Palestinian man who went searching for his family after the bombing is a good example (NY Times article about the killing is HERE).

And as Israel continues its massacre of people in schools despite being repeatedly told where the school was, the USA continues to replenish Israeli ammunition supplies (also HERE). The cowardly South Korea has been arming Israel too.

Exceptional props to the Scots for publicly showing support for Palestine (no wonder Kenyan called on them to vote against independence from the Zionist UK). Also props to Jewish Israeli dissidents living in Germany for organizing a rally against Israel’s assault on Gaza.

A NO to Israel is a YES to peace.

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47 thoughts on “Israeli Soldier Admits to Revenge Killings of Palestinian Civilians”

    1. Who fucking cares. If there fucking hajis didn’t want a. Fight why did they provoke it?
      Why do they shoot rockets next to buildings with civilians in them ? Remember this the Palestinians wanted hamas in control now deal with there fucked up form of government .

      1. Not even gunna try and disagree with you.

        All I know is, this crap has been going on all my life, and way beyond that. Nothing has altered , nothing whatsoever. This is a never ending cycle.

        Top and bottom of it is, what are any given individuals prepared to try to do to help !? We could carry on discussing this until doomsday.

        1. @ewe

          It’s so pointless as well? Over land and pride. What bullshit that people are dying in terrible circumstances for nothing.

          They have just announced a 72 hour ceasefire! Let’s see how long Israel stick to that before blaming Hamas!

          1. Agreed @Judge, dusty barren land at that.
            Like Mr Blair, Israel are blatant liars, so , as I would if Blair told me it was sunny , I would take a brolly if the Israelis said the same.

  1. As for the Scots weighing up the pros and cons of going it alone, fair play to them.
    I just wish Yorkshire would do the same, we’d be far far better off.

    The U.S government are so far up Israels shitter , fauceps a flood light and a huge pair of tweezers will be required to get them back out.

    1. Yes mate if Scotland do go it alone I’m gonna be straight up their. My ancestry is Scottish so I’ll have no problem making the move lol even though the last time I went up I spent the majority of the time in a Glaswegian police cell. 🙂

      1. Haha, bet that was fun … not.

        Don’t blame you mate, it’s beautiful up there , bloody hundred times better standard of living than down south , or south east I should say.

        What you do to get nicked anyway ? , give someone Glasgow kiss !? lol. 😉

        1. Yeah I went up with my best pal who moved down to Bristol!

          Was a New Year’s Eve party and things got pretty messy. I lipped one of the policeman up there and they locked me up no questions haha!

          1. I’m guessing drink played its part as it does. Man, I hate cells. Got thrown in the local town cells a few times in the past. Used to send me loopy ‘cos the cell walls were pink ! drove me crazy !

          2. Just come back from Bristol and had trouble with the police…yet again. Don’t know what it is about them there, I think they have an attitude problem and enjoy flexing their ‘authority’ on anybody they can.

          3. @TruJustice

            Mate I’m in and out of court because of those pricks all the time. Biggest wankers I’ve had had the misery of coming across!!

          4. Very similar story with me too actually. I was at a club called Lakota (biggest drug den in Bris lol) and as there are so many wanna be bad boy cunts in that club, I ended up having some argument with some guy. Without question the police step in and arrest me for being ‘drunk and disorderly’ without taking any sort of breathalyser reading or anything…I wasn’t even drunk.

            Oh, I hate pigs so much lol.

  2. I come to this site to see Gore not to hear people bitch about political stands and all that nonsense. The WHOLE planet is fucked up. Whites/blacks/asians/latinos/indians/Jews/halla Snack bars. Everyone has their demons.

        1. @newdawn

          Well head over to the ync and fill your boots. This site is much more than gore. It’s a news reality website filled with information to make your narrowed mind expand further than the two inches between your eyes!

  3. It is a strange set of circumstances isn’t it. The Jews like to talk about how horribly Hitler and the Nazis treated them during the war, all the killing, all the Jewish homes and businesses destroyed, the inhumane way the Nazis viewed and treated them and here they are doing the exact same thing to the Palestinians.

    It can be argued of course that the circumstances are different and that the Palestinians had it coming but Hitler was under the same impression and acted in what he considered “self defence” against what he considered a present and future threat, the Jews.

    Now, my point is not to have a discussion about Hitler and the Nazis or any related ideology because we all have our own views and opinions on this one and I don’t want to hijack this post but I do want to show the parallels that can be found here and how one side can be victims or aggressors depending upon global, political, economic shifts.

    The Palestinians are viewed as the aggressors by some and the victims by others. The Israelis are viewed as the aggressors by some and the victims by others. The Russians and their Ukrainian Allies are viewed as the aggressors by some and the victims by others. The Pro Western Ukrainian government and their allies are viewed as the aggressors by some and the victims by others so on and so forth, why?.

    If we take into consideration mainstream media and government lies and spin we understand that people have been brainwashed into only accepting “facts” from these sources whilst blocking out any other information from other sources as “conspiracy theories” and “tin foil hat” nonsense, even if these other sources offer logical, well thought out arguments it is still blocked out due to it not having been acknowledged by the mainstream media and government, even though they know that the mainstream media and government can and does lie to them often they still want to believe as Fox Mulder would say.

    The real reason for the theatre of war and related character assignments is of course due to power struggles behind the curtains of society, where the most rich and influential people do battle in order to secure larger footholds for future gains. If you consider war to be their story then consider the mainstream media and governments to be their story tellers and you the audience and as you know the audience is only ever there to watch the pre-planned, pre-scripted show, in other words a well rehearsed play never contains the truth, only what they would like to portray as the truth.

    My conclusion, the people who should be deciding who the aggressors and victims are is the people themselves. Watch the story and read the reviews but never simply agree with what the “expert” reviewers say.

    Those who refuse to think for themselves are puppets by proxy because by allowing others to think for you, you let them act for you.

    Therefore, as a member of the audience, I have watched the play and have decided that the Israelis in this story are the aggressors and the Palestinians the victims and I have reached this conclusion by ignoring the voice over’s by the story tellers and just watching the action with my own critical thinking and judgment skills.

    To answer the last question, am I stoned?, yes, absolutely yes, my vision is blurred like hell and my head is cloudy, I need sleep I think.

    1. Well said @Empty.

      I honestly see through the msm I.e BBC reporting , so damned easily it is a joke. Transparent is an understatement.

      Nowadays a large pinch of salt is taken with literally everything they come out with.

      Many people view the media in the same way Doctors were once viewed , as all knowing , unquestionable authority. They believe all they hear from them, as for some unfathomable reason, they honestly think that a person or corporation in such a position, would not tell lies, when in reality, nothing could be further and more contrary to the truth. Plus of course, the old head in the sand scenario comes into play, people would rather not know the truth in many cases.

      I find it beneficial to watch with no sound at times. One can see the reality then without being interrupted by correspondents talking garbage.

      1. @empty

        Maybe that’s where all your wisdom comes from bro haha being stoned really does open your eyes to different interpretations on things. Haha no seriously though you have a great way of standing in the middle and making both sides see the opposing views and an even further talent for being able to write it down in a way people understand.


        You too mate well said. That’s a fantastic idea about the mute button lmao. Your so right about the authority that is given just by a job title and because of that people will believe it no questions asked. It’s very naive to be this way but it seems that 90% of the population do that. How many times have we heard about doctors killing people for their own gain? How many times have politician been caught out ripping the country off and stealing from us?

        The media also gives off the impression of being a “middle man” which is in my opinion why people Believe them so much. In reality they are controlled just as much as the puppets who watch them. And another thing which gets to me so much is that when a politician in out country is asked a question they will do absolutely anything possible to avoid answering it. Even to the point now where it’s become some sort of joke where people take the mick out of it lightheartedly???? I’m sorry but these people who are in control of our whole society, safety, money and dictate how I lives run cannot answer a question straightforwardly they should NOT be in power. They are a bunch of fucking liars who should be locked up. Not saying theres a few who tell it like it is but the main players from eton school of “how to deceive people” are useless turd burglars! Lol


  4. read a quran then come back and say the muslims are the victims,,this world would be a lot safer for people to live in if there were no muslims in it..the muzzies will keep on committing acts of terrorism until everyone is to scared to speak out against them

      1. Rich coming from a Jew who follows the Talmud…A book that could have been written by Bin Laden himself. With direct instructions to murder anybody that comes in the way of your religion and teaching you all other races should be “compared to cattle”, you have a real nerve to criticise others.

        Because the way I see it, living in a densely populated Muslim area (Birmingham, UK), I used to dislike Muslims, but then realised, nearly all of them are just like myself. They don’t insult anybody really and in my experience, are very kind and don’t distinguish me as ‘alien’ when inviting me into their homes, despite not being like them.

        JEWS on the other hand… Stare at me like a dog when walking past their Synagogue (The one in the Central), they never speak to me and have certainly never invited me even for a drink when working with them. They are honestly horrible people wherever they are, no matter what society they are in. I can’t imagine how peaceful the world would be without them… oh it upsets me.

    1. Maurice is a wanna be Jew. but will never get accepted so he comes here to speak nonsense. we can’t speak against Jews anywhere. we go to jail. even if it was for something that has nothing to do with Muslims. Jews are hated by all breeds of cultures.
      you’re probably mad the rabbi won’t circumcise you because you’re too old and they only like babies.

  5. This has been happening since the beginning of our existence friends. Humans killing humans. I definitely don’t support it, but its nothing new. Its never gonna change you guys. I wish there was a way to cleanse the world of truly evil people.

  6. I saw the same kind of thing in the Marines. When a group of us were bent on payback for some foul hand we had been dealt and felt that it wasnt a fair trade…that we were owed. The FTLs,handlers,enlisted squadleaders knew that if we felt truely entitled & justified, that it was just going to happen regardless. They never openly authorized that our “fun and games” were “OK”, rather the response was a simple “whatever…i dont want to know.” to “you guys really want to waste your night back out in that jungle, playing sick little games or whatever twisted paybacks youve got planned. Its not gonna change anything. But….i knew nothing about this. Fekkin keep it that way!(i actually feel sorry for a few things we did. A person or two on wrong team in wrong place. But 90% of the time we extracted a pretty fair trade. Still funny how sometimes you enjoy what you do(maybe lil too much) and other times you see and do things that straight up make you sick.

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