John Cantlie – Lend Me Your Ears, Episode 3

John Cantlie – Lend Me Your Ears, Episode 3

John Cantlie, alleged hostage of the Islamic State, abandoned by the British government (his own words), released Episode 3 of his ongoing series on the Islamic State titled Lend Me Your Ears. Episode 1 is HERE, Episode 2 is HERE, and the introduction to the Lend Me Your Ears series HERE.

In this Episode, just as in all previous releases, John Cantlie doesn’t say anything that would in any way suggest that he has the insider knowledge about the Islamic State – whether as a hostage of almost two years, or otherwise – but readily utilizes the same fear mongering rhetoric about the Islamic State our dear leaders and their mouthpiece media use to keep the populace in fear of the boogieman and supportive of perpetual war.

One good point John Cantlie raises is the fact that the likes of Barack Kenyan Obama like to whip out the issue of national security when propping up support for more war, when if that was indeed of concern, they could instead just close borders and voila – the issue of national security, whereby the attacks on the Islamic State are justified with the rhetoric that fighters who joined the IS will return to their home countries to carry out acts of terrorism there, would be resolved at a fraction of the cost of military intervention.

John Cantlie also raises a very valid point with regard to responses from the likes of David “My Values Are Jewish Values” Cameron to the videos of alleged beheadings of James Foley, Alan Henning, David Haines or Steven Sotloff. While David Cameron et al went out of their way to condemned the beheadings of these men, and called for immediate intervention against the Islamic State, it is ironic that these men have been in captivity for two years, but only now that the beheading videos have been released that the hostages became useful for the purpose of war.

Join me again for… oh shit. It’s not me who’s supposed to say that. That’s John Cant-lie’s line…

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  1. Unfortunately I bet there are shit loads more hostages our government have known about for years but chosen not to 1) Rescue them by force or 2) Negoitiate (but of coarse we don’t negotiate with terrorists, unless you are the IRA, then we would make you a party leader and go for tea with the queen). This man, like all the rest is just a pawn in a never ending game of chess.

  2. The Muslims that run a local fast food takeaway where I live have a poster advertising support for a taxi drive in support and commemoration of the Brit taxi-driver beheaded, to raise cash for the bereaved family.
    Shows good character, proves not all Muslim’s are bad. Most of the second generation Westernised ones are no different in attitude to any other Brit in my experience. I am not a Liberal before you start accusing me, I have experience daily of various groups of people in the city where I live.
    It is these radical Shi’ites that are the main problem.
    As for John Cantlie? Clearly a stooge in my opinion.

    1. I agree that not all are bad but many of these second generation as you say are the ones being radicalised and getting on a plane to Syria to fight for the Jihad.

      They may seem ok and well adjusted but most muslims are highly religious and islam prohibits them to ever trust or become real friends with anyone of other religions unless they convert to their way of thinking.

      I wouldn’t trust them as much as they wouldn’t trust me!!

      1. That’s true @Judge. It has been proven time and time again, that so called well adjusted, second generation Muslims, have propensity to be radicalised and swayed to the cause as it were.
        There are many of these ” European ” Muslims over in Syria and Iraq.
        When all is said and done, their loyalty lies with the ideology.

  3. At 0:24 when he says he has been a prisoner of the Islamic State for nearly 2 years, it looks like he is trying to fight off the urge to smile. Even his voice has a tone of happiness to it at that time.

  4. Give the guy a break, he’s probably only doing this for some better treatment during his imprisonment. Better food, delaying his inevitable beheading, promises not to mail his amputated dick to his wife after they kill him. Just think of the coercions you might fall prey to if you were in that situation..

          1. The actual group is fake. That’s the nature of a psyop. You think 25,000 men suddenly just came together, then armed and equiped themselves to the point where they’re a threat to NATO? Come off it.

      1. Hi ! Big thank you for coming up with this platform,developers! Honestly most from my country will get shocked and judge me,they’ll probably never be able to come to terms with the fact that ‘celebrating’ gore can actually happen. I say celebrating because that will be their only point of view. So yes,finally a site where i can be myself 🙂 cheers to that!

        1. Cheers to that indeed. I say to hell with what others may think, and more to the point, who needs to know what you get up to !?, be your own person.
          I’m quite drunk I’m afraid, but again , welcome to the fray.

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