John Cantlie Reports for the Islamic State from Inside Mosul in Iraq

John Cantlie Reports for the Islamic State from Inside Mosul in Iraq

In a previous video released by the ISIS media arm Alhayat Media Center, John Cantlie reported for the Islamic State from Kobane in Syria. Now the British journalist is back with a report from inside Mosul in Iraq.

The tone of this video, appropriately titled “From Inside Mosul“, is quite a bit different from his previous videos – John Can’t Lie still refers to himself as “hostage”, but remains very casual, goofs around and acts in overall good spirit as he gives his tour of the Iraq’s second largest city, and the Caliphate’s “heartland”.

Throughout the video, John Cantlie focuses on debunking the reports by the Western media who portray the life in Mosul since the overtake by the Islamic State in all the bleak colors. John Cantlie shows us the city with bustling markets and people going about their business. He points to neon store signs to demonstrate that people of Mosul have electricity throughout the day, not for mere two hours a day, as reported by the mainstream press.

He then visits a children’s hospital to show that despite systematic air raid campaigns, the Islamic State can handle dealing with the wounded and those affected by the military aggression against the city.

At the end of the video, John Cantlie rides along on a motorcycle with an Iraqi policeman to show that as far as he can see, there is little crime being committed and the police are “almost redundant despite their very firm presence.

When he sees an American drone flying overhead, he jokes about its uselessness due to failing to rescue him again.

As a hostage of the Islamic State, John Cantlie enjoys far more freedom and human rights than Mark Marek, hostage of the Canadian state.

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    1. Indeed, very cool/professional video.

      I love all these video’s about ISIS/ISIL… The caliphate they created is a new concept to me. I think you guys are correct that this is prorabably plan thought up by jews/zionists.

      Indeed ISIS is ruthless, although they are not under Shia control anymore. Having said that… war is always bloody and ‘cold’.

      Ps. watched bestgore for about 3 years now…. finally made an account and posted a comment πŸ˜€

      1. I don’t think he looks dishelved or under duress at all. If he is then he quite rightly so deserves an Oscar. To be honest when it comes to propaganda governments and powers that be I think I’d believe these lot over the Obuthole administration or the Benyahoodi Paedos of Israel. I bet they don’t have crackhead niglets running about lynching vulnerable pensioners like we do in our wonderful lands. They wouldn’t dare as they know their heads would roll.

          1. I know I say it over the internet and not to isis face but I would hope that I would say screw it, die. then go day after day as a tool that could one day be deemed useless. or even coming out alive but a liar to the whole world and worst myself.

    1. Maybe he suffers from Stockholm Syndrome. He’s a star captive, a high value asset. They likely treat him very well. In return he performs for the. He even believe in their cause. Google “Patty Hearst” to see a good example of what I mean.

      1. @capetown I know who Hearst is and what happened to him and there are “some” similarities. I just don’t buy it that he’s under any real threat now. He’s far too laid back and natural and what sells it to me is the people around him. The everyday Iraqis seem relaxed and at ease around him strolling through that bazaar. I looked at their body language real close along with the pig on the bike and there was no acting going on at all. Perhaps he really is one of them now. It’s certainly the best move for him though isn’t it ? He still has loaf of bread. Who knows perhaps he’s actually enjoying all this. Good luck to him

  1. You know, from all i’ve heard and seen from Canada makes me sad. I never knew they, as a whole, were so fucked up… who’s Dick is Canada sucking? Even here in the USA, we have the right to say what the fuck we want to. The Dead Kennedys were a great example. Someone’s gotta give jelllo Biafra a call. You don’t lock someone up for their point of view..middle eastern countries don’t get that. Freedom of speech gets shit rolling

    1. @Slider “Who’s Dick Is Canada Sucking?…
      I am Canadian and Canada should be called Freemasonada. Canada is the US, UK’s bitch which basically is Zionist Israel’s bitch!

      Our Government (it is more like a dictatorship) also sells our resources to China and the U.S. With all of the oil here it could of been a rich country like Saudi Arabia.

      Canadians think it is such a humanitarian free country but it isn’t. Look into how Canada has and is still treating First Nations people, it is so sick. People think our military are peace keepers, building schools and hospitals in the middle east. Yeah that is why so many soldiers are killing themselves from PTSD. Because they have killed innocent families over there etc.

      BG has opened my eyes with the whole freedom of speech thing. Canada doesn’t have freedom of speech unless you are a non white. I am most likely moving to the U.S. In the near future, thank goodness. At least you can say what the fuck you want down there and can own a gun and protect yourself unlike here.

        1. The comment I made about non whites and freedom of speech is that a non white can say derogatory things about whites and it is okay up here. I ( my opinion) don’t think people should say anything like that about races. But you should be able to speak your mind and not go to jail for it. If you choose to say stuff like that. I think the way Mark is being treated is ridiculous in a so called free country like Canada.

          There are bad seeds and good people in all races.

          1. @Obli πŸ™‚
            That’s very true.

            Mainstream Media never seems to show those stories of whites getting attacked or killed by non whites.

            A white 17 year old male was killed by a black person in one of the Carolina states the say day Trayvon was killed. It never went past the local news. Hmm I wonder why?

        2. “Canada doesn?t have freedom of speech unless you are a non white”

          I have grown up with east Indian and Sikh fucks. They are crooks, corrupt and they have infiltrated the Canadian government and have high rankings. I hate those fucks. my salary has Dropped due to them bringing in their uncles, aunts, cousins, Gramas, Grampas to work for cheaper and live in their homes, 20 to a home sometimes. Do you think I can get away with calling out these fucken towel heads in public with out going to jail? or getting the fucken beats from pigs or rcmp that refuse to wear the hat that has been worn by everyone else that has joined since the police force and rcmp was established. These same pakis don’t wanna wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle because it’s against their beliefs to take off that fucken stinky towel off their heads. And then their children also gain from their corruption in the government. How you ask? Well they are allowed to carry a fucken dagger to school!!! You think I can bring a machete to the mall as long as it’s in a holster? because it’s an accessory that goes with the towel in their head, they get away with it. I can go on about this one race. That I despise just as much as some of you that hate niggers.
          But what I’m trying to say is that I can’t talk about them the way you think because “non whites” are the only ones that have freedom of speech

      1. If you fucking morons reaaly think Israel is the pimp in this situation you are dead wrong. Its sad what brain washing has done to you people. Israel should be blessed and you fucks are all atheists. You will burn I’m the lake of fire. May you find Christ and know israel is the holy land and israel is our bitch.

  2. Seems like the people there are certainly enjoying life more than the Palestinians. I just cant get over how there is never any mention of the Arabs’ mortal enemy, the Jews, in these videos. You’d think they would be targeting Israel as its so close and has such a history against Muslims. Very fishy to me

  3. City looks safe to me…but I’ll rather stay here in Cancun Mexico ..Lol
    Over all good report, …
    But sucks when you have to see small children in the middle of all that bull-shit that’s going on ..Beautiful children …

  4. Hey there little girl, that’s right I’m not gonna hurt ya…BOO…..! AHHH! Would have been funny. Didn’t he get his head cut off? I thought he did. Come on let’s see the brothels and street fucking. -951-

  5. Fuck that, I would have jumped from the tower block, over in a few seconds.

    Trying to work out how they keep him from that or sending the motorbike into a wall etc.

    1. He knows his name would be forever stained, no chance to absolve himself.
    2. They have a wider threat (like killing or torturing other hostages, random civilians if he does)
    3. He still has that basic what and see survival urge.

    1. He probably thinks they will spare his life now, since he is their slave reporter.
      Or still has some faint hope on being rescued or managing to escape.

      LOL. Anyway, I find this Cantlie “reports” funny as hell, you can almost hear the fear on his voice, as he brags about how great the caliphate is.

  6. You can clearly see that this is pure propaganda!!!! He shouts that!!! We won’t see his head off his neck because he sold his soul for his miserable life.On the moto i would take a chance to disarm that fatty and use that akm to kill a few cockroachers and save a last bullet for myself.But as we can see he s just another occidental pussy with throusers …i m wondering if in the next video we won’t see him dressed up with their muslim vale ….like a true muslim women that he has became…poor bastard!!!!

  7. I can tell that this guy doesnt actually like it there. Hes not stupid, hes biding his time. Since that drone might have noticed him im guessing he might be rescued soon enough. Drones record everything and the FBI monitors all the Jihadi websites. When they see this video, they will preview the drone footage.

    1. John seems to me to be a high stays “abd” (slave). He’s come a long way from the time he was wearing a ln orange Guantanamo jump suit. He likely realized that his survival and comfort depends upon being their English language spokesman. He likely eats well, has a comfy bed and a slave gurl to keep him company at night (I want to see THAT video!!).They even dyed his hair and beard. Nothing but the best fir john Can’t lie.

    1. I must admit he really sold the place, Mosul, what a beautiful place to spend some down time relaxing.

      Yeah right. What a load of old bollocks, this Isis shite is way beyond a joke. Those locals were probably warned on a loudhaler to look chipper and get on as if everything is fine, otherwise they’d be dragged away to be decapped, if they were lucky. And John boy looks like a frightened little cornered animal, trying to be nice to his captors.

      All in all, as far as propaganda goes, this was pretty pathetic.

  8. To feel sorry or despise for him?

    Truly, Evgenij Zamjatin’s “We”(or George Orvel’s “1984”) is today reality.

    Many says that Orwell plagiarized “We” novel, wroted in 1921, changing names, calling it “1984”.

  9. He sounds obnoxious and arrogant and Clearly frightened not. Once they’ve used him for propaganda purposes his head will be macheted like the rest. Given his level of articulated education they will continue to use him up until he bores the shit out of them.

  10. Do we have a date for the recording ?
    Can anyone verify his locations ?
    Why is his note pad blurred out ?
    Why was he first in an orange jumpsuit then black and now civilian clothes?

    I don’t trust this guy one iota and as I have said before, his Wikipedia photo does not match this guy.

    If he’s a hostage I’m a fuckin pumpkin!

    1. Wikipedia can’t be trusted @bobcat, no more than these idiots.
      He’s exhibiting signs of duress for sure, his eyes speak louder than anything.
      Whether he’s a captive of who they’re claiming, well, who really knows for sure !?
      Maybe he’ll end up in one of their Hollywood style vids again, only to be head lopped. Faded out of course !

  11. I don’t know. Fake or not. If you notice when he was looking up at the drone, when the camera was zooming back down the drone disappears. Either it was airbrushed in or The camera pixels couldn’t focus enough to keep it on then making it disappear. I don’t think he’s in China, the Great Wall of China is higher than that.

  12. The anti western jargon is just getting old, excuse me if I don’t want to visit the land and milk and honey to wine and dine with ISIS. Im safe in America, and we have our own problems (barack hussein Obama and the idiotic masses his games have stirred up). I can’t wait for Johns beheading, it’s going to give me real fits.

  13. Mosul is a devastating city currently controlled from the A.C.E.’s proxy state controlling both Iraq and Syria. Not only their presence is a major threat but the corporate media is another enemy against freedom. One day, the city will be retaken by the Sunnis to oppose not only the fake state but the real enemy who created the fake state for power and that time will arrive.

  14. This has got to be the most humorous propaganda I have ever seen. Lets step back for a minute and assess.. Here we have a white man, in the middle of iraq praising a group of outright murderers and rapists who would surely fell not the slightest remorse if he were to reverse himself and say the wrong thing, even if what he said was simply sarcastic or joking. The coup de gras is him yelling at the sky.. Thank you mr bush, for creating the worlds ultimate insane asylum! One with no walls, where the patients dont even WANT to leave!

  15. This guy needs to travel to Raqa and do his shtick in front of the fence of heads. LMAO. Of course, he wouldn’t be allowed to file a report unless he was a willing ISIS goat. He’s lucky his head isn’t on a fence post.

  16. i doubt they will kill him now , would be real bad form & make them look bad after all the great things hes said about IS & their calliphate. I wouldnt be surprised if he converts and becomes the head of IS media.

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