John Cantlie Reporting for the Islamic State from Kobane

John Cantlie Reporting for the Islamic State from Kobane

The Islamic State released a video report about the situation in Kobane – a Syrian town on the border with Turkey that has recently received a lot of airtime due to fierce fights between the Islamic State mujaheddin and the Kurdish PKK and YPG forces clashing there. Host of the report is no other than the alleged British detainee – John Cantlie.

When John Cantlie first introduced his “Lend Me Your Ears” series, everybody was “all ears” because this was so new – a hostage of the Islamic State telling us what it’s like to be a hostage of the Islamic State, but since his series has not revealed any insider information, and just analyzed existing reports by the mainstream media, laced with ISIS fear mongering, the interest in the series dwindled. This report, unlike Lend Me your Ears, seems more like it.

Reporting directly from Kobane, John Cantlie says that contrary to MSM reports, the Kurds, supported by the coalition airstrikes, did not force the Islamic State into the retreat. To the contrary, according to John Cantlie, Kobane is under control of the Islamic State with only sporadic gunfights still occurring.

One thing John Cantlie does not say, but can be deduced from his report, is that all these coalition airstrikes do not have for its primary purpose the elimination of the Islamic State, but rather the crippling of Syrian infrastructure and economy. The Islamic State appears to advance just as vigorously as before, but thanks to the coalition, many Syrian oil rigs, roads, buildings and lives are now in ruin.

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      1. Yea I agree.. He’s stepped over the line from brainwashed prisoner to traitor. I actually felt sorry for this guy in his other videos, but now? Lets just say I was hoping to see a stray bullet mash his noggin.

    1. This is all bullshit, if I hear another Fukin sheep say “we have to get them before they get us” im gunna start throwin my shit around.. All this shit happening to Syria is a crime and people need to be held accountable..

      1. The situation is completely contrived by the Intelligence Agencies yes and I agree to let them be until they bite the hand that feeds them and wipe the Zionists off the face of this world. How smart though is it to let them build up one of the biggest so called terrorist Army’s in the world. Their plan is to restore ” The Levant ” , if you knew your history you would know it was the Ottoman Empire and they where a massive an brilliant military force. World Domination under Sharia Law, no music, no alcohol , no culture, no life . If that day seems like it’s going to come about I would want to fight.

  1. It,s good to see a different prospective from what we see on our own T.V. even it is bullshit ,but most of what we are told is the same bullshit.
    John Cantlie is still alive and if he makes it out of there I think we will deffently see a lot more of him.

  2. I wouldnt be surprised if this retard was actually an high rank general for the ISIS merc forces instead of a “hostage” like he claim to be… Looking at how chilled he seems to be all the time, things starts to become much clearer that way, it would make more sense.

      1. The subconscious will to live is so strong many people have tried to drown themselves but there body’s wouldn’t let them. In this situation subconsciously his brain maybe telling his mind these people are your friends or he just wants to do what it takes, either way the will to live is very strong. Just look at the wrecks in hospitals of people who should be dead but aren’t because they fought. On the other hand when people give up and want to die , a widow dies a week after her husband or the other way around .

        It’s just conjecture but what would any of you do if this was real?

  3. Who would have thought , ISIS build oil refineries and already have contracts with country’s to sell said crude oil . Gimme a break. I don’t like being manipulated and lied to on a constant basis when I turn on my TV . I’m not surprised lone wolves attack their country’s , Anders Brevik was right lol

  4. The bottom line is this. If you come from a country that doesn’t negotiate with scum like some of the pussified european countries, paying ransoms to murderers, then don’t go to Iraq or Syria! There’s a reason you don’t see any western journalists! They got the memo!

  5. Uhhh okay… so they now allow him to dye his hair, trim it nice n neat and give him clean clothes? He’s dressed in a crisp black suit..
    I don’t know.. Did he sell his soul to the devil?
    I swear all I can hear from him is blah blah blah… all he’s really doing is repeating the news, he hasn’t shown proof of anything.

      1. Tell the people how your proud Muji warriors have sex with young boys, called “Chai Boys ” who dance for them too when not getting bumfucked. They are not holy warriors, they are child molesting pedophile killers of the innocent. Man shall not lie with man( that includes young tea boys) .Kaffir’s we are not, you scum will burn in hell for your sins against mankind. If Jesus is to return(not likely), like you buffoons believe, it won’t be in Damascus and he won’t be saving you Muslims.

  6. This is just ISIS propaganda and he’s being forced to say this out of fear. If you believe a word of what John Cantlie says in this video then your just believing in ISIS?s lies. God knows how many takes it took to make this video.

  7. This chap has clearly lost the plot. As some members have alluded to already, he is exhibiting signs of Stockholm Syndrome, and appears to have been fully brainwashed. And boy does he not make a good presenter, he’s like a wet weekend !, but there again, who wouldn’t be !?!.

  8. Ziobama and the Jewish lobby have been supplying ?rebels? who are in fact the very worst enemies of America, of Christians in Syria and Iraq?and also of moderate Muslims in those countries.

    The Zio-plan could not be clearer: As some of their numbers have already admitted, the plan in Syria is to provoke chaos and bloodletting, because as long as that is happening, Israel is safe.

    Never mind that American blood is shed.
    Never mind that American money is spent.
    Never mind that Americans will now be called upon to risk their lives in this conflict once again.

    As long as the interests of Israel and Jewish lobby are served, the Zio-fanatics argue, it will all be worth it.

    1. Amen brother. As long as the Fed is still in private Rothschild hands, Americans don’t have a hope of changing their destiny, Americas money woes are because of the Federal Reserve and the shareholders in the Fed are creating these War’s. Return the Fed to the people and problems solved.

        1. Strangely any American President’s who tried threatened the Fed’s power ended up assassinated , Lincoln , Kennedy. Both tried to put silver dollars into circulation ,Interest and dept free of the fed . How long do you think Obama would last if he enacted “Executive Order 11110” ?

          1. Removing usury and debt based money from the monetary system would resolve most if not all of the economic problems that we have. ?
            It would free up tremendous amounts of capital that could be used to finance vast infrastructure projects that could put people to work. ?
            This has been proven true at various times in American history and most notably in Germany during the 1930s.

          2. @Wicked Mama , yes the Federal Reserve was created in 1913 but before that it’s creators were the Rothschild’s ,the same people who created , The Frist Bank of the United States. President Woodrow Wilson later said of the Fed Act “I have ruined my country” .

          3. It’s shocking that so many US citizens accept the misnomer Federal Reserve on face value. When you consider though that 20% of the US public can’t find North America on a map it kind of makes sense.

    2. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. Nevermind the Fact that America are Zio-boot-lickers. U.S. is stepping in to maintain peace and stability even if it means more short termed chaos (see their hypocrisy-sanctions/condemnation of Russia). The IS threatens regional stability and the west has stepped in to stop the ballooning cataclysm due to hardlined Islamists who believe in nothing. The Christian has always been under fire throughout the whole of the middle east, but they have no god damned hope against IS.

      1. I?m an Enemy of Israel, because I believe in the freedom of speech and thought, and Israel and her minions persistently push for ever more draconian restrictions on the freedom of speech and thought across the world.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because I?m not a Materialist and Israel fosters materialism among every other people on this globe except its own people.?

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because I believe there is something higher than money, and therefore Israel looks with suspicion upon me.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because I?m a human and because Azrael, sorry Azrael is the biblical angel of death, I mean of course Israel, because Israel destroys, corrupts, subverts and eventually kills everything it comes into contact with.
        Because in common humanity I cannot stand idly by.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel because I believe in justice, and Israel is not just, nor is it legally or morally viable.

        I?m an enemy of Israel because I believe in the truth and I?m tired of the endless lies that are used to justify its creation and the further lies and false flag operations that are needed to sustain its existence.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because I believe in decency and Israel violates all the common decencies.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because I have a conscience.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because I care about my own people.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because I have the courage to say so.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because they seek to make Israel the Jewish HQ from which they the Jews will rule over a mongrelized, miscegenated, mixed up, money worshipping, one-world slave state.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel, because they have this List.

        We can choose our friends, but we cannot always choose our enemies.?
        They very often choose us.

        I?m an Enemy of Israel for many, many reasons, but in the final analysis then, I?m an Enemy of Israel because Israel is an Enemy of us.
        All of us.

        1. Thank you for your clarity and views, please use your intellect to spread the word. Rothschild’s Israel is the enemy of real orthodox jews , most people won’t get it, took me a while. Try your best to separate the Zionist’s from the Jews but then again most below average people won’t be able to understand so forget that but try your best not to get pulled into the anti Semitic trap .

          1. @ Wicked Mama . The Rothschild’s funded the creation of the State of Israel , there is a Museum there dedicated to them. Rothschild sent his children across the world to set up banks. This is no conspiracy BS .

          1. I agree steeltoe. You’re very zealousbut that trumps all that are numb and dumb, though Hail Isreal if they promote degradation, corruption, non-decency, moral decay, and all that is vice. Now if just they would unlatchfrom their Judaic God. #Hail Satan!

          2. @DrF
            No offense, but if you believe in degradation, corruption, non-decency, moral decay and all that is vice then your no better than a Jew because that is what Israel stands for.

          3. Only those who apply magick to their lives can truly sleep well. Thanks once again for complying to to the parameters of [adding real value to the discussion] protocols.

        2. @SteelToe: I’m not too sure I’ve seen you around here before but I fuckin like you!
          Well-written piece and beautifully said!
          I agree with everything in your post. Israel is the common enemy in which we all need to band together to face. Like the Greeks against the Persians, Germans against the Romans. All of us, white, asian etc. will band against these lot.
          Respect, brother.

  9. These are the only videos I will not watch. Who cares what ‘insight’ Cantille shares. It only plays directly into the hands of those responsible for a script so many seem to analyze and relish…well played. Death to those mother fuckers!

    1. Steeltoe now I must troll you for that. First you’re misconstrued, dissillusioned value of Isreali-U.S. relations actually spawned more disillusionment. Then you suggest our answer to economic woes is by placing our finger around the trigger, putting barrel in mouth, and squeezing, thus being invaluble. Then you add real value to the discussion by stating your opinion 32 times. In memory of GG Allin I am scum, but I ain’t no Jew.

      1. Quoting a sad meth addict who was i’d say “stuck in Freud’s theorised anal phase of his childhood physiological development due to sexual abuse ” judging by GG’s showering of fans with fecal matter, you probably feel a shared experience as to your own but you have said nothing intelligent compared to @SteelToe.

  10. Something very funny in all of this. All reporters from allover the world say that there are battles there -very heavy battles-, how did ISIS record this & the city does look empty ?
    Something else..How is it possible that ISIS never shoot collation aircrafts ?

  11. and more of it ; since all the residents are gone, and ISIS captured most of the city, why don’t the collation concentrate the airstrikes & even start to strategically bomb ISIS ? hypocrites..never trust a proxy army

    1. These come from terrorist web sites like “al nusura front ” and the like , I’m guessing an Arab or Arab speaking person, probably sympathetic to which cause I’m not sure but finds them and downloads, then sends them to this site with English translations. I don’t speak Arabic so even when on their sites, it’s very hard to find what your looking for as their righting goes right to left just like Chinese.

  12. I have known of John Cantile or “sonic” as he was known since before 2000, he was a big motorcycle Journo for Superbike Magazine in the UK..

    I think it’s quite normal what he is doing!.. Trying to stay alive and not get his head hacked off. Although he does lose some sympathy for geading back to that shit hole, He was captive once before but was rescued only to go back again..

  13. I love the beginning of the video showing the “Islamic State Army Drone”. The little model helicopter buzzing sound cracked me up a little. I was actually wondering if it was ol’ Johnny C. who was flying it around. I don’t doubt that they could make a flying claymore out of one of those things but to make it out to be a highly advanced piece of “military” equipment is funny to me.

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