Kadir Anlayisli – Turk That Helped Arrest Luka Magnotta Wants to Immigrate to Canada

Kadir Anlayisli - Turk That Helped Arrest Luka Magnotta Wants to Immigrate to Canada

Kadir Anlayisli – Turkish immigrant to Germany who helped to arrest Luka Magnotta in Berlin wants to immigrate to Canada. He must be missing him.

Been a while since we’ve brought the infamous Canadian porno killer up on Best Gore. Kadir Anlayisli who worked a shift at the Spätkauf Café in Berlin’s Turks infested Neukölln borough garnered a lot of international attention after his tip to the police that Luka was at his internet cafe. It brought him hoards of new Facebook friends and so, he figured, why not use them to help him pave the way out of Germany, where nationalist movement is gaining again a very powerful momentum, second in Europe only to Greece, and settle his ass in still strongly multicultural Canada?

Good news for Germans, I suppose. One less Turk – can’t go wrong with that.

Props to Best Gore member Yochan for the pic.

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64 thoughts on “Kadir Anlayisli – Turk That Helped Arrest Luka Magnotta Wants to Immigrate to Canada”

    1. Ya, the whole thing was creepy as it was happening. I think I lost a whole month of my life researching his aliases and profiles. I was more creeped out and curious the more I found. Weird shit for sure! I hope I never see his face again. I thought it was humorous in the end

      1. @W2RB- My friend found me one of the only working links. I downloaded it to my smartphone. If you message me, i can send you the link i have. I’ve sent it to a few others but no one has gotten back to new on whether it worked or not.. Find my addy in the April Fools prank post.

        1. @Juicy,

          You lucky son of a…I’ve yet to find a working link to that video yet, and of course I’m too lazy to go all the way back to that previous thread you mentioned (typical guy i know). Maybe I can send you a smoke signal or something to find a way to get that link from you lol.

    1. I think if you took all the nursery rhymes and stories that people have been telling their kids for years to scare them, all of them added together would be about as creepy as this story. The ultimate Brothers Grimm folklore haha

  1. Tell him to sling his hook, I am pretty sure that Canada doesn’t need anymore cafe workers, for every low skilled immigrant willing to work for low wages that you allow in you will end up with one more unemployed Canadian.

    Take a good hard look at Britain, do you really want to end up like that, I believe that is all the evidence necessary for you to make a decision.

    1. We already are like you. Toronto is pretty much like London already.

      Just like London and Birmingham in England will have a White minority soon, I’m pretty sure Toronto already does.

      Two of our provinces (Ontario, British Columbia) are set to be White minorities by the year 2038.

      And no, contrary to popular belief, it isn’t Chinese immigrants or East-Asian immigrants. It’s the same shit you got over there now, Africans/Blacks, Muslims.

      And just like London, Toronto is a crime-filled cesspit because of the Blacks, and the Muslims have erected their builds of hate (mosques) all over the place while at the same time politicizing their Religion.

      As far as low-skilled migrant workers… I’m pretty sure our Government takes better care of them than us. Free housing, Money, Jobs. Companies hire them because it’s cheaper.

      No one asked any of us if this is what we wanted, and now it’s being forced on us globally.

    1. I would argue that London is no longer a part of the UK, its more like los angeles in Escape from L.A in that it is a place for undesirables and is a society in complete and utter decline.

      London has cancer, the cancer called multiculturalism, the prognosis is death.

    2. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2320002/How-rise-white-flight-areas-dominated-ethnic-minorities-creating-segregated-UK.html

      This article basically spells it out. They want non-Whites to move into White dominated areas in Britain (And the world no doubt). It’s spell out perfectly clear.

      This is championed as a success:

      “There are now just 800 council wards out of 8,850 where the population is 98 per cent white. That compares with 5,000 in 2001.”

      Unbelievable. Soon, there won’t be a single place with a White majority in the UK, or the rest of the world. This is what they want, too.

      Whites have already shown we don’t want that with White Flight, yet it is being forced on us. I’m pretty sure they locate non-Whites in the most White dominated places in our countries.

      This is, basically, White genocide. This isn’t happening to Blacks in Africa, Asians in Asia and so on. It’s happening to us, and only us.

      Our Politicians and Governments are traitors not only to our Countries, but our heritage, and they should be dealt with as such.

  2. Why not? One of these days we will wake up with the news that the owner of the site has immigrated to Turkey.

    (let see if the oots trick works)

    On a side note: this will never happen because the oots is banned in Turkey, remember?

    1. @1girl1cup naa by the looks of the Canadian people they sound like a bunch of pussies /: no offense to the Canadian people I love you guys ^_^ < 3 so .. For him going to jail is like a minority going to Macy's *alot of awkward staring* but since he is a gay man a male prison would be a win win situation for him. *rape* would be regular sex and bunking with an inmate in a small cell would be sleeping over -.- American jails are shit they should bring his ass over here that'll teach the little attention whore a lesson.

    1. Chinese will be passed by Blacks and South Asians (Pakistani, Bangladesh, India) as the largest ‘minority’ groups very soon.

      Funnily enough, both those groups cause a lot more problems than the Chinese do.

      Canada is facing much the same problems as England, in-fact. We even have our own London (Toronto) heavy with Black crime.

      And the Muslims politicize their Religion, take advantage of our liberal and forced ‘tolerance’ laws, and basically worm their way into our politics.

      I’m pretty sure Canada is one of the best places in the world for non-Whites to immigrate to, as well. You get free housing, money and a Job above that of a Native Canadian, and companies are naturally drawn to hire non-White immigrants due to wage structure.

      We also have the displeasure of sharing a massive, massive border with the USA, which means the Africans down there will come up here when that Country collapses.

      Getting off a plane in the Airport in Toronto is like walking into a 3rd world Country – you’d be hard pressed to find a White person around.

      And our Women.. heh. Pretty much the same as American, English etc. White women.

  3. So I have to spend my whole life in the place where I was born?
    I also want to immigrate, what’s wrong with that? I don’t want to die, man… If I stay here in Brazil, it’s only a matter of time till some flip-floper kill me or rob all my money…I am an engineer, I think I can contribute to society…

    1. Brazilian, speaking for myself, no, no one has to stay where they were born. Those of us on here long enough realize your situation. This guy gives the impression he’s just looking for a “better deal” by jumping from country to country. He’s trading on his “15 minutes of fame” as Obliterator said.

  4. So the guy that put the name of Magnotta in the spotlight, effectively leading to the psychopaths arrest and saving fuck knows what other carnage, is persecuted and threatened by his own country, yet that country will welcome immigrants with open arms?
    There’s double standards…and then there’s ZOG stamdards!

    1. I’m from Montreal and have been keeping relatively up-to-date on the subject. Basically he recently stood before a judge to determine what charges he would be facing. Scumbag defense lawyer pushed for second degree murder but the judge wasn’t havin’ none o’ that. He’ll be standing before a judge and jury in the fall of 2014 on charges of first degree murder.

      As a side note I’ve been visiting this site on a daily basis for the past 6 or so months and this is my first time posting. Shoutout to all my fellow Gorehounds and Mark for supplying us with such delights.

  5. They even come to Serbia from Afghanistan and countries like that and everyone know how hard life is here…I guess they are desperate to be anywhere(and to bring some of their habitat) just not in their shithole countries..

  6. Luka Magnotta is one crazy motherfucker..
    I saw the video One Lunatic 1 Icepick. But I’ve never seen the video’s of him killing the kittens. Is there a link? Are those video’s still on the internet? I searched and I searched but I couldn’t find a single one of them.
    Ps: I’m new here, well not new but I finally made an account.

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