Let’s Talk… For Real

3D Bondage

3D computer art is getting pretty awesome, isn’t it? You can create a woman/man of your dreams and have her/him do whatever you’re into. But that’s not the point of this post.

Server Situation

The move to Amsterdam didn’t go over very well. Server specs were superior to the one the site was on before and I anticipated the performance to reflect that, but the opposite was true. The Amsterdam server had a 6 core processor, compared to 4 cores we had before and 16 GB RAM compared to 8 GB we had before. By right, the move to a superior server should result in significantly improved performance but for two days, the site barely loaded.

I could not get anything done cause server’s responsiveness was pathetic so for two days, there was hardly any activity on it. The server was more off line than on line. I’ve tried everything, but that server just didn’t perform. I had no option but to assume that the hardware was faulty. I requested replacement from the host but they didn’t have anything in stock and it looked like it would take them days to get it so I did the only thing I could to end the downtime as fast as possible.

Like a dog with tail tightly between his legs, I approached the old host, whom I previously gave a finger, humbly asking if they would reactivate the server I had with them before. I really wanted to stay in Amsterdam, but the host I went with simply wasn’t working out. After two days of headache and seeing no improvement, I could not afford to waste any more time. So we went back to the server in the US.

Now I still have a couple of weeks to decide what to do at the end of this month. I negotiated with a solid host from Switzerland, where privacy is even tighter than in the Netherlands. Switzerland hosts are yet a tad more expensive, but the step towards privacy is significant. Unfortunately, the host only accepts payments with PayPal and with my PayPal account freshly banned, I couldn’t pay for server and without payment, there is no server. So I’m still unsure where we’re gonna go from here. It’s shitty.

Best Gore Situation

9 months ago I made a post announcing my intention to move on with my life and do something different, something that doesn’t involve the internet and takes me away from people. At the time of the post, I said nothing was gonna change for at least a few months because I wanted to wait winter out and use the time to learn the skills I would need for my next adventure.

And here we are – 9 months later. Enough time to take life from freshly fertilized egg to a new born human. I have my flight back home scheduled for mid March. Once in Canada, it will still be bitterly cold so I won’t make any significant moves for at least additional 2 months. Central Alberta winters are tough and long. Snow doesn’t usually melt until well into May.

I have no words to express the gratitude for support you guys have provided me with. It has been one fun, albeit at time bumpy ride. I enjoyed every bit of running Best Gore along the side of each of you and am beyond proud to have had so many of you run the site with me. I may have been the one pressing the bigger buttons, but it was the many of you who made Best Gore what it is today.

Keeping Best Gore On Line

9 months ago, I saw shutting the site down as the most reasonable step to take. But I listened to what you had to say, whether through comments or through emails sent directly to me, and the conclusion was clear – I’m gonna try to keep the site online for as long as I can even if I’m not around to update it.

Good thing is, that even though I’m gonna spend a lot of time in a remote wilderness this year, I’ll do some moving around so I’ll be able to get on the internet at odd time here and there. This will allow me to post occasional new content and approve an occasional comment.

Because there will be no regularity to my internet access and it will certainly be very scarce, I won’t be able to make monthly payments for hosting so I will spend the next two months trying to scrape as much money as I can and prepay for as much hosting as possible before I disappear.

That’s about where we stand at the moment so I decided to make this post to make it clear and give everyone a chance to provide their feedback. Let’s talk… for real!


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

117 thoughts on “Let’s Talk… For Real”

  1. Is it not an option to leave it to a close friend? I don’t comment much, but I’m here every morning after my long hours of work. I like to watch these fuckin’ awesome vids and smoke a joint. Some might say I’m a bit “disturbed” but to me, Bestgore isn’t just a sight where I watch videos that most will say is gut-wrenching, it’s also my new news agency. I can watch whats happening anywhere in the world uncensored. If it wasn’t for you, I’d be cursing Bashar Al Assad’s name right now like every other ignorant dick-butt. And yes, even though I hardly comment, I signed in just to post this. Also, I watch all of you. e.O

  2. please don’t go anywhere Mark. all the other gore sites really suck and are low class bullshit loaded with spam, advertising, spyware, virus and other shit. that is why this is best gore. because of your efforts, to quote the x files “the truth is out there”. if i was rich i’d pay you myself to keep the site going but i’m just a little rat. people who go into the wilderness have been known to permanently disappear for good. hope you decide to stay. we gorgians appreciate you. look at all the hot chicks like angry chicken, rei koko, etc. who have joined. besides, what would chancho and jesus do with themselves if not for this site.

    1. I agree with ya mouse. I say we find a nice room,kidnap Mark,feed him the best food money can buy,get him all the pussy he’ll need (maybe angry chicken can help us with that) and keep best gore goin’ forever!!!!lol

      1. i say the best gore bitches like angry chicken, reikoko and others need to step up and give mark pussy on a rotating basis. someone else give him drugs and booze. pussy, drugs and booze. i’d stay anywhere comfortably numb for that. let’s make it happen.

          1. Hahaha you guys makes me chuckle <3 this is another reason why THIS SHIT CANNOT HAPPEN.!!! Mark, we'll all seriously die of sadness and bordom, which means that 90% of the gore you continue find online will actualy be us lot…. Hmm mabey not a bad thought =/

          2. I think a gnome ate my comment.
            I dunno lol
            ANYWAY REPEAT –

            You guys make me chucke, which is why this shit CANNOT HAPPEN!!!!! Mark, if you leave we will all seriously die of bordom and sadness. Which means that 90% of the gore you continue to find on the internet will actualy be all of us lot… Hmm, not a bad thought x

  3. Aw fuck Mark, this really sucks but I hear ya and I do remember reading your story in July, good luck with whatever you decide. I can see that this site would be a time consuming pain in the ass. Sell it and move on.

    In the fucking meantime NO GORE means NO LIFE for me so suicide with a shotgun seems like my only option……… Oh wait, FUUUUUUCK, no use doing that as you fuckers won’t get to see the aftermath if this site goes down the shitter………… Lmmfaofffff.

  4. Sorry about that last post.

    I read your post in july, this site would be a time consuming pain in the ass to maintain. Sell up and move on with your bucket list. I like the hermit idea.

    In the fucking meantime, NO GORE means NO LIFE for me so stabbing myself in the carotid artery so you fuckers can watch me bleed out seems to be my only option…….. oh wait, fuuuuuuck, I nearly forgot, you cunts might not even get to see it, I’ll can that idea for now………. Lmmfaofffff

  5. shit mark It would suck to not have best gore,THE “best gore” site to come look at anymore. I check this site out anywhere from 10 to 20 times a day to look for new posts and to read and re-read thecomments from all the sick bastards (and bitches) on here.I wish I could help the site out financially,but unfortunatly im unemployed at the time.But i have spoken to family and friends and told them when I die to take pics and/or video of me and send them to the site.

  6. Couldn’t finish my comment, computer fucked up!? what I was say’in was that hopefully for my sick fuck friends at best gore,my death will not be natural, it will be like a car accident or something to provide really good gore pics/video LMFAO!!!!! That would be my contribution to the site!!! Thanks for the gore Mark,hope the site never ends, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.rock on ,bro!!!!

  7. I really wish you the best of luck! Enjoy your adventures and never look back. But before you go, please, for the love of all of us real true die hard Bestgore fans, get someone else to run the site… (someone trust-worthy) There are no legit sites out there any more. And there certainly aren’t great hosts like you that take the time to write such beautifully poised descriptions just like you do here.
    I’m actually bummed right now, fuck, I need more coffee to deal with this.
    we all love ya Mark, I hope that you find a way to keep your baby (bestgore) up and running.

  8. Yes I too am sad. Every moring I wake up and check out your site to see what’s new. Sad days but I guess you gotta do what you gotta do! Thanks mark for showing us the things everyones curious about but no one wants to admit. I will miss my updates! Take care on your next adventure!

  9. Mark,

    I donated before and believe PayPal payments could be made by any one of us who have PayPal accounts and used them in the past to donate. This month is a bit tough for me but I could certainly pay the hosting fee with PayPal next month. If one person takes care of one month’s hosting, we could have hosting paid for indefinitely and spread among many, it wouldn’t be that hard on just one person. Just a thought.

  10. i can’t leave this alone. the best gore community exists in cyberspace. the same dipshits and retards post here everyday. if the site goes down we all lose our community and that is tantamout to a gorgian genocide. don’t do it mark! i feel if i keep at it long enough i can get some pussy from one of these gore bitches. i’m willing to travel for guarateed pussy!

  11. Whatever happens, I hope Best Gore lives on. Maybe with someone else running it in Mark’s absence. I like this site. I like the people here. I don’t want to see it become another Rotten.com… Rarely updated, and all that…

  12. Nooo… Like one of the posters, I come here every morning after work to keep updated by the latest gorish stuff.

    And tell you what, I made this account just now just to say PLEASE DO NOT SHUT IT DOWN. If you can, sell the website for a certain amount of money and move on. Or maybe think of ways to keep making money out of this site after you sell it or hand it over to someone who can run it?

    Just my 2 cents… But it’s still all up to you. Thanks for doing this Mark. Good luck on your life and hope you decide to do some internet stuff again.


  13. Okay, let’s talk!

    First off, I love Best Gore. I haven’t been an actual member for very long, but I’ve been coming to this site ever since it was recommended to me over a year ago, and I don’t go to any other gore sites. I’ll bet there are loads of people who come here who don’t have accounts, just like I do, so I’ll express their thanks with my own, because this site is amazing.

    I’m sorry that the move to Amsterdam didn’t work out so well. I mean, I’m glad that the website not loading up wasn’t my computer’s fault (thought I had some sort of dodgy computer virus), but it must have been a total pain in the ass waste of money for you, and that just sucks.

    If I was in a state of financial security (I.E. not moved-back-in-with-my-parents-after-split-from-crappy-ex-boyfriend) I’d offer to help out with the costs. I can probably make the odd donation here and there, but I know that would be relatively useless on its own. I guess if enough of us banded together we could pull it off and keep it going in your absence.

    I guess all that there’s left to say is have fun with your travels – seriously, have the time of your life living like a hermit, being all anonymous and all, I envy you bucketloads. I hope this isn’t the end of Best Gore and the family of Gorians (a family I should have joined sooner, because I’m more like one of those weird cousins you only see at Christmas right now), but like you said, it’s been one hell of a ride, and I’m happy to have been a (however minimal) part of it for even the short time that I was.

    All the best,


  14. Ive been scouring the web for gore sites since 94 and Ive been to MANY of them…Based on the page lay out , ease of navigation on the site, the huge volume of content, The excellent summary’s ,the consistent updates and the cool members ,in my opinion there isnt a gore site out there that could shine Best Gore’s shoes .. Mark ,you do a remarkable job and its much appreciated….
    Its understood that you have to do what you must but it will surely suck if or when you close the show.

  15. BestGore has become my home away from home, I just love it here. As sad as I will be to see it go, I fully understand the need to move on, whether it be a matter of expense or just the need to go out into the world and discover it’s wonders. I, for one, am truly grateful for you Mark and all the work you have put into this site, it is a wonder to behold. On a related side note: If and when this site “tanks”, is there a possibility that I could have you send me some of these pics and articles, as long as I promise not to redistribute them? They would be for my own private collection. I totally understand if it’s not possible, but you never know if you do not ask. Anyway, please keep up the good work for as long as you can, and know that you will be sorely missed when and if you have to shut down.

  16. Dang, this is the second time I typed a long heart felt post to you Mark and when I go to post it, it completely disappears. Let me try again. BestGore has become a home away from home (of sorts) to me, and I will be sad to see it go. I do understand the need to move on, whether it be a matter of funding or a want to head out into the world and discover it’s wonders, I get it. Just know Mark that I fully appreciate you and all the work you have put into this site, you sir, are the best. On a related note: I was wondering that if and when this site “tanks’ if it would be possible for you to send me some of the material on this site for my own personal collection, as long as I promise not to redistribute any of it? Most of these images can not be found anywhere else and I would not want them lost forever. Well anyway, I just want to finish this post with a great big thank you, and the promise that you will be missed, if the worst happens. Either way, take care and have a great day.

  17. I can’t believe I just burst into tears! I love Bestgore, its my fave site ever. Mark, if you go to the Alaskan wilderness dont go all Christopher ‘Alexander Supertramp’ McCandless on us! (true story – book/movie Into The Wild). We still have a little while left I hope.

    1. I’m really sad too!, i know i’m not known to this site but the truth is, i’ve been opening this site since 2009 and been enjoying mark’s post every day. I open the site 5 times a day, and honestly i’ve been spending more time in bestgore than in facebook. so the new 9 months ago really shocked me but i was releived when i notice mark continued to post and to sustain the site for 9 months. THANK YOU MARK, as a member of the top commentor i can relate with your despondency tiger. I hope mark will find a better life, CHEERS thank you for all the years.

  18. i stumbled across this site by accident but i chose to open a account here a decided to stick around for awhile,i have other accounts at sites like crazy-shit,ync,live-leak,and ext,ext.i like this site because it broadcasts one thing and one thing only “gore” its what everybody that wants to see and hear when they come to this site ,
    the fact that you don`t see a dumb blond sucking s cock in a ad next to a video your watching of a guy getting his head cut off with a chainsaw means a lot ,
    but who are we to tell you what to do ,just don`t be like god ,create something and then leave it behind to go to hell,again that is why we are all here,but whatever you decide to do ,i wish you the best of luck in all your endeavors…wow my longest post ever …

  19. Do whatever is nessicary, but just know that we’ll always love you and this site no matter what. It would suck ass not to have it, but you should do what makes you happy.
    I haven’t been on Bestgore for very long, but I’ve come to love the flow of things. You and everything you do rocks, Mark. Keep it up for as long as you desire, and when you don’t, leave a legacy. <3<3<3<3

    Sincerely, Candy

  20. I hope you find someone to put in charge of the site. Even though the ync has more material I like how you post background story and pics also I like to read the comments and posting mine, specially when they about dead fucking NIGGERS and sand-niggers.

  21. Hey Mark, No worries.
    1) use the cheaper USA server, and if you have to, go to the very cheapest there is…
    2) Privacy is an issue but with the US Government going crazy there is no way to have any privacy period.
    3) Approving comments? Well pick a moderator or two to handle that while you are away.
    4) Getting access while in the wilderness, if the rag heads in the desert can get on line you should be able to as well.

    Lastly, what ever happens, happens and I will understand and wait for you to do what you have to.

    1. Brand new member here. Don’t have the balls to watch of the sicker videos… yet.

      I think Mark really wants to move servers out of the US as soon as possible. Get out of its jurisdiction. Better safe than sorry and nowhere safer than Swiz in terms of privacy.

  22. well this just fucking sucks. i visit this site at least 10 times a day looking for new shit….leaving it up without updates will only suffice for a few weeks, maybe months, then i will have been jaded with old material. FUCK this sucks.

    take a hiatus as long as you like, but you must know by now, you filled a role in many of our lives and made many people happy; leaving will create an emptiness and im pretty fucking sure that most of us know that this site is really the ONLY site on the internet that has GORE. We will continue searching for our “drug” to feed our addiction, but yours was the BestGore and it will be very difficult for us to find a suitable replacement (if one even fucking exists…. Blog de Narcos? maybe?) Point is….if you build it again, we will come.

    Good Luck in Life Mark and thanks for the BestGore.

  23. dang this site is the only place where i can watch others have a shittier day then im having lol where i can see a damn terrorist blow himself up or see one be stupid enough to walk behind a rpg…. Where else can you go to see some guy get his head cut off with a chainsaw (which while watching high and drunk, possibly the funniest shit you will see) and yeah seeing dogs fucking up there owners haha! I guess, hope you can get someone to take over or something, because i get tired of re-runs but doesnt mean i wont start from the beginning to end; DONT LEAVE US!

  24. Please dont shutdown the website, I have been a member of best gore for around a year now and I have been visiting this site 5-7 months before that. This is literitly the only gore site that has not given me a single virus for all the time I have been on here. I really love this sight and I wish I had the money to help you keep up the server. I really love this sight and we all appreciate all the hardships you have went through to keep this sight up.

  25. first viraldeath and now bestgore? 🙁 if this site goes away i’ll miss it so much the quality posts are amazing compared to other shitty video websites you should make some guys Admins/Mods to help you run the site for you sigh this is so sad 😥 besides if you need money i’m sure a lot of guys on bestgore will pay off like they did before just make a new paypal with new email 😐

  26. I would hate to see BestGore go down. I’d be able to tolerate a bunch of porno ads if it helped you pay for the site, so if possible, consider getting ads/more ads.

    If you have to shut the site down, thanks for everything you’ve done.

  27. Well now what the fuck am going to do everyday? There is no other “Gore” site out there that can even come close to this one. (Trust me I was looking for years before I found this site). I can’t believe it’s already been 9 months since the last time I had to beg you not to shut it down. You Mark, and all us contributers, commenters and daily viewers are like a family. Allbeit more of a fucked up Manson family! But a family non the less. Keep the site going, Shit, I WILL cover the bill if I have too!

  28. Best Gore has become one of my favorite sites. It’s so nice to see the unvarnished, no bullshit truth once in a while, with the sights that they never allow you to see. I am so tired of clawing through pure shit and reading between the lines (or lies). We’re constantly told what to think and to ignore what’s in front of our own eyes. This place is SO GODDAM REFRESHING, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.
    I hope if you really do go, Mark, you find some way to pass this on. Even if it won’t have the hilarious captions on the pictures anymore. I don’t know if i can live without Thailand, Brazil, flip flops, pointers, chainsaws, machetes, Da Silvas, etc…
    I like the naked pic of the day, by the way. Is that one of the regular BG commenters?

  29. Hey guys,

    Unfortunately the option to let somebody run the site or moderate it is not viable. It’s been discussed in depth in previous post. Every website that has a community of admins/moderators also has the owner who is liable for the content of the site around so if any of the moderators turns rogue for whatever reason, timely action can be taken.

    Humans are fundamentally corrupt. Thinking that a person would remain honest and committed to doing the right thing, never for a second considering to take advantage of the situation for their own benefit at the expense of others would be foolish.

    If someone with admin powers decided to lace the site with Trojans because scammers pay money to install key-loggers on computers of unsuspecting internet users, do you think they would pass up on the opportunity just because it’s the right thing to do? They would face no legal trouble because they’re not owners of the domain and since owner is not around to bust them and the site gets lots of traffic, this would be a low risk, high yield venture.

    As the owner, I guarantee all users privacy and safe surfing experience. The only way I can guarantee it is by taking extra precautions in ensuring that no one has access to areas of the sites which could compromise user’s privacy and or their experience using the site. That applies to all segments of the sites. Nobody for example could hide a link to a child pornography website into a comma in a comment because I review all comments before they appear on the site, but if there was someone else with no one watching over them and threatening to remove their extra powers if they stepped over the line, how would I know they wouldn’t let such comment slide after a network of child abusers greased their pocket to do so?

    It’s just not as easy when liability for the content of the site is on your shoulders,


  30. OK, my post seems to have vanished, but the site thinks I’m trying to enter a duplicate comment. Hopefully this won’t post twice.
    Best Gore has become one of my favorite sites. It’s so nice to see the unvarnished, no bullshit truth once in a while, with the sights that they never allow you to see. I am so tired of clawing through pure shit and reading between the lines (or lies). We’re constantly told what to think and to ignore what’s in front of our own eyes. This place is SO GODDAM REFRESHING, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

    I hope if you really do go, Mark, you find some way to pass this on. Even if it won’t have the hilarious captions on the pictures anymore. I don’t know if i can live without Thailand, Brazil, flip flops, pointers, chainsaws, machetes, Da Silvas, etc…
    I like the naked pic of the day, by the way. Is that one of the regular BG commenters?

  31. I don’t know how long it’s been that I’ve been visiting Best Gore, but it must be two or three years now since I’ve discovered this awesome site. And ever since, Best Gore is the first thing I check when I’m logged onto my computer (even before my local new station).

    So, it’s very sad to hear this bad news, but you have to do what makes YOU happy.

    So thanks a lot for being the rock star of gore, and if it entices you at all to go all Johnny Ace on us and letting someone you know post the video for Best Gore’s swan song do not hesitate (but only if you really want) :).

  32. A man gotta do , what a man gotta do.
    For me, personaly it wasn’t only the gore,
    though i like the raw truth, but most
    importanly your point of view to the world,
    towards society, politics and the human
    nature, which met mine.
    Also for the money problem i think a lot
    of us could help you out.
    So whatever you do, best wishes man,
    and thank you for all your efforts.

  33. Ah crap.
    Well, I understand how much money time it would take to keep it all up and running, and you have for a while with new content everyday.
    This was my first gore site and the best to date.
    I hope that it doesn’t all go under, but if it happens then thank you very much for what you have done.
    Best of luck! 🙂

  34. Hi Mark

    mate you have to do what you gotta do but yah leave it to a good friend to host and help with ??

    anyways i have been coming here for ages even before i signed up i do SFX makeup and use this site for alot of my reference images and this sight is fucking awesome!!! and some of the comments i get a good laugh from always something to say about a Flip flop!!

    here in Aussie land we call them THONGS get it right people lol….

    anyways do hope the site stays this site is wicked!!!!

  35. We’ve really developed a relationship with you here, Mark. Even lurkers who never comment like me. It’s actually painful to imagine you moving on with your life without us. But I (& apparently many others) support your decision. Anything that makes you happy. Honestly, I envy your freedom. I’m married with three children & expecting another in a couple weeks. I look in the mirror & ask “when the fuck did this happen!?” I’m no longer relevant. But I digress. Enjoy your journey & I’ll keep checking back for your return.

  36. i haven’t been here long, and i don’t really post as often as the other regulars, but like many people, i check back at least once a day to look at new posts. although i’m relatively new, this has fast become one of my favourite sites, and i actually made some new friends here (which i wasn’t expecting o.O). i wish you the best, and hope the site will continue to stay and be updated frequently, but i also understand the difficulties that life can present. either way, i’m going to continue to stop by often :3

  37. Best Gore .Best show out there

    Like the others, I’m here almost every day for a look at the gore. I can’t imagine going for a peek to find she isn’t there.
    Great content, great community – Many thanks to you.

    And safe travels.

  38. Don’t go 🙁

    You could come down to Texas and stay with me! I think I came to this site too late so as a “best gore-ling” you could come down and mind fuck me personally! I’m sure I’ve lived with bigger pieces of shit in my lifetime and you’ll have all the snowless winters and Internet porn you can handle. I work 80 hour weeks so I won’t be around much to bug you anyway. Well my name is linked to my fb page as further proof of my boring ass life. Don’t go
    Mark 🙁

  39. We love you Mark! I’ve visited your site daily for 3 or 4 years now, and I still visit just as often. I still remember the first night I found BestGore… I stayed up until like 7 in the morning looking at all the past photos you had posted!

    This is the best gore site, and the only gore site where the owner interacts with visitors and truly does it for them. Yet if I had the chance to travel and do those things, I definitely would, too. In any case, I wish you the best for your journeys ahead! Maybe you can pass the torch to someone you know would make you proud!

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