Life in the Police State – To Bully And Terrorize

Police Class - Training Cops to Bully and Terrorize the Populace, And Get Away with It

The video below is extremely difficult to watch due to constant blabbering of the Iphone owner videotaping the encounter while holding his gadget sideways. Instead of focusing on whether the victims were in the wrong, I’d like to make the post a reminder of the basic rules everyone needs to be familiar with in order to survive living in a police state overrun with cops hell bent on bullying and terrorizing you.

This is important especially because many people are aware of these simple rules, but actually utilizing them is easier said than done. Most people go about their lives without causing intentional loss or harm to another (ie – without committing a crime). But that means a big pile of fuck all if you live in a police state, where it’s not a question of if, but when you’re next to be bullied and terrorized. Thus, when faced with terror of police, it’s easy to forget what needs to be done. So here is your reminder, related to the type of situation portrayed in the video (these are just guidelines and do not constitute legal advice):

  • Don’t talk to cops. Ever! Invoke your right to remain silent whenever you can.
  • Record every encounter with police. Don’t assume that just because you haven’t done anything, that they will not turn you into a criminal. You carry a cell phone camera in your pocket – use it!
  • Don’t get out of your car unless ordered to. Roll window down just enough to pass words.
  • If you must exit your vehicle, roll up all your windows and lock it behind you.
  • Memorize this sentence: “I do not consent to searches of my person or my vehicle.”
  • If you feel that you’re being treated unfairly, demand a supervisor. Then lock your doors and remain silent until he arrives.
  • Remain calm. Do not freak out. When you act outraged, your judgement becomes clouded.
  • Do not voluntarily open up your trunk or the glove box. That’s tacit permission for them to search the whole car.
  • Always stress that you do not consent to searches, and have a video proof of it. This may help in case they do find weed in your car. As such, the case may not be permissible in court because they illegally searched the car and your lawyer would have it fairly easy to prove that they were manufacturing probable cause.

The famous “we smell marijuana” line is a trick they are taught to use when they do feel like power tripping and all else has failed. It’s similar to “I thought he had a gun” or “I feared for my life“.

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    1. if we’re being completely honest, i tend to cooperate. i have nothing to hide and innocent men do not run. personally, i have not had a negative encounter with police since i quit drugs and drinking so there might be a connection in my particular case. lol.

      doesn’t mean i’m a civilian killer supporter. just personal experience. once again, the Aware influencing the right the channels will have drastic changes on the quality of our lives.

      1. @Obli, they tend to use the “I smell marihuana” excuse around here as we’re along an interstate corridor for trafficking. They even set up “sobriety checkpoints” trying to snare people. If they can’t get someone for drinking, then the weed technique comes into play. But since we’re not smokers of weed, we don’t let them play their little power trip in our family – even tho we have nothing to hide. If they want to keep themselves busy with calling a canine, etc., so be it. We just laugh and record – and their little power trip gets hung out to dry. It’s about our supposed rights as citizens in my eyes. The more they can bully, the more they enjoy their “power”.
        Bullying cops = ASSHOLES

  1. When you don’t talk they get mad. I’ve seen some white boys getting pulled out the drivers window and tossed on the ground. they think you’re acting cocky. it’s going to take some time for your lawyer to get me to remove my knee from your temple.
    There was case of mistaken identity of the vehicle. and the car window was broken and driver pulled out, beat, embarrassed in front of the public, then taken to jail just to be released with no charges. The vehicle occupants tried suing, but internal affairs keeps dropping the lawsuit. All they did was fix his window.

    1. Would have been more nice to see those cops with bulletholes through the forehead here on BG, then hearing about the reality of “nothing happens to cops”. Your kneecap on someones forehead, awaiting a lawyer? How did the “free world” turn into such a shithole where that is even a possibility?

      Most free people resist unjust treatment, I would like to think. So it is not OK to use brute force to get someone who is being treated unjust to comply, in my sound mind.

  2. Cops should have to wear body cams. All interaction should be recorded when dealing with the public. No body cam case dismissed. For the publics protection as well as their own it should be the law. Best recent example would be the Mike Brown incident. Had that officer been wearing one and had it been activated when he stopped him their would be no doubt about what really took place. A cop will kick the shit out of you if he feels your defying his authority. My advice to all on B.G. is make sure it’s being recorded before you assert your rights or you could end up in a bad place in a bad way. We all know shit shouldn’t be this way but we all know that it is.

    1. I agree with you @rayf. But, let’s just reflect on how crazy this shit has become for a moment. There were no cameras on phones as recent as 15 years ago , so, what would have been the advice to civilians back then ?, would that advice have been necessary in the first place back then ?

      It just makes me wonder why the cops have got so way out of control.

      1. @Ewe I remember a night about 11yrs ago. A cop pulled me over because he said ” he THOUGHT I was going to cut him off.” Seems you can somehow commit an offense if they are able to imagine it or some shit like that. He acted like a total prick so instead of giving him the respect I would normally give to a policeman, I addressed him repeatedly as bro or dude, instead of officer or sir. He took offense as well as the back up officer that arrived, they told me that if I addressed them that way one more time that they were going to hurt me. So I did anyway. As they both started coming at me I pointed to a 7-11, a White hen and a gas station sitting on the corners of an intersection about 500 ft away, telling them that what they were about to do would be recorded on any outside cameras they might have. They both looked at each other didn’t say a word to me got in their cars and left, no ticket no nothing. I didn’t even know if they had outside cameras or not, but the possibility that they were being recorded is what saved me from a serious ass kicking and the trumped up charges that would have been added on for good measure I’m sure. Mind you I never swore or got belligerent I just choose to not address them with the respect they demanded but didn’t deserve. Can you imagine beating somebody up for calling you bro or dude ? FTP “Film The Police.” That is a small thing to have happen many have had it much worse, but my car had Fire Fighter plates on it plus I had 3 of my kids in the car I have no criminal offences or record of any kind. Even in todays world of cell phones with cameras the burden should be on them not us, innocent until proven guilty, we’ve sailed so far from those waters I wonder if We’ll ever see those shores again. The only way things will change is if the police are required to tape every interaction. As for 15yrs ago the cops were the same if not worse back then, like everything else that ends up on video nowadays people have access where it did not exist before, like the combat footage we see on here or on TV. A firefight 10,000 miles away shot that morning will be on the news that same day. Seeing is believing, and I’d rather have proof of my innocence or someone else’s we have seen first hand the damage that taking someone at their word can produce.

        1. Wow, thanks @rayf for that personal insight mate. I probably come across as naive, but I swear, the cops over here are nothing like that, so it’s difficult to fathom the mentality. We have the odd bad apple of course, but institutionalised rogue force… no, not by a long chalk.
          So, in your experience, you believe U.S cops have always been like this ? , wtf is wrong with those morons man !?! , fucking get a life I’d say. Do they not realise that to gain respect you must first be respectful !?, otherwise, well, it all goes straight out the window. But you know that ….. why the fuck don’t they know that.
          I don’t know what more to say mate, this is the one subject that has me in knots, unfuckingbelievable.

          1. @Ewe I wish we had your police. And thanks for your concern over our well being. Quite a few of us Americans are after all transplanted UK products. I know the British have found out the hard way about many things and like a loving parent they hate to see their children make those same mistakes. Hopefully one day Our leaders will listen to Yours.

        2. That would have been very traumatizing for you children. and worse it could create a vendetta towards the police later on in life when the children become older. police don’t care if their actions have any future consequences. they act on the moment. always. always guilty of something.

          1. @Elma yea the kids didn’t like the fact daddy got “picked on”. And at least they learned a lesson about some cops having darker natures. Like all things when it comes to our kids we tell them and tell them but it’s good for them to learn first hand sometimes. That was a relatively cheap lesson they’ll never forget.

    2. @rayf – the problem is that even if the cops were required to record by body cams, the same excuse comes into play when they’re in the wrong – my recorder wasn’t working, it wasn’t on, the battery died, the powdered sugar from my box of donuts covered the lens and plugged the voice recorder up, lol. So it makes sense to record it all yourself and even if they try to erase it, if the situation is worth it, the video can still be recovered by an IT specialist. Lots of people say yeah, but I don’t have the money for that. Well, if it was me and the situation was bad enough to ruin my life, I’d sell everything I had to pay for a lawyer and sue the shit out of them. After all, what good are material things when your life is down the shitter?

      1. @Ilovemygramps The reason I believe it is they’re responsibility goes back to, “innocent until proven guilty” If the camera don’t catch it case dismissed, if a member of the public was to be injured during interactions with the police and that camera malfunctions the officer should then have to prove his innocence. I know my ideal is far from perfect but the reason I would be hesitant to pull out my cell phone is the fact that cops mistake those for guns sometimes, that isn’t me trying to make a joke either. It has happened and to be honest I have had people hold their cell phones in such a way that it would take a few seconds of looking at it to confirm it wasn’t a gun. The act of drawing your cellphone can look like your drawing a hand gun. Like a lot of us I’m just throwing ideals out there. 😉

        1. Yeah, I get that and agree, but our town (pop. About 70,000) is very conservative in that cops are believed above all else – the innocent until proven guilty doesn’t work so well here. Not enough high crime I guess – only about 5 murders a year for example. My cell phone is always out in the cup holder (not that I use it while driving but it’s as a just in case thing) and I make sure to announce that I will be recording the stop before reaching for anything – the old hands on the steering wheel has been ingrained in my family. My husband is in the security business and deals with cops on a frequent basis so he has made it a point to warn us of the pitfalls of dealing with them. He’s disgusted at the stories some of them share (trying to be big shots I guess) and the jokes they tell. They get a big kick out of the yearly motorcycle rally which brings almost 500,000 to our area and brings in a lot of revenue for cops. Our biggest degenerates are SOME of the Native Americans, but the cops also like to target people coming and going off the interstate which is actually really convenient for traveling around the main combustion of downtown traffic for many people here. Not trying to go on and on, just trying to explain how it is here. I guess each individual will have to decide based on their experiences, etc., and keep Acneska’s advice in mind.
          : )

          1. @Ilovemygramps I think were both from S.D. you must live in one of the bigger cities with a population that big my town is holding steady at 17. We have it better than the states whose population in some suburbs and definitely cities whose populations are bigger than the populations of our entire state. In the smaller towns we both know better than to speed even a mile over the limit and yea our cops love outside money as well. The Indians are in bad shape used to be and still is booze but it is more meth now. I have a cousin that teaches on a reservation and spends half of every school year teaching hygiene. Cow boys and Indians are still played out everyday. Terms like gut eater and blanket ass seem to be the favored names to call them.

          2. @rayf – you are correct. I am in SD! I won’t go on and on because I don’t want to hijack this post any further, just wanted to respond and say this is so hilarious!

    3. Cameras absolutely everywhere and still the recordings “disappears” and cameras even in prisons are “not active” at precisely that moment.
      Corrupt, power-hungry and untouchable.

      Leave the place or fight back.

  3. Surviving the police in Britain is no easier, it also tends to be more expensive as well.

    If you drive at just a mere 5mph over the speed limit they fine you the equivalent of $150 US dollars and tell you to attend a drivers awareness course so that you don’t get points on your licence if you attend.

    The reason why they don’t want you to get points on your licence is because they want you back on the road so that they can fine you again and they know that they will because very few people can pay full attention to the road whilst constantly watching for tiny increases on their speedometer.

    The British police also have routines where they randomly pull over a certain amount of cars per day on main roads and check their condition. If you have less than the officially accepted level of tread on your tires you get fined, If you have less than the officially accepted level of windscreen washer in your car you get fined etc.

    In fact the British police make so much profit from doing the above that they refuse to deal with any other crime. Burglaries and property damage are not investigated, you just get given a crime reference number instead, however what’s more shocking is that in recent years they have not been investigating rapes or physical assaults either and just a few days ago the police got bad media coverage for turning up four days late to investigate an attempted child abduction.

    You may have also heard about the recent bad media coverage of the British police because for years they refused to investigate the rape of white children by paedophile rings consisting of members of the Muslim community because they didn’t want to appear racist.

    The British police are a joke and not even a funny one at that so not only does Britain have a police state they also have legalised theft where the state can financially bleed you dry for whatever “crime” they can be bothered to make up.

    1. Come on @Empty. I have never personally been stopped for driving 5mph over the limit, and believe me I’ve driven plenty of miles over the years. You are permitted 10% over the limit anyway. And washer bottle shortage ! , that’s not illegal.
      Don’t get me wrong, I know full well our cops are out to bleed the public to fill their coffers, but they are not, in my experience, idiotic, psychotic bullies like the cops in question in this post.

      As for the paedo rings, that’s a different story. Absolutely disgraceful and unforgivable. But again, the police weren’t
      the instigators of that sick none reaction, it was the common purpose schooled leftist brigade, who had slowly
      but surely snaked their way in to positions of power in that
      town. Apologists for any minority in simple terms, although the prick at the top was indeed an ex cop, it was the indoctrinated left who presided over that utter disgrace.

      1. @ewestomper, I guess it depends on how much driving you do and in which geographical areas you drive through, Wales and London in general are terrible for it, Cheshire is pretty bad as well.

        I personally don’t throw away my tickets and keep them as a source of comedy for when my friends come around as proof of story so I can state that I was indeed fined for doing 6mph over the limit.

        I also have a copy of the hand written note from the police officer who pulled me, and many other drivers, over that day as part of a random routine check advising me on my tire tread and windscreen washer fluid and the suggestion of a fine if I did not seek to remedy the situation.

        I wish I was joking, I really do.

    2. a fine for windshield washer fluid? wtf!?!! I though it was bad where I live. We have tons of photo radar for speeding and red light cameras. they make more money this way because you don’t get demerits taken off you drivers license.
      so people just pay and keep speeding.
      The citizens here see it as a cash cow. and have tried voting against it with no luck.

      1. I kid you not, a couple of months ago I got fined for going 6mph over the speed limit because I was going down a steep hill and there was a police officer waiting at the bottom of it with a speed camera pointing up at me.

        It’s entrapment, playing and simple. They know that steep hills are impossible to remain at a constant speed limit on and so they on purposely wait there with cameras to entrap motorists.

        You won’t ever see a police officer out on the streets investigating and/or preventing crime but if you get into your car and drive down the roads you will see no end of them.

        The irony is that the police are some of the worst drivers around and if not for the badge they themselves would be getting fined.

        One day somebody will snap and just drive straight through these asshole speed camera merchants.

        1. I also while living in England got an ?80 fine and the “opportunity” to attend a drivers awareness course rather than have 3 points on my license.

          I was clocked at 35 mph in a 30mph zone. Similar situation as @emptysoul. Driving down a very steep hill with the cruise control set at 30. The hill was so steep that the control didnt hold.

          My first and only traffic violation in 25 years of driving. Trained also as an advanced driver. Common sense is not used by the authorities when they are lining their pockets.

    3. @empty – WOW, I kind of wondered why my husband’s uncles were always driving like old ladies when we’d fly over there. And my husband said that when he got his first license (1980’s), he had to take driving lessons (not free) as a requirement for even taking the exam in the UK. He’d be getting all kinds of tickets over there nowadays as his wiper fluid and tires, among other things, are not always up to par. It’s the working class that pay since they are the most likely to be driving back and forth to work daily.

      What a money racket (not that the cops here aren’t always looking for ways to empty our pockets too). I’m guessing it’s more or less a global problem, each country finding ways to gouge or harass their citizens.

  4. In my town in Germany they aint that militarised and paranoid yet, you can almost have a human conversation with some of them. But I?ll never forgive them, that they once stole my bucket with potato salad, just because it smelled funny. Since then, I always travel with my persian combat he-cat, to avoid misunderstandings.

  5. I’ve only ever gotten pulled over my the police once. I remember I had just gotten my license (it was within the first few weeks). Whilst it was just a typical routine search (ya know, they see your P plates and immediately want to check your license and whatnot), I almost had a heart attack and because I took awhile to find my license (Us girls carry huge bags) they were nothing but absolute pigs to me. Granted, nothing violent, but yeah. Enough to make me not fond of them.

    I’m sure fellow Aussies might be familiar with PSO’s (I don’t know if they’re in all states), but they take harassment to a new, annoying level 😐

      1. They all think I’m a drug dealer or something I think haha. I used to go to University in this really seedy suburb and every monday night without fail (I finished classes at around 9pm) they’d approach me at the train station and ask me where I’m going, what I’m doing, who I’m meeting up with and the usual ID check haha. It was really ridiculous.

      1. @zyclon
        Our country a Police state ? Na.
        My experiences with coppers have all been positive ones. Even when I got caught with my mate as a 13 year old pegging eggs at cars leaving the cinema car park. They promised not to tell our parents if we washed our town’s two Police cars and i remember thinking that was a very fair deal! It was hard work, they were big Land Rover 4WDs.
        But if we were talking about a Nanny State, where fun is outlawed, I would have to agree

          1. Same, this BS in the USa has me fuming though! I worry that calm, respectful policing is on it’s way out and yelling, gun pointing and over the top paranoid suspicion is on the way in. Good or bad, Amerika sneezes and the rest of us catch the flu.

        1. I never said our country was a police state, more or less I have had more shit experiences with police then positive. I’ve never actually done anything either, minding my own business then I get treated like a criminal. I don’t know if it has anything done my with appearance though? eh.

        2. I forgot to respond to the nanny state remark – amen bruv. I remember there was an idea to ban battle jackets from the CBD because of some dickheads causing trouble…who happened to be wearing them. 10/10

  6. Whenever pulled over, just throw big words at them, scares the shit out of them. Or not so big words, really. Last time I was pulled over, it was because my Mustang has tinted windows, and “we were out looking for drug dealers, and drug dealers have tinted windows.” So I replied “That seems suspiciously similar to a legal term called profiling to me.” After running a drug dog around my car four times, and having no response, they asked to search my vehicle, to which I replied, “No officer, I will NOT consent to a search of my vehicle. I am fully aware of my legal right of refusal, and I do not believe I have given you any reasonable suspicion to believe that I have anything illegal in my vehicle. If you would like to try to obtain a warrant, I will be happy to wait for you, otherwise I would like to request that you immediately stop harassing me.” So they just gave me my license and away I went. I think they are intimidated by half-way intelligent people.

    1. Around here, tinted windows are illegal. Well, tinted windows on the front doors are illegal. The cops carry a tint chart that they use to determine if the tint is illegal or not. (The light tint is ok.)

      When I bought one of my cars a few years back it had tint on the front windows. I got pulled a couple nights after I bought it and they checked the tint. It was too dark. I told the cop I just bought the car and hadn’t had a chance to take the tint off. He said he would give me a warning but if he saw me again with the tint on I would be ticketed. To avoid that, I pulled the tint off right there while he watched. (Luckily, it was some cheap do-it-yourself shit! lol)

      1. @Abattoir WTF ?Are you joking? Tinted windows are illegal?

        My car ( that I can only admire from a distance ATM) has almost the darkest tinted windows you can get. You pretty much cannot see into the car, unless you lean down and put your face to the glass and cup your hands around your eyes ( excluding windscreen).

        What do they want to keep any eye on?

        Tinted windows are a sun smart initiative here, just like wearing sunglasses, sunscreen, hat and have your car windows tinted……

        Where is ‘around here’?

  7. Because my job involves driving in and out of neighborhoods all night, I have been pulled over several times for “suspicious driving.” On every occasion, I spoke to the officers respectfully and explained why I was driving around the neighborhood at night. And, on every occasion they replied respectfully and sent me on my way with a “Have a good evening!”

    On one occasion I was pulled over for speeding. The cop said I was doing 64 in a 55 zone. I was genuinely surprised and said “Really??” When he said yes I told him I had my cruise control set to 55 or 56 and his reply was “It seems your speedometer is off by almost 10 mph. You might want to have that looked at. And, in the meantime, keep that in mind when driving or setting your cruise control. Tonight I will just give you a verbal warning. Have a nice evening.” I thanked him and went on my way.

    In a lot of these videos when the people start telling the cops they’re not going to comply because they have the right to refuse, that’s when the cops start getting angry and the whole situation escalates into something bad. While it may be true that you don’t have to give them your ID if you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s much easier to give them your ID and be done with it. At least, that’s what my experiences have taught me.

  8. When I get pulled over I take the keys out of the ignition and place them on the dashboard and I answer questions with yes sir or no sir.. I have never had one problem with a cop in my life. Treat people of authority with respect and you don’t have to worry.. This police state shit is bullshit.. Do the things above and you will be treated like a criminal because it looks like you have something to hide..

  9. If you’re going to smoke weed in or around your car don’t double park it or park by a fire hydrant. Cruise around the hood with your windows up and have a cigarette ready on your ear to light up quick in case the cops pull you over to drown out the smell of the weed. The more you know…

  10. I believe the reason LE are so corrupt when it comes to protecting their own from prison is that it would be a death sentence for them to spend any time there at all, especially if they are sent to where they have already sent so many. This is why they are acquitted or cases are never brought forth or at worst they receive suspended sentences or do soft time.

  11. Police use this psychological tactic that nurses and teachers use on children where they will ask you to do something but in reality you don’t have a choice, they only ask you to make it easier for you to do what they want.
    One of many out-dated tricks that they employ on people.

  12. anyone who wants to watch another bullshit police vid go to my you tube channel Arnold 84500 or [email protected] and look for the vid titled “trouble with police NYPD.” a little encounter I had with them back in May 2014. i’ll try to send it to best gore and hope it gets posted. I don’t know how to post links so if anyone can do it for me that would be great. I’m old (50) and will probably be dead soon due to multiple health problems and lack of jazzing into nasty vaginas. my JIZZ is backed up and it’s been awhile since I busted DEMON SEED into a nasty HO.

        1. I know a guy who knows a guy in the Bronx that will make that barber’s pole disappear for 10 bucks. For an extra 5 he’ll make it look like the Mexicans did it by leaving enchilada crumbs at the scene. Let me know.

          1. @mouse – watched your vid (had to skip ahead while you waited for the cops, lol). What a bunch of asshole “tough guys”.
            @amnyc – ok – that was funny as hell about the barber pole! Maybe that someone you know can shove it up the tattle-tale’s ass for another 10 bucks?

  13. just some stupid loud niggers making a fuss. Most cops are pigs, but give them a certain amount of respect and you’ll find most of the tension deflates. “Yessir, Nosir, may I go sir?” Name rank and serial number……and usually you are on your way,..
    or you ‘fight the power that be” and end up one dead nigger. Personally I would just choose to play the game.
    Yeah its a police state. D’uh, been that way for a long time.

  14. Once I got pulled over by cops at gun point on a hot summer night in Cali. Haha funny thing is I had unknowingly sat on a chocolate Bar that melted into a mess all over my pants on my ass. As I was being frisked by the officer, another one found my weed in the car. Then as i was being patted down, the officer got smeared by melted chocolate all over his hand and he yelled “what the hell! did you shit your fucking pants?” he practically gagged and threw up in his mouth. I was tripping out, I didn’t even know what the hell he was talking about. I looked over into my car and saw the chocolate on my seat and told him “it’s chocolate man, smell it…im not kidding smell it,” he cleaned his hand on my shirt, the other officer threw my weed on the floor and smashed it with his shoes. They told me to get in my car and leave, that was it.

  15. the only upside to being under federal investigation was not having to deal with cops. Everytime I got pulled over I got off with a warning. Once they ran my name, they would come back and tell me to have a nice day…

  16. funny to see that the man of the law, don’t give a fuck about being lawful.

    this like judge dread, only lot more serious.
    what if they plant something in his car for fuck sake.
    he have no way disproving.

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