Machete-Wielding Brazilian Threatens to Kill Himself, but is Neutralized by Police

Machete-Wielding Brazilian Threatens to Kill Himself, but is Neutralized by Police

Happy Friday the 13th, boys and gores. Well, I couldn’t get a hold of Jason Vorhees, but I did manage to get a machete-wielding maniac, nontheless.

This incident occurred in the municipality of Itu, state of SĂŁo Paulo, Brail. A man wielding a machete is approached by police and he threatens to kill himself. Several times he brings the blade to his neck and feigns beginning to slice his neck. The blare of a car horn manages to snap him out of it.

At one point he bangs the blade on the street which pisses me off as a knife/blade lover, that machete ain’t cutting shit now, better donate it to ISIS. Police eventually get tired of the charade, especially after he starts waving the blade at them so they shoot him twice. He falls and there are accusations that the police killed him but one says, “twas just the arm”…ok, I’m paraphrasing, but that’s pretty much the gist.

Mad props to Best Gore member, ThePortugueseDude, for the video.

46 thoughts on “Machete-Wielding Brazilian Threatens to Kill Himself, but is Neutralized by Police”

          1. @BB
            As long as you replace the 15 minutes of bullshit in those videos with some Muslim girl-on-girl action. Maybe then I’d actually watch the whole thing…maybe.

  1. cops are good peoples.
    they always come for help.

    want to die ? here come the good cops help you to die more faster.

    love the paramedic btw, sound like :
    “ok its done, lets clean this shit quickly and go home”

  2. I found a machete for sale a few months back, I was shocked to see them for sale (just about everything is banned in Aust.) to be honest, they were only $15 each, so I bought 3, the label said ‘ideal for lopping heavy vegetation’.

  3. “They killed him! They killed that guy!”
    “It was in the arm…”

    Yeah who do they think they are bullshitting? A shot in the arm doesnt cause that abnormal bleed… Oh well, he wanted to kill himself anyways. The cops just made sure he wouldnt spoil their fun… 😆

  4. I know a guy who tried to off himself with a box cutter that way. He got lucky I guess, didnt hit the carotis, but it left him with a badass, thick and padded scar. He is (and was before) pretty retarded and cant manage the simplest issues in life, but believe in me, hes the best chess player that I personally know, a really funny savant somehow. 🙂

      1. Yep, its something very private, well maybe the only case would be, if one wants to courage oneself through the public, but then again I find it personally pathetic too. No need for traumatising others with my own bullshit.

  5. This idiot had the wrong idea. He lives in Brazil. If he wanted to die, he should change into a tasteless shirt and rock some flip flops. That’ll bring the sound of a motorcycle coming up the street pretty darn quick.

    And what the hell was he thinking, dulling his blade before the deed?

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