Mainstream Media Indoctrination and Lies – Tune Out If You Haven’t Already

What You Can Do To Lessen the Grip of Fear from Terrorism - Tune Out from MSM

That more and more people are understanding the indoctrination and lies by the mainstream media is apparent from the gradual loss of viewership large MSM networks have been experiencing since the internet allowed for the rise of the alternative media sources. I have explained in detail why so many people keep tuning out of the MSM in my three part series on journalism.

I would like to take this opportunity to present you with a recent example of MSM indoctrination so in case you haven’t done so yet, you can tune out from their bullshit sooner rather than later.

I came across this article from August, 2014 by the Lords of Infernal Bullshit, also known as the British Broadcasting Corporation, which once again implies that our inaction caused Syrian Civil War!

Truth is – by Middle Eastern standards, Syria and Libya were not doing badly at all. Libya had one of the highest standards of living in the world before the attack which sent it back to the dark ages.

Similarly with Syria – it was indeed not our inaction, but our action that caused the country to plummet into civil war. It was ZOG’s training, funding and arming the extremists that started the war, and it is West’s recruiting more and more mercenaries that perpetuates it to this day.

Yet despite 3 years of conflict, the unanimous support for the government of President Bashar al Assad has not changed. Syrians still support their president, which is apparent from the fact that his government is still in power. The people of Syria stand strongly behind him and oppose the invasion of their country by foreign mercenaries, which is why despite years of war, his government has not crumbled.

The BBC article says:

The West flirted with opposition groups but their disunity and the lack of Western resolve meant that there was no concerted effort to arm or equip them.

Except that, you know, the concerted Western effort to arm, train and finance the jihadists is indisputable and accepted as a fact by basically everyone. The way the chronology is described by the article makes it sound like the jihadists only sprang out of nowhere after the unsuccessful attempt to frame president Assad with chemical weapons attack in August 2013, when it is clear that the jihadists have been in Syria from the very beginning.

To stay true to the propaganda purpose, the article only mentions “critics” who opposed Obama for not bombing Syria after false Sarin attacks, which is supported with a clever brain twisting sentence which states that:

In the absence of air strikes, they argue, it is the most extreme elements of the opposition – the jihadists – who have prospered

That is followed by picture of an intimidating looking jihadi with a sentence:

So this is where we are today.

Thus, this entire article is a textbook case of following the principles of propaganda to rewire the reader’s brain into concluding that the fault lay in not bombing Assad. Naturally, not a hint is made that the fault could actually lie in arming the jihadists in the first place. The article never looks at the opposite spectrum by asking: “Did our action in Syria cause civil war?

Thus, the goal is achieved by confronting the reader with but two options:

  • Either the West did the right thing in not intervening and the war is the fault of crazy Arabs
  • Or we should have bombed Assad last year

No possibility of a third option, such as that the war is the result of the West training, arming and funding the jihadists is presented.

And this, my friends, is how you are being indoctrinated by the mainstream media. It sets up choices to create an illusion of openness and accountability in reporting, but only defined parameters with predetermined results are presented, while others are excluded. And this is why I only watch the news to analyze the bullshit they are putting out.

Another recent example of MSM indoctrination is the article by Fox News titled “US, allies target ISIS oil supplies in Syria” (September 25, 2014), which states that US is bombing “ISIS-built” oil refineries in Syria. Yeah, cause one can whip up one of those in like two weeks, no problem. Just buy them from IKEA and you’re all set.

What an absolutely despicable way to whitewash the deliberate attacks on Syria’s vital infrastructure and economy with an intent to completely paralyze it, under the disguise of fighting a terror group. Cause you know – what other motives would there be for straight out bombing those refineries, instead of helping to return them to their rightful owners? Only a mainstream media outlet could pull such pathetic attempt at hoodwinking the public off with a straight face.

What’s next? Are they gonna tell us they’re bombing ISIS-built roads, bridges, dams and apartment buildings?

In between various raids on military installations, those ISIS terrorists somehow manage to obtain higher education to understand constructions of modular refineries. And they also have terrorist engineers who in between raids are able to set up the supply chain to make money off of it.

And they have a production department creating recruiting videos and editing and producing high quality “beheading” videos that don’t show beheadings. And they’re running a social media campaign that’s recruiting 100s of westerners a day which the government can, but has not shut down with the click of a button.

I wonder when ISIS is going to do an IPO? I wonder when Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is going to do some TED talks. He should be on the frontpage of Time magazine as the Person of the Year, having accomplished all this since June. In 4 months, he went from nothing to running a multinational corporation, I mean “terrorist organization”…

If you haven’t done so yet, do yourself a favor and tune out from MSM asap. Ask yourself why some topics, such as The JFK assassination, the use of depleted uranium in US bombs, or articles questioning the official 9/11 narrative are almost universally verboten in the MSM.

The alternative media is much more willing to question the “news”, because they don’t have politicians or corporate backers to account to. In addition, there are also stories which the MSM newspuppets simply will not cover. Afterall, when was the last time you saw a mainstream journalist encourage you to verify, double verify and trust no one but your own gut?

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47 thoughts on “Mainstream Media Indoctrination and Lies – Tune Out If You Haven’t Already”

  1. The MSM lets me know when our government is about to pull some shady false flag bullshit. All I have to hear about is our governments good intentions, deeds and explanations of utter bullshit to know that somebody is about to be took / fucked over. The more they push how humane or it’s the right thing to do bull crap, the worse I know the outcome will be. Looking at the newscasts with the knowledge of knowing what their selling is the complete opposite of truth is in it’s own way very enlightening. These are some Orwellian times that we live in.

      1. @rayf – although I agree with what you’ve said, I simply cannot stomach watching that crap (and all the commercials touting food or pills to distract people in between the latest “developments”). It makes me tooooo pissed off nowadays. I will have to admit to watching shows on Netflix – “Breaking Bad” is fairly entertaining, lol. I think I’ll just continue keeping up to date with BG and a few other alternative websites in my free time.
        : )

    1. I quit watching MSM whenever it was that commercial time became more than one third of the programming time. I’m pretty sure that was in the mid-80’s to early 90’s, when infomercials began as we know them today. These days, isn’t it approaching half, when we include other program promotions? That’s simply not worth my time or attention. I would rather be here with you, still learning. 🙂

      1. @Harumph, I totally agree! Far too many commercials, plus, add in the entertaining but non-newsworthy stories ( the latest in canine Halloween costumes ) and you get less than half.
        My dad still watches MSM. I’ve been at his house and on several occasions seen a partial, censored, video clip of a news story that we’ve seen here, three days previously, in it’s entirety.

  2. Is the media with all of their propaganda too clever? or is the population in general just too stupid?.

    The truth is that a large percent of the population are just too stupid and will never see through the lies but there are a lot of people who can see through it all but still follow the social/political propaganda because they believe that it will make their lives easier if they obey rather than challenge top down instruction.

    The “easy lifers” also like to absolve their conscience by wrapping up their apathetic acceptance of the morally inexcusable with logic.

    What can I do about it, I’m just one person?, nothing ever changes anyway so what’s the point?, and so they move on and continue in a similar manner for the rest of their lives.

    The system also plays a part. Most people work jobs and pay bills, run cars and raise families and this normality can easily be disrupted if they take a stand against the machine, our very own MM is a prime example of this fact.

    So the conclusion seems to be that the social/political machine and its propaganda works due to targeting the natural weakness of each person.

    It targets the lack of intelligence of the stupid, it bullies the fearful, it bribes the greedy, it coerces the weak-willed and the end result is the complete saturation of the public mentality.

    We may say that propaganda doesn’t work properly because we personally are not influenced by it but when you consider that maybe only 20 percent of the population at best are unaffected by it at any one time you can see that propaganda is a massively successful weapon.

    My conclusion, the public have become too dependant on the media and often refer to it in order to find out what social trends to follow, what clothes to wear, what music to listen to and until they can wean themselves of mother media’s nipple they will forever be babies, never leaning to think and act for themselves.

    1. Propaganda is everywhere we look. I’ve been following the Luka trial and that indirectly led me to try and find recent news on MM. This in turn led me to two sides of the same story.

      The first link is about Putins meeting with a bunch of foreskin nibblers in July, and is heavily weighted on the side of the jews

      The second link is from The Moscow Times, and their take on the same meeting. Does (Derma) sound like a good collective noun for a bunch of rabbis?

      The comments after the second article are really well written and cover many different conflicts.

      My conclusion. Simple people like myself end up not knowing who to believe, and what is the truth.

      In simple terms…”Head asplodes!”

  3. It’s hard to decipher whats real and whats fake.. We are fed shit everyday but I take it with a grain of salt.. We never get the real numbers on anything. Shock and awe has to be the worst ever though, you really have to dig to get the amount if people killed by that bullshit mission.. I’ve gotten into reading al jazeera and that gives some good facts but it also is turning into a fox type deal.. That’s why i love this site it opens the curtains and lets me see the beef.. Keep up the good work and leave my Czechs be..

  4. The BBC are indeed full of shit, always have been, although they have got worse in recent years.
    The license fee, which is being fazed out, is a prime example of their utter brain washing bull shit. If only everyone knew / had known, that the beeb have Never even had the right to ask for payment of the fee, never mind make threats when those that don’t jump when they whip, don’t cough up.

    Tune out, also, know your rights, they can be very handy.

    1. Hey @ewe. Never knew they were phasing out the license fee. I never bothered renewing mine since moving home. That sounds like great news, unless there is a catch.

      What are the new proposals? Will advertising be considered to offset the revenue?

      1. How you doing @Alans-snackbar ?.
        You did right not to renew it mate.
        Not sure what they have in mind to recoup the loss, but, I don’t think advertising will be it. With all of the sat channels and cable nowadays, it is even more absurd to be expected to pay the fee, a fact which the beeb top brass can no longer deny. I did hear they may be considering charging a fee for the online stuff… catch up and what not.

        1. Thanks mate, just did a little reading up on the subject. It appears the fee will remain in place until 2016 at least. I will wait until i get a summons before paying.

          On a different matter, (it was the BBC news website i was on) I read that the council in Clacton-on-Sea have destroyed a banksy for being racist. Fucking idiots.

          That gave me a great laugh. They have welcomed him back to make a new piece. I hope he does come back, because i’m sure it would be outstanding, in a way that they would hate. 😀

          1. @A-s.
            If you do happen to get summoned, just don’t acknowledge it. If they turn up at your door, get your camera out and ask the person to identify themselves, which they won’t Do, which gives you the right to ask/demand they leave your property. And, you are within your rights to charge Them a fee if they return, charged at a certain rate per every minute they stand on your property.
            As long as you state that you never view live BBC broadcasts, they have no legal standing regarding the fee whatsoever.
            Banksy hey, been creating a stir in the left leaning circles by the sounds. His piece was obviously not PC enough for them hey !?.

  5. It always surprises me how easily led the masses of people are. The television is a powerful brainwashing tool, it works. We have learned so much since 9/11, yet there are still people that still believe the old fairy tales from the television. I have even talked to this guy about this, I explained the whole thing to him, and he still wouldn’t believe it. Some peoples heads are thick.

    1. That’s true. Of course there is still some good tv , the old comedies and some decent documentaries. It’s the news we must be wary of, as we are all too aware, because the msm is agenda driven, biased, therefore can not be trusted.
      The massive influence TV has, is clear for all to see when certain big companies pay multiple millions for advertising slots in sports finals and the like. People are influenced whether they are aware of it or not, usually to buy tat.

    1. It works too, cleanses the soul.
      There was a family I knew back in early school days. They had no television, which my friends and I thought hilarious at the time. Thinking back, they were a very content family unit, if a little old fashioned, but that, as I aged, made sense.
      Obviously, the dangers of too much in your face TV, was apparent to them. I’m certain it couldn’t have done them any harm to not stare goggle eyed at the box all night.

  6. The media has most people hooked including myself. The internet is mainstream media also. But we can’t help it some of us were raised by the television & are consciously & subconsciously being fed bullshit. Atleast that’s what I believe in this crazy little world of mine & this nation is turning into a bunch of dumbasses just like the movie Idiocracy. God bless us all!

  7. @Acnesca:

    I?m from Germany and I?m doing my best to keep track of you folks when there is stuff posted that includes political stuff. English is not my native language.

    In your article you talked about the media saying those were ISIS-built refieries. The linked article didn?t mention this anywhere and to me it is obvious that ISIS is not able and not interested in building their own refineries. It it clear that those refineries have been conquered by ISIS in battle.

    Here on BG there is a lot of “cussing” going in the articles and it seems like there are also a lot of personal opinions involved. Especially with Israel.

    I?m not a supporter of Israel in any way, but I?m wondering if Israel is really the bad apple and reason for everything that is going on in a fucked up way. How trustworthy is BG in comparison to MSM?

    I appreciate BG as much as all the other members here. But I?m also wondering about the truth.

    1. Take a look at 2nd paragraph in the linked article. It says “ISIS-built” there:

      “…essentially small, ISIS-built refineries that the terror group uses to fuel its vehicles and to fund its operations.”

      You are encouraged to think for yourself and find your own truth. Don’t take anyone’s word for ultimate truth. Only trust what your gut tells you is true. There are news sources that inform, and then there are those that indoctrinate. The purpose of this article was to encourage you to learn to recognize the latter, and how they’re trying to rewire your brain in a certain way.

    2. @Stuntman Mike,

      “but I’m wondering if Israel is really the bad apple and reason for everything that is going on in a fucked up way”.

      It is not as simple as one country being all bad and everybody else being all good.

      It is a fact that the very top level financial elite are Jewish and hold the most influence and power throughout the world of capitalism. It is also a fact that the worlds most powerful banking family the Rothchilds, together with British former prime minister Arthur James Balfour and many other high ranking members of the British Zionist Federation, formulated the plan for a Jewish home land in Palestine and carried that plan out.

      It is also a fact that Israel during the six day war attacked the Arabs, stealing and illegally occupying large amounts of land from them.

      To summarise, they first created a Jewish homeland right in the middle of somebody else’s land by force and without the Arabs permission, they then attacked and further stole land from them and recently during the latest Palestinian/Israeli conflict they did it again.

      Now, if I were a simpler man I would say that Israel is all bad and the reason for every problem in the world but the truth is that extreme ideology and greed is the cause of the problems, not a chunk of land as such.

      One could argue that all Americans are greedy, warmongering evil bastards because their politicians are but that would be unfair because most Americans, just like most British, French, Canadian people etc, don’t actually agree with their own government but because of fear, propaganda, lack of individual power/influence and/or indifference to outside problems they go along for the ride willingly or not.

      My conclusion, Christianity was once the extreme ideology fuelled by greed that caused all the problems in the world, today it is Islam and Zionism that are doing the same. Islam’s powerbase is throughout the Arab lands and parts of Africa and Asia, Zionism’s powerbase is throughout the first world and also parts of Africa and Asia.

      Whereas it can be said that the existence of Israel causes the current global problems, the truth is that these problems existed long before modern Israel did. Zionism and Islam existed long before modern Israel did as well therefore what it comes down to is a war between the worlds two most powerful and influential ideologies, Islam and Zionism, and this war as being going on long before modern Israel existed.

      To finish my long winded rant, think of this less in terms of claimed territory and more in terms of ideologies consisting of systems of control and their respective followers because Zionism exists throughout many countries and lands and so does Islam and they both infest and take control of nations and their people via subterfuge and trickery.

      Regardless however, a world ruled by either ideology would be absolutely terrible.

      1. @Acneska and @empty – thank you both for answering @Stuntmans questions. I think anyone who was on the fence on this site will (hopefully) really think about what you’ve said. I know when I first came to BG I had no clue about the under-handed workings of governments and rulers (and shamefully didn’t care at the time).

        1. @Acneska:
          Sorry, I?m seem to have overseen that “ISIS-built” part somehow. However, it?s a tough task to find truth as one can only choose between information from MSM or other sources where you don?t know if there are just half-truths being delivered. But I?m trying my best… 😉

          Of course I know that I can?t colour all people with the same brush. Not the Americans, not the Jews, not the Muslims or whoever else. I?ve been lurking around here for about six months and BG has started making me think about politics. I never gave a fart on politics as it bored the pants off of me. But I found out it?s better to know what is going on. It?s just not easy to get clear about what is the truth and what is an indoctrinating conspiracy.

          Same situation here. BG has been a thought-provoking impulse to me.

  8. if you a true American patriot you will PAY NO TAXES to a defense contractor-owned military junta which creates enemies for wars-for-profit.
    Starve the snakhead and its body shall die. Push the district off the Fiscal Cliff. Insolvency is Victory, the only non-violent way to overthrow our tyrants,

    1. voting in this day in age just keeps the corrupt in power and feeds to the lies and illusions.
      The best leader won’t be sworn in by the government.
      to revolt against your government is to decide how the new leader will lead the revolution.

      I repeat. DON’T VOTE!
      that’s the only thing that can keep these liers and crooks from stealing your hard earned money and taxes you pay.
      they step on your pride and us be enemies with each other. because they know together we can get rid of them.

      “my enemy’s enemy is my friend”

  9. In all honesty, i watch CNN, on a regular basis, for the amusement, and shock factor, alone. The bullshit these Zionists spew is nothing short of spectacular, to say the least! Lies, lies, & more lies. The truth i am looking for has been found on the pages of this site, and it,s members. The MSM, is nothing more than complete brainwashing of the worlds sheep. But even they,,, are starting to wake up.

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