Man Gets Floored by a Bus Door

Man Gets Floored by a Bus Door

Hello, boys and gores, let’s start things off with a laugh. I have CCTV footage of a bus terminal where a man gets out and sits down after appearing to have words with the bus driver. Then the image cuts to show the man acting aggressively and then he launches himself at the closed bus doors and gets floored.

At first I thought he was out cold but no such luck, he gets back up to bask in his doucheyness. I like the guy sitting on the bench, he’s just like, “what the…fuck?”.

Props to MrsPink.

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      1. You really couldn’t work it out? He meant rabies. It’s so close I just thought most people understood. You get to understand poor spelling/grammar reading online because English is not everyone’s first language.

          1. Oh you silly man! You know I make you thoroughly clean yourself out before we play and properly clean the toys afterward. I’ll forgive you this time for making that suggestion but next time I’m bringing out the riding crop 😉

          2. When i read @DanielRay comments i always get the idea of him being a vertically challenged person ( ie. A midget……)

            *Go go gadget……telescope legs!
            Ah that’s better !
            *Go go gadget……telescope cock7? V,,&”g g

          1. @Dutchy.

            How’s it going bud ?, enjoying the Ashes ?, I am very much.
            I like your captain.. Clark, he’s great for us He ought to get some catching tips from our finest… Joe Root.. Yorkshire through and through like half of the team.
            You know I’m just having a leg pull with you mate ?. You’ll need to win the toss at Trent Bridge though, or it’s bye bye to the urn buddy. 😀

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        1. I get on here on a limited time frame. I don’t have time to read a novel.

          Oh no. I’m probably going to get a hateful text from you now. Everyone I have said novel too gets sensitive.

          I’ll save you the trouble. You are right. I am wrong. 🙂

  2. Polk County – I wonder if that’s where Polk Salad Annie came from? You know “her momma was a working on a chain gang” – Tony Joe White
    Polk was a weed that grew wild, people were so poor they would pick it to eat, it sounds …bitter.

  3. Lol, nigger was probably all like “Wait a second, this isn’t the Jungle!” before trying to re-board the giant mechanical elephant by jumping into it and face planting instead.

    Long story short, Nigga got knock’d da fuggout!

    1. @shoahshana.
      Looks like you got the FUCKED knocked out.
      What happened to your nose . And since your a doctor
      Why can’t you have
      it fixed?.other doctors?!?!.. Wrong words can get you hunted…..bahahaahahaha,look im laughing like a kike just for you.. “sniff””

        1. @Bunghole1

          Rile people up? You’re the one following me around trying to “attack” me you fucking retard LOL!. Oy vey it’s like another shoah! I need reparations from you, you filthy goyim hasbarat!

      1. @Wow you’re retarded and childish LOL! Your mother should have taken you to the back yard with a shot gun. I can’t wait to gas your ass kike.

          1. Fret not over this massive bell end @danielray, he/she or whatever the fuck it is, is nothing but a bandwagon hitching fucking docile ponce.

          2. Shoahshana is just one of these people who craves attention. Wants to rile people as much as possible. People like her/him/it tend to fuck off after a few months.

          3. @Danielgay,

            I’m not going anywhere fuckhead LOL. I plan on exposing the truth about kikes and kike lovers like yourself.

  4. Why can’t these folks do normal shit like ride a bus and not fight ?
    Or go in a gas station buy gas ,lottery tickets,ciggies…gotta argue and fight…the simplest things in the world and these folks can’t keep it together…just gotta show that ass in public.
    Fuckin nigglets.

    1. I think that the black American has learned how to get everything for free, by being retards and jumping around like out of control apes, they can usually just take all the stuff they want off store shelves and off the good people and no one will stop them.
      so this behavior will continue until they learn that they will no longer get what they want but no one is safe to stop them..

      something like that

    2. My father’s uncle used to tell us:

      “The Almighty God in His infinite wisdom saw fit to cram the brain of a human into the skull of a gorilla and the resulting intracranial pressure gives rise to the peculiar and confounding behavior of the Nigra…”

      He was a respected businessman, a deacon in his church, and a member of the school board. Folks naturally listened to his opinions with high regard. 🙂

  5. The dumb motherfucker just laid there for a bit trying to think of a way to not look like a retarded nigger.
    It’s impossible to look hard and gangsta after bouncing off of a bus door like a spider monkey.

  6. What a funk to see so many of us trying to floor each other for a dumb ass who floored himself so foolishly cause never before in his life he had seen a bus or perhaps he knew not and didn’t know how to board one. I think in his place a little ape (Niggas close relatives) would have known it right from the word “go”.

  7. Oh man, I live 5 miles from Auburndale in Polk County (I live in Lakeland) This is just too funny. Sheriff Grady Judd in Polk County, our Sheriff for over 25 consecutive years once was asked why did you shoot the man over 60 times (I dont know exact amount) He replied, we would of shot him more but we ran outta bullets! Gotta love living in the bible belt.

  8. That display was worthy of an Urkel award…
    I thought those people were more coordinated than that ?
    Perhaps he was Rabid or has Sickle Cell Downs Syndrome ?

  9. Omg..I hope race segregation will come GLOBAL and finally not a single nigga to be close to whites and opossite.
    Gather niggaz and they will kill each other, no problem:
    Just being aggressive give meaning of life to Sand and regular niggers.

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