Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas 2016, Best Gore

This is my first Christmas I get to spent with the Best Gore community since freeing myself from Canada. It’s exciting.

In four months since taking over Best Gore, both the website and myself have gone through a number of challenges.

Updating Best Gore Out of Dominica’s Rain Forest

My first three months I spent living in the rainforests of Dominica. Keeping the site updated was a serious challenge, because I was in one of the most remote corners of the island where there is no tourist activity whatsoever, and because of that, the infrastructure is as bad as it gets.

My routine consisted of descending the mountain early in the morning, wading the river that’s on the way and walking all the way to the nearest village where there was a small eatery with internet access. I would spend a couple of hours there, putting up as many updates as I could, before withdrawing at around noon.

By noon, it got so hot on the island, that it was unbearable inside the shack with no air conditioning or fans, so I walked back to the river where I would spend a little time cooling off, bathing, rinsing my sweaty clothes and getting my skin relentlessly nibbled on by fishes. I then would invest the early afternoon doing various tasks that secured my survival in the mountain.

Late afternoons I would spend double checking the site using a cell phone with the excessively expensive mobile data package. If I could, I would also publish a new post that involved low bandwidth content while on the phone, and do it until the battery depleted. In the morning, I would start it all over, with the trip to the village being inevitable due to the need to recharge batteries on my devices.

The problem was, that this remote part of the island experiences frequent black-outs, so there were times when I came to the village, and was not able to recharge my batteries, nor get on the internet (when power was down, so was the internet).

To make matters worse, the island got hit by a number of tropical storms during that time, of which Matthew caused the most damage to the sloppy infrastructure, knocking power and cell phone coverage in the area out for 3 days. During those 3 days, I had to make a special trip to the country’s capital, because it’s much better connected and the first to get the power restored.

In October and November, the torrential rains became a daily occurrence, keeping the rivers swelled up and extremely dangerous or at times impossible to cross. Moreover, the unpaved jungle trail that I used turned unpassably muddy, and never dried up due to daily rains keeping the environment soggy at all times.

Unprecedented Growth

When I took Best Gore over in early September, the site was on an upward slope of growth, following the much needed clean up that was dragging it down. Thanks to the decisive action by previous team of moderators, the site’s Alexa ranking was an enviable 12,673.

Upon the take over, I set a goal for myself to attempt to raise the ranking to below 12,000, and to retain it in the 11,xxx level on an ongoing basis. 11,000 used to be the website’s ceiling, that was only beat with a few short term spikes before.

But even though I can’t take all the credit for myself, since my re-involvement, the readership continued growing and not only did we beat 12,000, we beat 11,000 and then also 10,000. Once our ranking reached the incredible 4 digits, it meant that the traffic to the website grew so much, it became too much for the server to handle, and for a few next weeks, the website’s responsiveness, and with it the user experience, suffered greatly.

The need for a server upgrade could no longer be put off, marking the first time in 8 and a half years of Best Gore’s existence that we have grown so much, we have outgrown a significant hardware update to the previous server in less than a year.

Server upgrade and data migration is a serious undertaking when the site is as big and busy as is, during which time way too many things can go wrong and need immediate and uninterrupted attention. I knew right away that such undertaking would be impossible out of the jungle in the middle of nowhere.

So I made an executive decision to not only leave the jungle for the time being and rent a room with internet access so I can take care of the site’s performance issues, but to also rent the room on the Caribbean Sea side of the island (as opposed to the Atlantic Ocean side), where the capital is located, and where power and internet are more reliable, and where it rains less than on the Atlantic side.

To make the long story shorter, I’ve been out of the jungle and in a rented room since the beginning of December, and for what it’s worth, the performance issues have been resolved.

Continued Growth

But Best Gore kept on growing. Once our Alexa ranking went below 10,000, I saw it as likely unsustainable, as that represents so much traffic, I expected the ranking to go back up. Though at the same time, I set a new goal for myself to try to maintain the site at the level close to 10,000.

As of today, not only did our Alexa ranking drop below 10,000, it dropped below 9,000 (see HERE for up to date ranking): Alexa Ranking as of December 24, 2016

The only thing I could possibly say about the graph above is that I can’t thank you guys enough for all the support and trust you have put in me by making your website of choice for reality photos and videos. You S.O.B.’s rock!

Best Gore Going Forward

So here we are on this wonderful Christmas Day of 2016. Best Gore is at its highest popularity level it has ever been, and shows no signs of stopping. My ongoing goal would be to keep publishing content you guys appreciate, and hopefully that would maintain the traffic level in the under 10,000 range (Alexa ranking).

I paid rent for the room I’m in until the end of January, and I’ll try to make sure you get at least a couple of updates every day. Because I have a more reliable internet access now, I also dabbled in the political rambling here and there, and it may reappear while I’m in the civilized world, though I will likely seek to return to the rain forest after January, or somewhere around there.

Unfortunately, my previous hideout is no longer unknown, due to my daily reemergence from the mountain, so I will have to start over when the time comes with scouting a whole new part of the jungle, and looking to re-establish myself there.

But that looks too far into the future, and many things could change before then. So let’s instead enjoy our growth, your awesomeness, and the magnificence of the Christmas season that is upon us.



Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

134 thoughts on “Merry Christmas 2016”

    1. Hear! Hear! All too often I see pedestrians gamble on a driver’s capabilities. They get right up to the cars zooming by them and I remember videos like the woman stumbling under the bus and I think “you dumb bastard.”

  1. Thank you for all the hard work! And dont let the gore stop!
    I was seeing the page for so long but i registered a few months ago, because i want to participate in the comunity, and if i do this is for the well done things.

    (Sorry for any grammatical error but i mean you understand what i want to say! :D)

  2. Hats off to you Sir.
    Thank you for making this a great site, even though I don’t always agree with your comments.
    Your dedication to BG is awesome, and for that I feel humbled.
    Cheers, and all the best for the New Year

  3. Merry Christmas everyone. I know I don’t post a lot but I am on this site everyday. I usually wake up and log in first thing. Thank you Mark for all you have to endure just to make sure we have are fill of gore for the day. I really appreciate everyone’s input (even the ridiculous comments and trolls) because I like to see you get put in your place. Merry Christmas Family!

  4. Thanks from the UK Mark.Have been viewing this site for a while but only recently joined.3 things i’ve learned.You can’t outsmart a bullet in Flip Flops.Chinese people or slanty eyed fucks in general can’t drive for shit and the phrase ”PUSSY PASS” didn’t go down well at the Christmas Party.Peace mate and Merry Christmas.

  5. Hope everyone’s having a Merry Christmas.

    Thanks for the work & dedication, Mark. Seeing the world for what it is, has been both an eye-opener (politically/socially) and a place for intrigue & comic relief (the gore).

    Here’s to 2017 πŸ™‚

  6. Mark, you are awesome and your commitment to the BG-project and community is overwhelming. <3 <3

    I wish you the very best and I also wish the best to all bestgore members! May you have nice holidays πŸ™‚

    Thank you very much, Mark. Your webpage has saved my life and has opened my eyes. Bestgore has shown me the hidden reality of our globe and I have been accessing it at least daily. It is my favorite webpage the comments show me that there are still amazing people out there πŸ™‚ You are amazing!

  7. Dude, did u just tell the world you’re in Dominica? Are you suicidal? Anyone could find you! What the hell are you doing there? Why don’t you go to south America or back to canada? What is your deal? Don’t pretend that every member knows and worships you! I just look at the videos, i don’t give a shit about you! Bald people creep me out! Merry Christmas asshole!

    1. Ha, ha. A lot more people love, and respect, Mark than you think, and would fly down in a couple of hours to help him if needed! Are YOU suicidal Fuck Stick, talking shit like this to our brother???
      Especially when he has your address, and i have the Balls, and would protect him with my life. So have a Nice Christmas Precious, as i ,ll be keeping a close eye on you, ya Young Freak!

  8. I fucking hate Christmas. This shit was forcebly imposed on us Africans by the white minority oppressors.

    In those Dominica jungles lives strong Africans who knows no shit about technology and the so called civilization. These people are Rastafarians and am sure you’ve met one of those.

    Best place I can recommend for you is Africa; Malawi, Botswana Tanzania or Kenya as possible options. Stay blessed Mark and continue to be @happy.

    1. If Africans truly hated Christianity, Christmas and white oppressors that much African Angel they would not be cramming themselves into rickety boats in desperate attempts to get into Europe where they will be ruled over and controlled by white Christian oppressors.

    2. I have considered Botswana, but not the other ones @african-angel

      There is one specific Rasta who has lived in the mountain not far from where I settled for over 40 years. In the 1970, there was a law in Dominica called the Prohibited and Unlawful Societies and Associations Act, nicknamed the Dread Act, because it targeted people with dreads.

      Under the Dread Act, anyone wearing “dread locks” was subject to an arrest without warrant. Police were authorized to execute any Rastafarian without repercussions, and the act granted them legal immunity. Likewise, members of the public were granted immunity for killing or wounding Rastafarians, provided they were killed within their property.

      My Rasta man retreated to the mountain to escape being killed. Another local fellow who no longer wears dreads, but was a Rasta back in the 70’s, was shot when the police were trying to kill him, but managed to also escape to the mountain, where he was found by Rasta who still lives there, who took him in and treated him for wounds. He still has the scar.

      Obviously, after living in the mountain for 40 years, he learned everything there is to know about surviving in the bush. So I spent a lot of time with him, picking his brains. He has much the same outlook on society as I do, so I could relate to him on most viewpoints. Especially when it comes to violence. He himself refers to villages as violages, because that’s where one encounters violence, not in the jungle.

      Unfortunately, my recent research into Rastafarianism uncovered the close relation to Zionism, which left me with mixed feelings.

      1. Rastafariaism is indeed associated with Zionism. They claim that they are the true Zionists unlike the current ones in Israel. They further claim that their system was hijacked by Gypsies form Western Europe who are currently oppressing the Palestines.

  9. This site is the bomb @Mark. Glad to see the growth you outlined here. Alternative news sources are on the upswing as we the people are losing trust on a daily with mainstream news sources. I hope you are well and safe and enjoying your privacy. And thank you for sharing a snippet of your daily doings. Maybe you could post more about that? Mundane things to you may be interesting to those of us who live in places where getting power and the other basics is not much of an issue. Maybe a Mark Survival Series or something like that?

    Either way, thanks for the site and Merry Christmas (even though I don’t celebrate holidays) to you!

    1. Thank you @empty-soul, though fact be told, I’m not a drinker, and have not been for many years. I used to drink when I was younger, but somehow it lost its charm for me. I have however rediscovered the magic of weed smoking, and whereas I used to be just a recreational smoker, I am now a daily smoker.

      I have been an insomniac my entire life. Prior to becoming a regular smoker, I didn’t go for more than 3 nights in a row without a completely sleepless night, and the nights I did get some sleep, took me forever to fall asleep. Since I started smoking on a daily basis, I have had an uninterrupted streak of several weeks of sleep. That is the longest in my entire life I have gone without a sleepless night. Amazing feeling after 42 years of living. Weed also mitigates kidney stone pain I am plagued with.

      1. I tried to give up the booze by switching to weed but just ended up doing them both daily as neither could fill the emptiness of my soul only ever serving to dull the misery of life for a short while.

        Life is basically just a passage of time anyway and meaning is given to it individually rather than collectively because life can only be lived individually for the sake of your continued life until you die and in all honesty the reality that we have to work long hours and pay taxes for life in a system that spits in our faces and kicks in our teeth constantly, that actively works against us to exploit, use and abandon us and add to this how shitty we human beings are to each other in general I find that life then is pretty much just a bad movie that we are forced to experience due to the fact that the only way out of the theatre is via a coffin.

        I would argue then that the void I feel is not depression as such but rather just the feeling of disappointment as a result of a lack of interest in what society is providing in much the same way as someone may need a drink to get through the latest shitty Ghostbusters movie.

        To conclude then, I fully intend to get through this movie called life because that is what it is there for but by God am I going to need some booze and snacks for the journey, lol.

        Have a good one Mark and enjoy your Christmas.

      2. Weed is the bomb. Helps me w hunger , aches and pains, anxiety, pound the shit out of my girl! cialis doesn’t have shit on weed!! I can SLEEEEP. MARK me too. I’m an insomniac!!! I don’t even consider it a drug. HEROIN IS A FUCKING NIGHTMARE! That’s a fucking drug. LAST but not least it helps with glacouma too!! Ha that was the old lady from half baked. GOD put it here for us naturally grows. Not like the rest of this shit. All other drugs are man made chemically mixed, SUPER ADDICTIVE. GARBAGE!! Smoke up mate

    1. Originally from Slovakia in Europe. Spent over 3 years held in captivity by the Canadian regime for exposing the truth about societaly destructive -isms, like Zionism, Feminism, Multiculturalism, Liberalism, etc. right here on Best Gore.

      There are currently many other bloggers locked up in Canada for similar reasons – because instead of promoting the ideology demanded by the Canadian regime, they researched facts and exposed them to the public without whitewashing the elements the regime want to keep privileged.

      During the course of my persecution I was repeatedly threatened with assassination by the police, and was subjected to endless mistreatment, including torture.

      I will spend the rest of my life hiding from the Canadian regime who seeks to silence me for good, especially now that I have slipped from between their fingers.

      I’m currently awaiting the response from the government of Dominica regarding my request for political asylum and protection from the Canadian regime. Whereas I am the first person to request political asylum in Dominica, they don’t have any precedent to fall back on, and told me they’re gonna need a bit more time to appropriately handle the delicate situation.

      However I was already assured that while my request is being processed, all visitors from Canada who appear to be or have been involved with law enforcement or other such agencies, will be carefully screened and will be either rejected entry upon slightest suspicion, or their whereabouts will be permanently monitored.

  10. Yes congratulations Mark on keeping this site running and running smoothly for the most part it really is a great service you are doing for all of us to deliver us the “truth” news and not some horse shit with sugar on top. I am on here daily, sometimes 5 times a day on my smart phone as I check back on the comment section (which is so entertaining and informative too) just to keep getting my fix of REAL news. I raise my beer to you Mark and would like to sincerely thankyou for giving us all a reality check on a daily basis I think it has all somehow made us slightly better/more aware people .

      1. the write ups, content and debates, members (the majority of them) and the anti-PC way this site is run makes it an awesome site. it really has been a breath of fresh air from day one and you and this site have already gained legendary status. we all tip our hats to you sir.

  11. Happy holidays to you all,just leave a reply and not a video of yourself on here!
    Tried to shut you down,almost worked,now look how popular you’ve gotten.
    “I cant be beaten and I cant be bought”
    Paul Weller.
    Any vids of George Michael dying?

    1. I am on nobody’s side, as nobody is on my side. I serve no one, as I serve everyone. I do not have the Zionist overlords or the corporate entities dictating me how to report. I cannot be bought and do not respond to threats. I stand in the middle and never mellow down. I do not glorify violence, I expose it. I am the evil’s greatest nightmare. I have yet to make profit therefore I’d face no financial loss should the site be brought down. And… I do not run Best Gore to win the popularity contest. I never have and never will give two shits about anyone’s bleeding heart. You may be used to seeing other writers limiting their reports strictly to agreeing with popular subjects matter in order to garner widespread acceptance, but you’ll never see me changing my tone of writing just to gain ass kissers.

      ~Mark Marek, August 2012 (SOURCE)

      Sorry, don’t have any George Michael death videos, but if you come across one, let me know πŸ™‚

      1. Mark,

        You’re fucking awesome!! What am I reading?. This guys a bad ass. TY for exposing truth and reality!!! hearing what ISIS is doing and seeing it first hand is two totally diff outlooks. I also will NEVER travel to Brazil because of this site. Lol. I’m more aware of my surroundings. I can go on and on. Wish you all the luck on your journey. Thank you for sharing what’s going on with you. More ,more ,more ,GORE!! Please.

  12. Thanks for your constant posting lately. Iv been coming to the site for years but only just become a member so as to comment. I remember that you sometimes had to wait days for a new post,those days are long gone. The amount of material posted of late is awesome and must take up a lot of time, so thanks again and your deserve the rewards your now getting. Here’s to a great 2017 and more gore to look forward to. All the best from England U.K

    1. Yea brother @ulises i know what you mean, but it is actually made this way, as this chart does not depict the actual Best Gore Traffic, but the worlds top Ranking Websites. EX… B-G is in the 8,855 spot in the Alexa,s Top Rated Internet Sites Worldwide. Although there are Millions upon Millions of Internet sites, it does not mean that Alexa Rates them all, but what i could gather from digging a little deeper, was that they do in fact Rank a Shitload of them! So let,s say for argument sake that there is about 50 Million up & Running Internet sites Worldwide being ranked by a couple of Companies, and Alexa has the Contracts for a Quarter of them. That would still be a whopping, 12.5 Million of them, and with this being said, Mark,s B-G would be in the 8,855 ft spot. Not to fucking shabby, if you ask me bud. Although my numbers are nowhere near accurate, it does give you a general idea of how these Ranking Systems Work. B.T.W.,,, I did the exact same thing when i first viewed the chart, uli, lol. I went WTF to myself while scratching my fat head, wondering if they were (A) just fucking with us, or (B) just trying to give me a 70s Acid Flashback from my troubled Youth πŸ™ Hope this was helpful @uli. Have a Nice Holiday with your Family sir, and all the best to you, and yours in 2017 friend! πŸ™‚

  13. Have A Wonderful Christmas Mark, and may this be the Best One that you have had in awhile. I just wish that i could be there with you my man, Drinking Cold Beer by the Ocean, lol. You will never know how proud, and Happy, i am to be part of your Baby, and your Lifes Work, Best Gore. You have put so much sweat and tears, in this site over the years, that the fruits of your labor are now showing it,s true colors bro! These are the good times Mark, so please take the time to relax, reflect on your achievements, and lastly,,, Enjoy Your Time in The Sun Man. πŸ™‚

  14. Merry Christmas Mark. GL on your request of political asylum in Dominica buddy. I’m sort of jealous of your lifestyle out there in the world. Thank you for keeping this thing going. Totally enjoy the posts you make. Smoke on brother!

    1. Thanks buddy. The lifestyle hasn’t been that great. It involved a lot of running back and forth, and only a little enjoyment from solitude. It worked for what I was seeking at the time, but I will have to change a few things around for my next shot at it.

      It rains way too much in Dominica. This type of rain is difficult to explain, because I traveled around the world, but nowhere have I experienced so much rain, not even in Vietnam or Cambodia during the rainy season. The shelter I built from bamboo 5 months ago is pretty much decomposed from permanent high humidity and from being constantly pounded and soaked with rain. Bamboo is a great building material, and is highly ecological because its fast renewable, but nothing made of bamboo is gonna last in the environment that’s this wet. Unless you have the means to treat it way out in the middle of the jungle, which is unlikely (unless you’re rich and can afford hiring a bunch of people to haul tools and material to the location, build a basin, mix a solution in it and treat your bamboo for a few weeks in it).

  15. Merry xmas MARK!!! Thank you so much for writing this!!! Wow I absolutely love BESTGORE to hear the blood sweat in tears you put into this is AWESOME!!! We obviously believe and love BESTGORE. When the numbers weren’t like they are now IT SHOWS YOU BELIEVED IN IT!! Great story of BG evolution and THANK YOU for an awesome site!!!

  16. Merry christmas to you Mark , I have been shy to make an account 5 years ago and have been following this site since then. Keep up the good work , your fellow “sand nigger”. Jesus I can probably get used to that over the internet πŸ˜€

    1. I hope that You & Yours have an awesome, and safe, Holiday Season. Agreed brother, lol. As on here we do have our safety net, and of course also our Safety in Numbers,,, Hundreds Of Thousands, that is! God forbid this shit with the Global Zionist Truth Deniers decide to go after Mark again, because this time around things would be very different! It “WOULD BE” Very Loud, & Devastating for the worlds Police, as I and Thousands of other Loyal Members would offer their Services to Vasily Kirov “Mark,s right hand man” (hand jobs NOT included) lol,,, in order to help organize a massive and well organised B-G Members Protest & Rally that would cover most Major Cities of the world. Now that we all see for ourselves the incredibly, almost unbelievable, Global Traffic that visits B-G on a daily basis, Arraigning, and Delegating Key Cities, to Well respected, & Veteran Members, would be too easy, in order for them to contact, and round up all their local members, and assemble accordingly, in all Major Cities Worldwide. So If “YOU EDMONTON COPS” are reading this, and i am sure that “You Guys Are” including your minions, The R.C.M.P., & C.S.I.S., i think that you will agree with me that trying this shit again with an honest, and Law abiding Good Man, will only cause you more grief, and make you guys look terribly Stupid Yet Again. So in my opinion, it would be unwise to try and Corrupt OUR FRIEND MARK,s MORALS AGAIN, while trying to feed us all shit, lies, and Zionist related agenda,s on a daily basis, as we are Awake, Proud, honest, and stand together as one! Oh, and may you all have a Happy Hanukkah. πŸ™‚

    1. I like that tune Feliz Navidad,,,one of my favorite all time Christmas Tunes, right after John Lennon,s War Is Over, that is! I just wish i could ZAP YOKO out of it, lol.
      @shannond31680 A.K.A. “GaPeach” I hope that you & yours have a great & safe Holiday filled with good Family times, and a great 2017 Girl. πŸ™‚

  17. Mark, thanks for all you do!!! I envy your now what seems to be free living lifestyle, that you’ve earned through hard effort and strong will and am glad to feel a part of this BG family. MERRY MOTHERFUCKIN CHRISTMAS TO ALL!

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