Miko Peled – Israeli Jew, Son of Israeli Army General Exposes Truth About Israel

Miko Peled - Israeli Jew, Son of Israeli Army General Exposes Truth About Israel

Miko Peled is an Israeli Jew living in the USA. He was born in Jerusalem in 1961 to a Zionist family. His father was Matti Peled, a decorated Israeli army general. His grandfather was Dr. Avraham Katsnelson, a Zionist leader and one of the signers of the Israeli Declaration of Independence.

Miko Peled is also the author of a book titled “The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine“. In the revolutionary book, Miko Peled admits to things others choose to deny.

Video below is a lecture by Miko Peled in which he exposes the truth about Israel. The lecture is followed by a Q and A session so overall the video is more than an hour long. It is however full of interesting insights, revelations and myth-busts that are often right before our eyes, but none dare accept them (or are too indoctrinated to accept them).

Among the most interesting revelations is the bit that contrary to what we’re told by the Israelis (and thus by the media, the governments and the education system), the alleged 1947 invasion of Mandatory Palestine by massive Arab armies which lead to the 1948 Arab–Israeli War certainly did not happen the way Israel says it did.

Miko Peled busts the 1947 invasion myth, which as he says persists because nobody takes the time to investigate it, and clarifies that the Arab armies did not enter the conflict until May 1948, after the Zionist forces conquered almost 80% of Palestine, destroyed over 500 towns and villages, razed schools, mosques, churches and homes to the ground, and exiled almost a million people.

Israel could not have done all that if they were being attacked by massive armies as they claim. The Zionist plan was to capture as much land as possible and to get rid of as many indigenous people as possible – which is exactly what they did.

Similarly, we are being told by the Jews that in 1967, Israel was attacked by three massive armies intending to destroy it, and once again, the Israelis miraculously prevailed and defeated the Arab armies.

Miko Peled went into the Israeli army archives to study materials for his book. He learned that in the meetings between the Israeli cabinet and the Israeli army generals preceding the Six Day War, the cabinet was told that the Egyptian army was not prepared for war, therefore Israel should attack asap. This was confirmed by his father and other army generals.

The generals were clear that there was no existential threat to the state of Israel, and that the Six Day War was started because it was an opportunity for Israel to once again defeat the Egyptian army. Thus, in six days, after attacking countries that were not looking for war, Israel destroyed three Arab armies and conquered the West Bank, the Golan Heights, the Sinai Peninsula and the Gaza Strip. During those same six days, Israel also intentionally attacked and killed the Americans by bombing the USS Liberty.

For Israel, as Miko Peled puts it, the name of the game has always been erasing Palestine, getting rid of the Palestinians and de-Arabazing the country.

It is truly refreshing to get truthful information about Israel from a credible and honest Jew who values peace and co-existence above supremacism and warmongering.

So next time you hear an Israeli shill bring up his programmed whinery about Israel needing to protect itself because it’s surrounded by hostile states that want to destroy it, you’ll know where to sent him because it’s Israel that’s hostile toward surrounding states, and it’s Israel that constantly wants to (and historically conducted military operations with a goal to) destroy them. The same goes for shills using the programmed technique of stating that Israel is just a small country, blah blah… Israel is actually the only country without firmly defined borders and has expanded in size more than any other. Actually, no other country comes anywhere close to how much Israel expanded in size over the last few decades:

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    1. I dont know if its a real article but anyhow here is a sad fact ( and its true for all humans not just this idiot ) , some humans want to be loved by others and to be considered cool by others much more then others , i am sure must of u seen it in school , kids abusing other kids in the sake of getting cooler and get to the group of the cool kids etc…
      Same goes for some of the adults… for example on the case of this article i noticed its usuely some geek who learned degree in history or some other meaningless subject which he got nothing to do with and being hated by the peopple around him in the universty where he teach ( since he wont be able to do anything importent with his great degree ) he decided to go against the jews ( or any other popular subject) while thinking that this will make him more loved more popular and make him something greater then the dushbag and worthless human he was before.
      Now this can be written in a much better way with much more explenesions but i think its enough to give a new point of view…. On a bigger picture those kind of people pretty much ruined europe , i mean who do u think let so many imigrants into europe? have u seen london or paris lately? its swarming with muslims , its only a matter of time before none muslims will be affraid to go out at night if its not the case allready… i aint saying there are no nice imigrants but this way this religion evolved and the masses in which they are comming makes them confident in forcing others to be like them… i dont know any other relgion or any other kind of people that migrate to others countries and still got the nerves to complain and force it to become like them… always some article about violence of imigrants now days… those people got brains back from the middlle age… and those liberals must be thinking “its ok they will learn to love our country and become part of it…”
      I can only say 1 thing WAKE UP before we will be back to the stone age and pray 5 times a day or get shot at…

      1. I live in a small town in France called Besan?on, and it’s full of arab immigrants, and descendants. I have a friend who is muslim and she’s very open-minded, we used to talk about religion and stuff… What I learned from our conversations is that, those people who try to force others into islam are complet retards, and are not real muslims. We shouldn’t go against arab people, we should go against stupid arab people as well as stupid european, american (the continent), asian, african people that think arab people are the problem and become violently racist (my mother has become one of them…). As far as I am concerned religion is a fatality, because instead of bringing people together as it is supposed to be doing, it tears the world out as we can see it’s happening right now, and actually it has always been happening since the begining of religions… So please don’t mix up everyone, I know you said there are some good imigrants, but when you say muslims are dangerous, then you should see my mother who is a fierce catholic and has become utterly racist that I can’t stand her sometimes.

  1. I personally know a guy who is Egyptian American that remembers the Egyptian army convoying to fight the Israelis when he was a boy. He said that they were saying on he radio that the egyptian army and allies were having victories against the Israelis and then he remembers how the Egyptian armies came back, battered and defeated and the propaganda stopped.

    There was definitively a military engagement and the Israelis won.

        1. I hope people like u take that jew and do with him whatever middle ages toughts u got in your head , he surely deserves it . There is nothing worse then a human that sells others for the sake of popularity.
          And just google about science and its discoveries and see the % of jews that are part of it…
          Sometimes i wish i was born 500 years from now when all humans become something greater then animals or just extinct.

          1. You’re gunna have a major problem if you keep wishing you were born when humans became extinct !

            I recommend the book Manwatching by Desmond Morris.

  2. The Jews in Israel just bombed a 13 story apartment building and it collapsed. Have any of you ever watched Star Trek? To me, the Jews are like The Borg from Star Trek. They like to invade, destroy peoples cultures and civilizations and enslave them into the collective. “We are The Jews, you will be assimilated, resistance is futile.” Then they implant you with a micro chip.

      1. The best thing about that idea is that all the jews science corporations and medias are pushing people towards mars… And why is that. Speaking of ancient religions and supressed histories there are a few that refer to lucifer as an experiment designed to seperate a people and their planet from the living flow of the universe. It requires replacing the natural electromagnetic feild around a planet with a synthetic or technologicol one. If it fails it destroys the atmosphere if succesful it is supposed to grant unlimited power and life. The evolution of their brains is far less…..emotional and far more technologicol or physical. Decisions are cold and calculated with little regard even for each other. They seek power and longevity. People who evolved on this planet were opposite and at one time existed as a single conciouse mind with many bodies to experience with. Individuals with a builtin wifi if you will. Peace was eaier when we felt both sides of the pain. The lucifer experiment failed….. Mars was destroyed and those who escaped spread through the solar system and found earth. After failing their first takeover they relized we could not be taken from…. we had to give freely and now we are terrorized into giving up our free will. Although it sounds far fetched it explains how the religions they write have been scientifically ahead of their time. Prime example…. Ferminint. (was this correct spelling grammer natzi) see the thing about people is they know and feel truth when its presented. So in all religions there are common truths that all man feel. And the lies we fight over. Nothing that is a lie truly stands the test of time it like all lies has to be built on truth. Even if purple and pink elephants fell from the sky tomorrow they were dyed and dropped from a plane. Its not miraculouse just a misdirection. In the christian bible it says no man can ever know all that god does. Scientifically for every answer we spawn endless new questions causing an exponential growth in what we dont know. One rivaled only by the exponential expansion of our universe. Hmmmmmmmm. It seem that knowledge itself is what may be pushing us apart from other stars. In our universe anything that can happen will eventually. Peace war love hate science religion death everlasting life and whatever else can occure as its percieved. And since time space are 1 thing, all things happen now for there is no true tomorrow. We live in an existance of conciouse perception!! Power perceived is power acheived. And the jew knows it. Stop giving them power.

        1. They actually tried to repeat that technology with the pyramids providing unlimited power here on earth… but something went wrong again. Earth’s magnetic field was boosted in the process (as probably intended), pulling earth’s second moon from its orbit towards earth… and today people know’s that event as the “meteorite that killed all dinossaurs”… The evidence is everywhere, and its even descripted in the Ica Stones… but of course, they were discarted like the evidence of advanced technology used in the Pumapunku monoliths or the sunken cities in Japan, because the concept of having advanced civilizations before mankind created tools is “ridiculous”… You’ve probably heard about NASA developing an “impossible engine”, that scientists are outraged for it to even be successful when it actually managed to break all laws of physics… Hopefuly that will open many people’s eyes to this, and wonder if what they allways believed to be “impossible” or “ridiculous”, are really or not.

          1. @der
            There is no doubt that we are headed toward that conciouse tipping point where we will not be lied to anymore. Ive long adopted the belief that we are in a crucble designed to push us there far quicker than previouse evolutions of sentiance. But will we give up choice first thats the true race we are in. As for the engine…. I believe we compensatewith tech. What we know in our hearts to be possible without it. After homoevolutiouse is ascention. And thank you for your response. Even here where there is much that is truth apparent for everyone to see so many are still too conditioned to be closed minded. Ther are many different places on earth such as the pyramids where there is mucho evidence of. ….outside involvment. Some believe interdimentional too and why not.

          2. There are few of us that are aware of the true perception of reality, or have actually achieved a higher form or consciousness among us. Yet, we’re still too few to make a difference. And yes, “laws of physics” only applies to Earth, since they are mostly used to the reference of what is known and seems to work for the majority of things… that are simply on earth, but obsolete outside of it.

    1. ***Then they implant you with a micro chip.

      …that’s why I don’t own a cell phone or credit card, here in the states PZ.

      I figure these fascist pricks have enough info on me already. However, I’m gonna make them work for it…

        1. ***A woman who cleans the kitchen while listening to a video about how much jews suck.

          …nothing wrong with that!!

          I’d like to see all these zionists cleaned out one day, kitchen or not!!

          However, a microwave or broiler, may come in handy from time to time…

  3. Maybe ? This refreshing, credible, `honest* jew is just trying to make a shitload of $hekel$ pimping his book and going on speaking tours in N. American left wing universities. ?
    instead of staying in israel and trying to effect actual changes to stop the de arabingo game!
    he could very well be one very rich conniving S.O.Jewess Whore.?
    or just a shrewd `jewd` dude riding in limos w/armed bodyguards ?

    1. Exactly, just another shill pushing the ‘victim’ agenda. Its the next logical step in their tactics. The generational victimhood. Now they are victims of their own country loll It’s brilliant actually loll

        1. Exactly, what does a rat do on a sinking ship loll It really is a brilliant plan though. Think about it.. If they can convince others that they are victims of their own country, then by extension, they are also victims of whoever helped create their country in the first place. See where they’re going with this? πŸ˜‰

  4. Did you notice how he skipped over israel’s attack on USS liberty ship? Israel attacked our ship so they could blame it on Egypt ….the real enemy is AIPAC and all the pro Zionist in our own govt….the only president that wasn’t a pro Zionist got assassinated…JFK did not want Israel to have nukes and he signed his death warrant when he signed executive order to take away federal reserve right to print money….after JFK death the treasury stopped printing money….LBJ was very pro Zionist and was a closet Jew ….he illegally smuggled in Jews thru Texas before and during war….jack ruby real name was jack rubenstein and based on his past was working with CIA

    1. I noticed that and got a sour knot in my stomach from it. It made me wonder what the real scheme was. “Let’s point out the inequity of how Jews can be victims but not Palestinians. Oh but forget the slight on Americans, they’re not included even though it illustrates a fine point.”

    2. @mike11111

      Impressive, I must say!!

      …and yes, this is a known fact

      btw: could that executive order to abolish the federal reserve, happen to be in your username perhaps?

      p.s. when LBJ was being sworn in as President on the airplane, Jackelyn Kennedy kept mentioning that, “they did this to my husband.” She was aware of our shadow government’s ability, to knock off anyone they damn well pleased.

      Christ, even John himself, gave a speech to congress, warning us about these freaks.

      …the last real president this country ever had.

      I saw him in person, only three months before he was asassinated. It still leaves a hole in my heart to this very day.

      πŸ™ πŸ™ πŸ™

  5. Wouldn’t it just be easier to say there was no 1967 war? No one fought, no one won, nothing happened. Burnt planes and tanks? Figments of our imagination. So one guy out of 7 million expresses an opinion and suddenly everything changes! Meh.

      1. ***Take the American and British support out of the picture and let?s see how much ass Israel is going to be kicking.

        …don’t pay any attention to him 42ridick.

        He reminds me of the punk who use to shoot his mouth off at everyone at school, because he had a big bully standing by his side.

        He’ll become a little more soft spoken, when his mother says, “son, no more breast milk for you.”

    1. And yet they fail to attack countries with armies head on and youll never see it cause they own most of the worlds armies through corporations and pmcs they use thier war to distract people and move other armies where they need them and they are fucking good at it. Genocide is a motivator and well put armies anywhere they want us to. Find some countries that have no debt to a stein a stien or a burg and youll find the only opposition. Iceland switzerland finland you know smart places that have “no armies” and their own banks. Why else would russia be moving supplies onto canadian soils. Samwiched between them and the us as they are. Full of resources ripe for picking china too opening mines and moving in large numbers of “experienced workers” through corporations. So lets talk world genocide for a minute. Russia and china wipeout canadian and us poulations american soldiers and pmcs wipeout chinese and rusky pops. Isreal has already started distracting us with genocide. In miltiple countries. And we dance along to the beat begging them to do it all. And when we beg them for change theyll give it to us and those who oppose it will be less but killed as well. You couldnt get canadianes to commit genocide thats why they are always in use with peacekeeping missions lol. When all our perspective countries are off changing the world our homes will be destroyed families too.

    1. @maxxA : you are hereby officially reCOGnized * for promoting The yahoodi ~mika Peled. !
      An Honest Jew./ good fer you , now if you really want to help the palastine cause ? you could join hamas and they would promote you to King Rat` and let you dig
      tunnels to attack those evil zionists. go max `GO !

  6. Peled is missing the point. The USA sides with Israel because they are committed to capitalism and democracy. Money/power always trumps ideology.

    Meanwhile the Arab nations have crappy, stone age human rights policies and tyrannical leaders.

    If the Israeli Army are the murderous bullies (“terrorists”) he describes, it’s only because they’re doing their jobs.

  7. I have long believed Israel was and is a terrorist nation and have never been able to fathom how or why the U.S. sees Israel in any other way. Their actions are as obvious as the sun in the sky. What is it that Israel has that keeps the U.S. playing its ally? Is it just its location? The country has little, if anything, to offer the U.S. in the way of armament, oil, crops, industry…. so why are we working with this demented little country? They’re no better than GAZA or ISIL, in my opinion.

  8. Asking myself why would a Jew, whom family and father were Zionists, tell the truth???
    What is he trying to do? Why talk about what really happened and is happening to those poor Palestinians…
    Never ever trust a Jew is my opinion, telling the truth or not…


    It’s really a pity Adolf is not here to show who is boss πŸ™

  9. As long as we humans(?) have thoughts, we will continue to eradicate each other. Surely the trick is not to over- think it, while we do it…Thought only leads to new and ingenious methodology, surely leading to new and more accurate means…I just hope Mother Nature can come up with her thoughtless answer, before we eradicate Her too. We are doomed to think, thankfully for only a moment in time. Want the answer to Life ? Watch the clock…

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