Muslim Man Warns German People with What Will Happen to Germany

Muslim Man Warns German People with What Will Happen to Germany

Muslim Man Warns German People with What Will Happen to Germany

This video was provided by Best Gore member @derkater, who noted that even though it contains no blood and gore, it’s worth sharing so people get a more complete picture of the happenings in Europe, and can make more educated choices. And I agree – the public deserves to be informed and who else is gonna share videos like this with the public? Mainstream press? Yeah right…

The video features a German Muslim man warning the German people with what is going to happen to Germany.

English transcript of the speech translated by @derkater:

What I care about is, that people get the right message and convert to Islam. That is the point. We, the [not a clue], will drive to every German city and bring that message everywhere. Who doesnt like it, shall get out of Germany and make their own state somewhere. We will get that message to the front.

– scene change –

But I’ll tell you one thing, we are very many Muslims in Germany. If you keep baiting us, and I really hope that nothing happens, but if so, if you keep going on like this, I only see bad luck for you. We are not afraid of anybody. We also have people backing us. And if you keep going on like this, I swear to God, I cant guarantee anything.

Many thanks for the video and the translation, @derkater:

For those who are new to the internet, here’s Barbara Learner Spectre clarifying who is behind the situation in Europe. Also documentaries like this one from 1940 may be relevant if you haven’t seen it yet:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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242 thoughts on “Muslim Man Warns German People with What Will Happen to Germany”

  1. From all the religious leaders that I listen to, I think the plan is to lower the standard of living in the U.S and for the E.U to take leadership of the world. Then the plan was to flood Europe with Muslims in order to piss off the Europeans. The next plan will be for a European army to invade the middle east and destroy the Arabs. This is all for the benefit of the Jews of course. There will be a guy come out of Germany to fix the world economy after a world wide crash, the”antichrist”, LOL.

    They want to demonize Germans again. Once the Arabs are destroyed, then the Jews can create greater Israel. They will use the Germans who will lead a European army to destroy their enemies.

    That’s what the Jews always do, use other people to do their dirty work. That’s the reason for all the Muslim terror attacks in Europe, so the public will approve of the war against the Arabs. The Jews hate the Arabs, want to destroy them and take their land.

    1. Both Europeans and Arabs have the same enemy. Africans, Hispanics, Asians, Native Americans, etc. also have the same enemy. Said enemy is in control of resources, governments, banks, the media, education systems, the entertainment industry, etc. but we have the numbers. United we can defeat him and advance as free peoples without tensions between us artificially manufactured by the common enemy.

        1. jews kill muslims, that makes them redeemable to me.

          Also islam is the enemy of everyone.

          Reality is, humanity is shit anyway, just provoke a war with china and kill everyone except me, so I can live alone, and if you survive you live alone too

          1. Islam is a jewish construct there is NO Redemption for either the jew has always used any and every people’s be they of Faith’s or not.


            The war is here already, has been for centuries just being waged in may different forms…

          2. I believe in the destruction of all of Islam and all of Judaism. There is nothing redeemable about either of these blood sucking cult minded parasites. I like that we can pitch them against one another without having to get involved most of the time.

          3. yes, and hate these semites, they ruined north africa into an ugly middle eastern mixed who call themselves africa.
            And they are doing the same to Europe.
            They enslaved blacks and whites.

            All these religion must die

          4. Islam Extremist/terrorist are actually jews puppets, their jews master was funded them to make islam look barbaric or disgusting for every sheeple,,like u,,’s a fact…and now u better find “red pill” instead of suck jew dicks then lick to the asshole……poor of u,, jews sheeple…
            Ps..i’m not fan of islamic extremist,,but i’m fan of “vincit omnia veritas”…

        2. The middle east as a whole is disgusting. Jews and muslims, let them kill each other in the middle east and let them Stay out of Europe, Stay out of the USA, stay out of the Caribbean, Stay out of Africa, Stay out of Asia.

          I hope the Chinese kill all the uighur muslims by the time the world destroys them

        3. The “fake Jew” Khazar theory is a hoax. It was invented by (((Arthur Koestler))) who came out later in his autobiography and even admitted that it was just a hoax. He figured that if he could convince the goyim that Jews aren’t Jews it would do some damage to antisemitism (go ahead and closet that Jew hate goy cause we’re not even real Jews).

    2. I rather jews than muslims, and I am glad all this is to piss off europeans into kill those arabs once and for all, I hope they kill those african muslims too. Non muslim africans hate mulsims and killing muslims.

      Everyone hates islam

          1. Lmao I’m loving this conversation, but I say fuck this world. It’s literally hopeless, humankind spends time on trying to kill “evil.” But we’re the ones polluting this earth.

          2. Ha.
            There is actually nothing wrong with the World.
            Merely the bugs which infest it.

            “Imagine a far off space where another race has developed, then they discover this planet, quite obvious they’d be more advanced, to have found us, so observing from a distance they’d turn to each other and say; look at the way those below behave to one another and their habitat, their Likened to insects..!
            Then they would fly away”
            There’s one reason we’ll never be invaded, not by Spacemen anyway…

        1. I agree 100% on that, fuck all religion! It’s amazing that modern society hate s misinformation yet allows religion to brainwash kids into their cult.

          They claim rellgion has rights.

          Religious rights is the right to brainwash people to superstition and dictate how we live, islam is the worst

    3. As a Muslim myself I can tell you now, the jews hate no one more than muslims. And us muslims hate no one more than the jews. The Jews are the world powers at the moment but our time will come, they use agents to carry out terrorist attacks under the name of islām to destroy our honour. And give us a bad name, they kill millions of innocent muslims. The Christian’s are nothing more than puppets for the jews, the jews have Infiltrated the popes and Christian’s leaders of today. The jews also have Donald trump and all those the profess christianity under their belt. Let’s not forget about communism as it was started by karl Marx [ a jew].

      In china they’ve set up concentration camps for muslims which trump agrees with and so do china the ones doing this act [bare in mind the leaders of the communists and republicans are jews].

      You said the arabs will destroy the jews and that’s a lie, the arabs are asleep. The muslims are asleep and the jews keep tugging onto a sleeping lion. We have been promised that in the end of times we will slaughter jews. And we have been promised that we will ally with the orthodox Christian’s against a common enemy [most likely the communists]. And us muslims will then fight the orthodox Christian’s. The jews will fall and they will be humiliated and whatever they’ve built of power will be taken away from them.

      Only the intelligent muslims who seek knowledge are aware of those who pretend to be muslims but are spies and agents for the jews. The jews have done this with shi’ism, their founder was a hypocrite jew. The kharijites [isis,al qaeda,boko haram etc] founder likewise was a hypocrite to destroy islam from the inside. The jews also destroyed the true teachings of jesus with saul. Saul who was a jew spewed his poison into the true religion of jesus [may peace and blessings be upon Him]. The jews have been the cause of problems from the dawn of time hence why as the Qur’ān states “Not of those who have earned your [Allahs] anger/wrath”. Those who have earned the Anger of the All-Mighty is non other than the jews. May Allāh break their backs and may they forever be cursed wherever they are

      1. islam will NOT fight with christian orthodox after war with jews,,,after ally with muslim,,post “jews/antichrist” war christian orthodox will convert into islam after isa “christ” second coming,,that happen bcoz Jesus (isa) will declare that he was not son of a God,,but as a Apostle/prophet, like Muhammad, Moses,David and any other prophet…

        1. I believe you’re a muslim, it’s been reported from the beloved prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم that he told us that we will ally with the orthodox Christians to fight a common enemy. As for jesus عليه السلام, then he will come down break the crosses and kill the pigs. And those that made him a deity will die just from his scent alone. There will be no more jizyah under jesus so the Christian’s will be forced to be muslims or they will be killed. On those days it will be a great slaughtering, and jesus will come down and there will be the mahdi and the Christians will truly see before their eyes the falsehood they’ve been following for so many years.

          1. There are many different narratives of Jesus returning with or without the Mahdi in Islam.
            The breaking of crosses etc does not even appear in the Koran as far as I know but is simply part of the traditions of Islamic thought.

            Mahdiism is not even really a Sunni thing although many Sunni do believe in it.
            Some traditions say that Jesus will bow to The Mahdi etc and other say Jesus himself is the Mahdi.

            I know Jesus is called a Moslem in these traditions but a Moslem is “simply one who believes and surrenders to the One True God. And thus at least at the time of the traditions Jesus could still be a Christian and be considered believing in the one true God and also Christian when he returns . Why ? Because Jews ,Christians and Moslems are all People of the Book and believe in the same God.

            I have heard of this tradition of an Imoending alliance with the Orthodox to defeat the Antichrist /Magog etc but I can tell you it will need to be such ie supernatural to get Orthodox Christians to fight with Moslems forevermore.

            Why ? The Orthodox Christians have been fighting against Islam since day one and still do now that noone else does ,;at least against Sunniism . See Balkans and Russia ,although Russia has allied with some Moslems of late(Turkey).

            I would gladly look forward to fighting the Antichrist Gog Magog/ with moslems as my allies butidontthink it will happen in my lifetime.

          2. @hopingfornemesis the narration of the prophet telling us about the alliance with orthodox Christians is authentic according to the science of hadīth. At the end of the narration it states that we will fight with those orthodox Christians and it will be the bloodiest fight ever known to mankind.

            As for jesus peace and blessings be upon him then yes he was a muslim and was sent with a book to guide his nation. His disciples also known as hawariyīn were also muslims [those who truly submit to Allāh] and followed jesus the same way as we follow muhammad.

            The Jews rejected jesus and his call to follow him the same way Christians and jews reject Muhammad’s call to follow him as the final messenger. You’ll come to find that jesus and moses weren’t sent to all of mankind hence why you’ll see “here ye oh isreal”. Not “here ye oh mankind”. The Qur’ān is the final book sent for all of mankind not just Israelites. The greatest commandment in the torah and bible is “thy lord is one”. This is same commandment carried out in the Qur’ān and it is the greatest commandment in islām it’s called tawhīd [singling out Allāh the Lord in Worship, In His Beautiful Names and Perfect Attributes and singling him out in His Lordship and His Divinity]. It is only the pure orthodox untainted islām which has carried this commandment whilst the jews and Christian’s have abandoned it.

            We love jesus truly as one should be loved, and if he was the final messenger we would have followed him with certainty and likewise we have this love for moses and for the mother of jesus unlike the jews who curse jesus and his beloved mother. Likewise we do not believe jesus was killed by the jews nor is he the son of Allāh nor does he have any form of divinity. He was a prophet sent to his people, he was righteous and sinless like all prophets and he will come down again in the end of times and break the crosses, kill the pigs and will force people to accept Islām as he will abolish jizyah. His scent alone will kill those who ascribed him to be a partner with Allāh.

          3. @hopingfornemesis the narration of the prophet telling us about the alliance with orthodox Christians is authentic according to the science of hadīth. At the end of the narration it states that we will fight with those orthodox Christians and it will be the bloodiest fight ever known to mankind.

            As for jesus peace and blessings be upon him then yes he was a muslim and was sent with a book to guide his nation. His disciples also known as hawariyīn were also muslims [those who truly submit to Allāh] and followed jesus the same way as we follow muhammad.

            The Jews rejected jesus and his call to follow him the same way Christians and jews reject Muhammad’s call to follow him as the final messenger. You’ll come to find that jesus and moses weren’t sent to all of mankind hence why you’ll see “here ye oh isreal”. Not “here ye oh mankind”. The Qur’ān is the final book sent for all of mankind not just Israelites. The greatest commandment in the torah and bible is “thy lord is one”. This is same commandment carried out in the Qur’ān and it is the greatest commandment in islām it’s called tawhīd [singling out Allāh the Lord in Worship, In His Beautiful Names and Perfect Attributes and singling him out in His Lordship and His Divinity]. It is only the pure orthodox untainted islām which has carried this commandment whilst the jews and Christian’s have abandoned it.

            We love jesus truly as one should be loved, and if he was the final messenger we would have followed him with certainty and likewise we have this love for moses and for the mother of jesus unlike the jews who curse jesus and his beloved mother. Likewise we do not believe jesus was killed by the jews nor is he the son of Allāh nor does he have any form of divinity. He was a prophet sent to his people, he was righteous and sinless like all prophets and he will come down again in the end of times and break the crosses, kill the pigs and will force people to accept Islām as he will abolish jizyah. His scent alone will kill those who ascribed him to be a partner with Allāh.

    4. You have got to be the biggest moron to ever more. Jews could nuke the whole of Palestine and they don’t. There isn’t nukes to threaten retaliation. But you better believe the worshippers of Baal would use nuclear ordinance on Israel if they had one. The pals are being subverted by their own corrupt government and elites holding cash. The Rampant poverty drives despair to fuel assaults on Jews. Not without the cult brainwashing Mohammad left to conquer the globe. And Iran, Turkey, and Russia seek to destroy the only roadblock to their authority in the region. It’s all about money in the end and the Jews are fine. i don’t know of any satanic cult as evil as Islam. And the Jews have good reason to destroy all of them, but they don’t. Can’t say the same for the slims. The world would be a better place without the sand niggers, no Jew has ever left a bad memory in my life. You must hate your life as to understand nothing but the value of you own fairy tales cooked up off therapy.

    1. A one time crusade on Israel and 98% of the world’s problems end with it. Humanity can then progress and look to the future. Any other course of action will just lick a necrotizing wound.

        1. Yes this is the paradise that they speak of in the various sky daddy books and fanatical religions
          Here right NOW..!

          No jews = utopia, paradise, nirvana, whatever one wants to call it but, the people of the world could then begin to heal and create the world we all could share without fear,hatred, and divisions all manifested from the eternal jew.

          Cleanse humanity of that cancer then humans would once again be Human…

          1. Ok maybe it is time to let another life form have the Earth for their playground.

            Tho we’ve no choice in that either, major conflagration is around the next corner whoever’s to survive well, it isn’t going to be a world which personally I would want to live in anyway but, look on the bright side a moment hum, just trying think of one actually er, can you..?

      1. The only thing the romans accomplished by crushing the rebellions in Judea and completely destroying it and officially turning it into Palestine was spread the jews all over the planet like cockroaches

      2. Destroying Israel would be great, but the problem is jews are not only in Israel, they’ve infiltrated and hijacked every government of the world. It may sound harsh, but the only way to have world peace is to kill all evil jews and the traitorous gentiles that willingly serve them. Simply expelling them means they’ll just come back and take revenge on you and your descendants.

    1. The left ruined everything, they allowed these filthy muslims and provoked the rise of the right.

      I am not blm or leftist, I am a true liberal, meaning I care for myself and my freedoms.

      Fucking muslims. pedophiles they are.

    1. I’m a proud muslims. The problem are the jews. The majority of muslims are weak people that move with the wind. But our time will come.

      Its forbidding in islām to move to the land of the disbelievers and live amongst them. And to return to the Muslim lands is obligatory in islam. Doesnt that make you happy. Well not many muslims obey islamic law which is why they move with the wind and are weak

          1. That’s what I heard too…

            Seems like he’s been there for ages. Someone Cut him down the other day, and authorities found several terror Rings he left behind. If they Root out his predecessor quickly, he’ll be so Stumped and scared, that he may Soil himself enough to grow another terror cell.

            Of course, those cells will have to circulate long enough, for them to feed other parts of the terror ORGANization.

      1. Oh thank God! The new Ruin the Jewels. Now my life is complete. Btw, love the coons in the white DOC jumpsuits. I knew you guys went to the local jails to get extras for your hop hop videos.
        #killer driller and c cheezy 2020 y’all

  2. C’mon guys. Did you really not recognize the nose? and those evil small beady black eyes? We all know which rats are fueling such conflict and who get off to bloodshed. I mean look at what they’re doing to the USA right now.

  3. Well…………to be fair he is quite right. The strong have always prayed on the weak. Its the way of the world, survival of the fittest.

    If the Germans then are not stronger and fitter than child raping illiterate Muslim hill men they will be beaten into submission and they will die.

    I know the above sounds shitty and sad but its the reality of the world we live in.

    Germany is the sick man of Europe.

  4. “The Fake Ones”
    ~With Devil’s Ideology~

    “Praise be to Benny (Bibi Not at Yahoo).
    Gantz (both soiled cum and shit stained Pants).
    So too all the other criminal psychopaths.
    They are/or and (a) representative(s) of
    pure psychotic Evil personification(s).
    Thereof Das Tanz”.

    Shalom Pissa M’ Lick’a aah.

    Translates as; (leave my Nose out of this).
    Is what they actually say when Greeting, so.

    Trying to fool Christians you gave them their Savour.
    A scruffy mixed up Hippie who was not ‘one’ of you.
    So threatened by him, you had him Crucified.
    Nothing have you for anyone,
    only serfdom and slaughter,
    leaving just a Bloodied Trail,
    Throughout History,
    as you leave and enter.

    Looking at it like they are ‘The Borg’ collective.
    Buzz Buzz Buzzing in their Deceitful Hives.
    Hiding behind Tora’s Talmudischen Devil’s.
    Is the Bazaar Illuminati cultist Cabal’s control.
    Now, 1 of 9 Plus 6 million years worth of lies.
    Number 27 to 72 Are you receiving..?
    Got your Hot Virgins here, what a surprise.
    Islam is a Jewish construct, you didn’t know that..?
    Oh my, what a Sham(an).
    Walked into a new Snack Bar 2Day, called, Ali’s.
    The trade was going like a Bomb.

    Ah, think it’s time to get outta here,
    Hailed a Taxi to the Airport,
    “THEY” said no flying without vaccination,
    all I had to say to that was;
    I’m already immune to you.
    Now where am I sitting..?

    Thank You…


    The world is going to Hell
    in a Handbag full of shite.
    Microchiped morons
    to be microwaved.
    Vaccinated like cattle.
    The future looks so bright.
    Wearing shades all the while.
    Not looking very positive, presently.
    To Be Honest, is it..?
    That’s what I’m feeling,
    Quite a lot of the time…

  5. Germany has been on the decline for years because of that cunt Merkel. Honestly, I wish that bald headed bearded Muslim bastard the best of luck. Germans willfully chose the path of complacency and apathy. Sickening, since they once held a culture few could match and none could surpass.

    1. jews want/wanted to destroy Germany because they see the Germans and their endeavours as the pinnacle of white expression, ingenuity, and inventiveness.
      Destroy the Germans they believe then has a top down effect.
      The second conflict was not only about Germany and the Germans wanting out of the fiscal grip the jews have upon the world’s countries and white populations in general within. Was not only about curtailing the spread of national socialism either. Germany could have succeeded in bringing about the much needed and long overdue disenfranchisement of their malignancy upon ALL people’s of the world regardless of race, creed, or colour.

      White people with our evolving presence in the world for all these centuries is not in decline, moreover perhaps stagnated thru allowing the fake jews to continue to exist rather than have committed the genocide that they promote with their lies.

      Look and research history Boomers because there’s quite a few of you in the comments lately that may just as well be spokespeople for the agenda that the jew has for all.
      The world is NOT going to be a better place without the Fair Skinned Races and every one left remaining a bastardized nigger type as they are, with the jew arab nigger blood running in their veins.
      So are you amongst those that willingly accept the ushering in of the (jew) New World Order and in fact welcome it..?
      If so you are already DEAD..!!!

          1. DNA evidence shows that the bulk of Askenazim are halfway between Central / Eastern Europeans and those in the Middle East ie Arabs ,Turks and Sephardic and Misrahi Jews. Nevertheless , even Askenazi scientists / historiographers admit that a nucleus of Khazar converts seeded those Askenazi areas . The bulk of them however are simply Euro converts or mixes between them and real “Jews” within the last two thousand years. I could go on but it would be detailed.

            In the end I am a Culturalist. I believe you are more what you are raised with, than what your DNA is. Is an Englishman a Celt , a Viking ,a “Frenchman” , “German” or Roman ? He is in fact ALL. Romans were everywhere in England for four hundred years so there is heaps of “Italian” blood in Englishmen ,hidden deep due to later mixing of Anglo-Saxon ,Viking and Norman blood etc.

            Scratch a Turk and you will find a former Greco-Roman but they are now lost to Europe ,as Islam (a culture) drives them ,not their blood. So Askenazim, even if wholly of Euro blood, are still very dangerous.

            Glad to chat ,let’s talk more if you want. I love this stuff.

    1. The jews have a big figure to back them up. They hate christian, but they hate muslim more. They join forced and destroy many islamic empire like the ottoman empire. I won’t be suprised if Ww1 and ww2 happen because of them. They oppressed muslims and when muslims retaliate, they label them as a terrorist and kill them like a dog. Framed muslims for bombings of innocent people. They’re very ingenious, they stabbed someone in the back and blame someone else. The Master of the art of trickery, making muslims fight each other or fight another race is their specialty. Another religion and race also got played by them, Don’t bite their bait.

      1. The Jews and Muslims are cousins and Hebrew and Arabic are almost the same ie like Spanish and Italian .
        All you say is true but the Muslims are not blameless.

        Jews destroyed the Ottoman Empire? Yep .”Smarter Moslems” did ,Donmeh or CryptoJews like Attaturk and the Three Pashas. All Germanophiles ,Westernised and supposedly- secular. Problem is they slaughtered the Europeans – Christians -and Hitler used it as a model for murdering his victims. Turkey in WWI had German advisers notably CryptoJews -like Liman Von Sanders-who advised him to kill all Christians .

        The same thing is happening as we speak in the USA. Neo-Cons who are mostly Neo-Cohens have high places in both major parties.
        9/11 was almost certainly a joint Saudi /Israeli achievement .

      2. (((They))) don’t hate Xtians. (((They))) invented it to destroy the original faith of the gentiles which was paganism. They simply have no more use for Xtianity (it has ran it’s course) so now they import the Muslims.

      1. You filthy muslims think you have the right to spread your religion, and when we push back you call us the vicimt, black africans love killing muslims, especially when you kill many non musims, christians and atheist.

        Christianity is tolerant of atheist,islam is not.

        Fuck islam

  6. Hey guys … not really good at understanding this European / Islamic crap… so basically Islam is taking over Germany and driving the country to shit? Is that what I understand from that ugly bearded ass nigga? And they will do all in their power to make sure you follow their pedophile prophet ?? Thanks.

      1. What a sad and pathetic attempt to defend and excuse a pedophile. Who is the most obvious false prophet in existence. Your own Quran is full of contradictions and loop holes. There are THIRTY-SEVEN versions of your book.

        Now that I watched your video why don’t you watch the following video of your buddy Yasir Qadhi who exposes Islam inadvertently. Please note that after it was uploaded, Mohammad Jihab DELETED this piece but too late people had copies. & finally, this is currently the talk between a Muslims and there are a bunch of Muslims leaving this obvious false cult.

  7. Not only did Vietnam get attacked by Australia, America, South Korea and Japan BUT after the war they saved the Cambodian people from Pol Pot who was backed by China. RESPECT!

    Anyways… BLACKS, WESTERN WHITES, ARABS, JEWS are all the scums, constantly fighting with each other whilst Asians get caught in the crossfire.

    Western Whites are the most dumb though, you kill their parents and take in their children so they can seek revenge later. LOL
    Western whites love to make bestiality and incest porn, blacks have to be trained at birth to learn not to kill, Arabs and Jews created the most destructive religion.

    Eurasians are better than all you filth.
    * I don’t respond to any of my fans on here *

    1. “You kill their parents and take in their children?” What the fuck are you on about? I do believe we have a dumb cunt here lol
      You are nothing more than a filthy Mongrel so stop boring everyone with your dribble.

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  8. Hopefully the Islamics will really kick off in Germany, because that will be the end of them. The Germans have it deep in their DNA how to round up and dispose of any minority who are not German enough. It will take a while for the critical mass of transgressions by the sick and ungrateful infected to set the Germans off, but they will trigger.

    This can still happen despite the liberal disease that’s also infected the Germans. If it eventually comes down to it, the Muslims will be dealt with in true German style and efficiency.

    They Truth is that Muslims should never have been let into Europe and instead made to go to the Rich Gulf states regardless of which sect and the opposition from the Unwelcoming Muslim Brothers.

    We need to keep Islam at arms length since like all crazy ideologies, the Moonies etc., once you’re infected with Islam, you are better off to quarantine them all, instead of allowing them to live among us, whilst we stupidly hoped they would somehow change. Oil and water doesn’t mix.

    Simple answer is that all Muslims should only live in Muslim lands and Live under SL, not in the progressive secular and technological west.

    1. After skimming through very extremist comments. Your probably the most resounding in logical manner. Each belief or religion belong to their own land and territories. There should be no excuse for any to crossing the border and live in another land, Doing so mean only to conquer or to be conquer. And right now Western Europe countries just shoot itself in the face by welcoming these muslim with an open arm. If they force and treating them as a 2nd class citizen and laborer, Things would be in much different light.

      I do feel very sorry for people who got attacked in their homeland by these invader, But as long as they do not taking up arm and purge these disease off from their homeland, Then I am afraid there will be more of these goatfuckers pouring into their countries.

  9. It’s not upsetting to me anymore when I realized something after a lot of education. Western Europe was doomed after the second world war. It’s already well past the point of no return. Western Europeans are weakling bunny rabbits, they can’t fight and they are naturally cowards on top of that. They are weaklings who don’t have a chance. After all of the catastrophic European wars throughout history, concluding with the Second world war, millions upon millions dead of the best men have died young. Who is left after all of this? Not the naturally testosterone strong men who fought and died century after century. Anyone who could and would fight back is DEAD, their genes have been wiped out. The European population has been bottled necked AGAIN.

    So who survived all of these wars? The cowards, the effeminate beta boys who didn’t go to war, but hung back doing female jobs. That’s who survived, up until now that is. Now real men, unfortunately foreigners, are going to do what real me do, conquer. Easter Europe still has some of that warrior male gene left, but it is obliterated in western Europe. All that remains are effeminate weakling sheep, who will be completely conquered and probably eliminated too. These Arabic muslims and africans won’t tolerate European males after they take enough control. They will openly kill you in the streets, genocidally, and the white betas will lose every single fight. If there is any consolation from all of this, know that white female feminists, who are enemies of white males and Europe, will be abused, tortured and enslaved as sexual toys, at least the ones that are fuckable. They have no future, their feminist ideology will be brutally extinguished without the slightest bit of mercy. That at least, makes me smile.

  10. Above is The utmost Despicable Jew-Cunt The World has, will have ever seen in their entire lifetimes. This Evil-Cunt, is a destroyer of nations, and their innocent people that was sent my Satan Himself.
    She is Most-Certainly is very cold, and uncaring,,, Pure Evil, being The Daughter Of Satan Himself.

    1. Satan is just another name for Odin. Jew’s of Odin…yah, no. Go ahead and associate the creator of the gentiles Odin with the Jews I guess (rolls eyes). I know I know the book they wrote for you the buybull say’s that Satan is super ebil and we can all trust whatever the Jews say! Enjoy the book they wrote to spiritually enslave you with goy! Don’t forget to love your enemies and hate your family while you are at it (just like the guhood book says)!

          1. @EinsatzHexe555
            I Pray To My God, And Creator no Bible Thumping Church Going Dude Here. As I Truly believe that no religions are right, although some Preach/Teach with better morals.

            And I Am Sorry for calling you a Jew,,, if you are not one, as “I” Have Never had any problems admitting when i am wrong, like many others L & N on here do.

            So Calling/Describing you as a Jew-Lover would have been much better suited as a way to Address/Describe you then, for Sticking-Up For That Zionist-Jew-Cunt Above?? 😉

        1. A. I hate Zionism. B. I hate Jews. C. I hate kikes or what you would call “Christians.” Some are decent but most aren’t. D. Can’t leave out the Muslims! Xtian’s, Muslims…All useful goy. You see when you pray to Yahweh or Allah the Jews receive that prayer energy and direct it back as curses onto the gentiles. You are effectively cursing yourself by participating in Xtianity. Asatru was our original faith. if you are not open to it well then there is no hope and the greys will take your soul after you die. That is the fate of the Xtian after death. First they get you with the pretty light next you are in their cage.

          1. @einsatzhexe555
            Fuck was i ever wrong by assessing yourself with your first comment. It was mostly the Goy statement that set me off. So I Am terribly Sorry *Really* and stand guilty as charged so to speak. Again,,, i am human and make mistakes, cause man was i ever off this time, it must be my old age that’s kicking-in and setting off stinking-thinking as i like to call it.

            I Will check out this video, or write-up in the link you have provided, and get back to you on what i think of it. Being an open-minded individual i refuse to make the same mistake twice, cause once is embarrassing enough, he, he. 😉

          2. @EinsatzHexe555
            Ok,,,, i am quite intrigued by this Hex, if you don’t mind me calling you this name unless you would like me to address you by another. I Have never heard of this “Ever” and must investigate it further as it is quite interesting read to say the very least. I Will check it out some more, but i need a little more time to do do so.

            I Say this cause i have many things on the go including being in the middle of building a second level on my deck, and a 12 foot long shed/cabin type of storage place to go with it, so i will be busy for a couple of weeks doing so.

            But as soon as i am done “I Will get back to you for sure, as i would love to discuss this with you further. And “Thanks Man” for the info as i love checking-out new, and informative topics, including the possibilities that can exist out there.

            I Must also say that i did laugh my head off at your enjoy your Rabbi on a stick comment as that really was some truly witty/funny shit right there, lol. And i did deserve that by judging you by simply one of your comments B G Brother.

  11. Hittler was right , but he did wrong
    When he took out the jews and prefered the muslims , but he wasn’t care, he knew that he wont see what came out ov it, now all European countries that destroyed the jewish communities that use and wanted to be a part of the country and community, an invaders in much more high masses to place , and now in Germany, Netherlands, England, and much more, you can’t send out your children, girls or boys, without
    A high risk that some imigrant monky that live on your account, will fuck them up like same , and will destroy them for eternity…
    With all the dumb cuntasses here that speaks bad for jews , i do not remember whene those acts ware common to be done by jews…
    Most of all do not know, that if israel
    Will be a gonner, the days of Europe and America will be end soon after..
    Its not like lot of faggots here claimed that we manipulate other to fight for us, its we are fighting for all nations
    And our existence is the only reason that European still remember where they came from…
    If not us , your children will be back home one day long ago and teaching you the language of immigrants after they got fuck’d by them…
    ” so say goodnight , cause that’s the last time you’ll see a bad guy “….

    I hope you all will injoy life with your disaster choosing…..
    Sleep well..

  12. In Germany if this guy had the courage to yell that,6 cars with cops in it aressted him in a matter of minutes and probably changed his mind. Don’t give attention to all extremists. Yes,there are muslims in Germany,I have a lot of muslims collegues at my workplace,but they are respectfull. Some of them lazy,but respectfull.

  13. muslim : “they are lots of muslims in germany.. they will attack and control germany…”

    neo-nazi : “hold my beer.”

    ya know the difference between terrorist muslim and others countries ?

    – a muslim can stab, shoot and kill hundreds or thousands people in 1 strike.
    – others countries can blow a whole fucking city in 1 H-bomb.

    i wait the moment one of the government will have the balls to say… “if we got 1 single terrorist attack, we nuke the whole middle east”.
    and then watching it happening for real.

    i bet it will be the brazilian governement. XD

  14. This is no different then blm. Dumb ass supremacist groups that are to stupid to know they are actually racist. Its just what the romans want. To create separation. In smaller groups people can be controlled and enslaved. Again you guys keep talking about broke jews and broke muslims. they don’t have any money to have the power to do much to the world. Look at the white house how its built with roman pillars. All the spartans did was migrate to the usa. Thats it. The guys that took out jfk were gangsters that admitted to it in prison that worked for the italian mafia. they weren’t jews or muslims. Now all the terrorism going on they want people to think that. Remember Tony Spilatro that went to vegas and took over the entire city killing policeman, and all the powerful people in vegas. This is what they do send these guys out to take over. But they do it in a very smart way now to make it looks like its the jews and muslims. They pretty much set it up to get every raceand religion against each other. They sit there watching it laughing trolling everyone into hate. And they use the media they own to turn society into clowns.

    I am sure they love the black friday people stomping on each other to shop in walmart. They probably play benny hill background music as they watch people turn into zombies. They love seeing that kind of control over all these people of different races, different religions and different ideaologies fighting over stuff at just walmart. THe romans own the usa not any jews or muslims. They are just their puppets. All you have to do is look at how a building is built and that will tell you what people own that country.

    1. btw all freemasons are are wiccans that started in rome and they turned into a secret lodge cause of the christians burning them alive calling them witches. Al this stuff was set up by romans. THey dont have to fight with people to win anymore. They have people fight with each other. They have blacks kill their own kind every day in chicago. What is the rate 14 are killed every day in that city? Its pure genius and everyone falls for it. Colin Kaepernick takes a knee is not to fight anything. he has no idea what taking a knee means. When you take a knee your bowing to your king. I am pretty sure the romans can make him take 2 knees and give bjs to fight his fake painted picture that whitey is racist. This is what they do creates war among people in society and they dont’ have to waste money on weaponry if everyone hates each other. That hate will create death in much cheaper way and keep them hidden in the shadows. What JFK was trying to tell people that they are doing this through media. But they split his wig wide open before he went deeper into it and turned into another best gore victim.

  15. Cus ohhto , he is an ” ahhusharmoota
    User of all good with hospitality that for them is second to none….
    And treat them like they own him…
    This is how power keeps a quiet life in their palaces and luxury neighborhoods… To put the hall majority in a none stop chaos…
    And rising tax and other surprises slow and in silence….so they will get to know how time was stolen away from them and translated to mony before time…

  16. Jesus Christ is the only God almighty and Allah is a fake demon child with a big ass fake story and you would have to be a little dumber than the white people to believe in such a fake and phony. Anyway it won’t be hard to figure once you find a real pastor that cares about you and your family’s spirit. Good luck realizing truth

    1. Praise the Lord…

      Always enjoyed experiencing the Christian faith. First, they victimize an opposing faith/no faith with eternal damnation. Secondly, they contribute to the biggest war mongering politicians in congress. From there, it’s a simple (very simple) selloff to the American people, that these Rat Bastards are destroying our freedom to worship here and abroad. (you know, the Oil Gods religion?) Simply put, this country has a unique way of becoming a victim, so it can victimize others. Organized religious has been the Perfect Thoroughput for this. The biggest misconception, is that the United States is a nation of many faiths. Yes we are. However, try to practice a faith here, outside of “Military Jesusism.”

      Good luck!

      I have no problem with any faith personally. If it inspires one to go out into the world to make it a better place then, I’m all for it.

      …especially, if it benefits others, more than themselves!!!!!!!!!

      However, making a change for the better requires a sense of humbleness, and a appreciation for the simpler things in life. Living in the moment is a good place to start. Unfortunately, organized religion in it’s own attribute is violent. It needs it’s history of violence to simply exist. If one lives in the moment, then one can appreciate the opportunity of making their own history for positive change, without any violence at all.

      For example, preaching the Old Testament to one that is looking for spiritual enlightenment, will quickly put you on their Pariah List.

      In closing it’s really sad, how we categorize each other for “Enviest Gain.” When in fact, no one gives a rat’s ass about your personal faith, simply because others don’t give a Rat’s Ass about you.

      …they’re too busy Bastardizing other people silly!

      btw: let’s see how much your pastor cares about you, when the collection plate runs dry, their high powered satellites have fallen off the Clarke Belt, and your pastor’s church starts paying taxes like everyone else.

      No more Lear Jets via Sky Angel…

  17. Fuck this fat cunt and his religion. God damn terrorists sucking on allahs disproportioned labia and trying to spread that disease around the world. Eat a bag of HIV infected dicks then when you get to the last dick, take it, spit on it and pound it up your ass then go hang yourself with the American flag.

  18. The days of Europe being homogenous are lonnnnnggg gone. The damage is just to extreme for any hope of even salvaging it. The only way is if some worldwide catastrophic event takes place and even then its slim.

  19. Look at this buch of tards…..
    Idiots cant even realize the world is a fucking stage, dat game is rigged since something like a couple civilizations ago! Politics, religions, wars, terrorism, hitler,North Korelalaand etc… nothing but tools to achieve what many here call the jews world order!
    Theses bin ladins goth fuckers are part of the plan as well

    Give me a fucking break you historians channel morons

  20. @religionisevil i dont have anything prior or after that content. in the translation he says the name of their group where i wrote [not a clue]. and that unfortunately holds true. maybe the comments can helpz u there, but i never heard of them.
    About using the vid, sure you can haz 🙂 let me have an email of yours and i can send you the vid without any watermark.

    -the following may be interesting for everyone:
    my translation on the whole thing iz not so clear and in good english. but only half of it iz ’cause i’m stoopid. i tried to keep it as litteral as possible, and that is why i decided to try and stay as close to what he actually says as possible. that resulted in that weird translation, that hopefully still gets that scary message across.
    stay safe everyone,

    PS for the bestgore team, i feel honored you published this stuff and really like the article you made of it 🙂 thank you very much for all you do here.

          1. Nein, leider gar nicht. Er nennt aber im Video den Namen irgend einer Gruppe. Und ich habe leider sehr schlechte ohren -.-

  21. I like reading all these racist comments.

    Makes me feel like I’m not the lowest of human scum.

    Maybe don’t invade and destroy other countries if you don’t want their peoples to arrive at your doorstep?

    Retarded Europeans lmao XD

  22. fucking scumbag anyone bothering people or dictating peoples lives by force or by terror needs a bullet in their head. let people live if they want to be muslim they can choose to do it stop shoving political and religious agendas down peoples throats.

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