Naked Man High on PCP Takes Shit on Car, Gets Tasered in Bridgeport

Naked Man High on PCP Takes Shit on Car, Gets Tasered in Bridgeport

Some wiggers with an Iphone from Bridgeport, Connecticut filmed a naked man high on PCP (also known as Angel Dust) running around the streets and taking a shit on a car. The show was eventually foiled by Bridgeport police who tasered the naked man which made him slam his head against the concrete at freefall speed.

Makes you wonder if all these dumb ass Obama voters mount their flat screens vertically at home. Startling idiocy of a Liberal must not be underestimated. They own Iphones, have Facebook profiles, use Gmail, record videos vertically – mounting flat screens under a 90 degree angle would seem like one of the saner things they do.

Props to Best Gore member RicoDinero91 for the video:

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85 thoughts on “Naked Man High on PCP Takes Shit on Car, Gets Tasered in Bridgeport”

          1. I knew it was a dodge magnum from the start. I own the same car. I was wondering if that was his target from the beginning… Nooo don’t shit on my car

  1. These are exactly the kind of fuckfaces I’m surrounded by every day of the week. Pfft…and people have the nerve to worry about me becoming an alcoholic. Do they honestly believe I drink so much Wild Turkey because I like it THIS much? Hell no. I just like the numbing feeling it gives me towards all of the evils of the world. Like the shit that’s going on in this video. To have the ability to survive today in modern America, you HAVE to be on something. The guy in this video just forgot to stay home while doing so. He paid the price. Like all of us eventually will. He just got it early.

    Oh, and as far as Obama voters mounting anything… Dude, that would require tool use. You have to remember, that didn’t come along until cavemen. Chimps can only fish for termites with a stick. They can’t mount their mind control devices. Yet. It’s coming. Don’t worry. Some tech company with a baby-sounding name (like Google) will figure it out for them. “E! E! E! Ooga booga! Me watch sky box! It tell me what think! E! E ! E!” (Monkey vocals.)

      1. It’s a tricky one. The cops were obviously dealing with a person under the influence of some sort of drugs. I don’t think there is time or any ways of determining which drug exactly he is on – therefore the cops have to expect sudden changes in behavior at any given time.

        Some druggies can become extremely violent in the blink of an eye and as a cop I would tase the hell out this guy rather than taking the risk of the guy going berserk.

    1. They have to take all the precautions they can with PCP. I’ve tried it and been a medic having to transport one of these fucktards. They can have remarkable strength, no judgement, and are completely unpredictable. I’ve seen a single tiny man take down 4 grown male cops…nasty shit. They are living in a parallel world while they’re on that crap. That tazer was completely called for. They are another reason why I keep firearms in my home. These folks will break into or just walk into a strangers house and have no clue they’re doing it. I don’t care that they don’t know what they’re doing. If they come in my home, it’s either gonna me or them and I’m not going down w/o a fight in my home. We just had one around here last week. He did it in a parking lot butt naked and jumped on a big ass ladder truck. The fire dept had to wait for the cops to get there to get him off and they used a tazer too. It’s the safest and least lethal way for them to control these guys.

    1. Seriously?!?!…LA used to have more PCP per/m2 than weed…and you know how much mari youse guys have…well I’m not familiar with your area at all, so I’ll stop it…but I think it’s East LA that has it(what’s so dangerous about that area anyway?)

        1. No I know there’s PCP here, there’s PCP everywhere. I just wouldn’t know where to look!!

          I love the urban legend that PCP is the same thing as ’embalming fluid’ aka formaldehyde hahaha.

          @murakawa East LA is basically all Mexican 馃檪

          You know those fools like to ‘get wet’

          They don’t call em ‘wetbacks’ for nothing

          1. Dumb hood rats think that because niggas used to call pcp formaldehyde. Then clown’s used to break in to funeral homes to steal actual embalming fluid. DIp blunt in embalming fluid and you can not only die but get seriously fucked up.

          1. Oh…it is a tranquilizer to a large animal…now I know what is pcp. Therefore its not prohibited to human, it is illegal. Coz human is a large animal too, of course not all of us. Thank you juicy and sunray.

    2. Dude Los Angeles is the town that made DUST what it is. Nigga’s over there brought it east coast and that was a wrap for a few years. There used to be dust heads all over NY. Now we see it every once and awhile.

      1. Really Juicy? MDPV doesn’t really produce the same psychotic effects as PCP but if your all strung out on it then yeah you might be a little nutty. But in reality MDPV “bath salts” gets you more of a cocaine high. If pure and taken in large amounts i’ve been told it makes sex amazing but so will most stimulants.

        1. I’ve only seen video clips of people on bath salts and I swear to you, they look fucking scary and deranged!! There’s a clip of this one black lady on you tube and she’s on the middle of the road like a straight demon!! It frightened me a little for real! You should check it out! I’ve only seen crazies- but maybe I’m wrong. I’ve never tried it- and never will. I don’t really need help with sex if I like the guy- anyhow! Lol

          1. If you mean the fat black chick kinda dancing in the middle of the street, that one is staged. But i saw many that weren’t and it looked almost exactly like this PCP guy. The most famous being the video with the kony2012 guy jackin it in San Diego 馃檪

  2. i love how all the looky loo bystanders have time in their day to just stand around and gawk at all the drama in the street. if i see some shit going down in the street i just continue on my way not giving a fuk cuz it don’t involve me and is somebody else’s drama. unlike the police nobody’s paying me to give a fuk.

  3. Ahh…good ole Phencyclidine! I’m quite familiar! My mom smoked this shit on the daily! In her defense,b she never got crazy like this- just in the same way that when kids are prescribed amphetamines for being ADHD- it calms them down. Guess she processed it a little different. in any case remembering how “stuck on stupid” she’d get, makes me want to vomit! Funny how these idiots love to get involved in activists that require a few working brain cells while under the influence of it- like driving! I was in that situation a few times! Taught myself how to drive stick at 14! Ha! I honestly don’t think there’s a drug I hate more! Personally I’ve never tried it and never would! Anything that makes you this fucking ridiculous and out of your right mind can’t be fun or helpful! I’ve heard of people eating their kids brains on this shit! No thanks! This particular drug is the most responsible drug for the stripping of my childhood. The smell is like nothing I’ll ever forget! To this day I won’t even keep parsley in my home! Don’t know why the mix the shit with that but its fucking rancid smelling!

    Bath salts seem worse to me! I’ve seen some pretty funny/scary shit from people doing that stuff!

    I say tase the fuck outta this dude! Who cares?! Not me!!!!!

    To me, PCP and bath salts just bring out your inner zombie. We’ve all got the potential- see your local drug dealer for details! 馃槈

        1. Happy birthday. Pcp definitely has a distinct smell. But you might have also been smelling PCP laced mint or parsley leaves smoked. I know that’s how we used to have it on mint leaves. Also remember reading a story about a dude a couple blocks from me who killed his children on dust. CRAZY WORLD. Oh yeah are you a cam girl? Thought i saw you on a cam the other day.

          1. @BOC- yes. I’m a cam girl. Didn’t want anyone to know here- but I guess my cover is blown now! Lol. No, its not me! Lol. Not enough body confidence in the world to do that! Haha.

            She would mix it with parsley. I’ll never forget the shit tainted smell! Fucking sick!

    1. Happy Birthday Miss Juicy!

      I’m a chemist and believe me, I would never put any of those drugs in my body. There are enough toxins around that kill our brains softly that I don’t need drugs to fry them too.

  4. These people around have no soul and empathy at all. Horrible to watch how pigs treat a obviously sick person without any dignity at all. It is like they show other how brutal they are, like fearing everyone.
    This world is shameless and good people must live in this beautiful but filed with horrible creatures planet.

    If there is reincarnation i will love to see all evil souls like those who recognize themselves as Cops, Lawyers, Judges and every corrupt motherfucker go right to another planet where they will reap each others harts.

  5. God i hate Americans,,,ive realised something….having lived in Brazil for quite a few years i really cant see any difference between the USa and Brazil apart from the obvious ( language) .It looks equally as 3rd world and seems to have an almost equal amount of Niggers, Latinos,and Hispanic types and an equal amount of assholes filming unfortunate accidents and idiots on their fucking phones.The Americans seem to be much bigger assholes generally ( rudeness and aggressiveness) Especially the Niggers, in Brazil the Niggers are quite passive in comparison.

  6. I really fucking hate the people in this video and the ilk across the country. Kid says: “I never seen anything like that.” Wow. Well tell us what you have seen in in your travels oh wise and knowledgeable one. Is that what you’re going to say the first time you see a girl naked too? I mean if YOU’VE never seen anything like that then it MUST be incredible, what with you being so fucking worldly and important. Also, the guy is buck naked: Run him the fuck out of there! He clearly has no weapons and there are like 50 people there! I have kids and there’s no way I’m letting them look at the cock and balls of some feral nigger dancing in the street. Shit cannot be unseen. Lastly, the guy saying, “Man, that’s fucked up,” after they taze the dude. The cops should’ve said, “Alright asshole. You deal with this piece of shit.” Then leave and watch the people do not a damn thing like the whiny little self-entitled, system leaching liberal douchebags that they are. “Oh wait, we’re sorry officer! Please get this guy out of here!” No. Fuck you. That ship has sailed. If the cops wouldn’t have tazed him and the guy threw shit on one of them and got Hepatitis B, people would’ve said he the cop should’ve done more and it’s his own fault for what happened. If he goes the other route and takes action, people say, “Man that’s fucked up.” Can’t fucking win with the ungrateful denizens of this broken land.

  7. Ugggh fucking bitches in this video trying to talk like “de phrom ghetto” “omg brother, dde, dude, dude or daaaaammmmmnnnn, i postin this shit”. Uggghh i hate fake ghetto ass people. Ya’ll are in new england you tree hugging fuckers!

  8. Not everyone on PcP acts like this. Only people with weak minds. Me and some of my friends use to do it for a while and we never acted like that. It makes you feel like your tripping in slow motion and every step you take feels like your walking in water. Honestly, im glad i got away from that stuff though.

  9. I have to say that this is the funniest thing I’v heard for ages…….

    ” Makes you wonder if all these dumb ass Obama voters mount their flat screens vertically at home ”

    Hahahaha………… I just looked at mine and pictured it like that on my wall 馃檪

    WTF is wrong with these people, I mean, how hard is it to hold the fucking thing properly.

    I’m yet to see one and common sense should tell you that you will SEE MORE when held sideways *** facepalm ***

  10. Camera guy was right to keep a safe distance from the lunatic. I can completely understand people doing hallucinatory drugs. I mean, nothing like some face-eating, car-shitting, and self-mutilation to spice up the daily routine.

  11. At least he wasn’t shot and killed for crawling around harmlessly… I pledge to these kind of cops, that care for the safety of others. I will gladly be tazed if for some reason I am high out of humanity, versus take 10 bullets to the head and have it called justified by the department.

    We should have every cop video taping their everyday activities, and whenever a complaint is given, the tapes are reviewed.

    These tapes should be accessible by any citizen. If you want to be the law, you cannot be above the law.

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