NATO Rats Desecrating Christian Cemetery in Libya

NATO Rats Desecrating Christian Cemetery in Libya

There is no gore in this video, but I wanted to share it because it’s yet another proof of how we were mislead about the war on Libya. NATO Rats, aka the mercenaries hired to kill civilians and overthrow the government filmed themselves desecrating Christian cemetery as part of their campaign to end equality and force Sharia Law upon the country. Funnily enough, the Salafi would go all ape shit if someone burns a book, but when they desecrate final resting place of deceased Christians, it’s all supposed to be fine and dandy.

The Al Qaeda (CIA) supported rebels are basically Sunni extremists who don’t like the fact that countries like Libya and Syria grant their citizen freedom of religion and give equal rights to women and Black Africans. But now that with support from NATO terrorists the rats temporarily succeeded in removing the government from power (won’t last long – they won a fight, but will not win the war) they do all they can to put a rapid end to equal rights. Desecration of the gravestones and a cross at a Christian cemetery is just one of many hideous crimes committed by these pigs. And they want the same in Syria.

Our tax dollars were used to support these terrorists.


I’m being told that the headstones NATO Rats destroyed were of men and women buried at the British and Commonwealth War Cemetery in Benghazi, Libya – the cemetery that was well looked after during the Gaddafi rule.

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49 thoughts on “NATO Rats Desecrating Christian Cemetery in Libya”

  1. I, have nothing to say about this.
    I understand the concept of how fucked up it is, but I just don’t really care about some religiously-motivated idiots half way across the wold kicking over the tombstones of people that I don’t give 2 shits about.

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  2. Muslims… fucking cunts!

    But then did we reeaally expect anything less of the animals? It’s only what they’re taught anyway…

    Koran 5:51
    “Believers, take neither Jews nor Christians for your friends…”

    Koran 9:30
    “…Christinas call ‘Christ the Son Of God’. That is a saying from their mouth; (In this) they but intimate what the unbelievers of old used to say. Allah’s curse be on them…”

    What I would give for 5 minutes with each one of them in a cage.

    1. Dude .. This Is About NATO rats .. The Way you Say ” Muslims … Fucking Cunts ” .. you’re Like Refering To The Whole Muslims .. Well Let Me Tell you This .. Not All Muslims Are Like That .. NATO ratss Are Just A Fuckin’ Disgrace To Islam .. Nuff’ Said Bruh ^_^

      1. And By The Way , I Dont See In The Quran They Wrote About ” Take Neither Jews Nor Christians As Your Friends ” .. Im Not Trying To Be Rude .. Im Just Saying .. I Myself A Muslim , I Have Friends From Different Races ..

      2. 1 – Do you think these guys are Muslim? I’m pretty sure that everyone can agree they certainly seem like it so when I say “Muslim cunts” I was actually speaking the truth.

        2 – Never referred to Islam as a whole. I was referencing these cock end’s in particular… BUT… as it happens I do generally think that Muslims in general ARE a bunch of cunts. My opinion and I’m entitled to it in my part of the FREE (non Islamic world).

        3 – The majority of my friends are a different race from me, but race wasn’t anything to do with this until YOU brought it up. Didn’t realise that Islam referred to a particular “race” anyway? What you’re doing there is typical of most Muslim cunts – try to turn any opposing opinions into a “racial debate.”

        4 – Being Muslim, how embarrassing it must be for you to not even know parts of your own holy book! See – KORAN, CHAPTER 5, VERSE 51 – then come back when you want round two…

    1. Right.
      your concept of what’s right and wrong is obviously so concerned about a concrete thing representing what is good, but the people who represent that shit are killed to death (sounds funny) in the most painfull and horrible ways imaginable, over, how many centuries/malenia??

      What you said, and most all others like you, makes no fucking sense at all.

  3. That is one thing that should never be done no matter what religion. They are dead and should be left in peace.
    These assholes need to take on the living if they want to show how powerful they are.

  4. fuck islam and christianity and the rest, religion is for fucking idiots who need a book to show them how to live, when in reality they should be using there own fucking heads instead of believing in some fiction called religion, hell sounds good to me anyway to bad it does not exist only to fucking idiots.

    1. It gives people comfort when their friends/family die or life’s other catastrophies. For adults, God(s) is like an imaginary friend that they tell their innermost thoughts too (he already knows though, right?) My mum died in December 2011 & it still didn’t make me believe in heaven & hell! (she lives on though, in my heart) I fully believe that human’s created God(s), many different ones too, over the years.

  5. Funny how the “christian” west manipulates media to support people like this, when in reality the christians in Lybia and Syria support the government there. You wont hear how tolerant Assad is and Gaddifi was towards Christians.

  6. these motherfuckers should have been captured and killed and tortured in the most horrific way of all. These fucker’s family should also be caught as well. Fuck these are scumbags motherfucker. Middle east should be a perfect playground for nukes to fall onto.

  7. Lol, i am christian too, however i dont go to the curch or pray to god or things like that, anyway, the point is that i am christian, even if i dont follow any of these shits but this is kinda sad to watch, i think i am going to enjoy like 10 times more now to watch syrian or muslim or whatever those guys are getting tortured and brutalized and beheaded.

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