Nomination Game

Self Disembowelment

Well hello,

at the end of this month, Best Gore will celebrate its 10th anniversary. It’s hard to believe it’s already been 10 years. I was 33 when I started the site. Now I’m 10 years older. Holy shit! Where did all those years go? I could be grandpa by now.

The 10 year ride has been a roller coaster and as some of you may know, since escaping Canada, I have been on an active journey of self-awareness, introspection, independence and overall personal growth.

Without sounding too philosophical, we see a lot of death on the pages of Best Gore. But even though death is not always nice to witness or experience, if there was one thing that thumps the end of one’s physical form, it is being alive without truly discovering oneself.

I have talked about moving on many a time yet look at me – I’m still here. Though for better or worse, I have always found so much support from you (even as recently as November of last year I got both a laptop and financial donations), it made me override my plans and keep posting to give back for being given.

With the big day of our 10th anniversary around the corner, I should be thinking of some big words to share with you when the day comes, yet it’s unlikely to happen because in the next few days, I’ll be hitting the road to expand on my inner journey.

While I was being Canadianized, my sidekicks opened the website up to the members to become authors and instead of just commenting or submitting content for publishing, become the actual publishers on Best Gore.

Whereas I expect there to be less of me in the coming months, I’d like to do something similar, except I wanted to ask for everyone’s nominations on who they would like to see get the keys to Best Gore in my stead. I’ll get in touch with those who get a notable number of mentions and should they be interested, we’ll try to work out a way for them to take over.

As for me, while going off the grid is the ultimate plan, I don’t expect it to happen right away, but I cannot predict to what extent I’ll have the access to the internet so even though I will likely keep posting here and there, I won’t be around as much as I used to and there could be days, if not weeks with me MIA.

I purposefully didn’t stuff this post with musings on self discovery and my journey to self liberation so far, but should there be interest in talking about it, I’d be happy to open that discussion up with the interested parties later in the forum.

In the meantime, let’s talk about your visions for Best Gore without me, because unless there is no more interest in Best Gore, in which case the site would be discontinued, then whether now or later, Best Gore without me will have to happen. And let’s face it, I’m not that funny anymore anyway, and since lately I’ve spent the best part of every day on self improvement, I haven’t been able to keep up with your submissions for quite a while.

Hit me up. Let’s talk and see what we can work out.


Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

247 thoughts on “Nomination Game”

  1. Enjoy the journey mate. I nominate doc undy to take over while you are away. He has a measured response to things, doesn’t take life too seriously and has a good sense of humour.
    On the flip side, if the dre or svarg get the gig, I will take a journey away from best gore myself.

          1. I fear for bestgore. It may end up a rotting corpse like those europeans that “fall” from windows in thailand or whores mutilated in indonesia…….or muslim wives that find themselves married to gay muslims then blamed and stoned to death for looking for a man who likes pussy, I nominate everyone.

          2. Ha! The end of free speech on bestgore. I love gore but I like this site because I don’t agree with everyone’s opinion but I’ll never change if I don’t challenge my own opinions. Ps you’re all gay

  2. Well,damn. I love this place, and I hope it keeps going for many years to come. Thanks for all the work you have put in to make this site such a special place for so many. I hope you find everything you are looking for in the next step of your journey. This is a little depressing.

    1. yes i agree! this website is so addictive to me and somehow helps me through my dark days, if that makes sense and i would be sad seeing the site go away. and of course i will miss Mark’s posts a lot. i hope you wont leave it for good tho. good luck Mark in whatever you choose to do looking forward.

      1. Nah, HK’s gotta prepare for the next election.. Trump ain’t gonna go down without a fight 😉 …
        Nevertheless, he’s got my vote/sub/like, whatever, to ANYTHING he endeavours into!
        Still got my fingers crossed on Prez., first and foremost, though…

        1. I don’t understand the weird love-in between you.

          I’ve never read anything original, thought-provoking or intelligent from HonkeyKong, he has an awful, juvenile sense of humour, and posts lowest common denominator bullshit, weak puns and innuendos.

          The way you suck each other’s dick with bizarre hyperbole and brainless compliments confuses me, either you’re all moronic Beavis and Butthead style stoners or you’re just lonely as fuck.

          Do one.

          1. Burden, the two most influential emotions in this world, are fear, and love. When love is dominant, you can enjoy life and have fun. When fear is dominant, you tend to let hate take over. So, the real question is, what are you afraid of?

          2. Well that’s just a terrible thing to say, Tyler… What do you need a cranberry juice or something?… A brownie, perhaps?? Beavis and Butthead are the shit, btw. You keep The Great Cornholios name outcha mouth there, slick.

          3. @Tyler burden
            I agree, personally I get a kick out of toilet humour and HK and Carnage have disappointed me severely in that department. Come on guys…one fart joke PLEASE!

    2. Exactly! I can’t imagine how difficult it is to find gore on the internet; due to every Gov. bureaucracies stifling ANYTHING not in the politically correct narrative. 10 yrs of gathering intel, global networking, sustaining a fan base w/o pissing off too many. Despite fact every country has their bias politics that effects every human’s opinion / thinking. Afterall the word “government” breaks down to “govern = control; ment = mind/mental; mind control”. Freely exchange the word government to to any countries political holding.

  3. Mark, who else would do this the way you do? It would be sad to see you leave it to others, but if that’s your wish then I hope it goes to competent people with the same outlook.

    Would be a shame to let this site go when the world is cooperating so nicely to provide appropriate vids.

      1. I have been a ghost member for 4 to 5 years. This is my 2nd log in in all this time but I’m here on your site every day. My escape from one reality into another very educational one. I’ve learned so much much from you, members and posts and would be lost for an escape without you all. I hope you can find the right ones to take over and perform as well as you have done Mark. God bless you on your journey and if you are atheist then may your future be as magical and happy as your dream. Good luck in your ventures Sir and thank you.

  4. Damn I first came in here in 2010 as a wee lad. I say give reigns over to a few Best Gore fanatics with you acting as our Supreme Leader. In times of need every now and then like a few times a year come in and show who’s boss like an Ayatollah who meditates most of the time while the president rules for him.

  5. That’s a great post, Mark. I can only imagine what a journey it has been and what a journey you will still have in your life. Self-improvement is extremely important, and going as much off the grid and independent too. These are the two things I’m incessantly working towards for the last two years.

    In case you already don’t know, I cannot recommend it enough the Youtube channel called ThuleanPerspective, created by Varg Vikernes. His autobiography in the official Burzum site is great too. He and his wife, Marie Cachet (she also has a good channel), are working hard towards a completely independent and as much off the grid as possible lifestyle. They already are light years ahead of 90% of the civilized world’s population if you compare what they achieved so far. Although I’m not recommending them just because of their lifestyle, they also are extremely honest and authentic redpilled people, especially due to their lack of belief in political solutions and their understanding of history, culture and politics. Unless you intend to become a nomad, a nice property in the country side and permaculture is the way to go.

    I’m not sure what your plans are, or how long it will take for you to achieve them, but as a last piece of honest advice I would recommend you to settle down in Europe or the US with a nice wife and raise a big family in this independent and off the grid environment, homeschooling your kids of course. All it takes is to find an intelligent young female that is not brainwashed to the point of no return and redpill her yourself. That’s the hardest part, I know, but it’s not impossible and nothing good is easy. Women also tend to like older man so you still have at least a decade to work everything out. Marie Cachet, Varg’s wife, is what MGTOW tend to call an unicorn due to the rarity, but like I said before an woman half as intelligent as her will do the trick with the proper redpilling and focusing towards the same objectives. Anyhoo, that’s just my honest advice.

    Stay well.

      1. I definitely can’t do it. As soon as I get back from work I tend to hit the bottle, hard. My lack of sobriety is well documented on this website by all those unfortunate enough to have had to put up with it, lol. I’m definitely not a good choice.

    1. @eraserhead-2 is a great choice. I think I read you were like 18 or something, in the forums, Shlomo? Sheeit, I’m 28 and I wish I was that in touch with reality at that age! I was fucking naive to how things really were. Was still wearing blinders at that age, hadn’t swallowed the red pill yet. You’ve got a good (eraser)head on your shoulders it seems and would bring a very fresh and original look to this website, imo.

      1. @boasp

        Thank you for the support. I could certainly find the time to take care of Best Gore, and also give it another fresh and original look as you said. For instance, besides posting gore content with as much info as possible I could also give some updates to the Holohoax category.

        It is a great responsibility to take care of a site like this, especially in the rate that Mark already does, so I could certainly use some help from at least two other people. You, @carnage-2 would be a good choice too, and then we have @acneska who already posted great content.

    2. I agree everything you say about Varg. First time I heard about him was maybe 10 years ago as a teenager metalhead. His work in Burzum and personal life is something special, and that prison sentence was deeply unfair…I am glad that he made a youtube channel, and evrerything he say is on place, very truthful..

  6. Interesting Mark,

    For I know that I am not responsible enough for receiving such keys to your website and I hope you’ll find someone worthy of such things.

    Off the grid sounds fun society has made me into this, but honestly I hope this website continues for as long as it can, for believe it or not whether we be fake or real on here from time to time this actually helps people realize that there are far worse things in life than whatever goes off in one’s mind or due to life’s circumstances or even in death it truly puts things into perspective on how reality or fake reality can be whether it be based off of bots, trolls, fake and or real people it reminds us of our humanity and inhumanity.

    Self discover is something I have yet to do or at least need to be better at doing because some of us hasn’t found our purpose in life. As for the vision of what I like to see of this website is that it continues with its simple existence for this must remain as a tool for desensitization or for educational purposes or whatever intents or purposes this may serve the people for it truly reminds us that life as offensive and defensive and as moral and amoral and immoral based on any absolute, objective, relative, and subjective reality and every other idea and word that people can justify and or rationalize or unjustly or irrational as this site may be based off any interpretation of reality, now aside from all that I hope you truly achieve whatever your reason for going off the grid is and may you find whatever you truly are looking for; but even, if I don’t remember you since naturally we never met nor would I expect you to even want to meet me in real life as I do not believe I am worth your time but your website was truly something.

    If I had a drink as I would raise a glass saying, “Mark Marek, you truly open my eyes to reality whether it be real or fake for I did enjoy this life lesson of gore that there are some pretty fucked up things in life but we must persist in keeping ourselves alive to find our purpose or may we perish at whatever circumstances between life and death for in memory or if forgotten you truly showed us how to live even if we die”

      1. “The boss of the company bought a new expensive car, the employee teels the boss how nice the car looks, boss said that if you keep working really really hard, next year, he will buy another one.”

  7. As far as nominating someone to take the reins, it would need to be someone who is willing to take on such a big responsibility. The members who actively contribute content to the site would be the fist place I would look. 13lunt420media, and African angel, have contributed a lot to the site. caRnAGE has contributed some good content recently, and he is funny as hell. Humor goes a long way with me, plus he makes his presence felt regularly. So, with that being said, caRnAGE has my vote.

    1. I second caRnAGE as Minister of Best Gore. Perhaps a Politburo with a rulling council of all those members with a portrait of Mark over the council room? Mark can come in whenever he pleases when not in meditation.

        1. My fault… Smokin and thinkin at the same time… You’re correct sir… I’m usually too high, and I’d kill myself before this site goes down on my watch.. So yeah, no thanks… I think caRnAGE, as you said, could do the Damn thing….African Angel hates me and would probably try to destroy me… DocUndy may not want the headaches either..

          1. Thanx for considering me guys, Sphinx hit the nail on the head though, I have serious health issues and wouldn’t really be able to give the gig the energy and dedicationthat’s required.

          2. Thanks Sphinx, I had a haemorrhagic stroke a few years ago, & these days I just chug along at a quiet pace. As we’re all more than well aware from being members on this site, life can evaporate in an instant. I consider myself very lucky to still be here on the planet to annoy everybody. lol

    1. As I concur with your statement, I say just leave it as it is; just, I hope it continues even if I get bored of it or take breaks from it due to lack of interest or due to circumstances yet unknown or known in the foreseeable future or unforeseeable future; because this created a unique ripple effect in my mind as an alter ego type of deal real and fake because Mark I know of some of your story from researching this back from Vice news when it used to be really good now kind of shitty is that when you are off the grid however that happens I hope you remember that you may not create a legacy that people will remember for the good or for the ill, or even if you do create a legacy whether we remember or forget just remember you did something that went against the norms and I respect that because those of us who use this site as a tool for whatever intents or purposes this actually reminds us of the true nature of humanity and inhumanity.

      I find it a shame that you got screwed over due to what the circumstances of what happen with that whole “Luka Magnotta” correct me if I am wrong for those who know the full story of such things and correct spelling of the name and how you got screwed over by the authority of the people and government of creating this website, yet dark and morbid and in a weird way this was kind of “innocence” sort of way because this website gives us perspective for understanding Life between Death.

      This is a unique form of escapism from reality into a different reality real and fake for we must keep this site alive and well otherwise it may end up being better off dead, so the way I envision this site within a fellow member perspective not one who’ll be running things is keep it as it is maybe have a dedication to your name however the community sees fit for I don’t know if any other shocks sites that are similar to this.

    1. Good question just remember there are worse things to happen, from this point on we must let those who are in charge of this website choose whether it continues or whether it ends I do not know but remember this was fun.

  8. Congratulations for the approaching decade milestone Mark. You’ve definitely had a roller coaster ride over those 10 years. With the things you alluded to and others that you didn’t mention. I’ll certainly miss your regular input and steerage of the site. You need to do what’s best for yourself and continue your journey as you see fit. Good luck for whatever the future holds.

    There are several members who come to mind, in no particular order as for my nominations. Carnage, Pigs on the wing, Sphincter piston, Honkey Kong. They’re funny as hell and make regular interesting comments. They also possess the necessary qualities demonstrated in their dealings with other members.

    1. That would be one hell of a quartet! I’d be down!! Those three are prolly all tied for my number 1 favorite commentators on this site, followed by some neck n neck runner-ups, that you would have to torture me to give a specific order!
      You’re right up there, Doc!!

  9. Hey, wanna know something?…it’s been 10 years for me to. I guess between my dad dying from cancer at the time I couldn’t get enough death. So my journey began and ended just like that, plopped on this very spot. The things I read oh! momma! The time went like my dad used to say “like the four winds and blow” and like that it went. The time blown by and by for me so I see. Ten years…if any cinematic story I know that would get any of you by the boo boo to sum up a altruistic feeling I feel often is Star Trek The Next Generation episode titled “The Inner Light” I don’t know why, maybe that line in that poem has some truth …”The Wednesday child is full of woah”….-951-

  10. well you cant just end the site someone has to take over or maybe a group of people how hard could it be? im pretty new to this site but i would be very sad to see it go. its a necessary reality check that needs to exist! love you mark

      1. I can see how you would feel that way Mark. Just know not all of us are like that. You know who the people are on here, supporting you and appreciating all the the work you put in for us. I loved the quote you gave about, if people think you’re disgusting or hate you, “Take a number, get in line.” Lmao!
        Still, as with most humans, we tend to bite the hand that feeds us. Shit must get really old after a while…

          1. … Actually, you’re more of a Steve Nash, being a white Canadian n’ all, lol…
            Much better passer with equivelant shooting skills, imo.

          1. Oh, if you think that’s cheap, sooks, wait till he finds out where I got em after he’s halfway into his first warm one… I’m not just gonna run away, I’m gonna “haul ass”!

        1. Honestly, just let people believe in the flat earth thing personally I don’t for obvious reasons and natural and science and technological reasons, but as for the continuation of this website it is just what some people need to see, not it all mind you, or necessarily outside of this in real life I prefer to watch the gore not become the gore.

          1. @dodgyhodgy

            Oh nothing really I was just rambling along to your wits about you, for I always like looking at the satellite live feed of NASA on Facebook from times to time it also puts things into perspective for how things from space seem so peaceful, yet down to earth we all know better but as for the continuation of this website everything I just previously typed in this current comment it has nothing to do with the continuation of this website I just hope this website continues to show gore otherwise there other sites but for some reason this was the only one I actually decided to register for an actual online account which may end up fucking me over in the long term due to data mining, data hacking, and data tracking and if anyone outside of this decided to use this against me in some sort of legitimate negative criticism in spite of me or for whatever intents or purposes they may use this for since humans are something to die for or to live for and well inhumanity blends in the crowd.

  11. I won’t bother with eulogy.

    seen then too many times live to count, one thing we all have in common is the attempt to make known what is known by many but denied by few. I don’t doubt I will see you again. We from Anon tip our hats at you. I can say that. I have only done 6 months imprisoned. Don’t hide we have your back. We Don’t Forget… haha post on sir you’re golden

  12. Man that’s kinda depressing, wish you all the best for your future endeavours.
    Congratulations on 10years!!!
    Been a daily regular user here for perhaps 7 years now may be longer, but only managed to successfully create an account a couple of months ago.
    A user who i would always see pop up in the comments, was extremely active & is more than capable is none other than Dre.
    I nominate @thedre to take over the reins..good luck man!

  13. Mark,

    Your site was literally an eye opener, it has shown me that all those adverts saying come visit Thailand, Turkey etc isn’t always what they advertise, the way I see it you are the realists travel adviser! One thing is certain, death and taxes. It is an everyday occurrence and it will happen to all at some point in our lives that inescapable but it helps me to appreciate life too. So where ever and with whoever your journey takes you, keep smiling and be back soon!
    Stay Safe

  14. Accidentally popped here in the late 2011, joined membership in June 2012. I will be clocking six years in June this year. Way back when I joined, the most entertaining members were @rottenstench, Jesus and TheProtocalsOfZion. We had MrsPinky who did some massive contributions than any other member. She suddenly disappeared and me in my capacity as @african-angel took the role of chief contributor. I did my best I can.

    Though we’ve had different assistant authors, my favorite to take over is @acneska, to be assisted by @ate and some other two experienced members.

  15. Mark,

    You’ve opened my eyes since 09′ and the only Site I have an account is BestGore becuz I know and Love myself enough to not be part of the culture in this world.
    I love this site, its what I turn to give me real perspective. Don’t leave us completely is all I’m saying. You’re a great Person and An Asset to us BGers’

  16. Visiting Bestgore is a part of my daily routine and I can’t imagine my life without it, so please don’t disconnect the site. I’m alway here, even tho I rarley talk!

    1. Over the years, the biggest supporters of the website were people who either do not talk much, or only here and there. It’s just not everybody’s thing. But they were the first to show real support when the need called for it. That’s however not to say that active commenters are any less valuable to the site. It’s just an observation I’m making from running the site over the years.

  17. Where in the world is caRnAGE? He’s never this late to a post – must be sleeping. Looks like that dude is leading in the poll, so far.

    What makes this site successful is the hilarious observation of life, no holds bar, or bullshit, think outside the box commentary, plus the excellent writing.

    If you check out Mark’s early commentary he seemed so innocent lol after years went by you can tell his mind was changing, with his outlook

    1. On the money SS. I’ve been a member here since about 2010 I think, in that time Mark’s narrative along with the tone of commenters has certainly drifted into uncharted territory since those early virginal days. It’s all good though, forum/comment sections of any website are notoriously the stomping ground for keyboard warriors hurling insults at each other, however, generally Bestgore members tend to respect each others opinions and comments.

      Carnage must be busy scouring the interwebs looking for the next installment to post. He’s been a very busy boy of late in that department. lol

          1. *Husky, woops! I AM more efficient when I have my troop of huskIES backin’ me up! See what I mean by multiple heads being better than one??
            😉 😛

          1. Ha!
            Just keep Heracles the fuck away from me!!!

            Oh, I know you weren’t, Doc!
            I Grandma Nazi’d myself intentionally, by bouncing off your correct grammar. 😉

          2. That’s reich Carnage 😉

            All this talk of Greek mythology reminds me of this Police tune:
            Wrapped around your finger

            You consider me the young apprentice
            Caught between the Scylla and Charibdes
            Hypnotized by you if I should linger
            Staring at the ring around your finge

  18. Hi Mark,

    I rarely post in the comments. I’m the lurker type. I’m from the Philippines, basically the chingchangchong Mexicans. Been checking this site every day since I was 16, I’m almost 25 now. BG has been a huge part of my life. Thank you for filling up my daily dose of gore and for keeping me sane for the last 9 yrs. I nominate Acneska and Uli since they have taken over before. Hoping whoever gets the keys is as twisted and hilarious. It will not be the same without you though. Wishing you all the best on your journey.

  19. Hey mate, this has just hit me harder than the very first beheading I witnessed. I actually can’t picture bestgore without you but if it was to come down to it I would probably like to see African angel or blunt media take the reigns. They have very straight to the point views and don’t take shit from anyone just like you. I fucking love this site more than any other because people are mostly real (apart from tha trollz) and it is a great medium for us people that are curious of the other side of life. Now someone like dre could do it too but wouldn’t it be funny if brokeback got it purely for the smutty scat comments he provides daily for us! Lol. I love all you guys even the ones I disagree with and fucking argue with from time to time. Much love to you Mr marek and Godspeed on your journey.
    Ps.please tell me your next journey involves dmt mark wink wink

  20. Hey Mark, really kinda sad to hear all this, definitely wasn’t expecting to wake up to this. You sound like you really know what you want in life and want to squeeze every last drop out of it as you can, I admire that. Good luck in your travels and hope you still find time here and there for the site. Congrats on the 10 years! Wish I hadn’t lurked around so much years ago and just signed up but I’ve been here, at least observing for most of those 10. I’ve had too much time on my hands since getting laid off back in Jan., that’s why I’m here so much, it’s my favorite site on the webs.
    I appreciate all the nominations guys, holy shit! Lol. Wasn’t expecting that, think I gotta go make another cup of coffee and chain smoke a few cigs! 😉 . In all seriousness though, I don’t know the first thing about running a website, all I do is send Mark the links I find and try to post some witty comments to entertain you sick fucks! 😛 . I would definitely consider it but I think it should be more of a team thing. There’s some people on here that I would LOVE to see do it but I know they’re prolly more content with just commenting and having access to forums. If I could recommend anybody that I think MIGHT wanna help run it, it would be Casual Observer. His wit and eloquent writing style combined are matched by nobody on this site, imo. Plus he’s retired, lol. 😉 There’s some more names I could recommend, too but I just woke up and need another cup of coffee before I go any further, just wanted to put my two cents in real quick.
    Happy Saturday everybody!

    1. Have a team effort such as the UN round table but being effective and work as a team UNlike them. I’m sure Mark is a 1 man show that should’ve been a 3-4 man show.

      And for the love of God, I would love a t-shirt of the banner of BestGore shish ka bob

      1. Lol, can’t be rocket science. The hardest part seems to be getting reliable info and backstorys on some of these videos. I always need to know everything, I’m an inquisitive, downright nosey motherfucker!

  21. … Oh, and of course all the regular contributors on here like 13lunt420media, African-Angel (lol, don’t think she hates you, Sphinx. Think she just misinterpreted one of your posts a while back. AA if you’re reading this, correct me if I’m wrong) and the sorts. I hear Acneska and Uli have stepped in before so those are safe bets, as well.
    Uli is quite Ernest… 😉

  22. I’d like bestgore to become free for all – everyone can post whatever they think is worth it, everyone can vote, and only the best voted content reaches the main page. Of course, we might need a bigger auditory for that, I’m just thinking out loud.

    1. I like your style! Fuck thinking small, always think BIG!
      I would love nothing more than to see this site grow into something even more massive than it now. Just have to be equally, smart and careful about it.

  23. It’s been one hell of a ride Mark. An amusing and interesting one for most of us and yet a serious and at times devastating one for you.

    I expect Bestgore was never actually intended to be a long running website and that you had originally envisioned being at it maybe a couple of years at most before winding down and perhaps trying your hand at something else and then it all snowballed and you found yourself stuck with it for better or worse. What was once a labour of love became a cage to you with all us madmen as your jailors, lol.

    You know what, we have all aged along with you; laughed along with you and shared in your experiences as well. Both through thick and thin and through pain and happiness and that is why whatever you decide to do, whether that be winding down BG or passing the torch, you have absolutely earned that right and should feel no shame in doing so.

    The keys to your cage are yours Mark and nobody else’s and you can leave that cage whenever you want with your head held high.

    1. Damn… Bravo, ES, well said. Now I see why BOASP recommended you, as well. Got my vote. You and some of the OGs on this site should definitely be considered. Like SS said, I think the best way to go is a group effort. Two minds are better than one and so on.

      1. Wow!.. That was quite eloquent, I must say I almost choked up a bit.. I didn’t think about being a jailer to MARK, that made me feel horrible…. ES is right MARK.. Open your cage and fly, fly like the sweet lil baby bird that you are…

        ….. Now, caRnAGE, Empty Soul….. GET YER ASSES IN THE FUKN CAGE.. !

  24. Mark, thank you for redpilling me about the holocaust, about the jews, about life and death. I wish I could smoke a joint with you in Iceland or someplace else. You will never be forgotten in the annals of history. Long live Mark Marek, long live Best Gore!

    1. Hope you’re right, bro and it’s ALWAYS gonna be his, he built this shit for us.. Although some fresh new changes/additions to things here I think are most certainly welcome, no?…
      And no, not flat-earth and bible study, thanks.

      1. Not sure if you were referring to me or not there, dre but if you were, don’t think I hate you for your beliefs. I don’t hate you or svarg at all, I think you guys are awesome, I’ve even defending you here when some asshole that took a cheapshot at you, not too long ago. I just don’t agree with the religion and flat earth stuff you guys spout out sometimes. It’s all free speech here so I’m aloud to point out if I don’t like something you guys, somewhat regularly post. Vice-versa.
        Don’t assume I hate you, I don’t hate anybody, nor should anybody else, imo.

      2. I woke-up this morning, saw this post, read all the comments, and, a yea,,,,,! And after reading all of the comments, i must say that i was hurt, and quite confused, when realizing (after reading) just how many People Ridiculed Me,,, Cut Me Down to the Fullest,, showing just how much they really dislike, or all out Hate Myself. I Have made some mistakes through the years on here, but always tried to make them right by apologizing afterwards to the individual that i hurt.
        I Have shown you all, my “True & Sincere Love” and regarded My B G Family as my own. I have decided that i,ll be leaving also, after “sincerely seeing” just how many truly feel about The Dre.

        1. Sheesh, all I did was make one flattard and bible study joke.. Sheeit, call me a globehead and tell me I’ll burn in hell, idc… Don’t understand while you’re so salty, you must have really thin skin. Idk, none of my buisness, your quarrels with other members really, just my 2 cents, s’all.

        2. Dre,
          Standing up for an unpopular belief takes courage, whether it’s right or not. When you chose to publicly voice such a controversial belief, you must have known that there would be those that would attack you for it. I think you might be missing the bigger picture here. YOU were nominated several times already. How many people can say that? You never struck me as the type to tuck tail, and run, so don’t. Your better than that.

          1. Svarg.. I don’t hate your guts, even though you hate mine… You’re comments are awesome (even though you don’t answer my fukn questions, ya turdpile) and if you get banned from here I’d leave m’self, knowing that when you’re girl African Angel takes the reigns and bans me.. You two would probably have a fukn makeout party! .. But that’s what makes this shit AWESOME…

          2. That’s exactly what shouldn’t happen, members getting banned for voicing their opinion. People who want to ban because they don’t like that persons beliefs is bullshit. Mark must have the thickest skin on the planet (flat or otherwise).
            @thedre– I personally don’t care what you believe in, that’s issue was your rush to accuse other members of being “a Jew shill”, simply because they chose to debate you about flat earth, or didn’t comment for a while. That’s a low blow. You’ve taken it too hard, and too personal.
            Let’s face it, we all have members we like more than others; its the way it is and always will be.
            Now for comic relief, anybody here want to vote for uncle Dilf?
            Bahahaha bahahaha. 😀

          3. @sphincterpiston you are smart enough to know that i don’t give a fuck if people hate me. i just enjoy speaking the truth. last time this happened i was one of the first targets. i also find you quite funny.

        3. Noooooo dreeeee!!

          You are a cool dude and seasoned veteran. Don’t let anyone control how you feel. I deal like this at every place I’ve ever worked at… It’s hard but don’t give in, especially without a fight, bro!

        4. @thedre

          This gotta be a fucking joke. I recommend everyone interested in this discussion to go to the politics forum and see my post “Planets Don’t Exist – Yes They Do! Debunking the Insanity”. There I wasted my time stating the obvious and debunking the “evidence” that some Flat-Earthers provide. At the end I very respectfully presented simple questions that I imagined that “well informed” Flat-Earthers like Dre could answer and that a productive debate would start since he was having polite discussions with @hopingfornemesis and @theprotocolsofzion regarding the Flat Earth topic.

          That’s not what happened though, he personally attacked me instead with his crazy insults (which I find extremely funny) and provided zero evidence for what he supports, he didn’t even answer my simple questions. In fact he went COMPLETELY out of topic. Since I started to use this site I thought Dre would be a nice user to be friends with since he’s aware of many important subjects such as the Holohoax and the JQ, but then the Flat Earth madness started. At the beginning I always told him that we would have to agree to disagree and that he shouldn’t go towards the path that his retarded pal Svarg goes, which is personally insulting people and calling them “jewish shills” while providing zero evidence for his claims. I still wanted to be friends with Dre and told him that at least twice, but then he completely lost his mind in that post of mine, probably because I completely debunked his bullshit.

          As I said in a comment, that post and his comments full of hate will stay registered here in BG as proof for everyone to see what happens when you disagree with the wise Dre, defender of Flat Earth and gatekeeper of truth. That post will stay here as proof of his fanaticism and “true and sincere love” towards the “BG family”. Don’t take my word for granted, go there and see it for yourselves.

          Now he’s the victim. What a joke! All the heat directed towards him and his retarded cucked buddy Svarg is not even half of what they tell people who disagree with them. They brought that to themselves, now deal with it. I didn’t expect all of those personal insults coming from Dre, especially not to me since we always had productive conversations, like friends, but then he chose to take everything personal and started to play dirty, giving low blows, like the Flat-Earther cowards always do. I’m not wasting my time anymore with these kind of brainwashed and fanatical people, it only leads towards an abyss of nothingness and negativity.

          1. couldn’t agree more @eraserhead-2
            I read all the comments on the politics forums and have seen the vitriol and hatred spewed by dre and svarg. That’s why I think they are total pieces of shit.
            They can try and play the victim as much as they like here…
            I know what type of people they really are.
            Their views on flat earth, politics and religion crack me up.
            They are a bunch or retarded geriatrics and the sooner they fuck off and die, the better off the world will be.

          2. Shlomo, I wasn’t aware of any of that. I have been thinking about visiting some of the forums anyway, so I will check that out.

          3. @Shlomo
            I very rarely venture into the forums, however, I was moved recently to comment on a recent post that stated planets are not real. That’s when I saw your post and the ensuing response that you got from Thedre. I agree with what you said concerning his nasty personal response and total failure to address the argument other than attack you.

            Thedre lost a lot of points in my view for that outburst. I will add that subjective opinions are not created equally and at no point do they ever trump objective measurable reality that we call Science.

            If critical thinking was ever a component of ‘common sense’ ~ I hold deep fears for us collectively in the future.

            There appears to be a disturbing trend away from critical thought ~ logical process and robust analysis towards the direction of impulse ~ instinct and opinion as being just as important.

            Imagine being on board a plane about to land and the captain’s voice comes over the intercom:

            “Ladies & gentlemen – today I’m feeling lucky…. fuck it….I’m just going to let impulse take over and wing it for this landing. Have a nice day.”

        5. no worry ”thedre” it seems that many appreciate your comments here although me too (i will always have good words for those who protect an member … i have see that here from you) .

        6. @thedre hey man..sit down!! you’re not going anywhere!! Us old timers need to stick around. You know the drill here…new people come in, create themselves some sort of status, cause chaos amongst the fam then disappear and become nothing but a thought in time. So stay sunshine, you are family and those of us who matter love ya. Stick around, and keep us old timers company…OK?!?

        1. C’mon… Big dre, dreday, thedremeister… You know we all talk alot of shit here!.. And that’s all it is.. Shit!… I may not have threw up a vote for you, but that doesn’t mean I’m hatin on ya…I consider you my big BG bro!… And if you take the reigns, so be it… Hooaah! … The show must GORE on!!

          1. Exactly, Sphinx! The site is what counts, not a popularity contest. The show must go on!
            Sorry for the nigger music, ya gahdamn nazis! 😉
            Bestgore by itself is bigger than all of us put together, Mark built this beast from ground up and he built it to last! Who cares who’s running it after Mark steps to the side, as long as we get to keep this awesome fucking community and the gore is a flowin’, I’m happier than flies on a shitty Fanta can! I’m no fair-weather Gorian, nor do I think you are, dre! Stick around brother, we were meant to be in this shit for the long haul!

  25. Hey marky mark, well done sir. I often think of the work it must take to keep BG running, and I admire your ability to do just that. Like everyone else, visiting BG is a daily ritual for me and it never ceases to amaze me just how fucked up we humans are to each other, the other life forms and the planet we all call home. So getting as far away as you can from the cancer that is humanity, and living “off grid” is an excellent plan and I encourage you to really chase that dream. Move to the future, here in Australia (its already Sunday FFS), time ticks by slower and the grid is something people in other countries march to. Here, if it happens it happens. But in all honesty, I don’t think you’ll be gone for long. You’ll be back, I hope…….

  26. thedre / empty soul / alicatt
    id also like to nominate two outsiders who i am fond of – svarg26 because he is so utterly ruthless and hung like a mouse has an awesome sense of humour, its unlikely these two would draw in alot of votes but im still going to mention them as my personal preference. The top 3 speak for themselves and are excellent all rounders .. so .. there are my choices folks.

      1. truth hurts and thats what we need in these stifling times. raw truth hurts and cuts little snowflakes to shreds and thats why this site has always been a beacon of light and a target for the zionists and their slimy attacks. the world needs more mark marek’s and svarg’s to tell the cold hard truth as bitter as it has become today. So yes my friend id love to see a write up by yourself before a post, i know its a long shot but you got a vote from me. -writes svarg on a voting slip n drops in BG’s votebox-

        1. spot on, dude. very few of us really get it and it’s good to see you posting more often these days. if i did a write up for a post, mossad or the faggot mafia would assassinate my ass.

  27. I’ve been a fan of this Website for years Mark, I seldom commented on anything, however I’ve seen nearly every video you’ve posted here at least twice. Taking a site like this over would be no easy task by any means. I’ve read about all your legal battles that came with it, and I’m impressed you never let any of that slow you down! Just knowing what you went through to give everyone here what they love and need to see that the media is paid to hide, I would to help someone like you any day! You have great meaning, and purpose Mark, we love you! If there is anything I can do to help keep this site running, please let me know!

  28. i enjoy best gore, and hope it continues.
    people can get what they get from it, if they dont want to see it, click the puppy!

    so i havent been a member for long, a few months… and havent been given permission to use the forum so dont really know of anyone to nominate, but thedre seems like the best one for the job..

    good luck mark in whatever you do, thanks for starting bestgore, it helps me mentally because i get wrong beliefs and seeing truth that is censored in tv etc helps my mind settle again, and i feel real again.

    so yeah hopefully someone or a group of people continue with the Real News videos….

    seeing real truths is genuinely a human rights issue.
    censorship is for the mainstream media, if someone chooses to see these videos of death and injury then they have the right to.

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