North Korean Forces Killed Osama Bin Laden

North Korean Forces Killed Osama Bin Laden

BREAKING NEWS! Brave North Korean forces stormed summer residence of world’s #1 most wanted terrorist Osama bin Laden in Abbottabad, Pakistan and killed him beyond recognition. However, in order to respect Islamic traditions, as soon as the body was recovered and in possession of brave North Koreans, they flew it across the entire Pakistan to reach the sea where they dumped the body (despite the fact that Islamic traditions require to bury a person at the site of their death so as to avoid unnecessary transportation of the corpse).

It must be true, The Great Leader himself took time off his schedule and made a late night announcement about it on national TV. He also said that a team of DNA experts assembled by him personally will examine collected DNA to make it officially known that Osama bin Laden is dead thanks to the North Korean forces. Duh!

Posted in response to several dozen people emailing me asking why there was no post on Osama Bin Laden’s death on Best Gore yet. Give me a break, though. I’ve only missed the All Fool’s Day by a month 😛

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43 thoughts on “North Korean Forces Killed Osama Bin Laden”

  1. Osama Bin Laden is dead…yay more oil for America…oh wait he didn’t have any…um well we get the corpse of a man who was in renal failure…um yay (i guess)…so does his death change anything?? No it doesn’t. It just gives the next sick piece of shit in line a crack at revenge and a chance to carry on their “holy war”…swell.

  2. Hey Mark, I dont mean to bust your chops or anything but that pic up there’s some obvious photo shop shit. I was watching the CNN reports last nite and Giraldo Rivera swears up and down that U.S. Military have possession of Bin Ladin’s body and that the U.S Military killed him. I dont know for sure though, they can be lying which would make me sound like an asshole. If thats the case then, sorry disregard all of that. Anybody hear anything different?

  3. LOL at Why Anybody. I can’t believe you can’t see this is a mock post. Everything from the picture, to the “duh” and the closing statement give it away. I laughed as I read it and then I take a look at the comments and my eyes start to water.

  4. Calm down guys. I think he is just a little pissed off. The picture is even fake, it originated on 4chan about an hour after Obama’s speech. Use your head, nobody could ever have that kind of connection and if they did, it would be on the news already. If these were real and actually leaked, there would be a shitstorm, and believe me, when a small group of navy seals were the only ones who were there, it wouldn’t be hard to figure out who leaked it. Nobody is that stupid. The only time these will be released is if the US government wants them released, just like Saddam’s sons.

  5. Who would know? Who would care? Based on the crackpot comments posted with some of these cases, it wouldn’t surprise me if the article was another attempt at making up what is really going on in the world.

    So, stuff it asshole.

  6. Summer residence, North Korea, a photo that specifically shows how the fake was created. Nice one, Mark.

    Funny how if you replace “North Korea” with “USA”, it will all of a sudden sound fine to most internet users. Same bullshit story, just told by Obama and all the sheep fall for it. Obama says: “Jump!”, the sheep say: “How high?”

  7. The SAME photos were proven to be Photoshopped on Reuters, The UK Telegraph news sites and other major media sites.
    His body was dumped overboard from the U.S. aircraft carrier Carl Vinson and occurred between 1:10 a.m. and 2 a.m. EDT in the North Arabian Sea.

    There are also reports he was killed last week and some sites stating he died back in the early part of 2000.

  8. Am I going to have to be the first to say Osama is a fictional character made by the U.S Govt. So they could have killed him at any time.
    I think they should have done it in the recession.

    1. @ MisterSix

      You’re not the only one, but people who have it all together get oppressed by Obama Asskissers cause if you say anything that proves that Obama is anything less than perfect, they will trample you to the ground in unison. There is no way to beat any sense into them.

  9. Look at all them Americans afraid that it could have been somebody else but their own soldiers who actually killed Osama. This post may have been made in jest, but it is closer to truth than you’d realize. I don’t anticipate the Americans to actually understand this, but for the rest of you, here are a few facts:

    Libyan TV reported that Osama Bin Laden was shot dead in Libya by Libya Special forces. Osama had been in Libya on request of CIA because he was leading the Al-Qaeda led rebels who are sponsored to overthrow the Libyan Government. The Libya intelligence caught a track on Osama Bin Laden and shot him dead.

    An even more interesting thing is the fact that Libyan authorities made an announcement that Osama Bin Laden was dead 2 hours before Barack Obama did. If the attack was in fact ordered by Obama who watched it in real time and went to announce it right after it was done, then how could Libyans have known about it 2 hours sooner?

    Let’s keep in mind that the stronghold of the rebels in Libya has been the top recruiting area for Bin Laden, so there is no doubt that he would feel safe there. By overthrowing the Libyan Government, Bin Laden would have created a safe haven out of an entire Libya, not just one area. Gaddafi has always maintained that the fight against the rebels was the fight against Al-Qaeda.

    Compare the real version with that served by the Americans, which tells the sheep that Osama Bin Laden was killed while chillaxing in a luxury tourist resort equipped with the satellite TV, internet access and other means to easily get traced. On top of it all, Pakistan has been bombarded the bejeesus out of since the war president Barack Hussein Obama took the office. Being the most blood thirsty president in history, he spared no chance to bomb Pakistan. Why would someone like Osama Bin Laden choose to hang in a place that gets bombed so much? Why not go join his supporters in Libya who above all else, gained assistance from the Americans and other NATO countries so he would be safe and sound?

    Barack Obama said he received his first lead to Osama bin Laden’s whereabouts in August 2010. He claims he knew 9 months ago that Osama was having himself a holiday in a resort in Pakistan. If he were so eager to kill him, why would he wait until Libya got him to announce that they eventually did make a move and took him out?

    Let me reiterate one more time – claims that some other country, not the Americans killed Osama Bin laden are much closer to truth than your typical American would ever admit. This post was clearly made as a joke, but it actually hit the nail on the head, except that it wasn’t North Korea that killed Osama, but Libya. Despite being exposed to outside intelligence penetration and surveillance, Osama Bin Laden enjoyed his undisturbed stay in the mansion in Pakistan’s Abbottabad until couriers noticed that it was Osama Bin laden himself who lived there and passed that information to the Americans in August 2010.

    How is it that billion dollar intelligence that has the entire world under 24/7 surveillance did not trace Osama down given that he had cell phones, computers and satellite TVs in his mansion? How is it that the fact that he was living there was not acknowledged until carriers noticed and reported it? You’d have to be an Obama sheep to not see the answer clearly. It’s because the Americans knew he was there, because they stationed him there. He was working from out of Abbottabad for the Americans and had it not been for couriers, he would continue working from there unhindered.

    Then when the Americans decided to take over Libya because of its strategic location and coveted resources (much more precious than oil), Bon laden was sent to Libya to lead the Al-Qaeda terrorists in their offensive to overthrow the Libyan Government. But Libyan Special Forces killed Osama and this fact was then announced on Libyan State TV. It took the Americans off guard but they had to respond to it and their response was by making their own announcement that they killed Osama 2 hours later.

  10. I really don’t buy it so hard to believe he’s dead he was a true celebrity when they found yesterday all the sites like twitter and youtube went full apeshit posting about it even the whole world got the news within the hour when MJ died it wasn’t so big like this event I’m truly impressed this smells like conspiracy to me

    1. Jesuschrist! Use some fucking punctuation Buddy. And Slicer- I didn’t read more than two words you wrote there, Pal. Don’t be so presumptuous to have “facts” to educate people with…nobody likes a blowhard.

    1. Isn’t it just brilliant how people keep calling the picture fake while the picture itself contains a sequence of photos put together specifically to prove how the fake was created in the first place. I used to think the Best Gore community was pretty sharp. I lost that faith after this post. If I were the person who made a post, I’d feel ashamed to have the following of the internet’s dumbest.

  11. Ha! The best sarcasm I’ve seen yet about obl. NK is a bunch of cowards who like terrorists. Can’t wait for the ‘official’ pics compliments of our beloved government. Funny how our government thinks a pic of this dead prick is offensive. Too bad, I think watching people jumping to their death from the WTC or the burns of the survivors of the Pentagon were offensive. By this reasoning I’ll relish every detail of obl’s rotting corpse. Think about it, they dumped him in the ocean because he never took a shower. So now the fish can put up with his stench.

  12. Just found this old post but damn why is there so much hate comments? U know this is called humor by using sarcasm and informing what’s new in North Korea. And using that pic as to show how stupid the sheep in North Korea are as u are being if u don’t understand what I’m texting here.

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