NYPD Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle Planned to Kidnap, Cook and Eat Women

NYPD Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle Planned to Kidnap, Cook and Eat Women

To serve and to protect – except that it’s never you and me they serve and protect. It’s either the system, or themselves. NYPD cop Gilberto Valle was one of the latter. As a badge bearer, he planned to kidnap as many as 100 women and go cannibal on them by cooking and eating them. That of course on top of self enrichment – $5,000 per woman. One of the victims was to be his girlfriend.

Gilberto Valle has been a New York Police Department officer for 6 years. FBI learned of his plans and charged him with conspiracy to abduct, torture, rape, cook and eat women. Prosecutors said Valle formed a list of 100 suitable victims after illegally accessing a federal database. NYPD has suspended him without pay. Check out the transcripts of conversations Gilberto Valle had with two co-conspirators. Some wicked shit there.

Video report on the cannibal cop (thanks Hawk):

Props to Best Gore member mmmhmmk for the pics:

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85 thoughts on “NYPD Cannibal Cop Gilberto Valle Planned to Kidnap, Cook and Eat Women”

  1. Ah, the things you have to consider when you’re a cannibal… Oven size. I thought only grandmothers worried about shit like that on Thanksgiving.

    Also, I think this guy got confused early in life about what eating a girl is. It’s all about using your tongue, man. There is no finger-lickin’-good going on there.

  2. Five thousand dollars is a bloody lot of money for a meal and a shag, where I come from it only costs you the price of a takeaway and a cheap bottle of wine, America seems to be getting more expensive these days.

    1. @Obliterator many of the real cannibals and serial killers lets say John Wayne gacy and Jeffrey Dahmer lived two different lives both worked by day and by night the murdered no one ever suspected them O_o their own parents didn’t even know untill they were arrested and found the bodies does anyone else notice that all the cannibsls and serial killers had awesome names 😀

  3. Looks like a nice boy next door too. Glad I never had a daughter. If he’d gone after mine, and I found out, Im psycho enough to kidnap HIM and slowly flay the little fuck alive in my basement, and smile the whole time i was doing it.

  4. How the fuck do you wake up in the morning thinking “You know I feel like I want to eat 50 women, no fuck that 100 women”.

    First rule of success give yourself small achievable goals. Go for 1 first see how its gonna work out you might end up not liking the taste of a bitch and than all that time spent searching for victims and planning is wasted. Also you probably wouldn’t have gotten busted before even doing it.

    On a serious note the guy should be in jail not just suspended without pay…

      1. Thats probably true Daddy. . . .that reminds me of a guy i was dating that wanted me to call him Daddy in bed, which was fine with me until i saw pics of his twelve yr old daughter who looked remarkably similar to me, then it was just creepy. But i do usually go for older guys!

          1. Yeah, me neither, hes the only one who has ever asked me to do that. Ok BG guys, whats your take on that??? Do y’all really like a woman to call you “Daddy” in bed???

  5. If he was a cop, shouldn’t he have done a better job of not getting caught? Also…..I’m really disturbed that he was using the same dating site I use……he makes every guy I’ve rejected seem like a real winner.

    1. I invite you ( if you’re a sick fuck) or any other man to do this on my cunt of a wife. Fuck I’ll join in on the action ( Although I don’t have an appetite for human meat). So if any of you Gore lovers are interested send me a message. I’ll keep her bound and ready for you 😉

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