Ongoing Muslim and Black Riots in Husby Area of Stockholm, Sweden

Ongoing Muslim and Black Riots in Husby Area of Stockholm, Sweden

Swedish firefighter from Stockholm posted this photo on his Facebook page with following commentary (attempted translation from Swedish to English):

To you who threw rocks at us tonight.

At night you threw stones at us! Thankfully only one of about 20 stones went through the windscreen. Luckily I had my helmet on my head so the stone just left a dent on it instead of on my head. Luckily, you did not hit our driver, he was able to drive us from there after he left his son at daycare this morning. Myself, I hugged my girlfriend when I got home, unreal embrace! Luckily no one was seriously hurt by the rocks you threw at us. But you have influenced my and my friends’ professional life forever!

I’m here when your dad needs help if he crashes his car, I will help your sister if there is a fire in her kitchen. I will swim in ice cold water to help your little brother if he had fallen out of a boat even though it is freezing cold in the water. I will help your grandmother if she gets cardiac arrest and I will also help YOU if you go through the ice on a sunny day in March. Why did you do this to me? I too have family that wants to see me again, just like you!

Last week, Swedish police shot and killed a machete wielding 69 year old man in the Husby suburb of Stockholm. The incident lead to violent riots by Muslims and Blacks who now form a majority in many areas of Stockholm. Needless to say, these areas are crime ridden no go zones for Swedes. During the ongoing riots, young immigrants set hundreds of cars on fire, vandalized a local shopping mall, destroyed several other business and hurled rocks at police.

It is sickening to me to see such wonderful country as Sweden see so battered by the boards of immigrants. Sweden used to be a country with little to no violent crime sporting one of the world’s highest standards of living. Then in the 80’s, Zionists brainwashed the country into opening up to endless streams of immigrants. The numbers of flooding third world incompatibles increased significantly in the 90’s and by now, Sweden is no longer what is used to be, but what’s worse, many native Swedes have been indoctrinated by the Zionist controlled society into not only embracing the destructiveness of multiculturalism, but consider it the right path for Sweden.

Barbara Lerner Spectre, an American Jew who was relocated to Sweden where she established a Swedish taxpayer funded Institute of Jewish Learning, openly called for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies. Her admission that Jews play a leading role in Europe’s racial transformation provides irrefutable proof that the Divide and Conquer plan of European destruction is going according to the plan:

The only thing about her admission is that she anticipated the Jews to be resented for flooding white European countries with incompatible immigrants yet it’s not happening. Obviously, Ms. Spectre underestimated the level of indoctrination of the sheeple. They should be resenting Jews because the proof that they are the ones orchestrating the destruction of White Europeans is in their plain sight and admitted by the Jews who play a leading role in the “soft genocide” themselves, yet the sheeple not only ignore all the proof, they still violently oppose everyone who points it out.

Swedes, my brothers and sisters. What the fuck is wrong with you? No really. What is wrong with you? You’re Vikings? Why are you spitting your forefathers in the face by allowing the Jew to destroy your kin with floods of Muslim and Black immigrants? I want Opeth, Morbid and Entombed to pop in my mind when Swedish music is brought up, not Allahu Akbar and hip hop? Perhaps it’s time to dig that Viking axe out once more?

A few videos of Muslim and Black riots from Husby, northern Stockholm:

Gallery of a few pics:

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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73 thoughts on “Ongoing Muslim and Black Riots in Husby Area of Stockholm, Sweden”

      1. why does god allow bad things to happen? ah, the age old question with the simplest answer: there is no god. there is no ultimate reward there is no ultimate punishment. a man who devotes his entire life to helping people is exactly the same as the man who devotes his entire life to killing people. they are both dead. that is their reward and punishment. we are all the fucking same. man has invented the ideas of “right and wrong”. there is no good or evil in nature, there is only nature. when I left my body I simply existed as awareness. no thoughts no feelings or emotions of any kind. pure aware energy that will go somewhere else. I have been in the space between worlds and seen the truth, my friend. don’t waste your life searching for answers to pointless questions.

    1. I dont agree with half the white anti immigrant shit people post on this page and I don’t know how fucked up or nice African immigrants are (the ones I met in USA are pretty cool) yet I don’t throw rocks at people.. Let alone firefighters? What do they have to do with the police shooting some dude? That sounds like senseless rage venting against innocents..

      1. All of the Africans I have met were respectful and seemed to be focused on getting as many degrees as possible. I used to live in an area that had a bunch of African runners that trained all day and night, they were nice to me but hated the American blacks.

      2. Negros and coloureds don’t belong in white countries. When there is critical mass of coloureds in white countries they start to make those countries Turd World shitholes like their country of origin.

        It’s race, not culture. Society and culture are racial construct, that’s why Japan is first world with almost zero crime and negro countries are shitholes.

      1. Vikings was a culture. There are no vikings left in Scandinavia.

        Scandinavia is like the rest of Europe and Canada – Liberal infested, cowardly and weak.

        They have their legs as spread as wide as they can ready to get fucked.

    1. This is exactly what happened in the LA riots, the niggers and Spics shot and threw bricks at Firefighters and Ambulance driver.
      In America, at least more of us are made of sterner stuff and understand that we are living among subhumans. Plus, we have guns.

    2. I never in my entire life have heard some pure bullshit than what came out of Barbara Spectre,s foul smelling cake hole. Some of our B-G BABES should knock her rotten teeth out for talking so stupid, bitch!!!

          1. She established a non denominational JEWISH center of learning?!?! I cannot stand that she says Europe WILL become multicultural etc yada yada that’s an awesome example of free choice…/~snark

  1. it really makes me sick. it’s just sad that Sweden let their own people down like that.
    you can’t even walk in his own part of the town without being afraid to get robbed or even killed (especially when you’re white).
    fucking media…that’s why i don’t read or watch any of that shit anymore.

    btw: what the fuck is wrong with the last videos’ background songs?

    1. And where will you go, Fatal? England? Nope, that’s full of them. France? Full of ’em. Netherlands? Full of ’em. Germany? Full of ’em. Norway? Becoming full of ’em. Denmark? Becoming full of ’em. Canada? Full of ’em. United States? Full of ’em.

      Unless you are head into Eastern Europe or Asia, there is really no place to go. Multiculturalism is assaulting all our Countries.

      I live in a small part of Canada – and in the past 2-3 years, it’s been absolutely nauseating. For 22 years I didn’t even see a Black person or Muslim in real life. Now you can’t go a single place without seeing dozens of them.

      You drive down around Government Housing units, and it’s like an African village. Low-paying jobs (Cashier, Fast Food, Cleaning and so on) is full of ’em. Our Airport.. wow. It’s like a completely foreign land.

      You go-to a Bar or Club, and it’s full of ’em. And they have zero respect. They’ll grab your girlfriends ass as she walks to the bathroom, they’ll come up and hit on her right in front of you – they don’t care.

      How the Government expects this to go unnoticed is beyond me. I’ve talked with people about this in real life and they all say the same thing “Way too many. This is ridiculous”. A fire has been lit – we’ll see if it spreads.

      It’s a sickening thing feeling like a foreigner in your own land. It’s even worse when you know what awaits you in the future.

      1. I can totally relate to where your coming from.Just within the last ten years or more we’ve become the “minority” where I live in Portland,Oregon USA we’re overrun with mexicans,russians and asians and the older I get the more bitter I’ve become because of it!!!

        1. I have nothing against East-Asians, and Eastern Europeans.

          East-Asians aren’t an assertive people. They don’t seek to dominate. They assimilate rather seamlessly, and their numbers a low when compared to Africans and Muslims.

          Eastern Europeans are White – just a harsher shade shade of White (And honestly, maybe our only hope of salvation).

          Mexicans I got no comment on. I don’t have any contact with them. And taking a global view, they seem only an issue in the US, unlike Blacks and Muslims who become problems in any Country they invade.

          But Blacks and Muslims are extremely assertive and aggressive and seek dominance. Blacks are also extremely rude, violent and very overtly angry with quick trigger-fingers. They are like a rotten plum in a basket of pristine yellow apples.

          Muslims build their centers of hatred everywhere they want. They erect Islamic schools. They politicize their Religion and worm their way into our Government, and from the inside, they plot change.

          Both those two groups are also the main perpetrators (along with our own people) in using oppressive words and labels like ‘racist’, ‘nazi’, and so on to silence us and rob of us of our rights.

          I cannot stand them. Incompatible people through and through.

          If Blacks are the rotten plum in the basket of yellow pristine apples, Muslims are the fruit worms seeking to eat and suck out the life of those apples.

          And all I have to do is glance at any city with a lot of Muslims and Blacks, and I know exactly that’s what awaits my city. Crime, rape, violence, riots, demonstrations, lack of safety, and so on.


  2. How can it be allowed that Muslims and Blacks form a majority in many areas of predominantly and indigenously white countries.

    Why can we not do to our ruling class what the French did to their’s during the French revolution, our so called leaders are filth and wish us dammed and thus they sailed us to Hades for a pocket full of gold, but what good is gold to those who know the price of everything but the value of nothing.

    I know what will happen now, it is obvious, our people will rise up and fight, they will fight the wrong fucking targets, the immigrants certainly are unwanted but lets not forget who on purposely let them in, the politicians and their ilk.

    Our own military, yes those who our media call heroes, will be used to end the rebellion, they will of course only be doing their jobs but that is of course no excuse.

    The only way to gain from this position is to coordinate and choose the right targets and for the military and the police to stand behind the people, this sadly will not happen, we will not be freedom fighters in the eyes of the world, we will be labelled terrorists and the media will perpetrate this propaganda, we will not be armed by “liberators” either.

    The conclusion, this will not last long, these riots will not cause a ripple effect because the people have been brainwashed for far too long, they believe it racist for white Europe to want to remain predominately white whilst at the same time they refer to the Japanese, Chinese, Koreans, Indians and so on as countries proud of their national and racial heritage, these fuck witted wank stains cannot even fathom the notion of hypocrisy, the toad faced shit filled nappies.

    I wish I could be more positive but my experiences of life teaches me otherwise.

      1. Hi Silenced,

        It certainly is rage inducing that the very same people who refer to white Europeans who wish to remain predominantly white as racist also respect and agree with countries that wish to remain pure, they are in effect saying that Europeans do not have the same rights as the rest of the world.

        I have never been against controlled immigration but rather uncontrolled immigration, the mass invading of a country by economic parasites, these people could never have got here though if it wasn’t for our evil, sick fucking governments.

        I can only conclude that we must first destroy our leaders before we can fix this “social issue” because they are the cause of this cancer, it also wouldn’t hurt to smack some sense into the sheep in our societies.

        1. I agree, Empty. We must point at the root of the problem, and the root has no color. I dream that one day we all white Europeans and not only Europeans, white women and men that love the Tradition, can stick together and eliminate the cancer at the root. God bless you all.

    1. Tell me about it. I was raised in a town run by the PIRA and they were honest patriotic people, labled drug dealing terrorist. Now that town is occupied by RIRA, another honest group thats cracking hard on drug dealers. The patriotic have always been labeled terrorist, all they want is their land, and their culture restored. It’s sad really. I don’t think anyone will ever rise. Because people that should lead the revolution don’t have the numbers backing them that they need. Whatever the case, I’ll serve.

      1. @SpankmyMonkey,

        I feel your pain, I am half Irish myself but grew up in England. I will admit that I didn’t fully appreciate the Irish people’s need for a pure Ireland until mass immigration happened here as well, now I care, now I really fucking care.

        All the PIRA and their like minded wanted was for the country that they loved to be returned to them, free from foreign influence, and they were labelled terrorists for their ideology.

        Sure, the PIRA committed acts of violence but what choice have people got when diplomacy and democracy have been taken away from them, violence is the first action of the thug but the last action of the desperate.

        Its about time that we all put aside our differences and worked together to fight the common enemy, our corrupt system of governance and the filth they bring with them.

  3. sad to see this happening to Sweden, this coming from a norwegian who view the swedes as brothers and sisters. Norway is on the same path, but it is not as bad as in Sweden …yet, but we’re not far behind.

  4. Sorry for all the comments, but Mark, swedish music is not
    hip-hop and shit. I know it’s easy to tell us what to do from where you’re sitting. The politicians will keep bringing in these filthy animals, doesn’t matter what we do to stop it 🙁

  5. Until Europeans shake the stupid fucking Liberal/Left brainwashing from their heads, and kick these scum out of their Countries, this will continue.

    Swedish Politicians should hang for this. Period. What they have created, similar to what the English politicians and the French politicians and so on have created in other places in Europe, is sickening.

    And any Muslim or Black apologists should be killed for treason, or at the very minimum, expelled from the Country asap.

      1. We allow so much too chain us.

        Family, friends, Government, Country, Labels, Job, Security and so on.

        We can’t let our families and friends deter us, because we do it for them and their future. We can’t let our Government deter us, because they are traitors and enemies. We can’t let the feeling of love and safety in our Countries deter us, because we are doing it for those exact things. In the future, our Country won’t be safe for our Daughters, Sons, Mothers and Fathers.

        We can’t allow labels like ‘racist’ or whatever to control us, because they are the reason things are as they are.

        Muslims need to be expelled. Mosques need to be burned. If Police wish to be agents of the traitorous Government and politicians, they should be targeted.

        Our Politicians should be vetted. Where they live, where they go, where their families live.

        Enough is enough.

        If you love your children, your mother, your father, your brother, your sister, your wife or future wife, your husband or future husband, your uncles and nephews, aunts and nieces, grandmothers and grandfathers.. Then you’ll do what needs to be done.

        That’s what our mindset has to become. It’s about not only our future, but the future of our children and people.

        We will all die one day, that’s certain, we have no choice in that. How we die and how we live is something we do.

        And dying in defense of our people and future is a death worth accepting.

        1. Politics won’t even come close to solving the issue. Not even close.

          The next party in power in the UK will be a Liberal/Left one (Lib/Lab or Dem) and they’ll intensify this problem as much as the Tory ignored it.

    1. Putin is probably the closet one if you would believe the Western media propaganda that paints him as a tyrant.

      For me, he seems the only real leader Whites have. Sad day for Russia and Whites when he steps down.

      1. Its been a sad day for whites for a minute. We started apologizing to everyone and never stopped. I can’t wait to see what hardships we caused people of other race and differences a hundred years from now, if we’re not on our knees begging for forgiveness still…you know after making the world what it is.

  6. all that needs to happen is one person to firebomb a mosque, the muslims will be so outraged that they will basically declare war on the swedish gov and everyone there, once the swedes put down the rebellion the people will be back to their viking roots and have a hatred for muslims that can change the balance of thew world, other countries would see the threat that muslims pose and reduce the incoming numbers and put stricter border control, after a while muslims will hate europe for being islamiphobic and wage wara against it. in the end the world will be restored to its rightful position, europe with europeans, middle east with middle easterners, africa for africans, asia for asians, i dont know what will happen to america though 😛

  7. thats why we have to get the muslims to be the ones to start it, then the swedes will have no choice but to fight, even if they die, other countries will see the threat that islam poses, even if it isnt the true threat countries will be more reluctant to accept immigrants, damaging the jews master plan

  8. I hate seeing my country getting torn apart like this because of our monkeys for politicians and their failed assimilation and immigration policies. This is fucking crazyness. Im not judging every immigrant for the riot, unlike many others of you might… But Im saying that we need to stand up for our country and say NO! You are NOT going to ruin our country that gave you the chance to get a better life and live without fear of getting killed or raped. Now we as Swedes are afraid of this in our own homeland, just like the immigrants before coming here and doing the exactly same thing! Its much alike the situation between Palestine and Israel. Even though I might not look very Swedish, Im born and raised here. Then we have those ignorant excuses for humans to judge by race – the very same thing that Zionists does to Palestinians and Arabs in their own homelands, because they are not Jewish/Zionist. Theres a big difference between Racism, Nazism and Nationalism. I, myself believe a lot in the Fascist ideals, since it strengths and secure the society for a better future not depending on any form of foreign filth.

  9. When you let people into your country who don’t respect the culture they are moving into and when they refuse to drop the culture they came from all it dose is cause honest peoples who just want to work and live and be happy to be sacrificed to animals. I figure that if you let people into your country from a shithole which dose not have the same or similar culture and ideals as your own, all you do is destroy your own culture. Remember most immogrients leave their country’s due to economic reason not because they are going to get raped and murdered by thugs. And that is just wrong, these people wouldnt stay and help and try to advance their homelands and their peoples but decide to run and be cowards instead of staying risking their lives fighting for their rights and a better future.

    Multiculturalism is an engine to destroy, not one that brings peace and prosperity to the world.

    1. the problem is not the culture is race.

      The culture of non-white immigrants in Europe is IRRELEVANT. That’s like saying we should be worried about the high body count of a country we are at war with. Chinese who want to speak Chinese or be the dominate demographic need to live in China. Simple.
      As I mentioned earlier, unless they are WHITE, they will never be European. Therefore it does not matter? what language they speak or which culture they assimilate to because it will not make the least bit of difference

  10. A close friend of mine is from Stockholm; he told me that he’s grateful to have had his windows blown out (that explosion in Prague last month.. he lives a block away from where it occurred; I was also nearby at the time) and be far away from this shit, instead of having to watch stuff like this go down.

  11. This makes me sick to my stomach in more ways than one. Sick to see my home country invaded and destroyed from the inside by the hordes of immigrants. And sick to see native Swedes now treated like human trash in their own country. And especially sick to see that even those who work to protect communities are not even safe from the destruction. I was a firefighter myself in Sweden, and I can’t imagine being attacked by anyone in my community. Reinfeldt (prime minister) and his enablers should hang for treason. Scandinavians should not sit back and let such injustice happen!

  12. I feel for Sweden after watching the videos. But like in AMerica it’s also partially the natural born Swedes fault. The riots partially funded by the govt dole system??? Sick. Reason we don’t have as many riots in the USA is because they know as soon as they get close to white side of town they get met with flying bullets. My suggestion for immediately getting rid of those plagues known as muzzies and negroes is stop giving them dole checks, enlist the political party with the most anti immigration stance as your ally, the politicians will smell which way the winds blowing and become “nationalistic” too-as will most importantly- the Swedish media. Reverse all actions that made it enticing for them to come here. No more money.. charge 10 times more money for heating costs, deny health insurance unless you can prove your native born., you make it look like THEY are the aggressors and attackers thereby giving instant justification for their outright slaughter by police and civilians. Do what Hitler did in restoring Germany to its past prominence. The problem is whites have been neutered worldwide by an evil agenda into believing that WHITES ALONE are responsible for all the other races ills.

  13. Well Sweden your country is coming like America.. With all the Negor’s and Muslims who want’s something for nothing.. If you give them a job they want someone to do their work but want to be paid..

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