Person in Skeleton Mask Caught on CCTV in Detroit with Dead Missing Woman?

Person in Skeleton Mask Caught on CCTV in Detroit with Dead Missing Woman

Unleash your inner detective.

Best Gore member brandonczar sent us this photo from his hometown of Detroit. The photo is a screenshot from an ATM CCTV camera, and depicts a person in a skeleton mask sitting inside a vehicle belonging to a missing woman, and using the missing woman’s bank card to withdraw money.

The photo has been circulated by local news papers, but according to brandonczar, the eerie part is that it seems the news did not catch the fact you can see her dead body behind the murderer’s head in the picture.

Thus far we know that according to Detroit police, there is evidence of foul play in the disappearance of 24 year old Kajavia Globe – the missing woman.

Her car was found abandoned on Chatham Street three days after she went missing. The ATM machine from where the screengrab of the masked person was obtained is about two miles from there. A body police believe belongs to Kajavia Globe was found on Fielding Street in Detroit.

What do you guys think? Is there a body of a dead black woman in the back of her vehicle driven by a person wearing a skeleton mask who used her back card to withdraw money from the ATM?

Props to brandonczar for the pic.

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          1. It’s the Stan version of a insane clown posse fan violent jay and shaggy 2 dope pissed him off not writing back to him so he killed hes girlfriend and dumped her in the backseat but jacked her paper first it’s Stan’s brother mathew Mitchell

          1. I call it the reverse newb. Instead of saying I’ve been lurking for years and just decided to comment, I commented for years and decided to just start lurking. I set the trends baby.

    1. I think where it appears is inthe front window, in the void of the upper right quadrant where mr.skulls head is. You can see what appears to be a mirage-like reflection or a superimposed ghost like image of a blk womans eerie face.

    2. Same here, man.
      I don’t understand why security cameras have such low quality.
      In this day and age you can film a 4K HD video from a cellphone, but security footage still looks like it was compressed and formatted to be stored on a floppy disk.

    3. That’s a lie. She was found dead in the trunk of her impala, around 2 miles away from the bank he’s at, he’s in his own car. He strangled the newly graduated MSU student, he was involved with her, and he killed her to rob her. My cousin owns a business on the street she was found. I also live in Michigan, just not Detroit

    4. I don’t know anything about this case I do have that skeleton beanie. I purchased it at Walmart. I am only person in my area I’ve ever saw wearing it. So maybe Detroit cops can go to the Walmart in the area to see if they have any video of someone possibly purchasing it and find them that way. I live in Tennessee so it wasn’t me and I’ve never even been to Detroit and never want to from the horror stories I hear of the area since it turned to crap!

  1. Crazy fucker probably does have her in the trunk…that photo makes the worse case scenario seem probable.
    That’s some scary Halloween type lookin shit.
    He looks like a monster but he’s human…cause he needs cash.

      1. I was going to say I never saw a black female die in Robocop then i thought of Robocop 3 thinking about it 99% of crime was comited by the white man in the movie maybe the got future crime statistics in Detroit accurate in the movie. The white man did it haha

  2. i really thought that white shining looking thing in the back seat was the body wrapped in a black garbage bag, with the light reflecting off of it and i also see a hug chihuahua looking thing to in the back laying its head on the door and the ears are see thru through the window u can still see the ears tho

    1. Someone left a link with a better picture near the top of this comment page. There’s a silver balloon directly behind the driver. It looks like a star or something. From the angle of that picture, you see nothing in the passenger seat or the rear passenger side seat. The picture we have here, I think we are just seeing the headrest of the passenger seat behind the driver’s head.

  3. You’d think that after an hour the body would start to stink, but I don’t know if that really helps. Don’t see a body from the picture that is shown but given the information the perpetrator was specifically targeting the black woman for the reason that he withdrew money from kajavia globe’s bank account knowing her PIN number so it had to be someone that was close to her, maybe. My guess is a husband or ex boyfriend did this only because of my knowledge of black woman and their obsession with getting pregnant for both welfare support and child support. In short, the first thought that comes to mind is only a nigger would do this out of retaliation for paying child support.

    1. Wouldn’t want to get pulled over for something stupid like that in the middle of something bigger. Or maybe her car had that annoying “bing-bing” sound that goes off until you put your seatbelt on. And, hell, why risk dying in an accident while pulling off a heinous crime? Might as well live to see it through.

  4. Sceptical bastard here again , fuck the body (not literally) how did he get her pin number? Also I’ve not heard of drive through cash machines. even if there are why is the picture not face on? When you use an atm you’re close to it to cover your pin. Would seem logical to have a camera positioned where the person is looking. It looks like someone standing nearby taking a picture.

        1. Yes. I also live near a big city, Chicago.
          In the downtown area they are mostly walk ups. But in suburban and rural areas, usually you’ll drive through them. I was making the point that there are just as many if not more drive ups as walk ups. The man said he hasn’t heard of and I’m guessing hasn’t seen a drive through ATM. Every bank I’ve to there’s a drive thru ATM…I’m not going to argue about ATMs. There’s bigger issues needing debate than this.

          1. Then get your facts right… It was Detroit for crying out loud… That’s a big city too last time I checked…

            “Almost all atms are drive thru.”

            You’re the one that brought it up… Not me…


          2. @Gnat, buddy I read it as she was honestly asking where you lived, it didn’t seem to me that she was being sarcastic about it. I could be wrong though, hell I used to think “sex” & “sexy” were bad swear words and freaked out when my neighbor was singing Salt ‘N Peppa within earshot of my parents. In the immortal words of one F. Gump, “Ah’m not a smaht man” 🙂

          3. Actually @Mikey… She was asking @bobcat where he lived… And she was obviously being sarcastic…
            But it doesn’t matter since if you read her response to me… She obviously cant take sarcasm herself…@shannon contradicts herself…
            So… It’s no big deal to me…

            Peace with chicken grease…

        1. HI Bobcat
          Not sure why the existence or not of drive thru atms is an issue, but in Tucson banks have both…walk up and drive thru.
          Being originally from the Detroit area, I remember all the way back in the 70’s our bank had drive up banking. Not a stretch they have installed ATM in those locals. As for Detroit being a big city and that is why there would be less drive up ATMs. I agree, the inner city wouldn’t have them. Detroit is covers a pretty large area. Not all is packed in metro city. I would be a pretty penny this fella was in not in the inner city when he did it.

          I would bet he got her pin number by beating the living shite out of her, yet still promising if she gave it to him, she would live.

          1. I agree with what you said @WW…

            Very good assessment of the situation by the way…

            That’s one of the very few good reasons why this woman gave him her PIN number… Unless he knew her VERY personally…

          2. Thank goodness we solved the ATM issue! Dont think i wouldve been able to sleep tonight!
            But i agree with @Little Foot…..just cuz she makes my heart flutter 🙂

        1. @Dutchy, same, I have never seen a drive-through ATM in my life! I do live in the ‘country’ though (approx. 250km) from Perth, so maybe there are some in the capital city? My town just got its first electric car charge station AND its first drive-through coffee place, lol.

  5. I’ve read a report that she had balloons in the back of her car from her coworkers…
    That might be what you’re seeing…

    And he obviously knew his picture would be taken when using said ATM… Why would he leave her body in the backseat?…

    The car was a Chevy Impala… So there was plenty of room in the trunk for a dead body…

      1. Maybe he hid her body with said balloons… But I would think that it would take a lot of balloons to do the job…

        But then again… He’d definitely look like a clown in said car if that were true…

    1. I think what everyone thinks is in the backseat is just the headrest of the passenger seat. This picture was taken at an angle that makes that headrest look like something propped up in the rear passenger seat. My guess…

        1. Little bit of sobriety, little bit of losing my girl. Aside from that, life is all right. Just working and going to school. 🙂

          Sorry to hear about your troubles. I hope everything works out. Glad to see you back! Hang in there!

        1. Its a little eerie that hes driving round with her corpse like that in the back if it was Halloween I bet you no one would be suspicious some one must of saw that night come on its 7 mile or is it like 8 a dead area where no body goes to.

  6. Sometimes it?s not what is there that should attract the eye but rather what shouldn?t be there.

    The image in the back looks like a dog to me but that part is not important because the image actually passes through the man?s head. Now, one would automatically think that it must be a reflection from the camera then, however since the window is down and the man has his arm through it this cannot be correct.

    My conclusion, this is not the actual cctv image but an independent photograph made by photographing the cctv image whilst it was on tv, hence the reflection.

  7. why is this on the news ?
    i mean, its usa, its detroit (big city) i guess this kind of thing happen lots of time…. missing peoples , murder, in any big city
    its on the news because the guy wear and death mask ?
    somebody can explain me please

    1. Its on the news because its a “crime” against a nigger, in plain nigger territory, and the assaulter wearing a mask suggests that its someone smarter than a mere nigger. If the victim were white, be sure that no one would hear about it.

  8. Ok I was just about to comment about how you can’t see shit but I think I see something that looks like a face? Look betweren his head and the door pillar in the background. Looks like a face looking up. Also I checked out the news reports, and they seem to have the same picture, but without the “face” in the background? Any thoughts?

  9. “What do you guys think? Is there a body of a dead black woman in the back of her vehicle driven by a person wearing a skeleton mask who used her back card to withdraw money from the ATM?”

    Ah, excuse me, but dead brillohead lives don’t matter. Actually, alive brillohead lives don’t matter either.

    Have I mentioned that the jews are pig fuckers and the muslims are camel cock suckers? Well, if I have not mentioned it, then here it is. Jews love bending over for pigs and letting them fuck them. Muslims love getting underneath camels and sucking them off.

    And as always, lots of love for my middle eastern scumbag friends. My heart goes out to them.

  10. Could be just me but it looks like a face but it appears to be wearing a mask. Maybe a second suspect? The “face” itself has a glint like its reflecting light as many shiny/ glossy masks do. But the area where I believe the eyes to be it’s alot darker just like a mask would be with the “stocking” type material to make it see through. Just my two cents 😛

  11. I can see the lady,s face if you look to the right side of the dude,s mask. But she looks like she is alive, but has her head on the backrest, looking up at the roof of the car, as if disturbed. I would be surprised if the killer would kill her before trying out the bank card first. He probably killed her a short time later, and dumped her body! fucker! 🙁

  12. I don’t know if this is relevant, but maybe it will help: Doesn’t it look like there is either an iPhone 5 or an iPhone 5s (but NOT the iPhone 5c) in the driver’s lap? Like, I’m pretty sure that’s an iPhone 5 or 5s and the back of the phone is visible and the Apple symbol is reflecting light in the driver’s lap…might help with identity hopefully.

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