Photos of Dzhokar Tsarnaev aka Suspect #2 After Capture

Photos of Dzhokar Tsarnaev aka Suspect #2 After Capture

Boston authorities say they captured Dzhokar Tsarnaev aka Suspect #2 who was reportedly hiding on a boat in Watertown, Massachusetts. I’m sure they will already find the way to make him say things they need him to say. I mean, they tortured Germans into ridiculous confessions in the Nuremburg trials. Breaking a 19 year old surely won’t be that hard. Unless they find the way to kill him in the meantime, which would make sense cause it would make them look like they really tried to get him alive but due to circumstances outside of their control, he nevertheless died. That way, no sheeple will suspect the brothers had been silenced with murder.

Basic conclusion is that two legal immigrants, brothers from Chechnya who came to the USA 11 years ago suddenly decided to kill and maim a whole whack of random fellow citizens. Yep, makes sense. And then, after carefully crafting their pressure cooker bombs, and planning out the bombings which involved smuggling of bombs into a crowded finish line area of the Boston Marathon, skillfully avoiding getting caught by the ever present police and sniffing dogs, they just decided to rob a 7-Eleven store. Makes so much sense to do that after months or years of planning and preparing for a terrorist attack.

What’s even funnier is that despite the brothers allegedly trying to rob the 7-Eleven store, and despite authorities telling us that they were armed and dangerous, and despite major manhunt launched on their asses, the brothers never attempted to take hostages. I mean – if they were so armed and dangerous, and if they were the extremists set on hurting innocent people, And if they had no issue launching an armed robbery on a store and shooting a school cop, wouldn’t it make sense for them to make a last stand by taking random kids hostage? Kidnappings have always been a signature tactics of Islamic extremists and that’s what we’re lead to believe the Tsarnaev brothers were – Muslim extremists. Or is making sense too much for the sheeple to handle just because authority’s version of events is different, albeit non sensical?

Good thing is – after the Boston lockdown, that’s at least one city already conditioned to accept and used to living under Martial Law…

Below are a few photos from the capture of Dzhokar Tsarnaev aka Patsy #2… I mean Suspect #2, brother of Tamerlan Tsarnaev who was killed earlier. Obviously, the list of people who sent me that one main pic is too large to mention individually so I’m just gonna give you all a group props for hitting me up with it:

Further Reading (not suitable for the sheep)

Israeli top cop Yohanan Danino and other Israeli senior security officials left Israel to “assist” U.S. officials in the Boston Bombing investigation. Read about it on Times of Israel, Russia Today or any other mainstream media of your choice.

So Israeli cops fly to the USA under the pretext of assisting in the Boston Bombings investigations but the question is – why does the United States need a foreign nation to “help” investigate crimes committed on its own sovereign territory? And if they do, then why not Russian investigators, since alleged bombers were originally from the Russian Federation? Could it be that the presence of Israelis is needed during the investigation to ensure the outcomes are as the Jew expects?

It’s also worth pointing out that the Anti-Defamation League aka the criminal Jewish terrorist organization is already attacking any and all who are not complete sheeple and as such, question the official narrative of this event. Check it out as ADL uses the expected labels they also brainwashed their sheeple into utilizing so fervidly:

Anti-Semites, racists, bigots and extremists have exploited the attack to demonize groups that they have long hated. They accuse Jews, Muslims and others of being responsible for the attacks — even as law enforcement officials and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have warned against jumping to conclusions about who was behind the bombings, which killed three and injured at least 170 people as the April 15 marathon was entering its fourth hour.

Ample use of labels such as “Anti-Semites, racists, bigots and extremists” is what ADL does perfectly and so do their zombified sheep.

Here’s the video that’s being actively blacklisted by the mainstream media in which University of Mobile’s Cross Country Coach Ali Stevenson – a credible eye-witness told Local 15 that a bombing drill was taking place at the Boston Marathon, there were bomb sniffing dogs at the start and finish lines and that announcements were being made to not worry that it’s just a training exercise. Ali Stevenson has been in plenty of marathons in Boston, D.C., Chicago, London and other major metropolitan areas but has never seen that level of security before:

Also check out this video in which the Jewish National Security expert Aaron Cohen says that he expects the Americans to demand that the government gets on the Israeli page, i.e. that the Americans blindly accept more Israeli-style authoritarian police state measures in order to “combat terrorism”, “protect the Homeland”, and “secure their freedoms”. BTW – dies it surprise anyone that in Zionists Occupied Countries all the “National Security” and “terrorism” experts are Jews loyal to Israel?

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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    1. No today they gave him that sentence death! So just wonder how many years it will drag on before he finally gets the needle? I think the little kid who died parents should be allowed to flip the switch or push the putting to start the process. Actually they should build a pressure cooker bomb and build it with chair on top of it and when it’s time set the bomb off shooting shrapnel up his but before killing him!!

  1. Any one ever heard of MK Ultra? the CIA experiment on mind control? Well the fist test were not productive but with more than 50 years of practice im sure they have refined the tactics. This whole episode of the bombings and the two brothers involved just has a real bad stink to it. And i dont think the public masses will just accept whatever story the feds try to feed to them, there is some strange shit going on here.

      1. Getting someone else to knowingly or unknowingly carry out your dirty work is something a lot of governments would love to be able to control, and American governments have been working on it for many years. Even Israel has had some experiments done on captured enemy soldiers, its a powerful tool to use if its actually capable, so yes plenty of past governments and this present one would be interested in having that capability if they don’t already have it.

      2. @killa you are gonna think me strange but for some weird reason the younger brother puts me in mind of you! I dont know why, its just i think in my head that is what you look like – weird i know..just thought i would share that 😛

    1. Yea that smell is the shitty pot they were puffin on and lousy pressure cooker food! Loll is it just me or is there always something with terrorists that provoke some strange deja-vu or flashback? I mean who even uses pressure cookers anymore? I remember my mother having one when I was like 10 or something but…

        1. I honestly can’t remeber the last time I even saw a pressure cooker, and I have quite a few friends who love to cook. Its just weird anyway. Why not just make a pipe bomb if death and destruction is what they were after? Instead what they got was a pretty fireball with few casualties. I agree that something stinks.

  2. Now (if he survives whatever wounds he has) he’ll face a terror even worse than what him and his brother (supposedly) unleashed on the masses: The American justice system! Hahaha! Joke’s on YOU, bomber boy!

    1. The American justice system is getting pussified. So few people get put to death anymore and the prisoners are getting treated like royalty if it weren’t for the fact that the other prisoners are trying to ass rape them.

      1. I agree. It has been pussified over the years, but I think the pain of being dragged through such an embarrassing legal system alone is torture enough for anybody who’s stupid enough to get involved with it in the first place. It’s a high price to pay for three hots and a cot. Oh, and cable TV, of course.

  3. I read that they weren’t gonna read him his Miranda rights due to invoking the public safety exemption which I think is crazy. Despite what he did, he still became a naturalized citizen and should still be read his Miranda rights.

  4. Well, before he died in “our” custody, this is what “he” said. I know it won’t happen that way, but I’m startin’ to think it might as well. On another note, I just heard Kelly B, say, ” I am a model” hahaha I would hit it so hard!!!

  5. Wow, ChecheBombers, looks like U.S. and RUS are getting closer to each other, it’s funny for me as a Pole especially that we have 0.013 gun per capita and no army here, that’s why I don’t like Mark’s attitude to gun control.

  6. Well. They didn’t rob the 7-11 if you listened to the press conference last night.

    That still of him from the 7-11 they happened to find was taken from a security camera around the time the 7-11 was robbed by someone else. Wrong place.Wrong time.

    Also, they did take a hostage. That person who’s car they hijacked. Sure, they didn’t “leverage” them, but nonetheless they had one. Why they didn’t kill that person is beyond me. They are going to play a big part in this investigation.

    1. No doubt they did it, but the reason why wont come out in mainstream media. After watching some of the interviews of the guys friends it seems strange that two brothers who apparently have no extremist views make a few bombs to maim or kill people, a suicide bombing did not seem to be part of the actions they undertook. Why stay in the area? Why not try and shoot or kill more people? Even when the cops had a gunfight with them, they tried escaping which means for the brothers that survival was more important than killing more people hence the hostage still alive. I don’t think what we will be told will be all the truth, i have said before that its been a while since America has had a real terrorism scare, it keeps the masses in check, fear is a powerful tool.

      1. The older brother was known to have radical views . So much so that he was on the FBI’s radar a few years go and was interviewed by them as confirmed by his family and the FBI. He was supposedly associating with radical Muslim groups.

  7. The Kenyan is already talking about findind out what “influenced these terrorists”.
    You can be sure that will be some radical Islamist preachers and some bomb making sites on the Interweb.
    Get ready for ZOG to seriously start policing and censoring “undesireable websites”, ie anything they don’t approve of.

  8. That was all very interesting and now that it’s over we can get back to our everyday boring lives until the next bomb goes off killing innocent Americans, once again giving everyone a distraction and a topic for conversation. It’s times like this I’m glad to be Canadian. Nothing like that really happens here exept the odd murder victim that gets chopped to pieces and then sent to politicians in little packages.

        1. @Juicy, don’t forget to always wear a dashcam on your bra, so we won’t miss anything of what will happen, and you will be our special local correspondant, I’m sure you would do that well and that you’d love it

    1. All that snow, and indoor isolation, makes you far-Northerners very sick in the head. That’s why I’m glad I’m waaay down here in the South of the U.S. with baked & It was me. We’re able to get out every once in a while; where our thoughts aren’t able to make a prime time news story out of us.

          1. Northern Australia… Only 2 seasons, FAAAARRRKING!!!! hot and dry, and FAAAARRRKING!!!! hot and wet! The first time i saw snow i almost came with pleasure!! I have had some serious thoughts about moving to Canada just for the climate.

      1. I’ve heard that during winter ( which lasts 9 months in Canada), it’s so cold that people go to the ground like rats in hot undergrounds under the towns.
        I’ve even heard that sometimes they eat they children too, anyway.

          1. I’m not a fan of humidity, but I’ve always wanted to live in Florida. So, I’ll just have to get used to it I guess! At least there’s always sunshine! My kryptonite!

          2. well we dont always have the sunshine with the humidity…its a funny business…the sun will go away but not the humidity! Its mother natures cruel joke on us! But the fall weather here is beautiful..especially when its warm. Also heading up to Northern Ontario is nice in the heat of the summer…lots of lakes uo there to keep you a bit cooled off and the land is breathtaking..lots of bugs though but the beauty is worth it.

          3. @Ali- i think you thought i meant i was moving to Canada. I can’t move there. I’d be too suicidal.The snow, cold, etc. =( Its been on my mind to head to Florida. Its been an option in the past and I’m thinking its where i want to go. I’ll be near @baked,@IWM and @FD. I was actually responding to his post, but it put it waay down the line. Lol

          4. @ juicy – i see!!! well i cant comment on florida – bakeyboo will have to help you out with that one…lol…all i can say is look out for the crocs!

  9. @Hawk maybe there was no conspiracy at all, it was just 2 retards who get bored and wanted entertainment.
    If they would have killed him, everybody ( and me the first) would have said they killed him so he couldn’t talk.
    When he is catched without being killed, people say it’s normal, if not it would have been too much obvious that it was a conspiracy.
    If he will be judged he will easely be able to claim he was hired by the secret services, come on, there will be 100 cameras recording no torture possible there.

          1. he could be sexy without this harelip.
            BB could maybe be also but after a good makeover, why wouldn’t you girls go shopping with him to try to cancel this square look ?

          2. BB, you probably love tuning your car, watch sport channels on your sofa while farting, burping and drinking beer, and of course watching gore and pussies on the internet, right. You’re almost american in fact.

          3. daajaa are you saying that Broke looks square? Hmmm…I think you are saying that ’cause you can’t see his sexiness cause it is hidden behind the glasses and hat.

          4. @J3zab3l I must admit that if he’d wear a nice suit and would attend some previews with a glass of expensive wine in the hand, commenting the paintings with a very distinguished pout, it wouldn’t be BB anymore

          1. @J3Z-I’m curious what you actually think as the answer to that question. Totally a matter of preference..Ryan Gossling?or?Colin Farrell? Cory Monteith or Bradley Cooper? and Jim Cuddy or George Cloony..

          2. @ali- I’ve yet to ever actually speak to an Irishman, but they sure can rock plaid like no other! Lol. I think Canadians that say eh are sexy but I recently just learned that peeps from other places say that too. I do like how you guys call master-bathrooms, on-suites and how you guys say other random words. I think I need to place a call to Ireland becausenow I’m totally curious!

            @Seedy,can you help me out on this one??

          3. @juicy
            its their attitude too…they are definately bad as hell they are!! We dont get alot of bad boys over here in canada – we are the ‘nice’ country…and if we do have bad guys they usually are 2 steps away from being retarded (please no offence to people with learning disabilities its just such a fitting word for them :/ )
            yeah we sometimes call sofas ‘chesterfields’ as well…alot of our language is taken a bit from the british…so we habe like a smushie mix up of british/american ways…

          4. @ali- i think for me personally, all guys from most places can have their unique sexiness but ultimately, all guys are mostly the same underneath it all. I can see the appeal of “bad boys”, so that makes sense about what you said. I need to figure out which country offers sensitive-and-straight-to-the-point men. When i do, that country will win my vote! Lol

          5. @juicy
            hmm…well good luck with that…im starting to think humans are just not that way….although i will say i dont think its based on any particular country…if you have met someone like that then you probably have met a saint or Jesus or sumpin like that….lol…maybe Superman!

          1. Clooney is ugly, and his dick must be ridiculously small, especially in winter ( not as much as David Beckham’s one but he’s got a nice butt to fuck).

            I suggest you Tyrese or Tyson Beckford, or any average street african blackmale. You’lle never be disappointed.

          2. @daajaa- you messed it up! It was betweenthe guys i mentioned becausethe questionwas Irish vs Canadian! Unless those dudes you mentioned were Irish and Canadian. Since i had to do a search myself, those were the choices for who were “hotter”! I gotta say, as far as age is concerned, I’m sticking with my fellow fine and well aged American man- Richard Gere! Wouldn’t care if he had to use an iv full of Viagra! Bradley Cooper is a cutie pie! Then again, so is Michael Buble! So imo- Ireland and Canada are neck n neck! The little accent makes both a “win win” in my book.

          3. @daajaa
            well i think you have been misinformed on clooney my friend…i remember back a few years ago when he was doing batman, it came out that they had to really rework the batman costume because the codpiece was extremely too small for him…they had to design a special one to fit – and no one has been able to fit that piece since him….sooo either all the actors before and after him were very small or clooney is definately packing! Just thought i would add that little tidbit to the convo!

          4. @ali- so are you into Clooney?! I didn’t know he was packing like that, but i think he’s a handsome and charming man! Honestly, even if it was actually little- that wouldn’tchange anythingfor me..

          5. @juicy
            im not into clooney actually…lol…strange i knoe but i think he is handsome of course but i really dont have any interest in him…i just always remember reading that in a movie theatre magazine once…and saying to my friend, ‘now we know why he is so popular!’ and its stuck in my head since

            btw if anything odd pops up in my comments or i start double posting please forgive…my puppy dog likes to hit the keys on my laptop to get my attention and she keeps posting random letters…lolol..such a brat!

  10. two reptoids killed the brothers and took their form, these reptoids have exclusive training. These reptoids set themselves up for failure, after which the “gov” (reptoids) awards them for accomplishing the task. police, FBI, interpol and other blind puppets are clueless.

          1. Nice to meet cha Big Al!

            I’m not looking for a bi chic as I am strictly dickly. But thank you ever so much for offering to let me in line behind you. Very sweet! 😉

          1. @juicy
            me too…i thought it was big gal…i had to look at his avatar again then i realised it said big al! Now i dont feel so foolish 🙂

        1. The nickname stuck a few years ago when some friends and i were watching south park, an episode were the boys lost a pet dog and found it at Big Gay AL’s sanctuary for gay and lesbian animals, it may have been all the weed smoked in the rooms but my shithole friends found it hilarious. The name has stuck since, not gay by the way but my friends still think its the high point of comedy…sigh, i need some new intelligent friends 🙁

  11. Here is the thing i dont understand. In the youtube video of the final shootout with dzokhar a cop yelled right before the video ended “we got em,we killed him”. The pic of him on the boat looks like he was wearing some kind of vest but on the ground it s gone. I think pd knew about this threat but thesee kids are something much smaller and they were hoping to get a bigger fish. Come on over 200 bullets and they didnt get them both?

  12. Hey everyone long time Lurker, first time responder here. First off I have to give Mark major props for the great coverage about whats been going on in Massachusetts this past week as I’ve lived here in Mass for over 30 years and I feel way more informed here on BG then any of the bullshit thats been reported on any of the local newstations around here.

    Personally i think this whole thing smells worse then a hippie driving a VW Wagon with leftover Easter Eggs in it…too many ‘false reports’ from the news stations…too many bullets shot in the first video regarding the shootout of the older brother…but what really drives me friggin nuts is how the local news stations refer to the guy who discovered that something was not right about his boat a ‘hero’…seriously? You go outside to grab a smoke, you see the tarp on your boat has been cut so you decide to stick your head in the boat to find a guy curled up in a pool of blood? That doesn’t make you a hero…it makes you an idiot.

    Don’t get me wrong I am glad this ‘ situation’ is over but i don’t think we’ll ever find out the truth about who really did it and why because there’s this mentality running around Boston and i’m sure in other towns and cities which people say ‘ Lets rain down a hail of bullets so theres little to no chances of the suspects being able to interviewed and we’ll just accept whatever the media tells us’…

    Anyhow thats just my two cents about this whole thing…I look forward to having many enlightening and interesting discussions with all of you and thanks again Mark for all the hard work you put in to this site it’s kept me coming back for the past two years and finally decided to join this lovely, disturbing family 🙂

    1. @Our Failed Society –

      Welcome to BG!

      I was born and raised in Boston.. So I also see the local coverage. There was a ton of fuck up stories as the events were unfolding, but that was also done by social media. Tons of people listening to the police scanners and lying about what was being said. It’s hard to figure out what is the truth and what isn’t. The media’s ‘sources” are also social media.

      I agree about the news calling the man who discovered Dzhokar in the boat a hero. He called 911, that’s called common sense, not heroism.

      I wanted him taken alive. I hope hope hope he survives which there may be a good chance considering his condition is listed as “serious” and not “critical”. He’s had to have blood transfusions from blood loss.

      1. Kels~

        Thanks for the welcome and your response. I agree with you as it seems like everyone has their own ‘heroic’ story to tell even if they were not directly effected by the blast. I live around the ‘Woosta’ area myself and I have been running errands up and down the Mass Pike (Massachusetts Turnpike for the rest of you non Massholes lol) and the state police have set up those portable electronic signs between Framingham all the way to Springfield with messages saying “Boston is one again…thanks for your help”

        I’ve even been hearing stories that have been printed in some of our local newspapers talking about how brave and heroic some people have been even if they weren’t directly hurt by the bomb. I read this one story about a woman who was sitting in the V.I.P section which tend to be on elevated platforms at the finishing line…she wasn’t directly hurt by the blast, but she fractured her vertebrae and something else when she decided to climb down and she fell off the damn thing…now everyone is saying ‘ oh how brave this injury won’t ruin her spirit blah blah’

        It’s reason’s like this why i try not to even watch the real news at all anymore as it seems so many people are out to get their five minutes of fame so we can throw them a huge pity party…but again this is only my opinion.

  13. I am thrilled you did this piece. I also have the video of the aunt on faux news saying this is a set up.. and the bs memorial page set up days before the bombing. . Its no surprise these filthy Zionist jews are involved in this tragedy. . They will do anything to make america do their dirty work of ridding the world of Muslims. And to the sheeple of america how is stupid enough to buy in to the bs.. you deserve to die in the next war that these pos Zionist create.. I know the owner of this site isn’t thrilled with gun ownership.. but your more than welcome to make your way down south were you will be protected from this tyrannical grovernment..

    1. So just because there is a video of their aunt saying they were set up means it’s true? Those are her nephews of course she doesn’t want to believe they would be personally responsible for the attack.

      There are pictures and video of them not only standing at each location where he bombs went off, but also of Dz leaving the scene without his bookbag. Why would they stay in the city and not flee to another state or country? If the government was behind this why didn’t the catch them a day or 2 later or most importantly.. not at all -? 4 days gave them plenty of time to tell other people they were framed or set up. What were they doing at the marathon? why is one brother standing at the 1st location of the bomb by himself and Dz at the other by himself.. if they came together..? Why did they take Dz alive and not kill him? thought for sure he would be killed.

      If they were IN on a “staged” attacked and thought they would be protected by the government or whoever set it up… Which could be another possibility, but who gives a fuck in that case? You were in on an attack against innocent people, then you deserve to pay the consequences.

      First their father said on video he talked to them about the bombing, he was worried and they told him they were ok and everything is good… Now he says he last time he talked to them was on Sunday (day before the marathon).

      About the facebook page set up before the attack. You can easily create a page then edit the subject/name of the page. Someone could have created that page then done exactly that ^ .. deleted other content that was there or hid stuff so it looks legit. Why would someone with prior knowledge of this attack go create a facebook page of all things.

      We still do have mass murders and sociopaths living amoung us, people seem to think whenever an attack happens it’s automatically a conspiracy.

      There is so much to look into and figure out as more information becomes available, not just from the media.

      1. I didn’t think you could alter a date on the fb set up page.. but i see your point and that is enough ti get that picture thrown off the table.. the aunt was saying she called the fbi tip line to tell them where the boys were and that this was not them.. granted an extremely stupid move on her part but wouldn’t a family member be the first to say if they were off their rocker.. did you see the security video showing what I think is the younger brother standing with the fbi agent at the marithon. With a white backpack not black? Why is this the second bomb drill done near a big event where a bomb has gone off? If they were paif mortars I think the terrorists group would have provided better equipment.. if our government had anything to do with it they wernt out to kill a bunch of people just for scare to get new legislation passed or get the sheep a little pissed off so we can grant funding towards supplying some f’ed up country.. there is a lot to be reviled most importantly we should continue to think for ourselves and not blindly folloe what is being said on msm..

  14. Another staged attack on US citizens by the US government. There were seal teams on site at the marathon with what looked to be remote detonators and bomb sniffing dogs. They told everyone not to be alarmed that they were just running drills that everything was OK. Just like the drills right before the so called sandy hook shootings took place. Just like the drills right before 9/11 and the drills they had in the UK and Spain. There are larger forces at work here. They are denying any kind of drills at the marathon but you can ask anyone who was there. There were soldiers in plain clothes except for there punisher hats a signature hat for seal teams. No one is safe anywhere as long as the US is involved. Expose the truth for what it is.

  15. Chechens are crazy. Arab Muslims don’t even like them.

    Plus, they’ve been fighting an ‘advanced’ Country for a long time. Wouldn’t shock me if these two were the first and more was to come in other places infested with Muslims.

  16. Is there something in this twited world that is not a jew, CIA, capitalist or whatever conspiracy.
    I mean… I read the comments about the bombs fragments not pierced by shrapnels and I don’t buy it, if the cooker was containing the blast it is logical that those fragments were projected at the same speed than the nails and other stuff inside the bomb so it seems logical to me that there is no holes in the fragments.
    I also read comments on how could the two brothers sneak bombs across all the security, dogs, cameras and all but on such a crowded day it seems possible.
    I read the comment on israelis investigators flying to the USA and that’s odd because FBI folks are well equipped for facing all this mess but at the end of the day I am asking this question : Is there something in the world that is not a US/jew conspiracy
    In my hood we use to say that to much is just ike not enough and blaming USA for every single fart in the world is just too much so it doesnt sound credible..
    Don’t yell at me guys, Im just asking

  17. Israel website claims that
    ?the Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap?

    read this pls

    Israel website claims

    Do not believe anything at all at the moment. Perhaps Saudi Arabia is involved. Those 2 brothers were Salauist followers. Like the most FSA rebel-terrorists. Salauist are the most fanatic muslims. They try to establish control centers south of Russia to begin a ?revolution? very soon. Thats why Putin ordered 1 of the 3 west armys (from the borders with Europe) to redeploy on south Rusia and into Kazakstan. One more army will go there next year.
    All new weapons equiped those armys last 2 years. New artillery, S400 anti aircraft missiles, new missiles Iscander (480km range, +-7m acc), new tanks.
    WE are talking about 300.000 soldiers. Is Putin crazy to do that?
    It?s like a chessboard game. At 26th of February a Tu-22M Backfire Russian Plain Locked and made 3 Fake Kh-22 missile strikes against an AEGIS warship out of Japan. No reaction from USA about this. Next day a Russian plain did the same against a X Band Radar in the Passific. No reaction from USA. The game is for strong players now… There will be more hits inside USA. New World Order whants people to live in fear. Army out in the streets.
    Be prepared. U will not be able to buy ammunitions very soon. Obama can’t disarm a nation but he can control the ammo. U will remember me very soon…
    Greets from Greece. A Zion OCCUPIED country.

    1. This post haves the Photo of the men.
      His name is
      Abdul Rahman Ali Al-Harbi
      Many members of his family are in the black Al-Queda list. Those are the names and the possition in the list
      #15 Badr Saud Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
      #73 Muhammad Atiq Uwaid Al-Awufi Al-Harbi
      #26 Khalid Salim Uwaid Al-Lahibi Al-Harbi
      #29 Raed Abdullah Salem Al-Thahiri Al-Harbi
      #43 Abdullah Abdul Rahman Muhammad Al-Harbi (leader)
      #60 Fayez Ghuneim Humeid Al-Hijri Al-Harbi

      Xiorc on April 20, 2013 at 10:37 am leave your dream and let the others search and inform….

  18. 2 suspects unable to plead their case, as one was murdered and the other shot in the throat. How convenient…..the truth forever silenced. you now only get to hear one side of the story – The government’s.
    Innocent until proven guilty. murdered before fair trial.

  19. If this was a false flag attack perpetrated by the US Government against it’s own people for political advancement, wouldn’t their be three groups they’d be likely to pin it on?

    Right-Wing, White American Males who are members of the NRA (Furthering their disarming Agenda, while also painting Right-wingers and White men as monsters)

    Iranian Tourists (Push war with Iran. Wouldn’t be Iranian immigrants so as not to interfere with their Immigration agenda)

    North Korean spies (To further push the American populous into supporting a war with North Korea).

    As it was – it was two Sunni Muslims from the Islamic region of Russia.

    That’s like an arrow through the heart for the current US Administration, who support Sunni Muslims and their terrorist groups world-wide (Syria, Libya, Egypt etc.) with funding and arming.

    The only way to make this worse for them is if they were Arab or North African Sunni Muslims instead of White Sunni Muslims (Though the older one looks like he’s mixed Iranian or Turkic)

    Nah – I think the Older Brother wanted to join the Chechen Islamist group, and they didn’t trust him because he was ‘Americanized’ from living there for so long. They told him to carry out this attack and they’d accept him into their group. Probably taught him to make bombs in the 6 Months he was in Russia.


    Where is the pressure cooker they had ready to use in the car the police chased them in ??

    What does dude have to say to police after being dropped off at the gas station after being car jacked??
    Where is this dude??

    Joe the Plummer got more press than this car jack victim. I mean the car was a Mercedes ML350, a $60000 car. This guy had money. It’s not like he wasn’t relevant.

  21. isnt suspect 2 supposed to be around 6 ft 2?

    why am i looking at a photo of a childs body then? the person in this photo cant be bigger than 5 ft 5 considering the size of the people around him

  22. I am a member of the AADL, (anti anti defamation league.) Our numbers have out grown the numbers of actual Jews on the planet, but as of yet we are lacking the trillions of dollars and allied technology that our enemies have conned from the blinded peoples of the world! Donations welcome.

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