Power Tripping Cincinnati Female Cop Thinks She Is Above the Law

Power Tripping Cincinnati Female Cop Thinks She Is Above the Law

I absolutely agree with Best Gore member Hawk who said: “I hope this video is used as evidence to get her fired. Women being cops think that feminism means they are above the law. Dumb Cunt bitch.

What this power tripping Cincinnati female cop demonstrated is that because she’s a cop, you as a citizen waive all your rights because when she’s around, you have no right to have rights and must therefore give yourself in to her will or else she’ll arrest you. Absolutely despicable. People like her must be terminated from police immediately without pension. Not a penny more of people’s taxes must be used on this toxic waste of a snatch.

Props to Best Gore member Hawk for the video:

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105 thoughts on “Power Tripping Cincinnati Female Cop Thinks She Is Above the Law”

      1. I also live in cincinnati, and i have alot of love for this city. you cant look at all the niggers standing on the streets and shitt and say the city is a shitstain the city is great.

        1. I’m sure people in Detroit were saying the same thing.. Hell, ARE saying the same thing.

          Whenever a lot of Blacks move into a city, it turns shithole real quick and continues to decline/disintegrate.

          Just the way it is. Stands true in both your Country and Mine (USA, Canada) and in Europe.

          1. No. Your wrong. Fucking wrong out of your goddamn fucking mind. Fuck. Its like that with ANY fuclckingminoity based on decades of racial fucking segregation. Word vomit to the FUCKING EXTREME. Im done.

          2. You’re black and therefore biased.

            You’d have a point (Not really) if it was a United States only issue – but it’s not.

            The same thing holds true for Canada, England etc.

            East-Asians don’t have this issue. Indians don’t have this issue. Whites don’t have this issue.

            Some Muslims do. But it’s primarily a Black issue.

            Look – Blacks make up 12% of the population in London, England. They are responsible for over half the violent crime in the city.

            This holds true in the States, also.

            And Canada? Another shooting in Toronto.. Blacks. Another supermarket robbed with guns.. Blacks.

            Sorry – truth is just that.

            Blacks just flat out aren’t compatible with any other peoples.

          3. These guys seemed like nice guys. I don’t know why you’d believe an entire race is the exact same.. The cops in this video had no right to arrest him, and they knew their rights. I would’ve just walked back inside because you don’t have to talk to the police..

          4. Look at any city with a large Black demographic, BloodVortex.

            Let’s use the USA as a sample: Detroit, St. Louis, Philadelphia, Chicago, Oakland, New Orleans, Memphis, Kansas City.. I could go on and on.

            Heck – we have them were I live, which is a small part of Canada, and it isn’t even safe to walk the streets now.

            Toronto is rapidly turning into a shithole.

          1. black guy was in the right though. that lady sucks at life. but perhaps thats just nature of the beast, being a little pretty white woman with a job to enforce law on 6 ft black dudes… id be hypersensitive as fuck.

    1. They were stupid for even opening the door, then stepping outside. Dumb niggers don’t know shit. Yeah she needs a warrant to go in the house. But when your KFC loving ass goes outside all bets are off. I’ve stood in my doorway saying “no” and “fuck you”. Not once did I end up in handcuffs.

      1. Same has happened to me I asked “are you charging me” pig says “not yet” I say “then get the fuck away from my house” slamming the door in his face. About four hours later he showed back up with my charges gloating. If I could go back I definitely wouldn’t have been playing badass

  1. Ahh yes, TLC. The channel run by retards who also gave us Honey Boo Boo after doing a series called “Toddlers in Tiaras”.
    Television for fat, liberal women on welfare.

    Seriously, someone bomb their fucking headquarters because TLC needs to be shut down.

    1. Agreed, how is any of this shit deemed educational? I’m kind of a nerd and actually miss when they had educational, non “reality” shows on. Just like discovery and history. Now it’s all bullshit entertainment. As far as this video the dude was right, no warrant, no probable cause fuck that I wouldn’t open e door either.

    2. @Ramm! We can’t just shove the people of TLC into giant burial pits and then machine gun them all…
      …until during or after the revolution… besides, they are only the 16th group on my list.

    1. She’s probably just sick of dealing with the monkeyshines and TNB all the time. After all Cincinnati looks very similar to Detroit, the monkey cage of Amerika, in terms of demographics.

      I say Obama’s relatives should always be considered guilty until proven innocent.

  2. Damn, the way she was pounding on the door seriously screamed PMS to me! I get like that too! Haha! I would’ve been bawling and had that door open in less than 30 seconds if it were me!

    On the reals though- she was outta line and had the total her “shit don’t stink” attitude! She should be fired!

    1. She’s a total cunt. She thinks just because she is a cop demanding something she can bully her way into getting what she wants without probable cause and a warrant. Fuck you bitch. Get a warrant and I’m not saying shit, call my attorney. I am most certainly not going to do your job for you cause you say so.

      BTW if you ever notice on shows like The First 48 the cops openly play games and use dirty tactics to try and get people to confess to murder. Usually there is minimal to no evidence implicating them and they will play the “you’re going down anyway there’s no question, if you confess though you’ll get ‘consideration’ and won’t seem like a bad person”. Or the “I know it was in self defense… You did the right thing to protect yourself” then once they confess charge them with 1st degree and laugh behind their backs that they fell for it.

      The ones who never say a word other then “attorney” are always released right away and not charged or they charge them and then the ending credits say “charges were dropped due to lack of evidence”. Even if there is indisputable proof they committed the murder, the ones that get attorneys before they confess get a deal in writing and not just listen to some asshole cop say they will give “consideration”, yeah right…

      1. Hyfr. Stpid cunt. Ive had to deal with these kinds of retards before. I would have went back inside after calling her a dumb fucking cunt. Now while verbal insults to an officer IS against the law (threats) not openening up my home to some power tripping bitch is not. She was pissed because the guy in the red was smart as fuck, and wouldnt allow that other nigga to open his door which would have allowed her some bullshit probable cause shit to go inside. She saw the blunt wrapper in that niggas hand so she prolly thought she could cash in on the weed charges. I would be very suprised if that nigga actually went to jail. Im willing to bet that he didnt. They prolly just put him in the cop car and tried to intimidate him. Obstruction my ass. If she did charge him and take him to jail I would hope he has a good lawyer, cause without a warrant that nigga aint obstructing shit.

        1. If he was arrested chances are he could sue and use this video of proof his right to due process was violated.

          My partner was drinking and I was in a car with him when he flipped it on the highway. I was thrown out of the car and found forty ft away. Any who, the cops came to talk to me literally within an hour of when I woke from a coma (which I was in for five days). I just said “I don’t know, I don’t remember” to everything. Fuck if I was gonna talk to the cops without consulting an attorney. They wanted to book him for agg assault due to my injuries. I’m not the type to sell out anyone to the cops even someone I hate. My mom was at the hospital so they got her info and she on the other hand wouldn’t shut the fuck up. She said “if a cop asks you questions you have to answer! You can’t ignore them!” And told them every single time I encountered police in my life. One of the many reasons I cut her off.

          Ironically, the two lead officers both got fucked up in drunk driving accidents shortly afterwards. The main investigator was caught drunk and passed out on the side of the road so they sent him to rehab. The day he got out of rehab he celebrated by getting drunk and going the wrong way on the highway where he crashed head on with a 24 year old student. He killed himself and left her in critical condition. The secondary state trooper on the case was doing a routine traffic stop on The highway when a car crashed into him and pinned him between cars crushing his legs. Guess who the drunk driver was? An off duty Philly police officer. The case was dropped.

          1. And karma fucking wins again! Stick to what you know g, you seem to have a good head on your shoulders. Very sorry to hear about your accident though.

    1. Yeah, I think she would seriously be better off ass a stripper rather than a cop. Bullying, Intimidation, False arrest, no Miranda rights, break people’s doors.

      Look at how the Male Cop (who’s really there to protect her ass), does nothing and always her to go rambiatch and act however she wants, he does and says nothing because he know how to be a good cop but still can’t find the courage tell the woman she’s in the wrong.

  3. It seems like that could have been a simple noise complaint issue. All they had to do was to call them outside and tell there had been complaints and they have to turn the noise down. No need for the agrressive attitude.

    1. The whole thing seemed to be staged…The guy that kept on saying “dont open the door cause they need a warrant” would have also known that they didn’t have to open the door in the first place.

      1. @doc,
        I agree with you that it looks somewhat staged. If it is then I don’t understand why the goverment allow tv companies to air programmes which appear to show the police abusing peoples civil rights?

          1. Maybe they are trying to trick na?ve Americans into being scared of standing up for their rights and giving into whatever the police says in fear of being arrested like the fellow apparently was here? Hmmm..lol

        1. Shows like this trash are used to desensitize the citizenry to the unlawful police practices so even more undereducated people will allow themselves to be arrested and their home and property seized due to some made up violation.

  4. Also, it shows how that sort of behaviour is the norm for cops there as they have it featured on a TV show and the obnoxious bitch is boasting about it. Over here that would have been evidence for a false arrest charge.

  5. Considering the fact that most “reality” tv isn’t even real, I wouldn’t be surprised if the bitch was a stripper who they hired to play a cop after seeing her jiggling her titties at some sleazy strip club.

  6. What a fugly cunt. Why where they there in the first place? She reminds me of a couple female cunt cops here where I live. Bullshit…..she’s breaking the law more than the arrestee. Die. Die. Die. You evil woman.

  7. She is soooooo outside her job description. The dude in red was correct to refuse her baseless request.

    Never ever ever offer information, and if you are arrested, simply say “I request an attorney” and then shut the fuck up.

  8. She was out of line, i’d still fuck her angry ass though. Man i bet she clamps those lips down hard on cock to get through the ranks. Been in the army myself, seen a bitch take cock for gain, she wont go any lower than sgt, fucking whore.

  9. If you watch the video multiple times you will realized that…

    – This bitch is way outside of the Law.
    – this bitch removed the only person who is knowledgeable about the law from the less knowledgeable person.
    – She attempts to intimidate the person who is less knowledgeable about the law/ rights to open the door.
    – she threatens the person who is knowledgeable about the law, to be arrested because he is stating his rights to the public service woman and to his friend.

    – This entire shit, is so so illegal that this policewoman’s male partner (who is there to protect her) is helpless to say anything because… A.) He does not want to be fire for discriminating against he female cop, and B.) he realizes that women could get away with nearly anything,so why should he interfere.

    This is so sick… Men are cowards. That male cop did not say a WORD the entire time…

    Bitch! I hope you have insurance for wrecking my Door!

    1. I don’t think those obstructing charges are going to stick. She’s full of shit, trying to impress the cameras and the sarge, who was pretty worthless too. These female cops are pretty tough until they meet a real animal who respects nothing. Then they quit or get a better attitude.

  10. I didn’t see anything illegal going on with the cops. Those ghetto rats wouldn’t open the door. I was expecting something else such as her slapping them. She was just doing her job. Males cops would do the same thing. Because she’s a female cop, she’s labeled as a cunt. Not fair.

  11. That’s all fake. What was he being arrested for obstruction of justice? Lol they had no right without a warrant. Also Mr baggy cloths is the bad guy without ever being searched while the arrested guy is totally unsure of everything lol just tv being tv

  12. 1) The cop who is knocking never announced she was the police, as per video. I don’t know if it was edited out but she needs to Knock-and announce. 2) you can tell she was on a power trip how she grabbed dude with the red jacket and pulled him off the door. 3) The officer was looking for consent from the guys. Without consent she cannot open that door. A police officer may only search people and places when the officer has probable cause or reasonable suspicion to suspect criminal activity. The only proof she had was that they were black. which 9 out of 10 times is enough but this was an exception. Also she saw other people in the house and figured it was a party. lesson from all this DO NOT CONSENT !

  13. This pisses me off so fucking bad. This is the one reason why I think black people get a bad wrap sometimes. This guy did nothing and his friend was a good friend. That bitch just wanted to “smell drugs” so she could go in there and arrest everyone. She is a dumb fucking cunt bitch. She could be a fucking lady with a cock and she would still be a better stripper than cop.

  14. fuck she was annoying,ofcourse they thought it was a joke,open the door to see some mouthy trollop barking at them like a fucking Chihuahua whlile a camera crew stands on your porch filming you.they didn’t have to open the door anyway! what a whiny little pmsing cunt stain.

  15. She may have a ‘legal’ reason for wanting the door open – ie: someone behind it; but what she really wanted was to see the drugs being passed around or sitting on a table or the smell of smoke and she’d then have reason to enter without the warrant. Fucking cops! God damn them to hell.

  16. Do you really beilieve that this is real?! oO

    Reality-TV doesn’t mean it’s real. Til’ the 90s shows like these were real, but nowadays everybody knows his rights and nobody wants to be filmed like that. These people are real, but they get paid for this shit. Just a few hundred bugs. Everybody (should) knows that!

    In Germany the producers and TV stations are obliged to quote, that scenes are postpositioned and stories are based on true events in the closing credits. Most weekly or daily reality documentary shows about lower class people doing stupid things are fake.

  17. Don’t they first have to state why they are there before they start throwing demands around, like the stupid cunt did.

    For instance she didn’t read him his rights, she didn’t explain why they were even there in the first place. I just assume these are world wide laws for the police?

  18. “ARE YOU A LAWYER?!?” Wow, I didn’t know I had to be a lawyer to know my rights… Anyway, this wasn’t a real arrest. It was staged for the show. But the fact that it was aired for millions of people to see, and believe to be real, is only going to make people think that you have to do whatever an officer tells you, legal and illegal demands. It also doesn’t surprise me that it would be blacks who would fall for this bullshit.

  19. You don’t have to necessarily open the door however it does give probable cause to further investigate. If officers are called they are obligated to make sure no crime is committed, they can not enter unless they witness a crime, refusing an order does warrant an obstruction case. If she is responding to a “call” then its obstruction. His friend was right in a sense, they do need a warrant however in this case she was on an incident call. Granted some officers exceed their bounds however when you have committed no wrong then you don’t need to stand “against” them. Just be honest up front and to the point. The sooner they get what they need and leave. When you begin to try to “force” your rights in an ill manner, it tells me you are hiding something and I want to know what that is. If you say sure, look around, just having a good time, how can I help, means that you have no worries and I’ll just secure the scene and go on about my business. Now if she hit him upside his head and said racial slurs and went inside…yes absolutely, she’d of had a lawsuit. This video just shows you what NOT to do. In this situation, if cops knock on your door, open the door, be visible and clearly ID yourself and ask what may I do. If asked to step outside, state for your safety you wish to stay indoors until I am told why you are here and how I can help. If necessary have your supervisor come and observe. At that time the officer should ID why he is there and what is wrong. If he doesn’t, clearly state that you do not feel safe and ask if a crime has been committed. If not I am going back inside. Stand firm but DO NOT be threatening. Once you do that, you change the playing field. If you realize that they are here on a noise complaint, just immediately apologize, and state that you will turn the music, crowd down. If they treat you any other way than professional, state that you feel that you are not being given respect and you wish to file a complaint with the Union board and shift supervisor, have a witness comply. They will either do one of two things, beat the shit out of you, or back peddle. Depends on how serious the situation is.

  20. I wonder what became of this bitch, arresting someone without a search warrant for not leaving their door open. When i see a woman now when walking down the street, i just cross the road and keep my head straight. There are so many possible disasters can come out of just eye contact.

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