Proof That US Soldiers Are Faggots

Proof That American Soldiers Are Faggots

All I have to say about that is:

Thanks faggots for proving me right. Again!

American soldiers, better known as ZOG mercenaries stationed in Afghanistan to protect and facilitate the $65 Billion a year heroin trade which was forcibly taken over by the Zionists took down the US flag and raised a rainbow-striped gay pride flag to fly it over their army base.

I wonder just how the sheep who like to say “Thank you for your service” and think these mercenaries are “patriots who fight for their freedom” feel now. I wonder how they feel knowing that the US flag means shit to these mercenaries. I wonder how they feel knowing that their actual alliance lies with faggotry, not with their country so much so that they bared the post of the country’s flag.

  • What does one US soldier say to another US soldier who is going home?
  • Can I help you pack your shit?
  • Four US soldiers are sitting in a hot tub. They notice sperm rising to the surface. One of them says:
  • Ok, who farted?
  • How do you fit three US soldiers on one barstool?
  • Turn it upside-down!
  • What’s the difference between a refrigerator and a US soldier?
  • The fridge doesn’t fart when you pull the meat out!
  • What did one US soldier’s sperm say to the other?
  • How are we ever gonna find an egg in all this shit?

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165 thoughts on “Proof That US Soldiers Are Faggots”

          1. Caerbannog Coney, what, my country sent 50 GNR (Republican Guard) there who have never been involved in a battle. Besides, i am against that. It sent them because it is, unfortunately, apart of the terrorist organization called NATO.

      1. No, I was being sarcastic. Being American is a great thing. People can say what they want about America, it just goes with being the best. Its that way with everything in life, the best are always the “victim” of jealous 3rd world people. You know why the WORLD is obsessed with America and American barely knows of any other countries? Because they don’t make a big enough impact in the world to care.

        1. Lol, that’s the problem with Americans. You all think that everyone else loves and needs you when in actual fact no one gives a fuck about anything other then themselves. Unfortunately you believe your better off then you actually are, but fuck everyone’s gotta believe something

          1. you pussies werent saying that shit when we saved your ass from germany were you? no go brush your yellow crooked english teeth dumb fuck!!

          2. Honestly, Americans don’t even think about other countries 99% of the time. Not because we think we are the high and mighty but because people have daily responsibilities to provide for their families. Regular citizens don’t have time to think about other countries cause we all have our own problems. What makes America great is the freedoms and rights. Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to protest, freedom to petition… and yes that is what other countries should aim for. I also bet you 100% of the soldiers sent overseas don’t even want to be there, they would rather be safe and with their families.

        2. hope the brits are not on your list of countries that have not made a impact on world stage you can ask the germans about that and we are one of a handfull to go into russia and kick the russian army up the ass and win and we set up the usa in america so the brits are more well known then the the yanks haha

    1. Americans are brainwashed. To some degree, its not their fault (we can blame the past 5, 6 decades of indoctrination by schools, the government and the media for that), however i do believe only those who are the weakest in their minds succumb to the propaganda. So to my conclusion, a vast part of Americans are weak minded, because if they weren’t, there would have been a revolution already.

          1. @ThePortugueseDude ^_^ it’s funny I don’t own any guns and I could care less about a nigger piece of crap named Obama and they can’t take the guns away from gun owners they can just stop selling them and the ammunition so how exactly are they going to take guns away from people that do not own them.

      1. Says the guy that doesn’t live here…why the fuck would any American want to revolt? The majority of Americans live comfortably so why would they wanna fuck that up by starting a revolution? I love how people from other countries always have to put in their two useless cents about a country theyve never even been two or lived in…but because the leftists media talks shits they wanna do it to with out even knowing wtf they’re even talking about. The only way Americans would ever revolt is if their constitutional rights were taken away…such as the right to talk shit which foreigners seem to love so much, or if the majority people got so poor they were starving to death, other than that why fuck up a good thing ? Why start a revolt? Because our government lies to us? Big deal grow up, every government lies to its people its just depends on who big those lies are. The truth is the American people are smart we know our government lies to us about shit, if you think that any American really belives what the government says is true then you don’t know Americans were very suspicious of our government. But the sad truth is we just don’t fucking care if our government lies to us but its something that we know is going to happen. If they wanna lie about the FSA being rebels and not terrorists go for it wtf do I as an American care? As long as our people don’t we don’t care what our government says its doing. Freedom isn’t free we as a nation understand that and if our government has to lie to us and be shady so we can continue to live the way we do so be it…were a nation of greedy fat fucks who could care less if our government is fucking over your country to feed ours.

        1. @Pale rider I have never seen any bullshit go on in the U.S xD it’s pretty normal here I haven’t even seen a Jew here in California O_O why would the people want to overthrow the government O.o yeah I know they are full of shit every other country is full of shit too the only thing I know is that in war there will always be innocent people dying, . that person who points a gun at you and threatens you with death is not an innocent person it’s a dog ear dog world we all die eventually..

          1. funny thing the world full of racist people , iam true american 1.4 or more native indian blood but i dont fit in no were , then i watch stuff on here to see the world .then to find out people hate me cause i live in america .shit these fucker put me in prision 5 years for he said this and she said that , took my guns away but that dont mean there not close by . i know i have no control what the goverment does . i tell the world hate them not me , hell i got my jaw broke by 2 guy both white ,,,all because one guy was going to steal my friends car and i siad something .

        2. For the simple fact that your rights are indeed being violated. Remember that Obama has authorized the NDAA bill and wants 40 thousand drones spying on you until 2020. And that is what’s official, who knows what they are already doing. And the fact people talk abou the US is because the US has a inclination to put its nose in almost every country’s affairs.

          1. Ok so why are you pissed off about that you don’t even fucking live here you nosey fuck. Mind your own fucking business and worry about your country….if their one thing I hate its nosey people, fucking foreigners.

          2. The only people “infringing on my rights” for some reason seems to always be foreigners they bitch so much, they care about our gun control they care about military they care about our politics everything whiney little bitches…if you care about so much become a citizen and then you can bitch all you want but if you don’t live here then wtf are you opening your trap for? I’ve never been to Portugal and until today I just remembered it existed lol but if Portugal was In Americas shoes I wouldn’t give fuck what Portugal did….why? Because its not my fucking country wtf do I care what Portugal does. I don’t man maybe its just me that sees people who don’t even live in America that love to talk shit about it as nosey cry babies but for some reason I don’t feel that way about the Americans who bitch about the same thing…maybe it has to do with the fact that they live here and have every right to bitch but for a foreigner to be bitching about something that doesn’t even concern or effect him that just seems silly to me. You don’t even have a dog in this fight but your barking like an idiot from the stands.

          3. My country doesn’t have 800 military bases in over 100 countries. I just thought i’d mention that. The moment your military leave my country, i really promise i wont give a fuck about you’res.

          4. @ThePirtugueseDude the only reason why the U.S military is in different countries is because other countries can’t keep peace and usually end up starting shit with others and can’t control their own people. If hate to say this but if Mexico can’t step up and control the narco violence the U.S will step in and beat some ass.

          5. See, you are wrong. We were treathened. It was during WWII. Either we let the Americans set a military base in the country or they would invade the Azores islands. We didn’t “gave the key” willfully. We were forced. By the bullies the US are.

          6. Are you seriously suggesting over 100 countries can’t keep peace? Really? We need the al mighty USA to mantain the peace? LOL
            About the Mexican drug cartels, there is a simpler solution. Stop buying their drugs. Simple. Grow your own weed. Other drugs are messed up and you don’t need them. They are violent (the cartels) because of US drug consumption. Its the worlds biggest market. They all compete with each other to send the drugs over to your country.

          7. dudes just mad that his countrys all up on our American dick….tell your country to quit being such a slut. It’s not my fault they like getting fucked over by us. “America is a pimp with a strong hand and whiney foreigners are just mad that their countries are our disgruntled hoes with black eyes and fat lips”

          8. @ThePirtugueseDude blame the fucking Italians they are the reason why the U.S put bases in your country -.- WW2 was a bitch and one of the reasons why the u.s is stationed everywhere but hey it’s for protection invade another WW3 starts they are ready to fight don’t cry about it.

          9. Its not about preventing a “WWIII”, its about domination, control. Google “1953 Iranian Coup D’?tat”, see who started it and for what reasons. Google “Operation Northwoods”. Its about control and power, not freedom.

          10. I wonder if oil were found in Portugal how long would it take for the our government to accuse P. Coelho of having/making WMD’s and launch a full-scale invasion to liberate the oppressed portuguese people because we are all about freedom.

          11. We kinda do need help. We have an extremly corrupt government sucking the dicks of the European parliament and doesn’t give a fuck about us. We don’t have oil but we have natural gas. Is that enough for us to be liberated?

          12. Guys, I am a outsider here but why not come to the conclusion that both your governments suck donkey balls and come to the understanding that the working class of all countries have little control over the direction of your country, this is mostly the truth.

            Anything else is the decision of big business and the little people have little say over it, we are all victims of enterprise, lets work together and not against each other.

          13. I’d rather live here in the USA than Afghanistan! There are ignorant people everywhere, not every American is a puppet! Most Americans love their country not because we wish harm on others or want to dominate the world, merely because this is where our lives reside! Take pride in who you are!

        3. The people who hate America and Americans are just jealous and it’s just as simple as that. You know you’ve made it when the people of the world just has to talk shit. our country is only 240 years old and we got to the top of the mountain way quicker than all those one horse town countries. Fuck them with it. They can’t beat us. And the only time we lost is when chicken shit liberals were in charge. You and I know up until this nigger president our people were the toughest, brightest, and most talented by a mile compaired to those hating other mother fuckers from around this piss poor globe. Fuck them with it and remember America is better than you and yours any fucking day of the week people of this world. Lastly if we kicked out blacks, browns, and yellows out of America. We would be unstoppable in every category.

      2. why start a revolution? iv got a house, good job, just like most americans, i still do whatever i like, its not like i am being oppressed by the government. i wouldnt want to start a revolution against the american army, marines, sf anything. fuck that, or the ZOG as they are known here

        1. I agree with empty soul. I am an American btw. Us working class cannot do anything about big companies and government. I love my country but I do not love my government. I fear the American government. This new data collection facility in Utah is huge. They are collecting ALL information on us. Every call to your gramma will be stored there. This is a fucking nightmare. Obama is another Bush the way he’s allowing these National security laws to pass. With that being said , I have to say I loved reading all these posts. National pride is good to have. Reading about American pimp hands dealing out black eyes to the ho’s of the world is too damn funny. I had a good laugh reading that. I think People from other countries can misunderstand us sometimes. When I read “Fuck America” I think to myself “Fuck Americans” And that makes me very angry. But talk smack all you want about our government just don’t talk smack about our people. We are good people.

        1. China can suck on an egg roll. They’re so scared of their own people revolting against them why should we be scared of them. They’re more scared of us then we are of them. Americans don’t fear any country. I don’t care how big their inexperienced military is. Beside we always got our disgruntled whore countrys like Portugal to lend a hand lol.

    2. Nobody understands sarcasm anymore. I am proud to be an American, and while I do not support many of my government’s decisions, I am smart enough to realize that the soldiers who fight are not the decision makers. I also am smart enough to understand that the actions of a few do not dictate nor reflect accurately the actions of the whole.
      I am grateful for the American military even though some of their actions are despicable. Just like currently, the escalating issue of the Islamic state. I am all for force against such terrorists especially when, like the Islamic state, they said that even if the United States left the Middle East and could not return, they would come from all corners of the world to destroy America. That is a clear threat so yes, I am thankful for the service.
      I think this is like many things in life. If someone wants something but cannot have it, they will pretend to hate it, speak out against it, etc. I think many who speak out against America, it’s military, and countrymen are oftentimes just jealous and found wanting.

    3. he is so sad about his life he attacks to others by callind them 3rd world lol what a sorry ass and a retarded to think that this is an insult! 😀 your country is out of the list not because it is a place of democracy which is bullshit by the way but because it is full of bullshits fox news child rapes murders racism black killings massacres robberies inequilties etc…

      I dont know what a 3rd world country is but usa is definetly not a 1st or 2nd world country for sure!

  1. I could care less about their sexual orientation. But one fact remains, these days, anyone who joins the US military, is a fucking brainwashed retard. You are not defending your country, you are defending the military industrial complex and the big corporations that profit from war.

          1. No, i live in a small town of old people who all know each other. I have never even seen a traffic accident live. Thats why i come to Best Gore, because i know who lucky i am to live in such a peaceful place.

      1. Actually it’s a correct spelling and one of the many ways Quran has been translated.

        Quran, Qur’an, Koran, Al-Coran, Coran, Kuran, and Al-Qur’an are all correct spellings. Nice try though, perhaps educate yourself before trying to correct others.

          1. So now we’re all supposed to speak Arabian, where the fuck are translations for? So we can talk with respect about the Koran without making mistakes.

            Great example you give there of how narrow minded Muslims are. Bitching about Koran or Qur’an.

          2. Because its written ” ??????? ” you stupid shit. You can’t determine a correct Latin alphabet spelling for Arabic script. You won’t see them spelling it Quran either.

          3. He spelled it right. He’s just referring to a Muslim country. That doesn’t mean he’s grammatically obligated to spell Quran Qur’an. That doesn’t make any sense.

        1. You seem to have gotten offended. Hhm odd. My origanal reply was merely a light hearted comment that was clearly misinterpreted as some sort of offense. Took you awhile to google all that but whatever floats your boat buddy. You say Muslims wouldn’t say Qur’an, but all English speaking Muslims agree that’s the proper form. Ask any muslim you meet. Call me any name you want, it’s quite amusing!

  2. Phft haahahahaha!! Hahahahaa *muffle* *muffle* hahaahha!! no please, forgive me, I didn’t mean to laugh too hard but… “Proof That US Soldiers Are Faggots” and the image. HA!

    When we see how hardcore many (real) American patriots, in gun training and their devotion to the US constitution over ZOG…
    … and when we see how scared shitless the police were during the C. Dorner saga, and we literally see Faggots kissing each other at the US military West Point Academy…

    I have NO DOUBTS that we can win a physical violence conflict against ZOG’s Liberal, pussified Faggified forces.

      1. Shhh, don’t tell anyone I told you this but Hawk is actually an American like you so with that consensus in mind you too must live in a country that ‘don’t matter enough to the world to even destroy’, lol. “Enjoy life”. I’m from England by the way and to be honest I couldn’t give a fuck about other countries and their foreign policies, too busy surviving in this dog eat dog world but I do believe you reap what you sow, enjoy it while you can.

    1. Nothing is wrong with being a gay American.

      I’m not gay, but I am an American and proud to be one.. Even if I don’t agree with a lot of our “leaders” decisions (past and present) – oh fucking well.

  3. I’ve been in Iraq and Afghanistan for the Dutch Army and i bet a lot of people hate me for that and think im a brainwashed zionist zog or whatever but i loved doing what i did there.

    And i actually know and believe we did a good thing there, hell we definitly did good things on a small scale especially as a medic i could do a lot of good things on a small scale.. ofcourse we had to do things i have my doubts about but i just did it and i dont feel like a criminal and personally i dont feel like a bad person because i’ve been there.

    These kind of news items on here always give me a double feeling, there is and there must be truth in Mark’s words but he’s overreacting on certain things, this post is an example of the last part.

    I know we had some gay guys in our group and i dont like the “Gay Parade and the Look im gay! Attitude” at all but on the day of the Gay Parade those guys raise thier gay flag too.. didn’t mean they disrespected thier country.

  4. America is from Greenland to every country from Greenland to South America.

    In December 2012 there were about 102,000 Nato troops serving in Afghanistan from 50 contributing nations, the International Security and Assistance Force (Isaf) said.

  5. It doesn’t take any effort at all to photoshop that picture.

    Obviously that is what it is as the American military is the best in the world even though Obummer allowed gays to be in the military and ended don’t ask don’t tell..

    Fight on brave Christian soldiers !!!

    1. Whatever the motives to join the army they will always be expendable pawns to fight their greedy corporal leaders’ war. Honor my butt. If you have a relative in the army is totally natural to not loose him/her. If not you are a also naturally a sheep.

  6. Greetings, new to forum part of site, but been lurking for a couple years I suppose. I find it very informative and enjoy the banter back and forth between its members.

    Anyhoot, I could care less on the US Military part or the politics or political policy. There are scum bags all over the place and there are good folks all over the place.

    I’d like to point out two basic things here though as this discussion caught my eye:

    1. The majority of US military are 17-21 year-olds that were lied to by recruiters or their own families into joining something good that will be good pay, schooling and a “future”. These kids (that’s what they are), are clueless on foriegn policy and current politics. Fuck, most of em cannot even point to a map of Iran correctly. No, they were bullshitted into this great service and then brainwashed after there was no escape. The US has AWOL laws for a reason: Many would run like Hell once they found of the truth of the matter and what load of crap they signed up for for many of the kids joining. I’d refrain from blaming them! Blame the diehard douche bag recruiters, politicans and parents.

    2. This photo was photo shopped! You can see the pixelation disruption if you loo closely around the flag and the top of the flag pole. This photo was in response to the recent lifting of the ban on gays in the military so some tool made this to mock the US choice to allow gays in the military. Ask yourself this: Why the fuck would anyone in a war zone display the gay pride flag opennly in a fucking warzone? Really, if you thought this photo was real you might be the one brainwashed because common sense should trump bullshit here!

    I agree, the US has a fucked up situation in many places. They are not perfect. We (yes I am American), have fat asses walkign around, rick pricks sending 18-year-olds off to die in thier wars for profit. We have stupid fucking citizens. However, those of us that can actually think for ourselves are not the issue and we are trying desperately to get rid of those fucking up our country. However, our vote pales in comparison to all the relgigious fuckign idiots eating Big Macs with one hand on their bibles and one hand on their Glock 9mm.

    Peace, looking forward to more posts in the near future! Pleasure to finally make a post on this great website!

      1. Thanks for the welcome!

        I could be wrong about the photoshop, but knowing how the folks in the US react to things like allowing gays in the military, this just has BS written all over it. Plus, if you look at the flag closely, I would think the part that was flapped over would not have blue on the botten but rather red as red is the top color; unless it’s a weird wind fold over type of thing. There also appears to be distortion all around the flag and half the pole itself and seems to be even more around the folded over tip of flag. Though you can see some distortion along the top of the tent (probably due to lighting and crappy camera), you don’t see it along other fine lines.

        I could be wrong, but to me, this just smells like really bad anti-gays in the military from a US citizen.

        I’d guess the military would investigate the source just to fine out if indeed it was real, or if a member of the military was the one that photoshopped and sent it around. Don’t think they would allow such behavior.

  7. yeah well maybe they should only enlist gay man so they dont end up raping all women soldiers, or maybe they should just enlist male soldiers and make a huge gay orgy with guns. Seriously world, what the eff?

  8. I compare the military to welfare, both government tools that make you slaves to the system. Always depending on the government for a check, and being pimped out like a Tijuana whore. And when its all over you feel used up, cheap, soulless, you can sign a contract at 17 years old to die in war, but you cant toast to living one more day. If your fine with being pimped out and being nothing but a trick your whole life join the military. that should be the slogan

  9. I know that Gay marriage issue is creating a lot of hate. I am not for gay rights. Its not gonna kill me if it passes , just wasn’t raised like that. Sure as hell wouldn’t want my kids gay, I could never have grandchildren . Would have to go to the sperm bank or the adoption agency to trace the family tree. Damn

  10. Yeah really. The Americans, Blame the Americans, only if it makes you feel better about how shitty your own country is. Hypocrisy Hypocrisy. Hey you know most us, came from Europe. How Trendy. ZOG mercs? chasing phantoms as every deluded conspiracy theorist does. Do you think they even want to be there? it’s a shithole, and they dont wanna die over nothing.

  11. The United States has become a fucking disgrace both by the government who is controlled by zionist who seek to degrade American society to filth and also the American people themselves who for the most part are uneducated sheep who get their political and moral beliefs not from religion or personal study but from the fucking TV. Brainwashed stupid cattle who believe that homosexuality is ok because the TV tells them so or that being a anti-Christian atheist is cool because the media tells them. They are being lead to their own destruction by the filthy international jew the same shit was happening in Germany before Hitler took over. Germany was drowning in homosexuality and syphillis. No decent man would join the military today it is full of gays and women who do not belong anywhere outside a kitchen or bedroom. The only people who think that homosexuality is ok are either Faggots, jews or brainwashed cattle.

      1. oh your one of those “Open minded people” your soo open minded you think being gay is ok it is soo ok that to make sure no one accuses you of being hateful or a biggot your willing to open your a-hole to a homo yourself i bet even though your not gay

  12. I have lived in England , Canada , and America ( California for 6 months ) I have to say out of the three Canada is the best . I’m back in England now and will probabbly stay here untill I can go back to Vancouver island . I can’t put my finger on why I Diddnt like Cali? I would say 90 percent of the people Met and worked with had absolutely no fucking idea about anything outside there bubble . They seem to have the same dumb shit mentality as empty soul . I’m not saying your a dumb shit as I have beer met you , but your actions portray you as such

  13. Faggots give soldiers a bad name. No one likes soldiers or cops but could you atleast admit they have a place in our fucked up society until one day we free ourselves from capitalism and learn how to exist like we once did for thousands of years. As long as we cling to our modern filth we will be suckling on authorities tit.

  14. I am American citizen and I am happy to be me. I was born and raised here. But America does not own me. There are some good things about America, but there are LOTS of bad things, mainly the government. And MANY people here are stupid assholes who would willingly following any moronic leader. Bestgore is a great site to educate the world on reality. Thanks.

    1. I’m the same way man. I am American and love my country dearly but part of being patriotic is to question the authority of our leaders and their motives. Obama and his administration scare me. He’s a coward and he’s ruining the country.

  15. I am sure you are all well aware that Americans are tougher on ourselves than anyone.

    We are far to advanced and proud to be insulted by these kinds of things. It is very difficult to insult Americans unlike much of the rest of the world where wars are started over simple things.

    Same goes with Christian faith. We are able to laugh at ourselves and feel no despair.

  16. America needs to get NUKED for thinking they are the World Police. As an American that hates the US government, I despise that US soldiers are always being sent halfway around the world to fight and die. I only wish that American military might was only used to defend the borders. 🙁

  17. We can do what ever we want and exercise our freedom of Speech!!I am an American too bad your in a Shit Hole country!! you can say what ever bad things about USA all the day and in the end ” USA is still the best country in the world!! Try doing what this soldier’s doing in Saudi..and lets see what will happen to you “Stoned to Death”

  18. funny that ted cruz likes this website. this verities dude loves his lord and thinks his lord is going to take him to heaven and place him in a mansion on the streets paved with gold??? And he will do that but you can’t be pissing off the jews while you are having all your gay friends burned to death. Of course, you Jew buddies love dead gays just as much as you do,but they will not let you get one of the BETTER mansions if you are too open about it.
    So lay low on your wishing gays to burn todeathl….and don’t worry, BIBI will find you a good plot of land up there so you can hang out with Jerry Falwell…..

  19. I know no one will prolly read this but, wtf does being gay or straight have to do with your ability as a soldier? They murder, maim, and ‘follow orders’ just like the rest… it’s irrelevant. You’re sexual discretions do not impair your ability to pull the trigger, detonate bombs, or anything on the field. It’sridridiculous to think cuz he can suck a dick he’ll have less ability to perform as a soldier. Last i checked most of raping, pillaging, murdering mercenaries are straight, so lets start with that. Gays make up a very small percentage of these sheep, most are just like you.

    1. Probably the most intelligent opinion I read on this thread, even though written 3 years ago.

      I’m a str8 non-American, I don’t have an issue with left-handed people, fat land-whale people or homosexuals, they make up such a small portion of our population and as a group, they haven’t done anything to offend me.

      Agreed. Most of the raping, pillaging, killing done by soldiers are the str8 ones.
      Homos can’t really rape women, and I doubt they have enough testosterone to kill, what with those camp voices.

    1. does the envious weakling who is attempting to bash the American soldiers with this paintshop
      forgery think he fools people? The politician officers who people like Obama and the jew media put in charge are not one percent of the US military forces. They are not typical of anything except the media and the left wing’s fantasies. Overwhelming majority of US Army soldiers are working class with conservative lifestyle and values. Most intelligent people know that already.
      Keep working on your lies though- the Zionists might eventually recognize your abilities(when you develop them) and offer you a Stooge job bashing your own heritage.

    2. im American to lol. I just come for the videos. Don’t listen to these people. A lot of them say horrible things about people being killed on here and they dumb beyond measure.. and apparently also homophobic

  20. It makes sense to have at least a “faggot” platoon for several reasons.

    -There aren’t many women, so housing them with the ladies makes infrastructure sense
    -They aren’t going to reproduce so aren’t a multiple casualty scenario
    -They want equality and equal rights
    -They entertain each other after hours no need for USO
    -They are a righteous bird of the best proportion to the fag & woman hating muzzies

    could go on forever – fag platoon to attention!!!!

  21. It makes sense to have at least a “faggot” platoon for several reasons.

    -There aren’t many women, so housing them with the ladies makes infrastructure sense
    -They aren’t going to reproduce so aren’t a multiple casualty scenario
    -They want equality and equal rights
    -They entertain each other after hours no need for USO
    -They are a righteous bird of the best proportion to the fag & woman hating muzzies

    could go on forever – fag platoon to attention!!!!

  22. Obama is to blame for this crap. Once he said it’s ok for transgenders to share restrooms and locker rooms with girls it’ll all went to shit here in the US. Fucking idiot! What a damn embarrassment our military has become.

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