Reikoko the Beautiful

Reikoko the Beautiful

I don’t have time for YouTube, but people have been telling me that the sheep nimrods looking for acceptance in the herd have been badmouthing Best Gore for a long time. All I have to say about that is – fuck yeah! For as long as the demented sheep bitch about Best Gore, I know I’m on the right path.

But enough about the crackbrained sheep, let’s talk about the magnificent Best Gore and the beautiful members that peruse the site daily.

I don’t think Reikoko needs any introduction. Our resident Asian beauty is as loyal as she is gorgeous and as tenacious as she is sweet. And if that weren’t enough, now she’s also a voice of support in the world infested with dimwits.

Check out the video Reikoko made to voice support for Best Gore. It’s got the hot chick, sexy accent and BG fuck yeah. Big props to Reikoko for taking time to make the video.

PS – I suck at giving props to chicks too hot to give props to without hitting on them 😛

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

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87 thoughts on “Reikoko the Beautiful”

  1. fuck yeah! sexy girl knows what its about! haha i totally agree, i see bestgore not as something to go on and be like woah, dead people!, or look people gettin fucked up! i see it as an educational thing, its changed how i see the world and how i think (for the better) and it gives me an idea of what is goin on in the world, i thank mark soo much for it and i hope it helps open the eyes of many others that are trapped in their bubbles and break the sheep out of their herds.

  2. @rei,well said, Iv’e known ya since ya been comin’ here, and bein’ the asshole that I am, I will ask you can ya make another video like that except show those beautiful little titties???? Just kiddin, rei,:) I respect ya!!!! Then again…… can we see your titties??? Who loves ya,baby??? 🙂

  3. Damn, for some reason I can’t play this as it cuts at 0.02 secs.

    Can someone fill me in please.

    Koko, you are as beautifull as ever and well spoken…….. t-shirt fits well and what is on that pillow O.o

    Keep going sheep, the more you bleet the more retarded you sound.

    1. I finally got to see it by lowering the quality.

      As I said in the previous post that those 2 seconds gave me an indication of a well spoken woman and to see the rest proved it to me………….. You are as sweet as honey and I just had to do some googling on you and ‘whalla’.

      WARNING ———- Stalker on the loose :mrgreen:

  4. Yay, Reikoko! I love Best Gore too, and find it very educational. It shows what the world is really like without having to resort to censorship. If people, especially Americans, looked at the pictures and videos of people drinking and driving and involved in fatal accidents, showing them with their brains splattered across the road, I’m going to go out on a limb and claim there would be a lot fewer people drinking and driving. Also, as an American, I appreciate our imperfect country, and am glad I don’t live in a shit hole like Brazil, Indonesia and Thailand, or in European countries who allow Gypsies to roam their countries and commit heinous crimes. Thank you, Mark and Best Gore, for bringing reality to the Internet.

    1. amen… i posted on your youtube Reikoko, something of a similar ilk… BG is my reality check site. I always leave thinking whatever crap thats been worrying me really doesn’t matter.
      If more people had such a reality check then maybe the world would avoid a lot of stupid deaths.

  5. i’m just telling the truth 😀 BG has really opened my eyes, and i have been visiting the site every day since i first discovered it, as long as i had internet. i’m not the most articulate person, and there are many others on BG who are far more eloquent than i am, but i just wanted to make my support public, because it’s just ridiculous how the general public want to censor reality. there are many things i actually wanted to say in the video, but what can i say, i’m very shy on-camera 😀

    and no, lunatic, i will not be flashing 😛 what if i get cyber stalkers and then get ridiculed? i’d probably do an amanda todd!

  6. Get it girl! Liked! Subscribed! Thanks for putting it out there. The funniest thing about it all is the reaction videos that come up in the search. All I could think of was the bleating of the sheep as they witnessed the slaughters when I watched a few. I must be jaded I never had a reaction of any sort beyond saying “oh wow”. The ones with kids in them suck for the kid but all the rest are just reality. Merica limits exposure to these things to such a degree that 99.9 percent of the sheep have never seen this sort of thing. I’ve seen a few good ones in my day as a highway worker before the emergency crews showed up. I held a ladies bicep together once when she got sideswiped by a truck, helped a guy out of his Audi after he got clipped and hit a pole and spun off an embankment. And was the first one to the car when a lady had a massive coronary and blew thru a light at an off ramp and t-boned another car. Just to name a few. Unfortunately none of these happened when I had the capability to run video and my comp crashed a couple years ago and I lost all my pics. Long story longer.. LONG LIVE!! Fuck yeah!

    1. Ps yes coronary lady was dead before her face hit her own airbag. Death has an unsettling stillness to it that one really doesn’t notice unless looking right at it. Afterwards one notices how living things constantly move however so slightly but there is life in them that can be seen. Pps where can I score some BG gear? Or do I have to silkscreen my own? And do I have permission to use the font on the banner by the skewered Asian?

      1. i have to agree with Buff….see, i get laid on a pretty regular basis and have a basic respect for women without feeling the need to make sexually suggestive comments to every fucking female i see….somehow saying “thank you, Reikoko” is a little more respectful than telling her what i would do to her with my mighty meat stick…

  7. Rei,

    Thank you for supporting this wonderful site! It takes courage to stand against the sheep, especially when done the right way – the non-violent way. Any fool can fight (and I’ve been a fool before myself) but to calmly state your position and conviction is more powerfull as it is a positive action.

  8. Wooh !!! ^(^o^)^ best gore < 3 I'm really happy I found this website (: I'm not going to lie I have best gore opened on my iPhone Everytime I use the Internet I go straight to this website 😀 google and yahoo I don't love you anymore </3

  9. I like the vid, Rei! You’re very brave for putting yourself up on YouTube like this. So many retards on there will trash you for enjoying a site like Best Gore. Oh, well. You’re being you, and that’s more than I can say for most of them dingbats.

  10. That was an interesting video Reikoko, it can be quite a challenge to go public with your support for a website such as this as many a person would consider us sick for our presence here. On a side note, you said you view BG as an educational tool but what first attracted you to this website because assumingly at first you would not have been aware of the educational aspect of it, were you curious about death or were you in a position of thinking about suicide and this website put you off with its reality.

    1. i honestly don’t remember when or how i found BG in the first place, but i think it’s safe to assume that it was the gore content that attracted me. i’ve been fascinated by death ever since i can remember, so as such, i can be quite a morbid person at times 😛 i USED to consider suicide up until a few years ago, but i left that behind me long before i stumbled upon BG.

      1. Yeah, I’m the same. I first came here for gore but what I found was a website full of comedy and educational as well, I find Mark’s descriptions hilarious and for the most part the commenter’s are great and often very funny, It cheers me up coming on the website.

  11. Great video. I feel kind of disappointed by the comments there though for some odd reason I thought we would get more support yet people still whine about “being rude to the jews” and being racist etc. I guess its my own fault for having some faith left in people.

  12. good job Reikoko…but, am i the only one afraid of best gore becoming to big? i’m afraid of it going the way of ogrish with too many of the wrong people taking an interest in this site…i know there has already been legal issues with this website…let the haters talk because once the members start firing back it will arouse unwanted attention…i think we should remain as much in the shadows as possible

  13. Well done Reikoko! There’s no point arguing with or trying to state a case to the sheep as they aren’t interested in debate, they are only interested in your submission and in the maintenance of their own status. They do however need to be told off for the record so it’s important to not let their BS go unanswered…good job there. The mere fact that people use the word “graphic” to describe reality is testimony to how heavily censored media is. Reality is not “graphic”. This inability of people to face reality head on is a sickness. It’s a group psychological disorder facilitated and exacerbated by mass media. Reikoko reminds us to never back down to such people.

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