Reminder: Best Gore is Tor Friendly Website and I Recommend Everyone Use Tor for All Internet Browsing

Reminder: Best Gore is Tor Friendly Website and I Recommend Everyone Use Tor for All Internet Browsing

Since last Saturday, Best Gore has been target of a huge DDoS attack, which is based on the same tactics that crippled the website for 3 weeks last year in November. It is possible that current attack will last days if not weeks again.

This is the reason why the site sometimes returns a 404 error message, or why pages load slowly. To keep the site operational despite the attack, certain pages have been added to the firewall list and will perform a browser integrity check before granting the access to the website. This helps up greatly in filtering out automated bot queries.

While the attack is happening, I would like to remind everyone that Best Gore is a Tor friendly website. Tor (The Onion Relay), for those who don’t know, is a non-for-profit project dedicated to the development of tools individuals can use to protect their anonymity on line.

You can find more information about Tor in an earlier post on Best Gore, or on the project’s official website.

On, you can download the Tor bundle and install it on your computer. Once on your computer, it works just like any other browser for surfing the internet, but anonymizes what you do and where you go by encrypting your requests and passing them through a network of privacy servers, making you either impossible, or difficult to trace and identify.

While there have been instances of FBI developing a worm that deanonymized affected Tor users, and the police breaking into Tor servers by force in France, Tor is the easiest and fastest way for any internet user to do a great deal in protecting their privacy and anonymity on line. The FBI exploit was patched, and the physical break into servers would only reveal info about requests being passed through these specific servers, and not 3,000 of others, and would also only reveal the information between the incoming and outgoing hubs.

I strongly recommend that everyone gets Tor, installs it on their computer and uses it as sole browser for all internet browsing. If any website you visit using Tor refuses to load, or gives you a hard time accessing it, ditch that site and find an alternative. Any site that blocks Tor traffic should be treated with utmost suspicion and you should ask: “Why?

Best Gore is not only Tor friendly, Best Gore is set up with Tor traffic whitelisted. That means that during a DDoS attack like the one we are facing right now, even if you access a page that is set to force a delay on you to check the integrity of your browser, if you access that same page using Tor browser, you will be let in without delay.

Users of Tor browser accessing Best Gore also don’t get bothered by the occasional captcha challenges.

I can’t stress that strongly enough – protect yourself and your loved ones. Tor is not a fix all solution, but the impact on your level of anonymity it makes in exchange for a simple, free of cost installation, is out of this world. You never know how the information that “they” collected about you can come and bite you in the ass a few years down the road.

On top of the above, Tor should be on every Best Gore user’s computer simply because the list of state parties blocking the website on the ISP level keeps rising. Russia and Germany are two of the most recent countries that informed me the site would be blocked if I don’t take down 90% of its posts.

Because Tor encrypts all incoming and outgoing traffic, nobody with a spying device on the cable coming out of your computer will know what website you are accessing. There will be just scrambled packets coming in and out, but no way to tell what it is. So even if you’re in a place where Best Gore is censored, just load up Tor and… ta da!

Don’t let any government dictate to you and decide for you what you can or cannot read. Get Tor!

Author: Vincit Omnia Veritas

Best Gore may be for SALE. Hit me up if you are interested in exploring the purchase further and have adequate budget.

132 thoughts on “Reminder: Best Gore is Tor Friendly Website and I Recommend Everyone Use Tor for All Internet Browsing”

    1. I agree, just because people don’t like the truth in the world they try to prevent others from finding it out. Vicent (mark) are doing us all a great service by posting these event. Its true, mist of us don’t like the content that gets posted but its true life and needs to be shown.
      Thanks Best Gore and all of our community for making this a informative site.

      1. Especially considering that the West has become pussified or ignores the fact of death. Death in my opinion should be celebrated instead feared because without it there would be no life. Creation and destruction go hand-in-hand as both need each other in a dualistic embrace. “You can be a king or a street sweeper, but everyone dances with the grim reaper.”

        1. i know that news is everywhere online now and the grittier news is shown and fake news from MSM is slowly being exposed as agenda based etc for the eiltes .. but BG was the first to put things together in a ‘real news’ style, you could say mark began a revolution.

          1. What was your first language @happy, if you don’t mind me asking? My mom is from France bjt admitted herself she was “too lazy” to teach my brother and I French…I know very little but it’s on my Bucket List to learn…I begged her to teach my son as well when he was born, and she basically refused. I know when she came to the states in ’69, there was A LOT of discrimination and it was difficult for her to obtain employment, and people called her a “bitch” or a “snob” because she was shy and didn’t talk a lot, but it was only because she didn’t speak English fluently yet, and her lack of self-confidence really inhibited her. She was adorable tho-my dad married her 6 weeks after they met lol! She was 5’2, 110 lbs, long dark hair down to her ass, and a beautiful smile! She wasn’t perfect but I think she was pretty darn hot lol! AND her morals were outstanding…she waited until she was married to do anything more than kissing! And my father died from Malignant Melanoma (Skin CA) stage 4, after 19 years of marriage, and it destroyed her. She never found another man she was interested in, and on April 6th on this year, (2017), it will be 28 years since we lost him. Idk how she never felt the need/desire to have/be with another man; but apparently he was her soul mate and she wasn’t interested in anyone else…Wow, I went off on SUCH a long and sifferent tangent, so sorry….but Mark, O would LOVE to hear more about your life story, and how you found this, providing reality news as your true calling? If you’re willing to share with us that would be amazing!

    2. How many of you have a different outlook on this site?? Just curious? I’ve been watching videos on here for years but my TAKE was only gore. I only watched periodically. This past year shit changed. I think ISIS is to thank for my change. I was so interested in what these animals were up to that the links kept bringing me to this site. It went from Gore, to curiosity, to knowledge, to reality!! The magic happens after I read the comments. This site is out in the open. No hiding anything. That’s amazing to me. I read a lot of people dislike what marks doing here all the time. I can see why someone would say that. That’s someone who is being close minded and not seeing the whole picture. Just the G rated section. We are lucky to have this site. Mark I just want to thank you for what you are doing!!!!! I’m gratefully addicted. Keep it up please!!

    1. That it is, and a thank-you is definitely in order. I use to use the Tor Browser all the time, but got a little annoyed by the fact that it ran much slower on my laptop then on, lets say,,, Jewgle, and also that the video’s wood freeze up on me all the time, and would take forever to watch till the end. But i just got on it again, and it seems to be a little better & faster now!

      1. @joedirt9 there is….
        1) a FUCK ton of viruses. So you need like malwarebytes or somethings to clean it up..
        2) a shit load of markets where you can buy anything from oxy to granades.
        3) theres a wide selection of rape porn and porn in general.
        4) a decent selection of Gore.. but its more hardcore than Best Gore. So if you don’t like animal torture, there’s a lot of it. (Personally I don’t like it. But I force myself to watch it because human Gore doesn’t affect me anymore, so its nice to feel things again haha)
        5) and there is also lots of child porn. Either people on there that have some vids to trade. Or you can find actual websites that have dozens of videos that you have to be excepted into by a

        1. The chat rooms are cool. Some people simply go there to start conversations with new people and stay anonymous.. but be ready for people offering to sell you drugs and people asking for, the hilarious term I cant get over as sick as it is “cheesy pizza”
          to buy things you’ll need a bitcoin wallet anyway and shits pretty pricey and more often then not you’re being conned by someone like me.

          1. Aaaannd.. there are plenty of random articles with hidden. Messages and sites in them if you know your way around a computer. Right click and then something like find source.. I don’t know its been a while haha. You can find information about the government.. Because the government also uses darknet. And you can read up on how to dispose of bodies, hotwire cars, build pipe bombs…… (good luck with that..)

            I hope I helped a little atleast. Either way its too much hassle to have fun on. Its really for business or pedophile freaks.

          2. @brand-wall Cheesy pizza’s what I think it is, right? Like they were saying about the Podesta e-mails and Comet Ping-Pong? Ha – I just realized the pizza joint’s got those same dubious initials…must be legit then haha – maybe someone’ll storm in there with an AR sometime soon, give those innocent women and children what-for bahaha

          1. yeah I don’t know that’s happened to me a lot too. what exactly would you like to know? I’m no expert Im just speaking from past experiences @joedirt9 but ill try to help anyway I can.

    1. i used TOR only once a few years ago, i opened up a random video and it was a guy bathing with what i presume, his daughter. Probably 5 or 6 years-old and instead of a rubber duck she was rubbing his duck (if you know what i mean..) aaand that was enough TOR for me.

      1. Exactly hahaha.
        @undergroundweller you just have to either ask around or find a directory that lists a lot of sites. But some of the more sick websites wont be there so you honestly have to find someone who knows. And web addresses get shut down all the time and other times they aren’t up until later.. its annoying, I guess it can be interesting. They have these things called red rooms but I have yet to find one and there are different layers of the deepweb. There is the Mariana and shadow web but you also usually have to pay to get into them. That’s where you’ll find the worst of the worst and ..redrooms cost like $10,000 anyway and like I said 95% of the time its bullshit. The deepweb is the EASIEST place to steal peoples money..


      2. Well, you see those things only if you want to. You have the option to not see them. Tor is also used by countless journalists and civilians who want to share vital information regarding multiple issues but wish to do so anonymously. It also doesn’t store any of your personal data, it makes it difficult, if not nearly impossible, for hackers to steal personal and professional details and blackmail you or rob you, it allows you to send completely private e-mails and self-destructive messages, and well, isn’t it great? Other browsers don’t allow that; in fact, they work with those who spy on you. Sure, there are some dangerous people using Tor, and you may be vulnerable still (if you visit the wrong places!), but just avoid the “dark side” of it (it has a good side too, the one most Tor users use), make sure you have a decent, paid for antivirus (Kaspersky and Bitdefender are my favourite) and Tor is safe to use.

  1. A very true and real article. I might add with your permission that there’s also an app for smartphones for android that resembles TOR. I used it for a while but it makes browsing slower. weird thing happend when i tried to see goverment sites on TOR…
    you should install it even if you dont use it all the time. Nice post and thank you

    1. the people who made tor update it regularly and not to mention they tell you to “NOT DOWNLOAD VIA TOR” for obvious reasons sense they bounce you around nodes and server IP’s but any 8th grader with a laptop and some hacking skill can see your IP while you are off doing what ever hell the only differance is they only know your public IP.

      but if you have 2 brain cells you use a VPN in conjunction with tor to help keep script kiddies off you back.

      plus the same people who developed tor are working on a new more encrypted and advanced version of Tor that according to the Dev’s they can’t even trace or crack the encryption code due to quantum theory stuff.

      But i use tor from time to time to double check i’m not seeing an browser site block or a region block also

  2. Google, Apple and the gov keep way too much info on everyone! It’s not paranoia in this day and cyber age, it’s reality. Gov can’t read your e-mails or texts if it stays in country (legally that is), but most servers and companies transfer data all over to proxy servers which are located in other countries which gives the gov the legal jurisdiction to intercept any and all cyber traffic since it’s traveling through ‘international’ domains. That’s just how the FBI and CIA are able to loophole the system here in States. The fucking Patriot Act is also their ultimate trump card to basically do whatever it is they want for ‘national security’ (cough cough) it’s BULLSHIT!!!!!!

    So THANK YOU Mark for giving that all too important reminder to everyone! Wether or not people listen is always their choice, but it’s wise to be informed!

    1. It depends on what you do on it. @masterdolcett if you log onto your facebook with it.. then no. It would be obvious who is using it. But for the most part I’m pretty sure tor is anonymous in the fact that it hides your IP address making people unable to track you. But I guess I don’t know everything so if I’m wrong someone tell me.

  3. Maybe someone could direct my stupid self? I’ve got a cheap smart phone that I use to browse this site and im trying in all sorts of ways to download tor etc., but it just won’t do it. Its like there’s a program on the phone preventing it? Can anyone assist? Sorry for my ignorance.

      1. Hey @ewestomper , yes I’ve tried exactly that several times in the past and today also. I receive a message saying that I don’t have a compatible device. Any ideas? I’m lost lol I’m not hugely tech savvy but not completely stupid either, I’m stumped.

          1. You should stay away from Starbucks as they are 100% Israeli run, and it supports their terrorist actions towards Palestine & others worldwide with their profits!

          2. I love white chocolate mochas so much so that I pay 5.25 for them

            I trust in you Andre but send me a link so I can read up on it , I want nothing more than to swear them off forever and the cost has not.

            this surely will

  4. I try to download Tor on my iPod touch from the Apple store and I can’t it tells me I need to update my iPod to a iOS 8.0 I’m running a 6.0 any help? My iPod is updated also. Do I have to jail break it?

  5. speaking of paranoia.
    Last week some fucker came and took my bin away and replaced it with another one. didn’t take any fucker else’s, just mine. very strange indeed, i wouldn’t be surprised if it was MFI who did it coz you know these gimps must be all over these types of sites. and am afraid if it was somebody snooping around, then all your gonna find is empty bevvie cans and pizza crusts. sorry to disappoint lads! πŸ˜‰

    1. Tor s just like any internet browser. You use it in exactly the same way. Anonymization of your internet usage happens in the background, so one doesn’t need any technical know how to use it.

      Yes, Tor is also the gateway to the deep web. You wouldn’t be able to access deep web with just your regular browser. But what you access is entirely up to you. You don’t have to go to any websites you don’t want to go to. But unlike with regular browsers, if you end up in shady parts of the internet, you at least have some form of protection against being exploited with Tor, as opposed to any other browser.

  6. No idea why people keep pushing for Tor so much unless you have something illegal to hide or you live in some real fucked up place like Cuba or North Korea the gov pretty much cant do shit to you, so you are exchanging internet speed for nothing, Tor and VPNs in general aren’t exactly anonymous either, I would only use those if I needed to circumvent region locks, it’s pretty much useless for anything else and a pain the ass.

    1. Crackdown on independent press after Trump’s take over has been vicious. Owner of went missing, his Twitter and Reddit accounts were deleted, and his website compromised. has also been compromised with unknown outcome. We’ve seen nothing yet, now that Israel’s favorite shabbos goy is in the White House.

      1. @Vincit this is interesting news, and maybe I have yet to encounter it on the net, but so far all I see is Trump bashing by 99.9% of all media im reading and hearing. why is he the favorite of Israel? I know his daughter is getting some nice reviews (she married a big jew $-man and she converted to being jewish herself). but not even Trumps kid is exempt from the bashing. how do you know was a Trump action? if you have any information on Israel supporting Trump would be great if you can share it with us.

        1. I don’t know where you get your news, but anywhere I turn, all I see is worship of Trump as God Emperor and Dear Leader. It’s utterly ridiculous. Not even Obama sheep were this braindead.

          The things with websites getting shut down and operators disappearing started happenng when Trump got in the office. Whether it’s coincidence or something more sinister may become clearer as days go by.

          Have you heard that Obama sent charitable donation of some $200 Million to the Palestinians, but the first thing Trump did as soon as he got a hold of the office, is froze the donation?

          1. @Vincit. I get the bulk of my information from BBC, CNN, ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, Time Warner, Times, Yahoo, MSN and a few local stations and newpapers. all of which currently are bashing Trump. Hey im not a diehard Trump supporter so I could care less, as I was not a diehard Obama supporter, but the amount of negativity published and protests on the streets against Trump is not only overwhelming, its by far the biggest since the 60’s. thats why I asked you to site links and information because I find it quite odd I see none of the Trump worshipping as you say ANYWHERE. Republicans seemed to be reserved and vocally not even close to their Democratic counterparts. As far as the $200 million to Palesinians you cannot be serious?. Obama threw that to the Palestinians as a parting shot against Trump and of course all of the US (since the tax payer will be burdoned with that) on his last day in office January 20th 2017!!!

          2. There isn’t nearly as much trump worship happening as you think. There is still a huge majority of people staying silent and trying to survive. Most people I talk to didn’t want Hillary or Trump. Most people I know voted third party. Now we are all walking around with our assholes puckered in anticipation of the future. Several times a week my children ask “Dad, is Donald Trump going to end the world?”. Just my experience in the States, basically everyone around my area agrees that the wheels in motion can’t be stopped until we unify. Unification around here means ghosting into the woods and doing guerilla warfare. We don’t accept Trump but protesting and breaking windows won’t do a damn thing to help. It’s going to take a lot for people to see that because it’s very hard for a person to admit they are wrong and need to swallow their pride.

          3. He’s probably had enough of sending US hard earned to foreigners, just like here.
            Almost all of those donations end up in the wrong hands, unscrupulous toads with their snouts in the trough, Palestinian or not.
            90% of the 0.7% GDP of UK foreign aid has been fritterd away by corrupt leaders. The only reason this continues is because it is written in law that our country does this, plus the fact that those who are in charge of the distribution of the funds are paying themselves more per person than in any other public service department.
            Utterly corrupted policy.

  7. @ Russia threatening and coercing you to remove 90% of your posts.

    I KNEW IT!

    Someone here told me that Russia is not part of New World Order and blah blah blah.

    Russia is the most corrupted state.

    Hell with that country. They can suck Bestgore’s cock.

  8. Well I for one, find this site educational! I’ve always been curious about the human body and also curious about other countries day to day living. Here we don’t just see the fluff of their lives. We see the blood and guts of it all, literally! I never understand why people can’t just live and let live! If they don’t like what’s on best gore than don’t fucking come on here!! Why do we have to conform to everyone else’s ideals?? You can’t make everyone happy so fucking focus on your own shitty life and quit trying to mess with everyone else’s! I dgaf what anyone else does in their own home so let us have that same respect Assclowns! Keep on fighting the good fight Vincint! We are all here because of you!!

  9. I live in a country where major porn sites like Pornhub, XVideos and Xhamster and some anti-Islamic sites were all blocked but somehow Best Gore has always been accessible (not that I’m complaining but just mentioning) and I’ve been using TOR for years now to access to those websites. One more thing, yes TOR is a non-for-profit project and it has helped and still helping millions of people across the world to access blocked websites and to have ultimate freedom online, so if you are happy with its service and want to make some donations, please do.

  10. It’s important to remember to check for updates everytime you use TOR as they mostly patch security issues. And if you need even more privacy, I can recommend what TOR creators recommend too – instead of using Windows, in times when you want 100% privacy you can use Tails booted from a pendrive. It doesn’t even write anything on your HDD. Details here:

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