Russell Tribunal on Palestine Found Israel Guilty of War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Incitement to Genocide

Faustino Pérez - Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine - 1968 Cuban Poster

What you see above is a brilliant Cuban poster from 1968 by Faustino Pérez, commemorating the Day of Solidarity with the People of Palestine. At the end of the post you will find a recent video filmed in Wadi Foukeen, Palestine in which the Israeli forces resort to using violent means to disperse a peaceful assembly of protesters planting olive saplings.

I however want to primarily dedicate this post to the conclusion of Russell Tribunal on Palestinian which found that Israel committed War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity and Incitement to Genocide.

The Russell Tribunal

In 1966, British philosopher, mathematician, historian, political activist and the Nobel Prize in Literature awardee Bertrand Russell established the International War Crimes Tribunal whose purpose was to investigate and judge according to the international law crimes committed by the US government in Vietnam.

The Russell Tribunal concluded unanimously that the US government committed war crimes and crimes against humanity in violation of the international law, and found the US government guilty of the deliberate, systematic and large-scale bombardment of civilian targets, including civilian populations, dwellings, villages, dams, dikes, medical establishments, leper colonies, schools, churches, pagodas, historical and cultural monuments.

Although not recognized by the governments responsible for war crimes around the world, and thus not acted upon by the powers that profit from violence and suffering of others, the goal of the tribunal was summed up in the famous sentence uttered by Mr. Russell:

May this tribunal prevent the crime of silence…

On September 25, 2014, The Russel Tribunal on Palestine held an extraordinary session in Brussels, in response to the recent Israeli Operation Protective Edge offensive against the people of Gaza.

Among the witnesses testifying at the Russell Tribunal were:

  • Raji Sourani – Human Rights Lawyer, Palestinian Center for Human Rights
  • Paul Mason – Journalist
  • Mohammed Omer – Journalist
  • Mohammad Abou-Arab – Surgeon from Gaza
  • Michael Deas – coordinator in Europe with the Palestinian Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions National Committee (BNC)
  • Max Blumenthal – Journalist and author covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict
  • Martin Lejeune – Journalist
  • Mads Gilbert – Norwegian surgeon who was in Gaza during the massacres
  • Ivan Karakashian – Advocacy Unit Coordinator at Defense for Children International-Palestine
  • Eran Efrati – Israeli investigative researcher, former IDF soldier
  • Dr. Paul Behrens – Genocide expert
  • David Sheen – Israeli journalist and filmmaker
  • Colonel Desmond Travers – Arms expert, retired Irish Army colonel who served with various United Nations and European Union peacekeeping forces
  • Ashraf Mashharawi – Palestinian filmmaker living as a refugee in Gaza
  • Agnes Bertrand – advocacy officer

The extraordinary session was also supported by Desmond Tutu – South African anti-apartheid activist and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, and Alice Walker – American author and activist.

The jury consisted of the following individuals (list not complete):

  • John Dugard – South African Professor of International Law, Former Special rapporteur for both UN Commission on Human Rights and International Law Commission
  • Michael Manfield QC – Professor of Law, City University, London; Fellow of Law, University of Kent; President of the Haldane Society and Amicus; practising Human Rights lawyer for 45 years
  • Richard Falk – UN Human Rights Council Special Rapporteur for Palestine, 2008-2014 and Milbank Professor of International Law, Emeritus, Princeton University
  • Roger Waters – Founding member of the band Pink Floyd; a songwriter, bass guitar player and vocalist
  • Ahdaf Soueif – Egyptian novelist and political and cultural commentator
  • Ronald Kasrils – writer, activist and former government minister, South Africa
  • Vandana Shiva – Indian environmental activist and anti-globalization author
  • Ken Loach – English film and television director
  • Paul Laverty – Scottish lawyer and scriptwriter
  • Christiane Hessel – Activist and author, wife of the late Stephane Hessel
  • Radhia Nasraoui – Tunisian lawyer, specializing in human rights
  • Miguel Angel Estrella – Argentine Pianist and UNESCO goodwill ambassador

After hearing the evidence from eye witnesses, the jury found evidence of war crimes, crimes against humanity, crimes of murder, extermination and persecution and incitement to genocide. It reported:

The cumulative effect of the long-standing regime of collective punishment in Gaza appears to inflict conditions of life calculated to bring about the incremental destruction of the Palestinians as a group in Gaza.

The Tribunal further found evidence of the following crimes:

  • Willful killing (including summary executions by ground troops and killings of civilians by snipers around houses occupied by Israeli forces inside Gaza)
  • Extensive destruction of property not justified by military necessity (including the destruction of essential services, in particular Gaza’s only functioning power plant and the apparently systematic targeting of the water and sewage infrastructure)
  • Intentionally directing attacks against a civilian population and civilian objects (including extensive and wanton artillery shelling and aerial bombardment of densely populated civilian areas)
  • Disproportionate use of force (intentionally launching attacks in the knowledge that such attacks would cause incidental loss of life or injury to civilians or damage to civilian objects or widespread, long-term and severe damage to the natural environment which would be clearly excessive in relation to the concrete and direct overall military advantage anticipated)
  • Attacks against buildings dedicated to religion and education (including repeatedly and knowingly targeting UN schools operating as places of refuge for civilians)
  • Intentionally directing attacks against hospitals, medical units and personnel (including the direct shelling of hospitals resulting in the killing and forced evacuation of wounded civilians, as well as apparent patterns of the targeting of visibly marked medical units and ambulance workers performing their duties)
  • The use of Palestinians as human shields (utilising the presence of a civilian or other protected person to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations)
  • Employing weapons, projectiles, and material and methods of warfare which are of a nature to cause superfluous injury or unnecessary suffering which are inherently indiscriminate (including flechette shells, DIME weapons, thermobaric munitions aka “carpet” bombs, and munitions containing depleted uranium)
  • The use of violence to spread terror among the civilian population (including the employment of a “knock on the roof” policy whereby small bombs are dropped on Palestinian homes as a warning signal in advance of larger bombardments to follow)

With regards to Israel’s claim of self defense, the Tribunal rejected it based on the fact that Israel is the Occupying Power and cannot, therefore, make such a claim. The people of Gaza, on the other hand, are legally entitled to resist occupation. That is a right granted to them under international law. The ongoing occupation of Palestine is in itself an act of aggression as defined by the UN General Assembly in Resolution 3314 of 1974. Furthermore, the siege on Gaza amounts to collective punishment in clear violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention.

With regards to the the allegations that the Palestinian resistance targeted civilians in Israel as well as used indiscriminate weaponry, the Tribunal stated:

There is [..] contradictory information and unclear statistics from official Israeli sources regarding Palestinian rockets, and Israel’s military censor has a gag order in effect, making it extremely difficult to identify where the rockets fell without cooperation from the authorities. The Israeli authorities did not accept the invitation to appear before the Tribunal to state their case.

A Glimpse at Testimonies

Ivan Karakashian – Advocacy Unit Coordinator at Defense for Children International:

16 year old boy was stripped naked and used as human shield by Israel for 5 days. He was denied food, water and sleep – and was mentally and physically abused, including lashed with a wire across his back. Israeli army stopped a family car near a West Bank protest over Gaza. Positioned their weapons in the windows of back doors, where toddlers were sitting and began to fire on protest. This is not an isolated incident. There is a clear, recorded pattern of Israel using Palestinian children as human shields during attacks on Gaza.

Max Blumenthal – American author, journalist, and blogger:

We found one of 89 families completely liquidated during Operation Protective Edge so badly burned/destroyed they had to be buried in a mass grave by a bulldozer – evoking memories of the darkest times in European history. On outskirts of Rafah, I heard testimony from 19 yr old Mohammed Abu Said of how Israeli soldiers stripped him naked and sniped at neighbours, then set the dogs on him in between shooting rounds. In Khuza’a – a man left a group of fighters in his home. He returned to find their throats had been cut, their bodies piled in a corner and burnt with grenades. A clear pattern of executions has been established. Israeli soldiers gather civilians in an open area, ask if anyone speaks Hebrew. When people step forward, they shoot them dead. Four brothers of one man were taken into garden and shot dead, one of them was mentally disabled and had little idea he was being killed.

Martin Lejeune – German journalist:

More than 90% of Gaza’s agricultural output was destroyed by Israel over summer, almost all farms were destroyed. Israel destroyed 220 factories in Gaza, this constitutes around 70% of Gaza’s industrial output gone. There was no military justification for the destruction of these factories whatsoever. I stayed in Gaza for one month in a house with 72 Palestinian civilians, 60 of whom had been displaced. It was overcrowded, tap water wasn’t working anymore, we had to buy fuel, we had to bake our own bread as none available in shops. 220 factories were completely destroyed during the 7 weeks of Israel’s Operation Protective Edge. Israel has succeeded in turning a functional economy in Gaza into a third world territory in just 8 years, through the blockade and four large scale military assaults. Israel is not only attacking systematically civilians in their homes, but systematically destroying the economy of Gaza to make people dependent on aid.

Dr. Mohammad Abou-Arab – Gaza Doctor at Al Shifa Hospital:

One ambulance worker was shot in the head and bled to death while fellow workers were told if they tried to assist him, they would be killed too. Another worker burned to death in his ambulance after a missile attack against it – his colleague was severely injured in the attack, left with life-altering burn injuries. We are talking about Gaza firefighters, police officers, ambulance workers and other emergency services workers being routinely shot at by snipers and missiles by Israeli military. Anyone who knows anything about Palestinian society knows that no Palestinian would use a child or family as a human shield. Israel however routinely used Palestinians as human shields throughout this operation and those prior.

Dr. Mads Glibert – Norwegian Doctor who served in Al Shifa Hospital, Gaza Throughout Offensive:

This is a systematic attack to rid Palestinians from the land. If you are an 8 yr old child in Gaza today, you have survived 4 of these onslaughts – 2006, 2008/9, 2012 and 2014. What does this do to a child? To their feeling of safety? To their outlook on the world? The medical system of Gaza was already on its knees before the summer attacks due to Israeli blockade. This is a medical disaster – the capacity for treatment is massively exceeded by medical needs. Such tragedies often happen in natural disasters like earthquakes or tsunamis… but Gaza was deliberate, controlled and executed by the Israelis.

Mohammed Omer – Award-winning Palestinian Journalist based in Gaza:

Israeli army routinely defecate in Palestinian homes and buildings they occupy, leaving behind racist and violent graffiti together with piles of shit.

The Imam in Gaza was held for days by Israeli troops who ordered him at gunpoint to use mosque tannoy to call on community to come to the mosque. As young people gathered they were surrounded by Israeli troops, stripped naked at gunpoint and tortured/killed for sport.

The Imam was used as human shield by Israeli troops. He was stripped naked at gunpoint in front of men, women and children of the neighborhood.

The Point of The Russell Tribunal

The Russell Tribunal is in essence only a symbolic People’s Court, and will remain one because war criminals, their mainstream media apologists, the hoards of the indoctrinated sheeple and the army of Hasbara shills would never accept the responsibility, nor take action against the Military Industrial Complex that seeks to profit from war and human suffering.

This is not surprising at all. Neither the perpetrators of war crimes, nor their army of apologists would accept or legitimize actions of people of conscience.

However even though primarily “symbolic”, the importance of the build up of awareness, coupled with court sessions which are start to finish run as any legitimate court session would be run, cannot be underestimated.

Video of Israeli forces using violence to destroy the right to a peaceful assembly in Wadi Fukin is below:

Author: Acneska

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      It pays to know history, real history.

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    1. I didnt understand their cruelty towards do gooders. A lot of people in the middle east use olive trees to create things to sell for visitors from other country. They let the olive wood dry out for 10 years and create beautiful rosaries. I have a wood carved last supper jesus and his desciples are carved out of olive.

  2. People in the west are such hypocrites! USA is the only nation to use nuclear bombs to kill millions of innocent lives including children, women, elderly and innocent men trying to work and earn some food for their family. Nuclear bombs also destroy the habitat/enviorment pretty much almost permanently. People born with numerous diseases because of that for example cancer etc. I cannot understand how the west call themselves intelluctual but yet they have eyes and can not see the truth, 9/11 september attacks was not muslims! 9/11 was a inside job and anyone with the slighest intellect can see that. USA invaded then the middle east killed so many innocent people yet again destroyed the land yet again and then said democracy delivered. Israel took the land of the palestinian when both muslims and jews were living peacefully and then they took it unrighteously and are still killing children that throw stones at their tanks. May Allah bless the souls of the innocent people that have been opressed by this world and its nations. Also its funny how everyone jumps on the bandwagon against russia the second they go to war but if the US does it they call it fighting for peace. These people that believe the lies of the media and propaganda of the zionist are dellusional and will follow dajjal right into hell. People wake up why are people in the west such hypocrites and why are they blind? Allah knows best. I vote to stop the killing of all innocent people we are humans we care and love for each other we should not be trangressors! ?

    1. Thank you Captain Obvious! There’s not a whole lot that any American can do to stop our war machine. All these posts highlight the subversive nature of propaganda, and how it is used to justify murder. Your gay vote for non violence means nothing. Of course we want peace, but flowers and happy thoughts aren’t going to cut it. And allah sure as fuck ain’t the answer.

    2. @FollowTruth… – it would have been a lot less offending had you used the US GOVERNMENT instead of grouping us all together. Our “democracy” is nothing but a sham. As citizens, our vote doesn’t count and our media far exaggerates the truth that most citizens support the things our government does. Everyone uses the word propaganda, but in fact the people of the US are LIED to, to put it bluntly. Politicians and presidents do not keep their promises and continue in secrecy to plot their strategies without the knowledge of the general public. I also wish people in my country would wake up, some do. But when a group of people even attempt to take any kind of action, they are called extremists or conspiracy nut cases and are then targeted by our own government. So people in the US are afraid. And some don’t want to believe we would be betrayed by our own country.

      Yes, the US government has committed atrocities. The working class are just people, like you. Can you control the nation you call home?

      1. I often think exactly the same thing about the USA government. I would never think that it is the people of the uSa. Even your film making business regularly makes films about the way the USA government can turn on it’s own citizens in an instant.

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  6. In the article it says : -” The Israeli authorities did not accept the invitation to appear before the Tribunal to state their case.”-

    Why the FUCK did they even have the choice!!??
    If i or anyone else was accused of anything far less worse than this we would never get the choice, if anything we’d be arrested or at the very least given a fucken subpoena without the choice. Fucking rat face kykes!

  7. There is other tribunals where the USA, England and Israel are being tried for crimes. but these nations don’t consider these charges to be criminal. so they don’t show up.
    If it isn’t a judicial court system they set up. It’s doesn’t apply to them.
    Israel has no shame. they have the same mentality the USA had in the early 1900s. In which they conquer other countries in the name of security for its own.
    that’s why they took over Hawaii so they can control Japan and get a head start in Asia
    They took over Puerto Rico and Colombia, so they can take out any military action against them and their allies.

    Israel is going to take over all of Palestine. but they will keep a small portion and make it into a state legally within Israel. then Israel will make wars against other middle east countries so they can become part of it. They have grown too big to be stopped with just rocks and small rocket attacks.
    The only way it will be destroyed is by having “goyims” us, infiltrate it and kill it from with in.
    the people don’t have nuclear weapons. or fighterjets to go to war.

  8. I believe the sentiment behind this mock judicial procedure, to be a good thing, in that it gives the opportunity to people of note, to speak out and reach a conclusion regarding the atrocities carried out by Israel, and therefore, gives an opportunity to the uninformed to draw their own conclusions.

    Although the proceedings hold no legal standing, they definitely serve an important purpose in informing those that may be on the fence regarding Gaza.

  9. I wish they would of looked into the false flag of the 3 teens…bibi hitler walked away from talks after the PA and Hamas decided to unite….there is a photo online of car that crashed and burned….also an interview of Arab saying the teens died in auto crash and was buried at farm outside the city…they used the hostage lie to round up Hamas in west bank before they went to mow the grass in gaza….no doubt in my mind that it’s a matter of when not if….one or two dirty nuke bomb smuggled in and it’s over….I have read that Iran had bought 6 mid range nuclear missiles from Ukraine years ago which makes sense since Israel or USA hasn’t striked them…Israel won’t confirm it because it’s estimated that 27% of illegal settlers will flee, investments will halt and companies will divest….no way Iran doesn’t have nukes…they shared tech with north Korea since they started…they would be fools not having nuclear missiles….

    Regarding this video…loved the Brit saying…no those settlements are illegal on Palestine land….the people of Palestine are the biggest pawns of the middle east…Abbas pockets millions of USA tax dollars, Egypt and Jordan gets over billion a year in peace money…the oil arab countries use them to hate Israel instead of themselves….and what does America get in return? All of israels enemies and our own 9/11 for supporting them…

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      1. The Jews of Israel are the only ones in that entire region to make advancements in these areas, yet but Jew-haters don’t wanna hear about that, do you? They need to do what they need to do in order to survive, even if that means kicking some terrorist ass from time to time.

        1. so you’re telling me that having nuclear bombs and state of the art weapons is what advancements in the region mean?
          technology the U.S. gave them,
          technology the U.S. took from Germany after the war, when german scientists were forced to work for them or they would be jailed or killed. damn. that’s some advancements they have made.
          Israel has come a long way since 1948.

          1. You think the only advancements they’ve made include weapons? LOL

            You have some homework to do. Instead of just hating people for no reason, search the internet for the incredible amount of advancements made in medicine, technology, etc. It’s easy to find.

          2. so you think that there claims that you make justify the killing of millions of people around the world and Palestine?
            get off that Jewish dick unless you love riding that cock and having your dick sucked by the rabbi

        2. @notchosen – you claim killing terrorists is so wonderful, ok, were the women, children, old men, medics, etc, etc all terrorists as well? If the people of Palestine wish to live in the less modern world, who are you to deny them that freedom? Certainly, destroying their buildings and land is in no way helpful in allowing them any chance of advancement. Is israel going to kill the tribes of South America and other cultures as well as survivalists living off the grid all over the world – for their choices? Why do you and your “jewish israeli” buddies think you are to judge others as you have?

          1. @chosen oi! Where do you live? Like, for real if you dont wanna come i can always come to you, but just know that if you make me come to you the end result will ne worse… Coz im sure your family lives nearby right??? You wanna mess with someone who severely hates jews? Then dare talk shit to me brah! I dare you lets meet up on Hanukkah, I’d love to physicallyrruin your life on Hanukkah

  15. AS reported by the … Palestinians. And you have to believe them.

    By the way, please put the same energy and effort to investigate the Hamas in Gaza.

    Using civilians as human shields, killing civilian protesters, threatening news reporters, launching missiles from civilian places towards Israeli civilians (on purpose) and so on and so on.

    If one side doesn’t play “by the rules”, there are no rules. So even if some of this report is true (which I doubt), the Palestinians have only themselves to blame for starting a war against Israel.

    1. Yes… i would probably also start a war if someone came to my country and named it Israel and just took it.

      Don’t give me the that 2000 years ago answer, this is the 21st century. We are not supposed to colonize any longer.

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