Russian Grave-Robber Anatoly Moskvin Lived with 29 Female Corpses

Russian Grave-Robber Anatoly Moskvin Lived with 29 Female Corpses

Hailed a genius, 45 year old Anatoly Moskvin is a scholar, historian and journalist who can speak 13 languages and has authored several books. That much people from Nizhny Novgorod, a city on the Volga River, about 400 km east of Moscow, Russia knew about him, but he also had a secret that wasn’t discovered until his parents paid him an unexpected visit. In his 3 bedroom apartment, Anatoly Moskvin had a collection of at least 29 female corpses which he exhumed, dressed up, combed and made-up to make them look like life-sized dolls.

All of the corpses Anatoly Moskvin chose as roommates were young females, aged 15 to 25 and all died years ago. Russian police detained the grave-robber and assigned a team of experts to determine which corpse is which so they can return the remains to their assigned graves.

Why wouldn’t they leave the man to live with his corpses? His unusual obsession may appear grizzly to most, but he’s not harming anyone? Living people are so full of filth, they’re unworthy of a company of an intelligent person like Anatoly Moskvin. Given the state of the world today, you’re better off hanging out with corpses. Besides – bitches these days are so useless in bed, you might as well be fucking a corpse.

Here’s a video of what it looked like inside the apartment of Russian grave-robber Anatoly Moskvin who lived with at least 29 corpses:

And a gallery of a few pictures:

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      1. That’s actually pretty sane. In USA there was a serial killer edgar po or something he was called. He dug up corpses and not only lived with them he made objects out of cadaver parts. One of these items is a armchair, another one is pantyhose made out of flesh of a cadavers legs, and so on. So in a world of crazy this guy is still pretty normal.

    1. I hope the author of this article was joking-but of COARSE he was being harmful. Not only would that be painful and traumatic emotionally for the families and loved ones of the ladies who he took, but the diseases we carry as our bodies rot is terrifying! I believe the author said he lived in an apartment; dear God! Can you imagine him as your neighbor?? OmG!

    1. On a side note. I think this site has been running the best these last couple months as it ever has so great job Mark! All the posts have been as strong as ever and there doesnt seem to be as much of the comment fighting between the bleeding hearts(who for some reason frequent this site) and the sick fuck regulars to the site like myself which has been a nice change. Also I think Chancho, Why Anbody and Tiger are making the funniest comments right now which is great cause I thought that I was becoming the last of a dying breed of people to make light of the terrible images we see here. I know they’re bad things but if the pics, videos or comments posted here offended me, I wouldnt visit the site to fight with the people that they dont. Oh and I like the little changes you’ve made to the BestGore logo and the top contributers section and all the updates you’ve made. Keep up the great work

  1. Holy Fucks this poor bastard must have been lonely to shit !! It must have stunk to high bloody heaven in there with all those dead bodies,.. Ah well I guess each to their own,.. Must have been a dude kinda thing,… Fucking weird !!

    1. Yes, there is a saying, ‘the greater the mind, the greater the beast’ (or something similar), isn’t there? Yet some are, hoewever eccentric, not crazy at all, just hard to understand. I don’t feel sorry for this guy at all. Well-developed minds have the tendency to go together with underdeveloped feelings, so perhaps this man didn’t even know he was suffering, or his mind had found ways to deal with it (uh-uh, looks like it, eh). Anyway, is it just me or is there really a slight resemblance with Hannibal Lecter’s face in the mug shots?

  2. These ladies look pretty good for being dead. When someone dies their eyes cloud. Not these ladies saw one with beautiful blue eyes. How did he do it? They look like they are alive. Is this the fountain of youth for corpses? Can it work on living people? Wondering minds want to know.

  3. Wow something wrong with some of you people..why bother him he wasnt hurting no one and he’s misunderstood? He desecrated someone’s resting place and played with and degraded someone’s daughter! Leads me to believe some of you are sick in the head if you think what he did was okay.

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